AXM Club (Glasgow)

AXM Club (Glasgow)

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liam taylor
23:25 16 Oct 22
Tried to get in but being with my mother we got turned away. Bouncer was condescending and spoke to my mother like she was a child. My mother reacted like any adult would to be spoke to like that and the bouncer took a power trip about it. It was a natural reaction to a condescending nature. Adults go to clubs, they should be treated like them.
Morgan moments Photography
10:20 11 Oct 22
Haven’t been in myself. I took the photo to document my visit for TikTok. Door staff and management seamed friendly enough
olivia 0258
21:31 02 Oct 22
always had the best nights there, the staff is amazing and the bouncers are the nicest people, can have a good wee laugh with them
charlene foote
00:18 01 Oct 22
I've been coming to axm for 8 years and it's my favourite club, Greg the manager is so amazing, all the staff are wonderful, never felt safer in a club before xxx
Lottie Lovi
12:39 24 Sep 22
Really nice music, staff is ever so kind. BUT last night my whole group left due to the discusting treatment of the security team, in particular the bald man. There was this guy harrasing all the girls, and my friend tried to speak to him nicely, so he would leave us alone. And my friend got kicked out, in a very rude manner. That security man, was not listening and pushing us out of the way, not wanting to have a civil conversation, so he could undestand that my friend was protecting us, because they did not do a thing. No apologies, no nothing, but him being extremly rude. We a never coming back!
Kelvin Neil
08:31 25 Jul 22
Music was fineBar was quick although serving sizes are small
Jamie Fraser (JFWizKid)
23:19 24 Jun 22
Bouncer's waited until I went to the toilet then dragged me away from my family members, which was a group of about 7 people including 2 aunties and my fiance, threw me out and said I'd had to much to drink, good thing I hadn't had to much to drink otherwise these bouncer's would have just separated me from the people that actually could have taken care of me.
Alex “DBC” Hyphen
23:20 11 Jun 22
Worst club in Glasgow. Actual. I’ve been to all the good places around. We all got here and we’re turned down. Worst experience ever. Weird experience I wanted to give them a great score but I couldn’t even get in
Bethany Griffith
10:27 16 May 22
My friend had gone outside to get a taxi on Saturday when her phone died - they wouldn't let her back in to find us or to charge her phone (even with her stamped hand) AND she lives outside the city - so unsafe and it makes me think that AXM are not protective of their community?
cristian similea
10:23 07 Feb 22
Gabriel Barton
14:29 30 Jan 22
Went out on Saturday nights with coupe of friends and somehow got accused and kicked out for no reason the security staff are ignorant and rude wish they sort themselves out
Mike Kasmeridis
09:28 22 Oct 21
great laugh, good shows, friendly stuff, cheap tickets and drinks. Nights you won't forget in my opinion, unless you're smashed on the drink, haha
Nicole Quinn
13:30 10 Oct 21
This is my go to nightclub. Gbx nights are brilliant. Staff are friendly and the drinks come fast. I feel extremely comfortable and able to be myself in this place!
kirsty alexander
11:22 04 Oct 21
Take customer jackets don’t give out proof they have your jacket then refuse to give you your property when leaving the club now won’t give back the property until Thursday but also can’t confirm they even still have it what a joke.
Papa Grump
14:29 05 Sep 21
Very busy place people standing to get in even at 2 in the morning Wath does tell you fair dale
Talia M.
20:31 28 Aug 21
We had a fab night but at the end of the night we were called cows by a Staff member In a blue blazer with a green/blue bandanna as we were leaving she...
Jason Birkbeck
23:14 08 Oct 20
For a charity run club by law people can request details on how much has been donated/raised I CHALLENGE ANYONE TO-DO JUST THAT for the period "moni Malawi" has owned the club I'm sure you will all be surprised
Iram Shahzadi
22:32 05 Mar 20
No Good behaviours
Steven C
20:40 23 Aug 19
Don't waste your time and money here when u can go a better place
Francesco Serra
17:26 28 Jul 19
Nice music, not the best atmosphere though. Really bad drinks as well.
Sean Ross
05:29 26 Jan 19
Waited for ten, fifteenth mins or more as more 'beautiful' men got served before me. The bar staff seemed to have a laugh about it. Management seemed to back up their staff which is fine. Not willing to put my hard earned cash in their till and you shouldn't either. We don't deserve to be treated like that and the only reason it is acceptable is the gay scene in Glasgow is piss my opinion...avoid this dive 👌
Captain Morgan
15:35 23 Sep 18
Attended an after party here, got charged a ridiculous amount for drinks as well as the prices seeming to change every different time I went up and spoke to a different bar tender. I feel like they seen I wasn't a regular and took advantage of that by over charging me and pocketing the difference, horrible bar staff if that's the case. Left after a few hours because the atmosphere was just dead on a Saturday night.
Ryan W.
05:04 14 May 15
My review of AXM is all about Menergy--the amazing drag night at the club. I attended the #AAAGirls tour on the Sunday "matinee" show where doors opened at...
Vicky A.
14:19 13 Nov 14
I haven't been to a club in a while (I'm old now) but we went to go see Sharon Needles as we have a very serious Drag Race addiction. The friend I went with...

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