Rising Star Nicholas Galitzine Gets Candid About Dating in Hollywood

Actor Nicholas Galitzine, who is still coming off a high from starring in hit movies Red, White & Royal Blue and Bottoms, is opening up about his dating life.

The young heartthrob has captured the attention of a large fanbase, including members of the LGBTQ+ community. I mean, who could resist falling for him as the closeted Prince Henry in RWRB? Galitzine is also preparing to bring another queer character to life in the upcoming historical drama. Mary & George. He will play George Villiers, the lover of King James I.

Though we are VERY familiar with how Galitzine falls in love on screen, in a new interview with L’Officiel, the actor is letting audiences in on his personal dating life.

“It’s definitely hard,” he told the outlet about balancing dating and his career. “My last couple of girlfriends, I feel like we’ve had to go our separate ways essentially because of the travel. It’s difficult. People who also work in the industry get it, but it’s definitely not conducive to nourishing relationships.”

Galitzine said the travel reveals who is actually serious about the relationship. “I think you find out who the people are who you are really connected with. I’m one of [those] people who makes the effort to connect. Even if I’m on the other side of the world, if I care about someone, I take the time.”

At 29, he’s undeniably at the dawn of his film career with a promising future. So what does that mean for his dating life in the future?

“I’m young and I’m having a great time. Work’s been great to me, and I’m just trying to take it all in and not put any unfair pressure on myself.”

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