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If you're cruising through Athens and looking for a cool, gay-friendly spot to unwind, Alexander Sauna is your go-to. It's smack in the middle of Gazi, a super lively part of town. This place isn't just a sauna; it's more like a mini gay resort spread over three floors.

The vibe? Totally welcoming. Doesn't matter who you are or what you're into; the staff is super chill and makes sure everyone's feeling good. They've got the usual sauna stuff, sure – steam room, jacuzzi, private cabins – but also some neat twists like dark rooms, mazes, and a variety of playrooms for whatever your mood. And yeah, they keep it clean and comfy.

Feeling social? Hang out at the bar or the garden, grab a drink, and chat with locals or fellow travelers. They've even got theme nights and shows if you're into that kind of thing. Plus, if you're staying at their sister property, Alexander Apartments, you get free entry to the sauna – sweet deal, right?

But hey, it's not all rainbows. Some folks have mentioned that the place could do with a bit of sprucing up here and there, and there have been some grumbles about parts of the sauna closing early. But overall, most people seem to dig the place for its relaxed atmosphere and variety of experiences.

So, if you're in Athens and want to mix relaxation with a bit of adventure, Alexander Sauna is worth checking out. Just kick back, enjoy the vibe, and maybe meet some cool people along the way​​​​​​.



Alexander Sauna
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Aleksandar Milanovic
17:22 10 Mar 24
This is one of the best saunas in Europe that I have visited so far. I have been many times here. Clean, many levels. Most importantly, they have Prive private cabins that you can rent just for yourself, so is more comfortable and more clean that way. Love to visit this sauna and the people working there are super kind and friendly. The Best !
Alexis Navarro
22:50 22 Jan 24
I'm in awe of this sauna. The facilities are impeccable with great decoration, but really what striked me the most was the music. A really good mix of house/minimal house, techno and chillout. It sets the ambience just rightRegarding the men, I think there's enough variety for most tastes. I saw young, old, skinny, fat, muscled... However it's not always very busy
Percy Knight
20:27 08 Jan 24
Fantastic with a light crowd on a Monday night.Best experience I've had in a Sauna, 1000× better than those in Singapore. But everything felt a little sparse.. Would be back again when the fissure heal.Could use a central Lube pump/ water cooler at the staircase..
Jimmy Pamken
06:32 14 Nov 23
Hadn't been in a while, thought I will check it out again, nothing changed in all that time, same facilities that don't offer much. Weird clients with a huge focus on getting action and being quite "pushy" so if your main goal is to relax good luck. Cannot excuse the cost of 17 euro regrettably for what is offered.
Emmanuel Reyna
08:43 03 Oct 23
The installations are ok. However it is not possible that a gay sauna has no "hygiene room" (no possibility to douche anywhere). The jacuzzi has only space for 4 people. We went on a Friday night and there weren't many people.
Evren Ozen
21:55 11 Sep 23
Wonderful ambiance. Each time when I'm in Athens I visit Alexander with pleasure. Good service, polite staff, hygienic place.
Sean Yu
12:07 06 Sep 23
Very clean, safe, with a full bar, and reasonable price point. Went in on a Tue night and it was understandably a bit slow, but still a good crowd, more tourists than locals (at least on the night I went). Service is on point - they’ll make sure you feel safe and have what you need.To my two lovers from Lisbon: thanks for an unforgettable night; now I am more complete. 😜
Nathan Liss
06:05 19 Aug 23
The staff is great. But sauna still doesn’t work and they have only small jacuzzi for 4 people.
Dietrich Boinier
12:36 26 May 23
the place is beautiful and clean except next to a shower near the sauna work not finished. the negative point is that at one point in the evening some excess was closed by a chain. pay you full price and you no longer have access to certain places
11:07 04 May 23
On May 27th, I will be alone in this sauna to play. I am Asian and I am going there alone for the first time. Please do not discriminate. I will bring my phone and less than 20 euros in cash and credit card to the storage cabinet. Please do not try to steal the belongings in the storage cabinet or overcharge me. Otherwise, I will take the following measures: 1. Call the police. 2. Notify the Embassy in Greece. 3. Conduct evaluation and feedback here. 4. Communicate on Twitter and Facebook.
Αναστάσιος Περάκης
22:12 02 May 23
Simply the best sauna in town. I always have much fun when I visit Athens and i highly recommend it. The staff is cool and friendly. All facilities clean and welcoming.Update: The apartments on the top floor available to rent take the experience beyond belief. Your home inside a sauna with access to all areas during the opening hours shouldn't be missed by anyone, Athenians included.Imagine for example a playfully weekend without moving from your town. Amazing. Highly recommended.
Aleksandar Bunijevac
13:51 06 Apr 23
The Best Premium Sauna In Athens!!! Great service, kind staff & beutiful ambient... Love It!!!
