Banana Bar

Banana Bar

Need some relaxing drinks? Looking for some House music? Banana Bar on 4 waiting for u all night long. Come to join us!!

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Banana Bar on 4 opened up on the relatively discreet but lively Silom Soi 4 in April 2017, it firmly fell into Bangkok’s niche category of 'community bars', drawing a crowd of local and international customers. Banana Bar is set over three floors with beautiful décor and great atmosphere, low ambient lighting and amazing house music.



Banana Bar On 4
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laura Robinson
15:20 18 May 23
Good shows however the drinks are just so expensive 380 baht for one drink. Does not matter if soft drink water of alcohol! Way to expensive
Júnior Tantum
01:08 02 Apr 23
The managers are not honest, the guys on the door calling you to go in are not honest! Avoid this place!
19:48 25 Mar 23
Good shows, the performers are really very good. The only thing to avoid here are the leech mamasang and the pushy wait staff. They are desperate for drinks and tips. It’s a shame because they really have a good show, but all ruined by some staff who are desperate for drinks.
Nathan H
18:18 18 Mar 23
Performers were great but drinks are extremely overpriced and barely any alcohol in them, waiter demanded a tip, and it took me almost an hour to get someone’s attention to get another drink. The performers were warm and friendly but the waitstaff were far from it.
no joke
20:15 08 Feb 23
performance is very great!
Ahmed Shah
03:40 03 Oct 22
Last night me and my friends went this bar to enjoy after party, DJ at up stairs. The guards at the door forced us to give tips. We did and we went up stairs. All locals and white people went up stairs for free.Right before we went this place we had some drinks from another bar and were planing to have some drinks from this bar too. But when we went upstairs again we were forced to take drinks. Same like I said before white people was fine to dance without a drink and we had no other choice and we left the place. Was not so welcoming. It was all about forcing to take over priced drinks.I went another two nights before with a white guy and we were together. On those two nights I went in without paying any tips at the door guard and I was not forced by drinks at up stairs.Will definitely not visit this place ever again. But I hope this will be considered and you will be able to find a solution for future black customers who visit this place.
smir nov
20:02 22 Sep 22
the madam or host trying to hard to approached us buying for her drink & her staff & pushed us to give the tips for drag queen. it would be nice if they are more polite & let us enjoy the show.
Dae T
19:15 20 Sep 22
Lol had a lot of fun here. The girls wanted to go so I went. They made the girls blush so hard scream and close their eyes. I was dying 😃
Syed Fahimi
08:18 07 Sep 22
I stay for few minutes…cant stay longer
Raymond Alford
17:37 26 Aug 22
If the mamason would leave the customers alone this would be a really cool place to hang out. She is too busy trying to hustle customers to buy drinks for her and her staff. We couldn’t even tip the amazing drag queens without her coming over to supervise.
Matthias Struyf
16:18 07 Aug 22
Reopened recently with new shows at 10 PM. Service very friendly.
Joee Yang
16:14 29 Jul 19
Aleskander Robins
21:45 10 Jul 19
Just came across this bar whilst wondering the streets off bkk. Looked a nice and clean place.Friendly staff, quick service,nice cocktail. And that's about it.
Travdon Brasa
12:10 02 Apr 19
SCAM!!! This place has the cheapest happy hour on this side alley. Unfortunately, I think they make up that price difference by short changing you. I was there a few days ago and went to pay for the 3 beers I had. I was supposed to get 700 baht change. The bartender, very flamboyantly, made the motions counting out seven one hundred baht bills. When I counted what he handed me, he had only given me 600 baht. I returned to the counter, and the bartender acted as if he expected me. He took those 6 x 100 baht bills and made some big show about finding another wad of cash (which had a 500 baht bill in it) to give to me. He clearly had practiced this scam before, with the hope that the customer would count along with him, and not count what he actually gave you. So, make sure you count your change from this place. We would have returned, since it was kind of a nice place to sit and people watch, but given the experience we had, we avoided it after that first time. They don't deserve your business if they treat customers like this. SCAM!!!
Kasey _
16:42 26 Jan 19
Comfortable seats. kind & cute staff. Here is a place for all lgbtq family members.
Edu Solanas
13:48 08 May 18
This is where it all began

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