Admiral Duncan

Admiral Duncan

The only venue to host cabaret 7 days a week in the West End!

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Welcome to the Admiral Duncan, a triumph of brash fun over basic flirting. This Soho stalwart attracts party-orientated punters to its one-room bar in the middle of Old Compton Street. Known locally and internationally as an accepting, fun and embracing venue, it has a myriad entertainment options through the months, offering something for all – it is the place to visit.



Admiral Duncan
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MKTriangle Clothing
21:49 13 Sep 23
Fantastic evening! Very entertaining provided with amazing speedy service, Jabbey has been a great server the entire night! Will definitely return 🙂
Linda Marshall
19:48 07 Aug 23
Great service from Jabby and Max, always a fun night.Karaoke on a Monday is a good laugh, but you need to get there early if you want to sing.
Karl Whyte
18:43 07 Aug 23
Such a gem of a bar! And an asset to the scene in London.Never a dull night, with such a friendly and welcoming atmosphere.Gary made sure we had such a good night, with such great service, and always with a cheeky grin. And the banter from Saffron was top notch.Had us in stitches, despite some interesting karaoke
Palomafaith leigh Harney
19:59 30 Jul 23
Love the admiral! My favourite bar in soho! Amazing drag artists, great atmosphere.. amazing staff.. my favourite member of staff is Jabbey always making everyone laugh and quick service!
Thomas Evans
00:26 30 Jul 23
This bar never disappoint! Always an amazing night out! Staff are very quick and knows your drink right away! Jabbey and the team works extremely hard and bar is so spot on!
gary wyles
17:42 29 Jul 23
Fantastic venue and amazing variety of drag shows every night! Staff are very attentive and always serve with a smile! Jabbey & Tomasz are both incredible!
Shaun Ames
17:55 27 Jul 23
I must say, this is one of the best bars in Soho, the staff are incredible and welcoming It’s a great place to go with friends, but if you’re on your own you’re made to feel welcome in particular one member of staff Jabbey really looked after me when I was out on my own. He introduce me to some other customers that were also there alone and we had a great night together. The drag shows are brilliant, and lots of different queens throughout the night.This is a must do venue for any LGBTQ+ traveler’s and their Allie’s.
Jake Hardy
17:23 27 Jul 23
Camp karaoke 🎤 always get everyone singing alone so fun! The boys behind the bar are great fun, Jabbey have a warm welcome anytime I’m there.
Rhys H (TaRhys)
15:46 27 Jul 23
Been drinking here for years! Always a good night to see one of London fabulous drag queens! And the staff make me feel welcome especially Jabbey he knows my order and will have it ready in seconds ! Great pub of soho!
Keith Trimmings
10:16 14 Jul 23
I was called a geriatric by the nasty vile drag act. He is no spring chicken himself . But only able to get cheap laughs at the expense of someone's age .some people near me looked at me in sympathy . I hope he never feels like the way he made me feel.And I suffer mental health issues , I have never felt so insulted .Yes make people laugh ,but not in a cruel callous way .I shall never go there again ever.
Nathaniel West
16:24 04 Jul 23
Had a great time at karaoke last night. Staff and patrons were all so sweet and welcoming. ❤️❤️❤️
Jose Villamizar
20:56 24 May 23
I came to this place, which I’ve been to often, with my mum as she is visiting London. We had dinner in Compton street, and I promised my mum that after dinner I was going to take her to see the drag queens, as she has never seen one.As soon as we arrived at the door; the security guy asked me “how many of you are coming in?” to which I replied, as a joke…”20”, then he said… “sorry too many you can’t come in”, I then said “just joking is only the 3 of us” (my best friend, my mum, and I) he looked at my mum and said “sorry she is too drunk she can’t come in”, I then replied saying that I want to speak to a manager, as I’m not happy that someone is telling my mum that she is drunk when she A. She does not drink alcohol, and B. she is not drunk, and I would never allow anyone to labelled my mum of anything that she is not. (She is 63 years old and requires assistance).The manager came and took the side of the security (which was all assumption’s , and labelling an older woman). The manger couldn’t be bother to listen to us because he didn’t want, or feel the need to do his job correctly. I then asked him “please look at my mum and tell me that she is drunk?” he says ‘“it’s fine it’s ok to ask people if they are drunk” no one knows my mum, but myself and the fact that this place has not only labelled my mum as a drunk, but discriminated (the security accused, he never asked) against her, and ruined our evening is beyond comprehension. I have never been so angry in my life and I wish this bar will learn from this to not discriminate and labelled people.If the manager has a relationship with his mum where she gets wasted (his words) it’s his life and hers. But I don’t do that. Yes!!!! I came to a bar to show my mum a culture that is part of the queer community, and I really wanted for her to experience a bit of the drag art.Now I just have a bitter sweet night.Disgraceful discrimination and ageism!!Do better next time!
