Popular Twitch streamer Daltoosh issues grovelling apology after being caught making a racist joke

Popular Twitch streamer Daltoosh issues grovelling apology after being caught making a racist joke

Apex Legends streamer Daltoosh has issued a public apology after he was caught making a racist joke while discussing a golfing video online.

Watching while also streaming with his followers, he points out one golfer in particular who has a strange tan line. Daltoosh then proceeds to crack a “joke”, referring to the players lighter skin as “401k” and the darker tanned side as “Nae Nae”.

“That man is two races at once,” he said. “Up top, you thinking like 401k, right here you thinking like Nae Nae”.

What your favorite streamer really thinks pic.twitter.com/LRa2BBE84P

— GP | CAPTION_NASTY BLM (@Caption_nasty) June 29, 2021

After his comments were captured and shared online, social media users, the Apex community and Black streamers like Ninjayla, all took to Twitter to express their opinion and make it clear that his commentary was racist and disrespectful.

i see a lot of people posting tweets against racism and ignorance but i hope you all are withdrawing your support from these people who are not making this community a better place

— jayla (@Ninjayla) July 1, 2021

I’m unfollowing people who defend daltoosh and no I don’t care

— C (@mamixchann) July 1, 2021

We need to hold Daltoosh and Dezi accountable. Both have large audiences and what toosh said was absolutely fucked. Those who defend them are really showing their ignorance and racism but those who are staying silent aren’t any better. Do the right thing and call them out.

— PBLM Yeul (@YeulFPS) June 30, 2021

After being dragged on social media, Daltoosh tweeted his apology, attaching a TwitLonger to this tweet captioned “On Doing Better”.

On Doing Better

Read: https://t.co/l6h0a5Bl2u

— Daltoosh (@daltoosh) July 3, 2021

“I take full accountability for my actions and am deeply sorry to those who I’ve hurt,” read the statement. “I understand your anger even though I will never be able to empathise with you. I understand your disappointment even though I have never dealt with what you deal with. I know that these things run much much deeper than the surface and I need to be conscious of what I am saying as a white person.

“I accept the fact that I messed up. I accept the fact that I have hurt you with my words. I accept the fact that many of you won’t accept this apology. I accept the fact that I am not perfect and never will be. All I can promise you is my desire to change for the better.”

In the midst of being called out for his 401k comment, a fan decided to press him further, asking him to admit that he used to use the N-word back when he was in high school.

Daldoosh said he used to be the type of person that said it but has since then grown up, however Twitter users continued to drag him for his racist remarks; insisting that as an influencer in the gaming community he needs to do better.

This you? pic.twitter.com/Fl7YAXRg50

— iRobWombat (@robwombat21) July 1, 2021


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