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Akbar, a neighborhood oasis cocktail bar and nightclub.

We are AKBAR. We believe in the power of rock and roll. We love guitars. We abhor homophobia. And hetero-phobia. We enjoy a cold beer. We cannot abide a mean drunk. We don’t get organized religion. We like disco. We despise racism. We cannot respect disrespectful behavior. We do not condone “velvet ropes.” We do not care who is a celebrity and who is not. We love our friends. We can be silly. We do not understand gay Republicans. We wing it. We try to obey traffic laws. We do believe variety is the spice of life. We do not enjoy excessive profanity. Damn it. We think we’re Ginger, but we’re really Mary Anne. We love a parade. We are AKBAR. Love it or leave it. We can tolerate a happy drunk but not a sloppy drunk. We do not like shrill voices, especially indoors. We are happy to open the door for you. We love a good martini. We sometimes fall down. We admire musicians. We are distrustful of rabid fans. We enjoy a night on the town. We think we all need more exercise. We skinny dip. We LOVE L.A. and we ♥ N.Y. We’re partial to scruff. We miss our dearly departed friends and family. We look forward to making new friends and family. We like to travel. We love coming home to AKBAR.



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Val B
07:42 14 May 23
Had so much fun at the Eurovision viewing party yesterday. The bartenders are very welcoming. The drinks are nice and strong.
Mark Bear
20:49 11 May 23
Love this space, but they jacked up their prices and I swear they are still watering down their alcohol bottles (which they've been caught doing in the past)
Noona C.
22:29 02 May 23
First time coming here tonight and I am disappointed, the music is really bad and turns off if you're not constantly putting quarters in the jukebox which...
Arlen F.
02:09 23 Apr 23
I supported this bar during covid when they asked the community for financial support, but after tonight with the rude staff, I will no longer support....
Lauren Donahoe
00:01 26 Mar 23
The land of the queer hipsters! A fun dance spot with good drinks and friendly bartenders. The music is definitely not what you’d hear in a typical nightclub so it’s a nice change up.
David Hopes
03:21 20 Mar 23
Really friendly doorman and wonderful ambience, including a drag show (Sunday evening). Unfortunately, the bartender was really rude - I deferred to people who were waiting before me, and then he refused to serve me!
Sam M.
22:37 16 Feb 23
I love this bar every time I am here I am drunk AND gay so I would say 10/10 they stay true to their biz model.
David B.
12:56 24 Jan 23
Crowd is fun, but the "DJ" on 1/20/23 sucked and wouldn't take any suggestions. It was basically a sucky version of the abbey that night.
Sergei S.
08:39 16 Jan 23
This bar is very eclectic! It's not for everybody, but once you learn how to enjoy it, you fall in love with this place! I read these reviews that say "if...
Julian Gonzalez
20:30 18 Dec 22
Nice decor , ok ambience, it gets packed quickly nothing outbof the ordinarily. A good place to unwind , good music and just a dim relaxed set up .
Allie G.
10:16 16 Dec 22
DO NOT GO HERE! We went around 11pm on a Wednesday, at the recommendation of a friend who was with us & lives nearby & had been many times. One of our...
Germaine Newton
11:44 15 Dec 22
This was my second time attending Planet Queer: Cosmic Cornucopia talent show at Akbar Silver Lake. I had such an unexpectedly outstanding time during my first visit, I couldn't wait to return this month for the last show until next Spring. The show was a Cornucopia of art forms: comedy, singing, acting, instrument playing, dancing, song writing, poetry, etc. Can't wait to put Akbar on my places to visit monthly in 2023 for art and entertainment.
Rod Thomas
21:31 10 Nov 22
Just so fun, so welcoming and such an important bar in LA’s queer nightlife
Jason A.
00:42 25 Sep 22
If you like like to feel as though you are dancing in a strangers living room while shoulder to shoulder with sweating people dancing to awful music than...
Meadow S.
21:14 19 Sep 22
Bro...why are the bartenders so weird!! Hahaha like seriously I feel none of their vibes. But otherwise Planet Queer on the 3rd Monday of every month is...
Matthew K.
16:55 25 Aug 22
Fav bar in la . Akbar is like family, im always comfortable here . Have the best time and meet the best people. The entire staff are like annointed gays ,...
Alison Powell
20:36 22 Aug 22
Wowee zowee. A gay club in LA. And it happens to be a neighborhood bar. Wow. When I used to look up best 80's dance nights in LA this would always be number one on yelp. They have theme nights like free comedy with real guest stars on Tuesdays with Bruce and a board game happy hour with Marcel on Monday's. Fun times USA!
Jeff Valladares
23:05 07 Aug 22
Just went to get vaccinated for monkeypox and waited since 2:15. They made us pay for entry first and then told half of us that there weren’t enough for everyone when they easily could have counted people outside and saved us 2+ hours of time. They literally cut off the line the person before me meanwhile people were jumping the line left and right. Completely disorganized. Horrible experience.
