WATCH: Chef goes viral with his bottom-friendly recipes

Alex Hall, ‘Chief Eating Officer’ of The Bottom’s Digest (Photo: Supplied)

A recently launched Tik Tok and Instagram brand have picked up thousands of followers within weeks of launching. The Bottom’s Digest showcases cookery videos with one thing in common: All the recipes have been designed with bottoms in mind.

We all know that to maintain a healthy digestive system, it’s advised to eat plenty of fiber. To help keep yourself as clean as possible, some foods are recommended while there are others you might want to avoid. That’s explored in more depth by Alex Hall, 28, of Austin Texas.

Hall works as a graphic designer. He’s also now the “Chief Eating Officer at The Bottom’s Digest.”

“I’ve relied on my skillset as a graphic designer to get this project off the ground, including designing the logo and creating all the social assets.”

Hall’s husband films the videos and Hall edits them.

Alex (right) and husband, Mike D. Floeck (Photo: Supplied)

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Hall told Queerty the idea for the videos came up when he was living in NYC and questioning what he wanted to do as a “forever” career.

“I remember thinking while making dinner one night: ‘I love graphic design, but will I love it when I’m 50?’ No matter how busy I am, I always make time to cook. That’s when it dawned on me…I just want to cook.”

He continues: “Before working as a graphic designer, I was a bartender for years in the Houston gay scene, and the idea of going back to the ‘industry’ to cook didn’t sit well with me. I’d been cooking without dairy for a few years and I adopted a plant-based diet in NYC because meat was too expensive.

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“I immediately noticed the benefits in the bedroom after I made these dietary changes. I love to have dinner parties, and I would push my diet on my friends without telling them; it was exciting to see those same benefits pass into their lives as well.”

“I really started to cook up this idea a few years ago while making those dietary changes, and now The Bottom’s Digest is an intersection of my love for cooking delicious recipes, eating healthy food, and working remotely. Creating this show checks all my boxes, especially my passion for helping others,” says Hall.

“I really wanted to create something that destigmatizes talking about poop in the bedroom,” he adds.

“Shit happens. Don’t get in the pool if you don’t want to get wet! No one deserves the shame that sometimes comes with that conversation, and everyone should get to reconnect with food that makes them feel good.

“This show is meant to empower bottoms to feed their soul with delicious, healthy food, and then fill themselves with their partner without so many worries and cramps.”

Alex Hall has posted recipes for main courses, desserts and cookies (Photo: Supplied)

Since launching at the start of June, Hall’s Tik Tok channel has picked up 29,000 followers. Popular recipes include this one for dairy-free Alfredo, based on a recipe Hall’s mom used to cook him as a kid.

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What exactly makes a food bottom-friendly?

“We all have different bodies and digestive systems,” says Hall. “But from what I’ve tested with my recipes, there are a few things that make a dish bottom friendly.

“First, simply make it dairy-free. I’m not sold that our bodies were even built to handle cow’s milk so I shy away from it 100%. Second, make it mild. Depending on the heat level, spicy food can aggravate your stomach and make bottoming uncomfortable. I’m definitely not saying to give up spicy food! I LOVE spicy food. But if I’m feeling hungry for my husband, I don’t mess with spicy food for at least a couple hours before I hit the sheets.

“Stay away from processed foods as much as possible. Period. Third, and my strongest weapon, make recipes plant-based and load it with fruits and veggies.”

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Hall says he has been “shocked” by the reaction to the videos.

“I knew we had a good idea here, but I wasn’t expecting such a quick response from our audience. I’m incredibly grateful. I feel like this is a sign that I’m doing the right thing, like I am actually meant to cook for a living.

“My audience is so kind and they ask great questions about substitutions all the time. I honestly feel like I’m at a queer bar when I’m in the comments section.”

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