Redditors debate representation on ‘Love, Victor’

Michael Desmond/Hulu

The gay high school drama Love, Victor is back for Season 2 — and the show is tackling more mature subject matter, now that it has leapt from the family-friendly Disney+ to the adult-oriented Hulu.

In case this show isn’t on your radar, Love, Victor is a spinoff of the film Love, Simon that focuses on another Creekwood student, Victor Salazar (Michael Cimino), as he explores his sexuality.

And based on Reddit reactions, many people are loving the show and its representation, while others are less inclined (while still appreciating the representation).

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Reddit user u/Sameflames begged the users of the r/askgaybros forum to “please watch Love, Victor,” even if it’s only playing in the background, so that Hulu renews the show for more seasons.

“The show is actually turning out far better than I hoped,” u/Sameflames wrote. “The character redemptions are there. The representation is there. The story is… cliché… but I swear it’s worth the watch.”

Commenters on the post concurred, even if they’re not exactly in the target demo. “I’m really glad that young gays have a show that they can relate to, which also (I hope) doesn’t end up in a painful tragedy,” one wrote.

Another commented, “I’m glad it’s there, but I am way past the age of caring about high school-centered shows. I saw about five episodes of Season 1, but the show represents progress in my eyes because it looks like a mainstream show, which happens to have a gay main character.”

Others were all in. “I recently watched Season 1 and now [I’m] in Season 2, and gotta say, I was expecting a really cringe show. I nearly never like any gay presentation in shows and movies, but this one nailed it,” one user raved.

Another said, “I am extremely impressed with Season 2. They tackle a variety of issues that I had no idea that would.”

In a different post in the same forum, however, user u/Kunthegreat wondered if anyone else cringes their way through Love, Victor. “I don’t know if it’s a teen kinda show, but it’s cringey as hell. And I’m 23,” u/Kunthegreat wrote. “Anybody out there feeling the same?”

And yep, u/Sameflames chimed in, writing, “Okay, I just made a post asking everyone to watch it. Yes, it is super cringy, and it might get worse, in terms of cringe. However, the show is MF necessary. If you can put the cringe aside, the show will give you the feels.”

A commenter on that thread wrote, “Well, I’m 18, and I find almost every scene very awkward. Also, most of the dialogue sounds too scripted for my taste, but I can’t seem to drop the show, probably because there’s not many TV shows that depict gay teenagers and their self-acceptance and coming out journey as the main focus, so I respect that.”

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And then there’s a third post, titled “Love, Victor is a bit cringey.”

“I don’t know why, but I feel like this story is beating a dead horse by rehashing a narrative about young gay guys and coming out that is super stereotypical,” u/sciencekidlol wrote in that one. “I feel like they need to have gay guys that are more empowered and less victimized? … I feel like the show’s creators are trying to paint being gay in high school as a very negative experience and focusing on the victim nature of coming out and being gay.”

So yes, gay Reddit seems divided about the show. But what about you? Cast your vote in the comment section below.