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Located in Schöneberg, the heart of the city's gay scene, Axel Hotel Berlin fascinates for its cosmopolitan and exquisite spirit, for the careful combination of design and comfort, and for its excellent service. The charm and elegant mix of gold on black, overlays and textures, make the hotel a unique space in the city.

87 designer rooms that will seduce you with their glamor and personality. Spaces created for your comfort and enjoyment, soundproofed, air-conditioned, with wi-fi and equipped with maximum comfort. Let yourself be enveloped by its textures, shapes and environments, and soak up the avant-garde spirit of Berlin.



Axel Hotel Berlin
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Damir D.
06:14 10 Sep 23
the hotel is dirty. the rooms are small. very noisy. the bathroom is not comfortable. They just withdraw extra money and never get it back. I don't...
Russell Gomm
13:04 30 Aug 23
Stayed there for 8 nights, yes it could do with a refresh, but the staff were very helpful nothing was too much trouble. I loved the room setup being open plan and the shower was excellent. When it came to nightlife it was very easy to get to everything.
Standing Ovation Choir
10:14 24 Aug 23
Positives: front of house staff are lovely and location is excellent.Problems: cleanliness, maintenance and facilities.I have stayed at Axel in Barcelona and Madrid, this is the weakest. Sadly. We probably won’t stay here again, when visiting Berlin.
Danny Barton
10:55 31 Jul 23
Okay, I know that everyone has basically written the same thing but basically the condition of the hotel and room considering for the price I paid for a Junior Suite is sub standard.The communal areas are so run down. The carpets are full of stains etc. There are no comforts in the suits, like tea and coffee in the morning is a basic thing to provide.The cleaners sort of "tidy" rather than clean the rooms. The gym doesn't even have matching dumbbells.In saying all that, the convenience of the hotel is amazing. The staff are all lovely and super helpful. Though don't ask for anything to be ordered to the room, you have to go to the front desk.Hopefully they start to put some of that cash flow in to a reno because it is really needed.
Nayem Chowdhury
07:48 28 Jul 23
Editing my review as despite room not being ready at check-in, the management made this right with a goodwill gesture which is great customer service. After check-in , room and service / location were great. My room didn't smell as others have noted
Torsten Fischer
11:25 18 Jul 23
An old, tired, worn-out hotel in a great location with nice restaurants, gay bars, and beer gardens. The hotel is dingy, dirty and in great need of a complete makeover. From a 'gay hotel ' I will expect something more glamorous, flashy, and fabulous instead of a thinly veiled attempt to ride the LGBTQ+ wave and rip off your financially secure customer base. Next time I can just stay in a hostel and hope for some eye candy in the bunk bed next to me.
05:49 09 Jul 23
My experience with the hotel was neutral, I am only giving 5 stars because Sebastian(front desk) was amazing as he helped when my phone charger was stolen and I was only able to make it on time to my flight because of him, other people at the front desk weren't as nice but he was the sweetest.
Ivan Buckingham
10:10 08 Jul 23
Older hotel that needs to be re-furbished.Windows need resealing, drawers missing from the furniture.There's no laundry service.Smells mouldy in the shower.Beds are rock hard.There's no tea or coffee in the room.I liked the idea of this hotel more than staying here.
miker Rrr
17:18 10 Jun 23
I must say I was terribly scared to come here after everything I read ! But I just arrived and everything is perfect! Spa , sauna is working fine, it’s super clean and I was welcomed like a king with the attendant downstairs. I think something been done recently to upgrade everything! I will stay back
Alex Garcia
05:24 30 May 23
I most admit I had better expectations about this hotel, it’s not worth the money they are charging for the night. It’s dirty and the walls are greasy, this place it’s dusty, dirt under the bed, the curtains have stains all over, the floor is sticky and the bathroom well you get the picture. In my opinion don’t waste your money and your time.