robyn wilcha
20:08 06 May 23
We attended the Admiral Duncan London on the 6th May 2023. A man was verbally aggressive to my partner without cause and witnessed by multiple individuals. As a result, we informed a security guard who assured us after pointing out the man, he would be removed from the venue. However, after the man was pointed out, he was removed to the same smoking area where he continued to be verbally aggressive swearing and threatening in front of the security guard. The manager was called who referred to this as “classroom drama” and working in a “nursery”. The aggressive individual was let back into the bar and we were told to avoid the man and avoid eye contact. Ultimately, as two females we did not feel safe with the outcome of this encounter and chose to leave the bar and informed the security guard of our disappointment, having been regulars at the bar before this.
Gary Woodward
08:45 23 Apr 23
Visited London from Derby last week to see a West End show - we decided to visit a few pubs beforehand, despite not knowing much about the area. Although only spending a short while here, the atmosphere was fun and friendly, and the bar staff were extremely welcoming. We'll definitely revisit when we return to the area next month. Thanks to all concerned!
Rafael Abou
17:40 12 Apr 23
My favourite pub in London.Great fun, I love the shows, full of humour and good music.Love the VIP treatment they give me, specially Tomasz… not only a great professional, he’s also funny and a good friend!I wouldn’t consider any other bar as my first option!
Ricard E. Masana
15:40 24 Feb 23
This Queer venue stole my heart ages ago and it’s still iconic. We were served by Jack who looked after us perfectly. The drag shows are definitely a must!
Michael Williamsson
20:58 12 Feb 23
I had such an amazing time at The Admiral. One of my favourite places in London. Love how “normal” it is and not pretentious. Special mention to Tom, what a professional yet approachable guy he is. You made my time at the Admiral extra special. You are an asset to this bar. Looking forward stopping by again soon.
Dave Stevens
20:50 03 Jan 23
I love coming to this venue with on my own and with my group of friends, in fact we're here each week.The cabaret is second to none, professional, original live entertainment and most importantly highly entertaining especially when engaging with us customers!The ambiance & atmosphere is electric but funny with no attitude. The barstaff are literally amazing every single one of them, friendly, professional, observant and very attentive to us customers, which makes us keep coming back time and again.Special shout out to Tomasz and Garry who always up for a cheeky fun chinwag and seek me out in the crowd whilst waiting to get served and Jack who patiently waited and sorted the payments when there was an issue with their network... as I mentioned above... highly professional staff.
Andi Scott
23:21 11 Dec 22
Fun with excellent drag act. Intimate venue (aka small!) so expect to be bumped into a lot.Good range of reasonably priced (for London) drinks and friendly bar staff. Fun evening whether you are straight or gay.
David Littlejohn
08:45 11 Dec 22
The Admiral Duncan is a fabulous spot for anyone looking for a fun times in Soho.This is a smaller venue that gets packed - so its likely it will be standing from only but don't let that put you off.The bar staff are super friendly - at quieter times they will happily chat and engage with patrons and are an absolute blast. The bar itself attracts a very mixed crowd with all ages represented - so whoever you are, you will very much be welcomed.Cabaret is a regular feature and highly worth sticking around for - great acts - I've yet to be disappointed anytime I've visited.Drinks are pricey - you'll be rocking £8 a pint but that's not unusual for London.Highly recommended.