Adam R.
17:52 07 Aug 22
REALLY AWFUL circumstance :We went in and the bouncer asked a friend of mine to go to the ATM and my friend went to get the cover. After she came back to...
Guillermo G.
16:38 30 Jul 22
Very nice crowd, definitely different from WEHO. I had years not coming here. The bartender was not pleasant, I order my drinks, however a friend was...
Andrea Loera
00:50 08 Jul 22
Fun-nish, but meh, this place mostly caters to gay MEN.
Cheryl A.
20:01 04 Jul 22
This was a fun, friendly environment. Drinks were great and inexpensive. Chill vibe. We will definitely go back.
Cece J.
19:16 03 Jul 22
Friendly staff. Felt welcomed. Easy spot to make new friends. Love art and craft night with JP.
Shahrzad hadian
08:13 02 Jul 22
They are based on nonsense, i thought it would be one of those casual bars that you can bar hope into, but they didn’t let me in because i couldn’t access my vaccine card on the spot. From the outside it looked wacky,
Dimitri S
17:36 26 Jun 22
Nobody asks proof of vaccination anymore…except you! Stupid! Loosing clients! Good luck!
Kemi A.
16:16 15 Jun 22
As a cis queer woman, going to a club that caters to gay men, you sometimes don't know if it's going to be welcoming to you. This was during Pride and the...
Chelsea R.
12:00 12 Jun 22
TLDR: Pickpockets on site. Watch your belongings closely. // I typically love Akbar. But last night at the Dyke Day afterparty, someone pickpocketed my...
Alyssa Erin
20:48 07 Jun 22
Ordered a vodka water for $8… Pricey compared to where I’m from, but boyyy was that a stiff drink! So totally worth it. The sweet bartender (wish I could remember her name…) gave me my second drink on the house as a welcoming gift to LA! Only took me two drinks before I had to dash out before I got too drunk. 😂 Will definitely be back soon! I’m going to make this spot my go-to. Didn’t explore too much as I was alone and scoping out my first queer bar in LA, but I’ll drag my new friends out here with me for sureee. 🙂
04:36 20 May 22
The Mohawk bartender was rude for no reason lol. I asked for an adios, she gave me a face, and I asked what that’s supposed to mean. She said that’s not ordered here. Then the person next to me asked for help and she told him “sorry I’ll be right with you, these people are ordering complicated drinks.” Despite all this I kept an appreciative demeanor and tipped against my judgement. Wouldn’t recommend. First and last time. I get better service at Mickys. MICKYS! Godspeed.
Robert S.
18:14 15 May 22
Great vibe of the place and fun clientele but the bartender serving us tonight was beyond rude! Came into the place with the positive attitude for a...
Alex K.
17:49 15 May 22
Very nice and friendly crowd. Not very nice and very unfriendly staff! I'm sick of seeing this unfriendly attitude even in a gay bar
Lashon Lockhart
09:24 11 May 22
Great little hangout spot.Really good music (DJ'S) &drinks.
Kimberly L.
02:36 26 Feb 22
I've been here for for years and I have even donated in the times during the pandemic to keep this bar open because of good memories and the environment of...
Jeremy N.
02:30 26 Feb 22
For being supported by your community your staff seems very ungrateful. Coach your staff on how to handle guests. Your security is very rude and...
Alex Shvarthsman
08:41 15 Feb 22
A small and unassuming place. We ordered two drinks with a friend and left good tips. A friend asked for another drink and the bartender told him he drank too much complained to the guard and we were taken out. What is there a bar for if not to drink in addition that is really nice and we left them lots of tips
Wyatt K.
13:05 25 Dec 21
I enjoy any opportunity to sip a nice cocktail while disco blares in the background, and Akbar ticks both of those boxes. It has low lighting and gorgeous,...
Matt-Calvin Phair
06:51 18 Dec 21
First time out on the West Coast in many years, Club Akbar is definitely a spot to try. I thoroughly enjoyed myself. Very diversified crowd, great music, drinks well priced very cozy atmosphere.
Lior Chatow
22:15 14 Dec 21
Great experience! Lovely crowd and fun music
Nicole Asaraf
07:03 14 Dec 21
Seriously such a fun time! The DJ played bangers the whole night. Danced for hours. Ended up closing out the bar!
Theodore M.
03:50 28 Nov 21
pretty busy place. wish i had actually talked to people when i went. not for the socially awkward aka shy
Jonathan Winn
15:16 18 Aug 21
Cute spot. Kinda 70’s throwback decor. Cute crowd.
Fern Deleon
19:09 12 Mar 21
This bar was a great place to be inside and outside. Fantastic music, cold beers, and funny people to hang out. A simply great place to dive into a world that doesn’t exist in our business world that much. All you have to do is go there, and I am sure you will feel the same way. This bar is a must!
Keith H.
21:28 17 Dec 20
It's been several years since I've lived in Los Angeles, and I can safely say Akbar is still my favorite gay bar in Silverlake. It's odd to say that given...
Joel V.P.
02:49 28 Jan 18
This little bar it is the most friendly so far. You got to be here. Manager ( Jeff) super nice. Doorman super cool. Bartender amicable. The whole theme it is great. ZERO ATTITUDE!!!!! Drinks. Snaks. Close to everything.

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