Micah Mann
05:46 15 May 23
I really wanted to like this place. I’d been planning my stay for quite awhile. I saw some negative reviews of late and decided to continue ahead. But I should have listened to those reviews.The only real positive to the place is its location. Easy to walk to lots of restaurants (especially Gino’s) and bars. The staff was nice but nothing special or excitable. The steam room didn’t work. The sauna for only one day I was there functioned. The hot tub was working but the showers at the gym/sauna area were not. The room was OK but the black paint theme is faded over time. The smell of the room and the entire place was very stale, almost like wet cardboard. I’m shocked that considering the other Axel locations around the world, and the number of negative reviews for this spot, that something hasn’t been done to make improvements in all areas. Glad to have moved to another place after only 2 days.
The Lion
17:29 11 May 23
The Hotel was a challenge for me this week. Check-In is strictly from 3 pm. Do not even try to check-in at 2:30 pm … The red haired receptionist will not tolerate you arriving early and will make sure that you know that you are not welcome before 3 pm.Once you have managed the check-in problematic, you can try and find your room. The walls are very dark and covered with mirrors. Take care as you may take the incorrect turn and walk directly into a mirror. The sunlight from outside is dimmed by the dirt on all the windows. The general smell reminds me of an old sauna and steam bath that has had no regular cleaning.The room is small with plenty dirt and dust in most corners of the room. Take caution walking barefoot in your room, bacteria is everywhere. The a/c is loud and smelly.After travelling to the 6th floor to find the wellness area, you are confronted by dirty towels in an old changing room with rusted lockers that can not be closed and locked. The floors are dirty and mouldy in all corners! The sauna is small and has a similar bad smell. The „steamroom“ exists but has not been functional for around 3 years. The paint is peeling of the ceiling and walls. No fresh towels available!The service is generally poor and the only interest you will receive from the staff is your credit card or cash!This hotel is not recommended.
Kiko Olaño
12:57 28 Apr 23
Stayed in one of the suites and it’s has been amazing. However, if you haven’t heard of this place before, read very carefully. It’s hetero-friendly but mostly for men 🤫 oh and beware of your valuables as one guy entered our room with a key pretending as one of the tenants but later we found out that he was actually a thief! Good thing we were in the room when he came in. I find the security issue as worrying hence the ⭐️⭐️We escalated this to reception who changed our room key card without verifying our identifies (another security issue I thought). Later on we learned that the guy has done it before multiple times and was kinda known to them as someone who causes trouble and steals from hotel occupants ☹️
Dariusz Lipertowski
16:59 02 Feb 23
I honestly do not recommend!!! It's some kind of joke that this is a 4 star hotel. Mould on half the wall - I attached a photo. The room is cold because the windows are not sealed. There wasn't even a kettle in the room. The hotel should reimburse us for the accommodation! At the gym, the equipment is damaged, no handles for the gate. Its glory days are behind it and it is suitable for a general renovation. I do not recommend!
Adon Gerdes
17:22 27 Jan 23
This is a great hotel for the perfect Gay experience in Berlin. Located right at the shopping area and Gay scene. Easy to go from the airport by S Bahn and U Bahn. You find many Gay pubs and clubs in the area and many restaurants and fast-food restaurants just around the corner.The rooms are a bit worn out but and in the need of a face-lift, but functional and stylish.The hotel have a nice spa with spa, gym, sauna, and relax area. I visited the several time every day at my stay. The hotel have a masseur and he gives the best massage ever.There is a lot of activity at the hotel, so you don't need to leave the hotel to have fun. Every thing you need is there, gays, men and action.I am already looking forward to my next stay
Benjamin Carr
12:43 24 Jan 23
Location is fantastic.Had high hopes for the hotel but it certainly needs a fresh refurb now. Rooms were showing their age which was disappointing.Sauna and steam room was never working and staff couldn't fix it or give a timeline when it would be working again.Gym is pretty well equipped though.
J Ru
19:00 21 Nov 22
Dirty and Dark. Like an ‚Hour Motel‘. The vibe of this Hotel is like a Darkroom. For those who love that vibe -perfect. But we do not feel that comfortable for vacation there. The rooms are really poor and somehow dirty. Staff is friendly.