Almanzo Ward
18:19 13 Oct 22
Had a great time yesterday evening, the complete opposite experience to a recent review here from someone regarding the Challenge 25 policy. I’m 22 but I could pass for 16, so naturally the (very lovely and welcoming) bartender that day requested my ID before serving me, as you’d expect.It was my first time there and I’ll definitely be back. Don’t avoid! Just bring your ID like a normal person.
jeremy jj
17:33 30 Sep 22
The other day I was with my girl friend at the Admiral Duncan and we -straight couple- felt so welcome, so involved… the atmosphere was great! And lovely Jack gave amazing vibes behind the bar: we’ll be back!
Ali DZ
21:12 04 Sep 22
Love this place so much! Nice to see some LGBT+ bars still standing in that sea of chains. Soho has changed a lot, thanks for keeping some of the spirit alive!
Richard B
11:05 27 Aug 22
One of the last great gay pubs left in Soho. If you want good cabaret - old school and new and emerging acts, brilliant customer service from bar and door teams and a real warm welcome London experience, this place can't be missed. It's a historic pub and I always bring visiting friends in for a drink and a sing-song. As other reviews say, Tom (and the rest of the team) behind the bar is an asset to the place and aside from being easy on the eye, he's attentive and works hard to keep everyone served with a minimum of waiting.
Karen Smith
01:26 27 Aug 22
I love the Admiral! Every time I go there I have an amazing time. Jack the bartender is super sweet: he always makes sure my friends and I get served asap. I do recommend the Drag shows: every time I bring friends with me they have a BLAST!
Iain Ross
14:27 12 Aug 22
Very welcoming and friendly bar, staff knowledgeable and professional. Very reasonable prices and great drinks offers. Cabaret excellent.
iain mcnish
14:25 12 Aug 22
Very welcoming and friendly bar, staff knowledgeable and professional. Very reasonable prices and great drinks offers. Cabaret excellent.
18:54 10 Aug 22
It's like family. (The good part of family, not the poisonous part.) Early in the evening it is cozy and the bar staff, especially Warren, always makes one feel at home,! He always has a smile and some banter. As it gets later it become a carnival! Agreat drag act nightly. What more could one want?
bluespike james
16:46 06 Aug 22
Got slightly tipsy and left my phone. Bar staff kept it for me. So friendly and helpfull. Thanks so much!!
Martin JP
12:13 05 Aug 22
I love this pub! Bar service is always good, particularly from Tomasz. You can always be sure you'll have a great drag show and nice not pretentious people.My only criticism is the gent's toilet. As it is so small and so many guys are using it, it should have been checked and cleaned more often during the night.Another option is to make the ladies toilet gender neutral one.
willow maple
15:52 04 Aug 22
Fantastic atmosphere, amazing staff, great drinks a true night out entertainment fantastic everyone would enjoy
Joshua Littlehales
15:39 04 Aug 22
My favourite bar, Gay or not. And Tomasz is always there with a welcome smile and Eastern European charm x
Fabio Santosi
22:33 03 Aug 22
Really bad.I was asking about the larger they have and the guy picked whatever larger that was available there. But I didn't mind because I thought "maybe he is too busy". But then, afterwards, in another occasion, the other guy came over and asked what I want and I said "a larger and would you take a shot of tequila with me?" He said yes, he prepared the shots but he put his shot in the freezer for later. I was like ???? What is the fxxxx point? Then the drag who "sings" was all the time saying "shut the f4ck up, shut the f4ck up, seriously!!!" Just because people were excited about the songs. T E R R I B L EAlso, when it hits 23:30 they literally kick u out. People like myself, who doesn't know when the bar will close, gets the security guy kicking you out out of nowhere. So rude. At least tell people you are closing.
jamie spencer
19:03 19 Jul 22
Great queer friendly spot, with great drag and decently priced drinks.
