WATCH: Michael Henry releases first episode of his Hot Homo Summer series

WATCH: Michael Henry releases first episode of his Hot Homo Summer series

Hot Homo Summer (Photo: YouTube)

Is it safe to begin dating again? Have we been substituting men for baking during the pandemic? And why do some gay men flirty openly with other gay dudes in front of their boyfriends? Just some of the questions raised in the first five-minute installment of Michael Henry’s new comedy web series, Hot Homo Summer.

The first episode dropped this week on YouTube.

In it, Henry catches up with a friend and discusses the hot homo summer ahead now that people have been vaccinated and can begin to throw themself into the dating pool again. The action centers around him running into an old crush, Howard, with his new boyfriend, Ron, at a coffee shop.

Henry confides to a friend that Howard once hit upon him. He’s perturbed to then discover from his chum that Howard has a thing for feeder-gainer relationships.

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Henry has built up a big following with his short comedy sketches on YouTube and is now experimenting with a multi-episode series.

He told Queerty a couple of weeks ago that the new show is, “about getting back in the game after being sidelined for a year and a half. And, how some people have a hard time adjusting to not being shut-in anymore and some just want to out guns blazing.”

“But mostly, it’s about gay sex,” he added. “There’s really no heart to this story. Just hole.”

On the basis of the first episode, we’re looking forward to a (w)hole lot more.

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