Trump Voter Fraud hotlines uncovered this shocking trend

Trump Voter Fraud hotlines uncovered this shocking trend

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Revelations of the flailing attempts for the Trump Administration to nullify the results of the 2020 Presidential Election continue. A new report claims that staffers working Trump campaign’s voter fraud center suffered severe mental trauma. In addition, most of the “tips” the investigators received were actually pornographic photos or phone calls.

The report comes from the latest excerpt of Betrayal, the forthcoming book by ABC News Washington correspondent Jonathan Karl which details the chaos in the days following the election. Karl reports that while Trump and his surrogates boasted hundreds of calls to the voter fraud hotline, most were actually prank calls, often of a graphic variety.

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“Pranksters flooded the lines with fake reports as well as vile, threatening, and pornographic messages,” Karl writes. “The material sent in through the web portal consisted almost entirely of pornographic images.”

Apparently, the revealing nature of the messages took a mental toll on volunteers working the voter fraud hotline. At least one woman was so verbally harassed, she begged her superiors not to answer another call.

Ultimately, the voter fraud hotline lasted only about a week before the campaign shut down the call-in center and disconnected the hotline. Nevertheless, the voter fraud center became a major talking point for Trump campaign surrogates–Rudy Guiliani in particular–in media appearances to justify the need to overturn the election results.

News of the harassment at the voter fraud hotline is just the latest revelation released ahead of the publication of Betrayal. Other revelations include attempts by then-Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin to invoke the 25th Amendment to remove Trump from office, and recordings of Donald Trump defending the January 6 Capitol Insurrectionists as “understandable” for wanting to murder then-Vice President Mike Pence.