11:59 19 Jul 22
This is an LGBTQ+ venue but ironically it is not a safe space for minorities. I am a disabled woman who was targeted last night by a group of men who are regulars. This man (see photos) harassed me by filming me close up and against my will for simply being disabled. This is illegal. Harassing a disabled person in this way is classed as a hate crime. When another regular (separate to the group) who witnessed the incident asked if the film could be deleted from the man's phone, one of his friends became verbally abusive. The man’s wider set of friends also took the liberty of telling me that I should have no problem being filmed.The man did finally delete the film from his phone. But hid his screen from me prior where he probably sent it to one of his friends first. The doorman asked him to leave but the onus was put on me to make that decision. I couldn’t stay. And neither do I feel safe ever returning.
Cesc Derrill
10:33 27 May 22
I am absolutely in love with Admiral Duncan. I have been going for more than 5 years and I always have an amazing time. I recommend you go to the earlier shows on Fridays and Sundays as it gets quite full. But believe me: the sense of lgbtqia+ community is there and the drag queens are excellent, amazing singers and reaaaaaallly funny. I adore them, specially my lovely Ruby Violet, so proud of her 😊💙
Dean Boyce
17:31 22 May 22
Fantastic bar, great staff great atmosphere and excellent entertainment. My friend and I have just spent the weekend in London and a lot of it we spent in this bar. Thank you all for making our weekend just fabulous x 👏👏👏👏
Craig Mcnish
17:59 12 Apr 22
First time here and totally love this bar! Staff are very friendly and welcoming, great laugh with the regular punters. Amazing drink price range and offers served with a great smile and attitude by Warren, Jabbey and Tomasz. Will definitely return especially karaoke.
iain mcnish
17:51 12 Apr 22
Very welcomely and friendly bar, staff knowledgeable and professional. Very reasonable prices and great drinks offers. Cabaret excellent.
Dale Headley
14:57 25 Mar 22
Been coming in regularly and must say this bar is immaculate, the staff are always welcoming and very attentive. Very entertaining cabaret line up and amazing drag artists. Will definitely recommend this bar to my friends & families.
aurel mures
17:10 04 Mar 22
Amazing bar. It's at the heart of Soho, amazing live drag shows. Brilliant atmosphere, great team who are very welcoming and friendly. Highly recommend it.
Ashley Amos
19:07 03 Mar 22
I absolutely loved it here! The staff are so nice and make your night so much fun! Can’t wait to come back x
Joe Marshall
17:30 03 Mar 22
We’ve been a regular customer at this iconic gay bar for a good few years now. Great vibe, great entertainment and the bar staff are top drawer, especially Tom, Warren and Jabbey.
Michael Flanagan
15:56 03 Mar 22
Always have a great time here. Good location, reasonably priced, good entertainment and great staff who are always friendly! Jabbey especially is always very welcoming. Can't wait for my next visit. 😃
Luke Hedges
15:43 03 Mar 22
Great atmosphere, amazing drag shows! Some of the best are always booked here. staff are really friendly and quick to service you. very accomodating
Timmy Brough
15:22 03 Mar 22
Love this venue. Top quality cabaret all through the week. The staff are fabulous and they often have my drink ready before I've even ordered! Special shout out for Jabbey who always raves about my karaoke performances on a Monday night 🥰
John Frezoulis
15:20 03 Mar 22
Great friendly venue with amazing acts an electric good time feel! Staff are friendly, attentive and make you feel at home. Always love my visits to the Admiral Duncan.
David Marshall
18:12 24 Feb 22
Always a brilliant night out, the live drag acts belt out top tunes, classics and ditties that always get me singing along.A friendly and lively venue suitable for all genders and sexual orientation. Good for small groups, couples, friends and allies. #safespace
Przemyslaw Gorowiec
21:24 19 Feb 22
The atmosphere is great. The bar staff are super super friendly and the shows are phenomenal. However, last time I was there I was harassed by one of the customers and the bouncer (who was hostile towards me the entire evening) decided to kick me out, instead of the guy who I’m sure he saw was touching me inappropriately.
