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357 is owned by two gay guys, Luke and Ty, who have known each other for twenty years. Not, like most other venues which are owned by straight people interested only in the gay dollar! We are proudly Gay owned, managed and run! PROUDLY GAY!

We built 357 as we could see a huge void in the market. Why didn't Sydney have a Sauna in the Central City Area! Did we have to go to Oxford St when all other major cities had them in town.So we were born.

The owners passion has extended into every facet of 357 making it cruisy, sexy, relaxing and safe. And very very clean! And very very welcoming. YOU WILL RECEIVE NO ATTITUDE FROM 357. If you are aged 18 or 80, smooth or hairy, 300kg or 50 kg, Black , White, Asian, Caucasian - whatever... you are welcome, and we believe there is someone for everyone! You will be someone's type at 357! We truly believe this!

You will never see advertising for 357 with hot body's, arses, pecs etc. Its not what we stand for. Yes you will see very hot body's at 357, but as Australia's busiest venue we welcome you no matter what you look like! So put on a towel and cum join us!



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Maykol Lozano
20:40 06 Aug 23
It's basically an Asian sauna. If you like Asians there you will find hundreds. The place is very nice, big and neat. The bar on the 4th floor is very nice, you can relax and have a drink.
Dean Henness
00:12 18 Jun 23
My partner and I visited on our latest visit to Sydney. It was our first time, but we were welcomed by a very friendly staff member who gave us a run down on the facilities on offer. We were super impressed with the cleanliness and facilities. The chill out room on the top level is a great idea also. The clientele were diverse and we had a great experience. We will definitely be going back.
Troi Hilder
08:55 30 Apr 23
Great place, huge over 4 floors to wander. Also a good mix of guys to choose from. Would definitely recommend!
Kris Chan
05:27 12 Mar 23
Nice diversity in nationalities and ages. I had a fun time and the staff were very friendly. Rooms were clean and I like this bathhouse. Well like to cum again. I was surprised upstairs had such a big lounge area with food and drinks and free internet.
David Bulow
10:48 05 Mar 23
I arrived here as a visitor to Sydney a few weeks ago. I was met by the most welcoming staff & I was very impressed by the cleanliness & all the services available. Even more impressive was the lounge area with a bar & food available. I have thoroughly enjoyed every visit & these people have made my visit to Sydney very memorable as I have made some valuable friendships. This place is an absolute credit to the Owners, managers & staff.
Joh Boh
00:17 13 Feb 23
I love the place, it is safe and comfortable, but the Asians insert themselves between you and the partner and try to take it from you. Some respect is required by them, as the owners of beautiful bodies see them moving back and forth without allowing anyone to have fun with them. You do not know what they want. They do not like anything. I think that Most of the customers are buttom
Daniel Vallejo Giraldo
15:09 28 Dec 22
It’s been the best experience ever. Very organized place, the staff is incredibly attentive and friendly. There are 4 levels and all of them have great services. Don’t hesitate to go there, it’s amazing!
stu mcfadyen
13:47 04 Nov 22
The best spa in Sydney great facilities and ambiance on 4th floor .good theme parties to bring all the boys to the yard.maybe the bar could be open more days
jadid wintry
00:40 26 Oct 22
love the place and so much fun esp the foam party. my first time. Been in Japan, US and Europe bath houses but 357 is the best experienced i had. Clean and the crowd is okay, with asians and caucasians.
Khush Dhillon
08:48 18 Oct 22
bar is so good here nd crew is also so supportive ta.
Bryan Bulock
21:03 13 Oct 22
357 is great and staff are really helpful (compared with Sydney Sauna where just too many people at that place unfortunately suffer from an overdose of self-importance
Isaac Vox
16:52 11 Oct 22
This sauna has 4 floors of great amenities. Condoms, lube, and rooms are all provided for free, which is not always the case internationally. Be sure to bring your own slippers though, as they don't have any available for rental
Andrew Billy
21:03 27 Sep 22
I enjoyed my first visit. Went around 11pm-midnight on a weeknight and it wasn’t as busy as I thought it would be. Overall I thought the place was pretty clean. It is definitely a more mature aged crowd, but personally I preferred that. All I had read indicated there is a big Asian crowd, which wouldnt have bothered me at all, but as it turned out, all I saw was Caucasian men. I met a couple of men and overall was able to have the experience I was after, so all in all, good experience.
sarah dark
07:09 27 Sep 22
fun place like to see some more young people there and maybe another weekly event maybe sissy/ crossdresser day or something
Brad Hackett
22:34 16 Jun 22
Terrific place..Clean always busy great amenities been many times..only drawback rudeness of the Asian staff member up in eating area..Was quite rude to another customer asking politely for volume to be adjusted in movie room..Ive never seen this staff member smile ever and have seen this happen bfr..