Yuting Hung
16:21 13 Nov 22
I didn’t know it was Hetero friendly hotel that was surprising to me what I’ve seen there . However , I really enjoyed the time while staying at Axel .Nice Jacuzzi on rooftop where you can see the view , Sauna and gym .The facilities in room are clean and good .You can also see the view from the room which is very nice .The housekeepers are very nice . The receptionist Mr. Tomek was very friendly and helpful .
Marcus D.
04:49 16 Oct 22
Where to start. I booked this hotel for 3 nights while on vacation in Berlin. I chose Axel after wonderful experiences at their Barcelona and Miami Beach...
Danny van Munster
06:26 08 Oct 22
I have stayed in Axel Hotel Barcelona and it was a wonderful hotel. How disappointed was I went I went to Axel Hotel Berlin and getting the opposite. The hotel looks cheap and is very dark. Floors, walls, ceilings all in black, mirrors, almost no light. Feels like a bunker. Do not pay extra for the superior room, as it is not like the pictures on the website. The receptionist is rude. Will never stay here again.
On The Go L.
13:35 03 Oct 22
This place needs extreme updating. Black walls are not chic, and the whole vibe is a dirty 90's bathhouse. Dirty as in it needs a deep cleaning. For...
Olym Li
01:46 01 Oct 22
This could be heaven or hell for some. I like the theme of “gay hotel” but it is still a hotel, at least make it clean enough for travellers to live in… quite dusty and beddings were not clean either. If you are looking for something more exciting in Berlin, this suburb definitely isn’t it either. I would give it 1 star if it doesn’t have a theme
patrick h
20:20 20 Sep 22
The hotel is clean and the spa is nice. Location is central, but the hotel doesn’t feel safe.During my stay the escorts were wondering the halls making up story’s and scamming guests.Canceled my last night because I didn’t feel safe at all.Staff would come back to me via email about the cancellation but haven’t heard from them.Were very friendly at the time, but looks like it was all a show.Would not recommend staying there.
ron garrett
16:15 25 Aug 22
Great staff! Welcoming! Only negative carpet needs replaced 5 years ago. Great shower water pressure! For disability chose a different room without jacuzzi
Conny Andersson
12:46 16 Aug 22
Used to love this hotel. But I need a serious renovation to pass as more than a hostel nowadays!Spa never have any towels and the reception was sometimes unmanned!It’s more like a hook up place than a hotel!
Javier Fuente Poblador
06:59 08 Aug 22
Great location, but the hotel is outdated, really dirty, not being taken care off and the service is really poor. So not recommended. Don’t waste your time and money.
Samuel Bonett
08:12 04 Aug 22
Such a disappointment. Go to spa in the morning and get a fresh towel otherwise none in afternoon. Although checkout is midday cleaner was in the room at 10 whilst having breakfast. Was up all night on all three nights hearing doors slamming.
Mr Cotton
11:31 28 Jul 22
I enjoyed my stay four nights not such a party hotel as you would image I stayed for CSD
23:09 26 May 22
Room was dusty and not designed well. Air conditioning didn't cool the room sufficiently. People smoke inside, smells like cigarettes in certain parts of hotel, e.g. elevator and spa. Internet is incredibly slow. The worst Axel hotel I've stayed at.
Michael Akerman
09:32 10 May 22
the hotel is in a good location. The rooms are not great though. The beds have spring sticking out and it messed my back up for my trip. It has its fun with a nice spa area, but the cleanliness of the rooms are poor.