Kieron Barron
23:02 03 Feb 22
Amazing Thursday night! Had so much laugh with the drag queen! Totally enjoyed tonight and staff are spot on with my drink! Love the atmosphere!
Luke Watson
08:21 24 Dec 21
Great venue with really entertaining performers. The staff are all great and Jabbey really helped make our night. I’d recommend anyone to go who wants a nice venue for a few drinks watching some good drag.
Eduardo Gómez Rojas
20:03 23 Dec 21
I had a wonderful time in this historic pub in the heart of London. Wonderful atmosphere, inclusive and safe for the LGBTQ+ community. Drag show was super fun. Jack's attention was great, he gave me tons of tips about the city. I will be back when I visit London again.
Timo Juli
22:42 22 Dec 21
Lovely place! It’s a very nice and small bar, where u feel directly comfortable! The guest and stuff, especially Jabbey as a barkeeper are very kind and accommodating! A place where u like to come more then one time 😉🤪😊
Michael Cutter
16:22 22 Dec 21
Great local bar in the heart of Soho! Always a good/diverse crowd and great friendly staff (especially Jabbey!) Always recommend friends to start a night off here and enjoy one of the drag shows!
Richard B
20:23 21 Dec 21
One of the last great gay pubs left in Soho. If you want good cabaret - old school and new and emerging acts, brilliant customer service from bar and door teams and a real warm welcome London experience, this place can't be missed. It's a historic pub and I always bring visiting friends in for a drink and a sing-song. As other reviews say, Tom (and the rest of the team) behind the bar is an asset to the place and aside from being easy on the eye, he's attentive and works hard to keep everyone served with a minimum of waiting.
Evelyn Bernardino
17:48 21 Dec 21
Good ambience and staffs are very helpful,definitely will comeback with my other friends.
Chris Wren
04:25 06 Dec 21
I love a night out at the Duncan but having been a victim of pickpockets in this pub a few weeks ago I was diss appointed after a visit last night. I pointed out two obvious pickpockets to bar and door staff who failed to do anything. These two could be seen dancing up close to victims and even thought they tried to blend in with their actions looked blatantly out of place with their scruffy appearance and beany hats. I pointed these two out to bar and door staff who failed to do anything other than look like rabbits in dead lights when I pointed them out. Makes me think staff are colluding with the pick pockets. You must do better Admiral Duncan!
Nigel Oddy
22:25 23 Nov 21
I went with a t girl after we had a meal very near and she said let's go as I have never been in this pub and we had such a good time there as it was brief saw a drag show. I love this place and all these years I was in soho I never went to this place. Would recommend this establishment to anyone with an open excepting mind.
23:32 12 Oct 21
I think unless the place is rammed packed, it seems somehow empty?Does that make any sense?I guess what it is is… I always enjoy it there when it’s packed,otherwise…🤷🏼‍♂️To be fair I was there on a Tuesday night so…But the staff ARE lovely
00:03 10 Sep 21
Always a great night to be had in here. Nice diverse busy crowd. Great drag and karaoke acts friendly bar and door staff. Easy to get served. An old and well established valuable asset to london gay scene.
Jake Dale
00:54 05 Sep 21
Visited bank holiday August 21.Staff had banter, were welcoming and funnyI Would definitely re visit this gay venue.The prices of drinks were also very reasonable.The Crowd was mixed but were friendly enough.Good places to start the Night off. Always watched a drag show which was fun and freeThanks yall
Ed M
11:05 15 Aug 21
#Joe provided high-quality entertainment and went above and beyond to help create the welcoming atmosphere that all LGBT members/bars should be aiming for. Thanks so much for the invite Joe, you were awesome.
Nicholas Davis
10:48 15 Aug 21
Absolutely amazing to see #Joe’s first show at this wonderful venue! His performance was outstanding and he kept the whole crowd enthralled for his entire set! A must-see and looking forward to his next show at the Duncan!
