Bar Le Stud

Bar Le Stud

A men's bar, where men love men.

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Montreal gay bar. With its relaxed atmosphere, the Stud is the place where gay men simply like to meet up with each other.



Bar Le Stud
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Kevin Poulin
19:37 05 May 24
My favorite gay bar in Montreal!
Nicholus Demers
12:26 06 Mar 24
This is a fun nostalgic gay bar with the 80’s era disco atmosphere and techno music vibes
Jerry Bruno
04:45 24 Nov 23
Dear Le Stud Management, I came to your establishment on Thursday, November 23, 2023 and had an unpleasant experience with one of your bartenders. His name was Patrick. He worked the middle room. I found him to be rude. He kept reminding me to tip, but the 2nd time he reminded me was very aggressive and rude. I am well aware to tip but because Patrick was impatient, I found it off putting. Reminding someone to tip in an aggressive matter is not acceptable. I’m sharing this feedback because as a visitor to Montreal, I am not sure I will come back just given how aggressive and rude Patrick was. Thank you.
17:11 09 Oct 23
A great dance place and to touch base with the regulars although the music is quite repetitious on the second floor on Saturday nites play some Hazel Dean Carol Douglas Claudja Barry i can give you a list of great ol hits from back then DJ,s must be not more than like 35 yrs old Another pet peeve for me is the constant rush removing of empty glasses from the counter often i get my feet stepped on as well Someone must be worried about running out of glasses not being able to make that money profit cash register run my only pet peeves
Mujtaba Ghous
00:41 26 Sep 23
!NIGHTMARES ARE MADE OF THIS PLACE PLEASE BE CAREFUL EXPERIENCE I cant believe im not the only one !!!! I GOT MY DRINK SPIKED !!! I called them and asked them to check the security footage and they said they could not do anything and responded very uncaringly. I experienced an SA later and notified police there is still an ongoing investigation. Saddest part is i wish they would make an effort to bring justice to this horrible and scary situation - they expressed no empathy or concern for what happened and it was very sketchy…. I hope police can get to the bottom of this! the past few nights have been a nightmare! Thanks for showing no concern in checking the security even when i could offer the police report number for you to follow up. ! PLEASE BE SAFE GOING HERE ! I AM A VERY CAUTIOUS PERSON I HAVE NO IDEA HOW THIS COULD OF HAPPENED AND I DIDNT SPEAK TO ANYONE SKETCHY I WOKE UP HOURS LATER BLACKED OUT AND WITH PUKE ON MYSELF AND SIGNS OF SA . BEWARE PERHAPS SOMETHING VERY EVIL IS TAKING PLACE HERE. PLEASE PLEASE BE SAFE! ……….
Carl Mccaskill
00:01 24 Sep 23
Fantastic service and surprisingly great food!!!! Try the Poutine. Mario was exceptionally professional and amazing!
Jesús López
15:19 25 Aug 23
Decent spot and everything was great until the bartender demanded a tip. He said it cost him to serve us. Tips are not an obligation. Very awkward moment. I did leave him a $6 tip for 2 draft beers. At least I bought drinks. I could've easily walked in and enjoyed my night without purchasing anything. I will return but definitely will avoid this bartender.
Gerhard Durtler
00:54 22 Aug 23
Don’t judge a book by its cover, a fun bar with good music and cheap drinks. No cover. Cash only
Richard Canada
07:16 13 Aug 23
Amazing club and friendly atmosphere. Amazing music and sound system WOW. Lots of bars, huge multi level place lots of washrooms everywhere and outdoor patio for summer. Just love this place was here with my daughter & Partner 5 years and only gets better. Here for MTL PRIDE AMAZING AMAZING AMAZING Place. 10/10
05:38 08 Aug 23
Le Stud certainly has a unique charm, but it can't escape its reputation for being a bit sketchy. The cash-only policy and less-than-friendly bartenders might leave you with a feeling of unease. Interestingly, the majority of patrons seem to be older folks, creating an intriguing mix of generations. The allure of billiards adds a dash of excitement, while the new, beautifully designed hall adds a touch of elegance to the experience. It's a place where contrasts collide, making for an interesting, if not slightly perplexing, evening out.
21:01 31 Jul 23
A great friendly dance bar where you catch up up with acquaintances as well much better music since after the pandemic when not too repetitious coat check staff are sweethearts i wish i could say the same for the bartender that works on the second floor I only wish they would less frequently clear the counters with the glasses and empty bottles it tends to be bothersome but i can still live with that in anycase youre not making a dime from me i dont even drink lol
Alejandro Gonzalez Calle
00:05 02 Jul 23
Very friendly and helpful staff. One of the places in the village that are definitely worth a visit.
FirstNameFirst NameLastName
01:06 01 Jul 23
Got my drink spiked. Watch yourself. Was sick right next to the bar and was never offered any assistance. The area is dangerous and there are more than enough sketchy people inside that place.
19:34 25 May 23
Would be nice to have a drink but the staff don't seem to care that their customers smoke directly in front or right beside their open windows so you have to breathe smoke and pot the entire time. Yeah, thanks but not thanks!
ronald walker
18:07 20 Feb 23
Great place to visit ! Very friendly people , great music ! I will definitely go back !!
Анастасия Корр
19:59 17 Jan 23