Luke Hedges
10:12 02 May 22
We arrived on the first day greeted by the reception staff and checked in quite quickly. Only one lift working and took a long time to arrive. Got to the room, it was a large en-suite which was lovely, and we unpacked. it was very dusty and didn’t look very clean though.Was woken up at 9.30am with the phone ringing. “Sorry we have put you into the wrong room you need to move rooms” we asked if they could give us till midday, to then be told we have to move within an hour.We used the facilities later that day the jacuzzi was green and looked like it had not been filtered very well. Steam room was not working and the sauna was cold. The loungers were extremely uncomfortable to lie on and the showers did not work only the one in the locker room.We then realised because we had rushed out of the room to change rooms we had left our speaker in the other room, there were no staff on reception to ask and had to return to the desk 3 times before someone arrived and then had to contact cleaner next day. The speaker was eventually found the next day and handed back to us and we tipped the lovely cleaner who gave it back.Overall the place has gone downhill and I have stayed at better hotels before. I probably won’t stay here again
Bent Sandberg
19:54 05 Apr 22
From review after the stay:The staff at the reception, were not interested, superficial, gave no information or service. They did not bother to look up when passing the reception. The only time that was shown a bit of kindness, obviously assumed, was when we checked out after 4 days.The decor of the room seemed somewhat worn, the TV was damaged, the water ran out everywhere from the bathing area.Something "triggered" allergy, probably dust allergy, because we did constantly sneeze in the room (not outside the hotel). It was fun in the beginning, but not after 4 days ...The beds were rock hard and you could feel the individual springs.The sauna worked 1st day.I have been to 'Axel' and 'Two' in Barcelona, ​​so had been looking forward to 'Axel' in Berlin. I'll not come here again.(Original written in Danish)
Peter Pollywalk
22:41 22 Mar 22
The location is great and the price is okay. The rooms are spacious, however in need of some refurbishment. The place is great if you are up for fun. The pretty boys at the reception try to be helpful and friendly.
Sergey Eisenberg
00:01 07 Mar 22
It was worst experience in my life! Never again. Find for you better place.
Ilario Bonacina
14:42 28 Feb 22
This hotel doesn’t meet the very basic standards of a hotel this class should have. The bed was *dirty* and the door was not closing properly. Some of the staff of the hotel was very rude. Don’t waste your money here.
Bo Frederiksen
08:22 04 Feb 22
Very attractive area in Schöneberg close to bars, shopping and public transportation. I was invited by mail to check in online prior to my arrival, but it wasn’t possible during technical difficulties. I tried to write the hotel several times but I never got any answer. I arrived at 19 in the evening and the hotel was so dark and low lit I had to turn on my flashlight on my phone just to find a switch. The room smelled funny when I arrived but today the smell is gone. The room is okay considdering the price, but I wouldn’t call it a “superior suite”. The breakfast was a disaster. I only ate the eggs. Go to McDonald’s and have your breakfast there instead. The information upon arrival was not very informative but I found answers to my questions on google. There where no bathrope or slippers in my room but was available in reception. I had to pick it up myself though.
Rinat Shaikhutdinov
05:35 25 Jan 22
The check-in to the room began with the fact that the room was dirty. The room was cold, although the temperature on the sensor was the maximum. Breakfast is an omelette, yogurt and 3 spoons of muesli and cereal, three breads and juice. The Turkish sauna in the spa has been broken for months now. Using the elevator is accompanied by strange grinding noises.You can really get scared. I don't know why this hotel has 4 stars. Even two stars would be too much. And in the end, the cherry on the cake was when I left.My credit card was charged ten euros, the hotel replied that I took nuts from the mini bar. I didn't take them because I'm allergic to nuts. Thank you hotel, I won't be coming back for sure.
Rinat Shaikhutdinov
06:03 16 Jan 22
The check-in to the room began with the fact that the room was dirty. The room was cold, although the temperature on the sensor was the maximum. Breakfast is an omelette, yogurt and 3 spoons of muesli and cereal, three breads and juice. The Turkish sauna in the spa has been broken for months now. Using the elevator is accompanied by strange grinding noises.You can really get scared. I don't know why this hotel has 4 stars. Even two stars would be too much. And in the end, the cherry on the cake was when I left.My credit card was charged ten euros, the hotel replied that I took nuts from the mini bar. I didn't take them because I'm allergic to nuts. Thank you hotel, I won't be coming back for sure.
