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Attack Club
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Raymond Miller
03:44 04 Apr 24
No, "you can't enter without scanning our QR code".Easy to see why it was soooo quiet, few people.
Rene ochoa
05:30 22 Mar 24
I found the people at the entrance and the bars very friendly the place is not huge I believe is a perfect size. I went Friday night it was not crowded but nice looking people to have fun with
17:45 13 Aug 23
Very disappointing. The location was Luisa Fernanda 17, super tiny darkroom, the whole place had a strong smell of sewage which was a complete turnoff.
sean cheng
13:40 19 Mar 23
Friendly staffs. Cute place. Sunday is definitely a fun day
Mega HotButt
22:52 16 Jun 22
GreedI went to Attack club this evening (16/06/22) and when I wanted my second drink (that goes with the entrance) the ticket was in bad shape ok but the waiter refused to get me my drink ! Really? Come one? You don't make enough money? So I decided to go leave and spent my money elsewhere (where I had actually more fun).I don't get why when such attitude can be exposed they still do it?The only thing they'll get was my leaving the place unhappy and not willing to go back. Bad for them as when I go somewhere guys have fun...
Thomas Savy
13:33 21 Apr 22
Is the club open to everyone or is for a 6 pack / large biceps type of audience ?Thanks
Cal L
14:02 26 Feb 22
The club is tourist-friendly. You will see plenty of local patrons at this establishment. The age group of patrons is 30s-40s, but I noticed one or two younger patrons, probably around 20s.The staff were friendly, and they could communicate in English. Before you are allowed to enter, there are several things to know.1. You must first join the club membership at no cost. You may do so online at the club website (recommended), or you can fill up a physical form at the premise. Be sure to bring your passport.2. The entrance fee is €10, and you get two coupons to redeem drinks.3. There are themed nights. Each night is different. It will determine the mandatory attire. You can check online at the website.4. You will be provided a trash bag to put all personal belongings inside, including your clothes.5. You are given a numbered wristband to collect your personal belongings when you leave.Pros:- The entrance fee is affordable, so it's good if you want to make multiple visits.- 2 free-of-charge drinks included in the entrance are value for money.- Patrons of different age group, something for everyoneCons:- The cruising areas are not big. You either go to the back of the bar and basement. Quite small, not much room to maneuver, and it results in lack of privacy too.- Been here twice, saw no foreigners or tourists. If you can't speak Spanish, there could be communication problems. Or maybe it was just my experience.Recommended? Yes. The entrance fee is cheap, the staff are friendly, and it's worthwhile for some eye candies even if the intention for casual fun is not realized.Closest metro stop: La Latina, near Carrefour Market
byungchul lee
08:30 24 Oct 21
Hot place .... was fun
José Guridis
00:32 20 Aug 21
I've been there for an annoying noght, and I was fine. People kindly and the woeker soo fine...come there and dont you be worry, it's an space of freedom
Jacory Harold
03:27 23 Jul 21
Great cruise bar in Madrid! Unlike other places, the men who come here are overwhelmingly there for the same thing: to play! I love visiting here every time we're in Madrid and I always leave a bit exhausted. Great piggy bar.
B. Ari Bea
22:01 01 Aug 20
Have Fun see ya 🙂 yeh
Jason Thomas
20:37 08 Mar 20
Amazing! Super friendly staff and the owner is very kind and welcoming. Great music and a chilled party atmosphere. Wide variety of patrons including lots of locals and tourists from around the world; every type of gay man is represented here. Sunday nights are legendary! Don't miss out.
Isty Smit
19:13 12 Sep 19
Fun place depending on the party. I always say check out 3 times before you make up your mind. Mixed ages. I always get a load or two
23:56 26 Mar 19
Great sex club in Madrid. I went to the naked night, which is my preference, arriving around 10 pm on a weeknight. The crowd was ebbing and flowing, some leaving and a few arriving. There were some hot and eager guys who were playing. Some had staked a seat at the upstairs bar, nursing a beer, chatting with their buddies. I went down the stairs and had fun with a couple of guys. I wouldn't call it super clean. It is not gross, though, and that is enough for me. I had a good time. By midnight when I left the crowd was definitely on its way out. However, was there a second wind after that? Who knows? I had a good time.
ömer faruk kaplan
04:09 30 Dec 18
Really very lovely and helpful staff who speak English well. You pay 10 Euros and get 2 beers or one long drink if you enter after midnight. It was not crowded on a Saturday night at 2 am maybe it was because of some other big parties happening the same night. It would recommend it though.

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Attack, the hottest and funniest gay cruising bar in Madrid, has 4 different zones, in which you can move according on how horny you are getting:

When you enter, you find the reception, which is also the wardrobe where we keep your clothes secured and always on watch by our staff, who will also be happy to explain you everything if you are new to our Madrid gay parties. Go trough the curtain and you will find the bar: Here you can order any drink and meet new people, or you can walk straight to the cruising zones, if you prefer.

Go trough the arch and you will find the chill-out zone, where there is also a sling, a cage and a St Andrew’s Cross. Go then trough the corridor (you may have to zigzag to avoid some guy busy on his knees right there in the middle, it happens!) and you will get to the White Room, where the shower is. Here is where takes place our “SHOWer Boy” party and every other wet event! There is also a corner to seat and relax, or to drink* or play*: no limits here!
If what you want is just action with no words, go downstairs, to the Dungeon/Cave. There you will find the labyrinth, another sling, cabins, a bed, porn and real hot guys!

We are a gay club by night, but you may recognize our walls, because we are also a studio location for gay porn during the day! Most gay porn companies from Spain shoot constantly here, and many international porn stars have been here fucking... So maybe you already did J/O feeling here!


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