Happy traveller
19:32 29 Mar 23
Fail ! They have a jacuzzi for 4 persons.. so they need much bigger jacuzzi .. the steam room was not working ,the music in the basement was amazing ( Techno) need relevant music to other areas as well .
Chris Schuck
18:56 28 Mar 23
It was an OK place. A few things were closed so I missed out. Not crowded
John Pet
15:21 26 Feb 23
One of the best saunas I have been to In Europe. Very clean, great facilities and different rooms for exploring. I went there last night (Saturday) and it was very busy with very attractive men with zero attitude.The staff are also very friendly and welcoming!I will be coming back to Athens in two weeks and I will be visiting this place again.
Tasos Perakis (difficult_GR)
01:42 20 Nov 22
Simply the best sauna in town. I always have much fun when I visit Athens and i highly recommend it. The staff is cool and friendly. All facilities clean and welcoming.
22:31 11 Nov 22
Stiller!The place is beautiful, very clean, and huge, everything is perfect EXCEPT the little guy.I told him I only took one towel (the free one) but he insisted and told me I had to pay for an extra towel. I don't care about 50cts, it's not for the price but for the principle.Tourist don’t forget, you’re a cash machine!It's not fair. And it's stealing.
Givi Mkhitariani
12:23 19 Sep 22
Good place to enjoy some quality time . Facilities are clean.Employees are all friendly and polite except one person at the bar who had not very friendly attitude and he can do better while handling customers
rakim 3
12:12 14 Sep 22
Best sauna in the world. Hot guys all around!!!
Dori Katzir
16:52 11 May 22
Nice men, good place, the peice is good, i love it
Aleixo A O
15:17 19 Mar 22
With this place it was usually a hit-or-miss but I usually managed to have some good fun. I love the no-clothes zone in the basement and the labyrinth (which can get very hot, literally and figuratively). It is not located on a very busy street which I find great because I prefer my entry to & exit from these establishments to be discreet.I always found the drinks horrible but to be fair I didn’t go there to have drinks.I’ll be back!
anonymous anonymous
00:11 17 Mar 22
Steam room and downstairs dark areas were shut as soon as it turned midnight but sauna was supposed to remain operational till 2amSauna temp turned down at 12Jacuzzi turned off at 12 as wellCorridor heaters turned off at 12One out of two jacuzzi was shutMost of the areas where limited/locked.Cats where running aroundDownstairs lobby area - tv was so loud showing news which was a real turn off while you are trying to chillStaff were going through lockers at 12 trying to empty /clean them while guests still aroundDidn’t felt like we are still welcome after 12 with 2h still to goNot great experience when you pay full price but you don’t get to enjoy the purpose of the premises/visit
13:03 15 Mar 22
Quite a busy place, staff are very nice and helpful. Would be good to see the jacuzzi operating though!
Adrian Ion
22:20 01 Jan 22
I highly recommend the sauna. Staff were very helpful with everything, very polite. The place is very clean and safe, a lot of amenities, nice bar area and plenty of drinks to choose. A great gem in the heart of Athens.
Makcs Lukashuk
22:57 25 Dec 21
Good place.Friendly staff who will tell you everything.Clean several times a night, so clean.There is a bar and a vending machine with drinks.Visitors of all ages: young and old. A good payment system that provides benefits to young people.There are different areas where everyone can do what they came for
Victor S.
20:08 19 Nov 21
Nice place to have some fun or relax, really big for Greece, all kind of guys, mostly tourists.
Will Tucker
07:31 10 Oct 21
Super friendly staff. I was hesitant to go here, but I’m so happy I decided to give it a shot. When you think of “Greek Gods” that accurately describes the men at this sauna. Even better, nobody had an attitude & everyone was all about having a good time. The sauna was very clean, and the cruising areas were great. Towels and condoms provided at the front desk, as well as slippers. Will definitely be coming back. This was on a Saturday night and I arrived around 11PM.
D Russo
18:54 03 Oct 21
Great staff. Good clean facilities. Popular place. Nice mix of guys.
Forthianor I
14:26 29 Aug 21
The place was quite clean and there were people, but I have to say other guests were not so friendly. Besides, most of them were fit and muscled and I couldn't see other types of guys in the mix which is a shame honestly as I prefer more average guys.Facilities were new and areas were nice. A suggestion I can give is to put signs in the changing rooms to inform where to put slippers and used towels when leaving to help new visitors.At the entrance they checked for the green pass (something that other places don't do so strictly) and that for me is a big plus!Although it was not a great night to me, being objective I have to say it was a good place.
Walter Natoli (Hellenic Dragons)
07:33 21 Aug 21
Great sauna, very spacious, great facilities, some not open (jacuzzi, foam room... possibly due to covid rules), but still amazing place, sincerely varied clientele and great fun to be had.Will surely come back soon.
klitorisna Baba
10:18 13 Sep 20
Just splendid!!!!!

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