Tim Clifton-Wright
10:22 15 Aug 21
Went to Duncan last night for their Saturday cabaret and had a brilliant time. Wilma Ballsdrop was great, but #Joe stole the show for me. His patter and chemistry with the crowd was infectious and it was brilliant to see some representation of the broad spectrum of drag and cabaret. Show-stopping rendition of Waving Through a Window from Dear Evan Hanson that brought the house down. Looking forward to seeing them here again soon! Staff were very friendly and the bar has a unique atmosphere.
Jamie Henderson The Small Business Bear
07:59 14 Aug 21
Absolutely adore this bar. It's at the heart of Soho and the team make sure everyone is looked after. Would highly recommend for the great drag shows too. Brilliant atmosphere. Its a must go-to.
Kyle Cameron
21:32 27 Jun 21
ICONIC! You can’t go to Soho without visiting the Admiral Duncan. Fantastic staff, brilliant live acts & the venue has a great atmosphere! Love it! 10/10
Emma Mc Namara
12:51 26 Jun 21
A great little pub in the heart of Soho. It is on Old Compton St which is a lively place day or night. The bar staff are super friendly. I love the drag cabaret. The atmosphere is lively and it always brings a smile to my face when I walk through the door. Highly recommend.
Phil Gahan
18:16 24 Jun 21
Absolutely love this place. Great atmosphere. Free to enter. Cabaret most nights. Always in there on a night out and amazing team
Sonia Garden
06:13 24 Jun 21
This place has always been my must go a night out. I’m so happy that they’ve managed to open up again and still having cabaret.Staff are always fun and polite. Soho wouldn’t be Soho without it!
Nick Purkis
14:57 23 Jun 21
Really great pub. Always love visiting when I'm in London. The staff are really friendly, there's always a great atmosphere and they have great cabaret. Definitely worth visiting for the evening if you're in London!
Glen Holmes
17:54 21 Jun 21
Great bar in the centre of Soho, free entertainment on most nights with the best of London drag. Quick service from friendly staff. The outdoor seating is great when the sun is out.
stephen patterson
21:09 06 Jun 20
Really nice Bar Staff..Bit like the TARDIS inside as they manage to put on a Cabaret..My cold Guiness was perfect.I,m not Gay but my Boyfriend is.🤔..Anyway, the Admiral Duncan is never boring that,s for sure, even if some, and you know who you are, of the patrons can be..Mostly its a good relaxed vibe though..
Dean Worton
21:31 03 Mar 20
Small and quirky little bar. Great friendly bar staff...entertainment nearly every night. Worth a visit
Dominic Bromley
12:18 29 Feb 20
Cracking venue, atmosphere was brilliant, everyone was having a fantastic time. Live was decent.
Simon Magus
11:10 08 Jan 20
I have been a regular at the Duncan for a number of years. However, I have to say the (less than amenable) current manager’s insistence that the door be left open - ‘because more people will come in’ - is infuriating. It speaks of not actually caring about the comfort of your clients. As a public servant myself - a doctor of 30 years standing - I resent this attitude. Disgraceful. No wonder it’s empty when it’s cold.
Cleverson Adriel
18:18 17 Dec 19
I been here many times before and the place is lovely and the staff is always nice, but in this occasion was only a tall and muscle man with a beard on the bar, it took him a while the realize that I was waiting to purchase a drink, as he was so concentrate on his phone. I did asked for a shandy and yet he did manage to get my order wrong
Alana B.
15:39 29 Aug 18
Good place to grab a drink with a few friends for some very interesting people watching. It can get crazy crowded so be prepared and unafraid to shove...
Jeff H.
14:43 14 Oct 16
Ok bar More of cabaret. Nothing special. I like it during the week. It's not get very busy. So I can have a pint on my own. Weekend usually busy
Kariss A.
09:21 15 Jun 16
One of the best, most historic, and important Gay bars in the UK. It's small but perfectly formed. Ignoring the importance behind the history of the bar,...
Dale H.
16:28 19 May 15
The Admiral Duncan was my favorite pub to visit during the week my husband and I spent in London. It's kind of small and can get crowded, but the people we...

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