Rene Ochoa
18:49 17 Dec 21
I didn't stay at the hotel but I had a booking for 2 weeks just when. Next time covid started so flights were canceled so this hotel very responsible returned my deposit in not time and the manager kept me updated about the situation of my booking.. next time in Berlin for sure ill stay here
Declan Boyle
02:53 05 Dec 21
Terrible hotel, absolutely filthy and smells disgusting. Staff are terrible, hot water not working for 2 days and they did not want to give me fresh towels and shower gel after 2 days. Plus there is no bar area, it’s a basic basic hotel. Much better to find in this price range.
Robert Apgar-Taylor
14:11 26 Nov 21
We would have loved to stay at this hotel, but just before our trip, the US State Department restricted travel to Germany. Every hotel refunded our money excpet for the Axel Hotel Berlin. So we are stuck paying for 3 nights in Berlin when we are kept from coming due to German Covid numbers. We will return to Berlin in the spring. I travel twice a year for business. I now know NEVER to book at the Axel Hotel Berlin again.
Randy Valbuena
11:23 25 Nov 21
I stayed here for a whole week in November and the bad reviews do not reflect my experience. I actually thought this hotel was great!! My room was clean, had all the necessary amenities and staff were some of the friendliest I’ve encounter in a hotel.On top of that you have an awesome top-floor spa with a jacuzzi opened even during winter where you get to meet so many other guys staying at the hotel. The location also is unbeatable.Never at anytime there was noise blasting like some people said. My room was so quiet and slept really well all throughout my stay. Definitely will be back!
Jerzy Snakowski
13:12 23 Nov 21
Twenty years ago, maybe it was a fun place. now - stuffy, stinks, nothing works in the spa, including the sauna, no bathrobes. there is no need for a lifting but a large investment.
El Brayan Mero
08:15 18 Oct 21
Had a nice time here. Front desk guys were super sweet. Suite was dark (but isn’t that the point?). Guys in jacuzzi were naughty. Location is great.
Jose Barrientos
23:34 03 Aug 21
What a fun hotel! I spent a few nights in Axel during the Berlinale last year “before” the pandemic. If you are looking to spend some time in a cheeky place but also with qualitative instalations then this is your place.Also, I absolutely loved the receptionists. I’ll definitely come back whenever I can 🙃
Jack Elliott
09:55 03 Jul 21
One of the most famous gay hotels in Berlin. Unfortunately they were closed during the corona pandemic but now they are welcoming all visitors. I visited the hotel a few times and they always seem to be clean.
CR Frig
03:16 18 Apr 21
Stayed here many times since it opened in 2009. Great location. Front desk every time I come is usually females are not friendly. Room seem to be getting darker. I feel like there’s no light in the room anymore. The restaurant used to be hamburger Mary’s which was great for a gay establishment and then Juniper. Now they’ve rented it to Georgian, anti-gay. Who at axle hotel made that decision? What college or business class did you take to make that decision? Going to that restaurant is uncomfortable. Great location, odd decisions by management
20:41 21 Feb 21
GREAT!I love this place!Great location. Friendly staff.
CFB International
01:07 19 Sep 20
Super friendly check-in staff. Unlike recent complainers I've noticed a definite upgrade to the rooms - were smt. iffy in the past but clean and nicely renovated! GREAT location. Only real negative the breakfast - confused staff overwhelmed by corona-switch from buffet to individual service.UPDATE: was not happy with my room; as I am staying for a week, got an upgrade without drama or excess charges. Hearty rec!
Jonathan C.
13:37 31 Jul 20
We stayed from March 13th Friday to the morning of March 16th Sunday because of the coronavirus. We were supposed to stay until March 22nd. I actually would...
Raymond G.
11:48 02 Aug 19
I should have read the reviews about this hotel before I booked.... because there is absolutely no air-conditioning in the hotel. It was a hot couple of...
Philip T.
17:42 29 Jul 19
Hot! Rude! Theft Ridden! Run Down!The Bad (click to read much more)1. The air conditioning doesn't work at all.2. The breakfast the claim to have is...
Hafiz S.
23:00 21 Feb 19
This place was definitely surprising when I arrived, as a straight guy. It's kind of a place where gay couples go I'd say? The other guests certainly got...

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