Steve Bannon claims to be “taking down” Biden…as he surrenders to the FBI

Steve Bannon claims to be “taking down” Biden…as he surrenders to the FBI

YouTube screenshot.

Embattled former Trump advisor Steve Bannon attempted to rally his supporters this morning as he live-streamed his own surrender to FBI agents following his indictment for contempt of Congress.

Bannon–without irony–stood beneath a sign that read “Coup Plotter” as he approached the Washington DC FBI field office to turn himself in. The former Breitbart editor also used the opportunity to rally the viewers of his podcast as he surrendered.

“Everybody watching in the War Room, we’re here today,” Bannon said. “I don’t want anybody to take their eye off the ball of what we do every day. OK? We have the Hispanics coming on our side, African-Americans coming on our side. We’re taking down the Biden regime.”

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From here it looks more like Bannon is the one getting taken down, but we digress.

“The whole show — intense,” Bannon continued. “I want you guys to stay focused, stay on message. Remember, signal not noise. This is all noise. That’s signal. Thank you very much.”

As we await Steve Bannon’s arrival at the FBI office in DC, a man appeared with a sign that says “clowns are not above the law.”

— Beatrice-Elizabeth Peterson (@MissBeaE) November 15, 2021

Bannon then entered the building to surrender for arrest. Several demonstrators outside the FBI field office heckled Bannon as he arrived, including one man that carried a sign reading “Clowns Are Not Above The Law.”

The indictment of Steve Bannon follows his ignoring a subpoena by congress to testify before the January 6 House Select Committee about his knowledge and participation in the January 6 Capitol Insurrection. Bannon is reported to have encouraged Donald Trump to hold onto power through the use of the US military–something which Bannon himself has seemed to confirm in his podcast.