Donnie McIntosh
02:10 25 May 22
Great place to go can be a bit slow at weekdays
Sandy Duncan
06:37 14 May 22
Definitely one of my favourite places.
Isaac Vox
11:44 22 Apr 22
This sauna has 4 floors of great amenities. Condoms, lube, and rooms are all provided for free, which is not always the case internationally. Be sure to bring your own slippers though. The floor is just as dirty as any other sauna you'll go to
Dani F
16:36 19 Mar 22
If you’re brown, this place is not really for you. Just save your money or you’ll just hanging around for nothing. People here are after either oriental Asian or White
Kyle smith
14:31 05 Mar 22
Came here on Friday night of Mardi Gras. Was not busy compared to the other venue. All the showers are very hot which should be fixed as it’s very hot shower or the cold shower. There was one patron running around the venue which I do not know if it was drug inflicted or not. I was there a total of 4 hours and only saw one cleaning round being done. Some rooms where messy.
gerald ynson
17:05 01 Mar 22
Few months ago I had a bad experienced with one of the staff of being rude. But now there’s a big difference. They are more welcoming and much friendlier with no atittude and that’s what you call hospitality
ńïṢȟ ṽ
11:05 30 Dec 21
I have been to this sauna twice while visiting Sydney. Both occasion it has been good for me I got lucky and even met someone visiting from my country both times there were reasonable amount of people especially the first time it was during the Mardi Gras festival and ques were spiked right up up from the entrance I am always eager to looking forward heading back soon when I travel again when the time is right was no issues with staff at all also lastly Loved how they have 4 levels compared to other sauna's everywhere else
Bryan Farm
07:37 18 Nov 21
Highly recommended to visit, Lovely place to enjoy time and relax staff are amazing so clean and I love the level 4 bar for Chatting and drinks food is good too I went there for birthday and really had relaxing time, I like to thank all City steam team see you again soon
Friend Ship
07:14 08 Nov 21
I been there for over 15 yrs its one of the best to go and the staff r more friendly and helpful I go to relax I call it my time but the thing I don't like about its when a group of guys go there to see how much they trying to pickup but its one of best place
Divs R
07:04 07 Nov 21
I was here on two nights during October 2019 during my short trip. I went inside by 11 pm and was there till early morning. It was my first time. The place was not crowded at all (due to my odd timings on week days). Neat and clean bathroom, sauna, rooms. People around were well-behaved and non-pushy. Had my share of fun on both the days with nice elder/old men. I am from India and was in the city for a short visit...did not face any race-related issues. Both the elder men I met were Aussies and were warm, friendly, nice to converse with. I agree with the reviews - that the receptionist could improve his behavior. But overall a nice and cozy place.
gerald ynson
23:26 14 Oct 21
An Indian guy receptionist , I accidently took my phone with me upstairs. He was just screaming at me instead of politely telling me it’s not allowed. He told me not to come back again . Thankyou for your hospitality
joe gedeon
12:44 12 Sep 21
Very bad place and too filthy as a venue
tony russel
10:57 21 Mar 21
I was in Sydney for the Mardi Gras when I visited 357. The place is amazing with all facilities functioning in perfect conditions. Staff is welcoming and Glenn is just amazing, I’d go back specifically to see him and have a quick chat. He’s very professional and enthusiastic, I didn’t get a chance to thank him for being this helpful before I flew back. I felt the urge to write this review now after I’ve had a terrible experience in a local sauna, I remembered this place which sets the standard for how to provide quality service. Thanks and can’t wait to visit again
Pugslee More
04:14 09 Oct 20
The place is boring! The receptionist lied to gain patrons. When you ask if the steam room is functional? Still under maintenance for weeks. And kept on telling clients that it’s fix. The jacuzzi looks very slimy! This joint is good for desperate old farts and mostly asians!
Gary Hale
01:20 20 Jun 20
Every tome ive been I enj o yed myself....clean tidy great areas spa sauna ..as older guy wish younger interaction more
Kenneth Franks
04:04 08 Feb 20
Though I have had many a great experience here at 357. Last week was a real bummer, I had hoped that I could celebrate my birthday with some really awesome fun only I got sick, really sick. This ended up as food poisoning which I had contacted elsewhere earlier in the day.Now that’s where the staff come in, they looked after me to no end and were very sympathetic for me. Helped me get dressed and got me down to ground level to wait for the ambulance.Thanks heaps guys for the help and of course I will definitely return .
Luth G
07:42 04 Jan 20
Great sauna, friendly staff, diverse crowd and clean. My only issue is that the place gets super warm on a hot day. It's an ongoing issue for yrs, not sure why they still haven't fixed it. But I look forward to visit there more often during summer 🙂

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