Friendly staff, great spascious place. I wish music was more "danceable" and choice of cocktails was more than just gin&tonic.
juarez, who?
06:50 06 Nov 22
The dj that plays at Friday and Saturday could change a little bit his set and maybe remix less the songs (or at least change the mix because the same beat over and over and every each song is annoying) but the bar is cool. A nice place to go.2022: well, it was a nice place. The freedom we could find here before doesn't exist anymore, apparently. New public, new bar. Sadly. But the opinion about the DJ's remain the same. They should invite some DJs to play because the same ones playing every week is getting more and more boring.
20:17 25 Oct 22
A great friendly dance bar you catch up with acquaintances as well great music when not too repetitious coat check staff are sweethearts i wish i could say the same for the bartender that works on the second floor
Andy Mo
19:04 18 Sep 22
Great Bar!Cool mixed crowed, I Had a good time there.Cashonly? C'mon I m from Germany thats not quite wired 🤫😃😉.
Jacob B. (Jakeycakes)
14:36 18 Sep 22
So fun, so many rooms, best gay club I’ve been to in Montréal so far! And best music.
Tanisha Morisseau
05:22 29 Aug 22
Amazing vibe ! Amazing ppl ! Fun night ! On a sunday hahah
Kurt Mohning
20:09 08 Aug 22
Visited Montreal from Chicago a couple weeks ago. Dominick was super friendly server. It is a very nice atmosphere.
Le PetitThree
14:44 07 Aug 22
I’ve been a client for years. And yesterday, I got the worst bar service. They usually will give you a glass of water with your drinks, but the bartender refused it and pursued to call me stupid when I didn’t want to buy their bottles of water with my drinks. I get that you are busy during Pride, but that was uncalled for.
Justin Madsen
02:45 11 Jun 22
this place rules. great music, everyone is very nice. Staff are cool too. classic gay bar experience no matter when you go. Love this place
David Pardiac
03:23 01 May 22
Nobody wearing masks. I've caught COVID here twice here before so not comfortable.
19:18 30 Apr 22
Very sketchy place. Employees didn't seem too welcoming and were quick to discreetly throw shade at you for whatever reason. As someone else said, don't go there unless you gave up on life
Tracy Bock
18:13 27 Apr 22
Everyone who has ever been to Montreal told me "Le Stud" is the place to go in the village. I went on a Tuesday night and can tell you the bartender was very friendly and helpful. He made me feel comfortable at the bar ( he was also hot) and I wished that I didn't have to get an early flight.He even gave me restaurant information and went above to call to see if they were open.Before anywhere else in the village, try "Le Stud." It's the oldest gay bar in Montreal. Very down-to-earth, friendly atmosphere. Large yet cozy.......Maybe see you there next visit to Montreal.Enjoy.Tracy
Karim D.
19:52 07 Apr 22
The ugliest and saddest crowd in town. Don't go there unless you gave up on life.
Mad Dog Vachon
01:00 20 Feb 22
i agree with adam about drunk bartender
Travel Man
00:28 02 Jan 22
Some of the bartenders are not too friendly and the crowd isn't too cute.
Adam Levy
07:59 14 Nov 21
Full five stars because the bar is awesome. But- drunk bartender overcharged me double and when I pointed it out, just resisted. After a silly amount of "hey-sweetie-i-only-ordered-two-drinks" I decided to relent and paid $20 for a beer and a shot but common - is this some kind of late night shananagans or what?
Russell T
02:20 09 Aug 21
Always the greatest team of guys and djs are awesome.This is our favourite men’s bar in the world, great for the mature men.
20:02 04 Jul 21
nice place. You can meet people from all walks of the life. Generally very friendly place and customers. Best part is bartenders know you and remember your choice of drinks. Also they are nice people in general. Two pool tables. Now they even have a small food corner. Saturday nights are total hit. Give it a try, you wont regret.
03:40 10 Jun 21
Amazing Bar, Awesome Staff, Beautiful venue. Can’t wait to come back!!!
19:20 01 Jul 20
Stunning renovations, casual, Montreal gem daddy bar.
Emilio Gonzales
03:55 09 Feb 20
Very nice bar and the new restaurant insid6is very nice. I was surprised how delicious the food was and the price is very cheap as wellThe stuff are very friendly and nice
09:57 13 Oct 19
Really nice place. You can meet people from all walks of the life. Generally very friendly place and customers. Best part is bartenders know you and remember your choice of drinks. Also they are nice people in general. Two pool tables. Now they even have a small food corner. Saturday nights are total hit. Give it a try, you wont regret.
Brian Ka.
09:24 24 Sep 19
Great dance bar. Inexpensive prices and comfortable atmosphere. Come back here. Promotions are often held here, if you sign up for 909gay,com and create a profile, you can get a free private room for 2 hours and a free cocktail.
Alain Cacchione
14:21 19 Dec 18
This bar is a fun gay bar to go dancing. The happy hour is fun, but the crowd is more interesting after 11 pm. Saturdays are great because it is the disco night on the second floor. Pop and techno music plays on the first floor. Beer and other drinks are reasonably priced. Coat check after 10 pm is mandatory.The crowd is mixed, but mostly comprised of bears, cubs, and masculine guys. Woman are also welcome.There is no parking on site. Parking is on the street with park meters. But no need to pay after 9 pm.T

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