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We opened on the 23rd of September 2013, after years as a club promoter and being "Mr Poptastic" John Hamilton and his husband Antonio (and Juanita of course) took the next step and opened their own bar! We are proud to be only independently run and owned venue run by a drag queen and boast the largest in-house entertainment team in the North West.

​We are proud to be an inclusive bar for our patrons and staff and are proud to support and employ anyone regardless of ethnicity, sexuality, gender, background or beliefs.



Bar Pop
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Shaun “Starman”
14:31 13 May 24
I often pop in here when I visit the Village.Quite a lively and vibrant bar with music, dancing, and an entertaining DJ act.I have unfortunately, never stayed later than ten but it does look like a bar that'd be quite packed later in the night.
02:53 12 May 24
Would give a 0 star review if possible, security staff extremely confrontational.Avoid at all costs if you have a disability, seems that you aren't allowed to sit anywhere outside the building as it's "private property" enforced by the council in regards to their license. No exception made for disabled individuals as it is such a strict rule that they must follow it or loose their business.Strangely enough they had nothing to say when I told them I was a Licensee myself and have never had an issue with letting a disabled person sit down or in their words "loiter".Also interesting that they enforced that this was private property, therefore a disabled person can not sit down on the floor. However, you can't actually stop a person doing anything on private property atleast without an injunction.BarPop seem to have an inappropriate view on how disabled people should navigate their life, offering the disabled individual to sit on VIAs stacked and put away chairs instead.All in all the whole interaction with BarPop, their male manager and female bouncer/security staff from C&D who told me I was "in her face". When I can promise you I was extremely calm and questioning the legalities of denying a disabled person a place to sit, then left when I told her I meant no disrespect but refused to leave their actions unaddressed, THEN continued to point at me from the other side of the pathway....TLDR: BarPop lie about "rule" which stops disabled person from sitting out of the way on the path whilst waiting for friends, when questioned bouncer gets agitated and confrontational, management back up their ideals and states "VIA does not manage their customers", lies about legalities of "private property"
Ava Max
21:18 30 Apr 24
Bar Pop is one of the best bars in the village in my opinion. Grace who survived me is so lovely & bubbly I will just keep going back because of her she definitely was born customer service.
Kerry Mcintyre
10:56 22 Apr 24
It was our 6th time at bar pop last night, Brill place, wonderful and hilarious drag queens, excellent uni-sex toilets and spotlessly clean. We will be returning this evening . Highly recommended xx
zenon hos
09:57 11 Apr 24
Grate night out for all. Fun and friendly staff, excellent show on the evening I attended.Prices are reasonable for its location within Manchesters gay village. 🏳️‍🌈
Emily Smalley
10:27 05 Apr 24
I used to come to this bar every weekend a few years ago but the situation we were in last night was absolutely shocking. We approached the doors to get in, we showed IDs and the 2 members of our party with bags were searched (my brother and his girlfriend). My husband and I were not searched as we had no bags. After this was all complete we were granted entry into the venue. Within 5 minutes my husband was grabbed by the security guard and told to get outside. When we all left the venue I questioned what the problem was (as we were really confused). They were not very upfront about what the situation was until the very unprofessional female bouncer pulled out a bag of drugs from her pocket and said that it had been found on one of our party during the search. As they grabbed my husband I presumed they were trying accuse him of possession (even though he wasn't searched on entry) but then with a very smug look on her face informed me that it was a female member of the party it was found on. I saw my sister in law get searched and this was not pulled out of her bag. When we accused the security guard of the false claim she got very defensive and escalated the situation by winding up members of the party which she seemed very pleased about and then she informed all other bars we shouldn't be let into other venues because of these false claims. If they didn't like the look of us for whatever reason and just didn't want us in the venue I would rather they just be honest. If you can provide CCTV of the drugs being found on one of our group I'll delete this review. I won't believe for one moment the owners of this establishment want the doors run this way and as the drugs definitely were not from us it also means the staff are in possession of drugs.
Naomi Forbes
00:15 05 Apr 24
party of 4, all get searched etc and everything was fine, as we got to the bar about to order drinks, youngish male bouncer grabs a male from the party and asks him to come outside, naturally we all follow, confused as to what was going on. Female bouncer reveals a bag of drugs claiming to have found it on a female in the group - despite grabbing a male in the party to come outside. We were all searched before entering the venue and were inside the venue a good 2 mins before they decided they found drugs. Absolutely ridiculous treatment of regular customers. Female bouncer then went on to radio in to the whole of the strip about us and we were refused in anywhere on the strip. Ruined our night based on bouncers lies. Most likely due to their own boredom as the bar was fairly empty. We were all sober by this point as was only around 11pm. will not be going back.
07:21 24 Mar 24
Young bouncer id me had attitude, then couldn’t work out my age threw my id back to me. Given promotion vouchers on drinks which were a scam. Music was good, people inside with friendly expect 1-2 people. Huge let down was the bouncer on the door, ( no point id in ppl if you can’t count.) bouncer needs to go on a training course in customer service
Violet D.
17:08 23 Mar 24
Weird vibes. Weird crowd. I would probably go back though. Karaoke bar upstairs was an experience to behold
Donna Petch (NEHUB)
18:57 11 Mar 24
Your young male bouncer needs to be re-trained to tell the difference between a sober person and a drunk person. Said my friend (who has a slight spinal problem) was drunk when we both are sober and don't drink. The female bouncer let us in after a quick discussion. The venue was okay, very sticky floor making it hard to dance. Top floor wasn't open on a Saturday night making it very crowded on the one floor. Doubt we'll be going again.
madison hills
14:22 24 Feb 24
The security guard was so helpful when we felt uncomfortable and harassed by an older man in the club. Kian saved us and was very professional, having the man escorted from the premises and we immediately felt safer. Kian is amazing!!!
leah H
13:32 18 Feb 24
Divas Drag Brunch is absolutely amazing!! We laughed until we cried and had the time of our lives! Food was amazing and service was incredible. Loved every minute cant wait to come back 👏🏼👏🏼
Gemma Flanagan
13:27 18 Feb 24
The divas brunch is absolutely BRILLIANT!!! So much fun and laughter from start to finish. We had such a great day, couldn't reccomend it more!!
Vicki Bloor
19:01 03 Feb 24
Visited with a group of friends on Saturday 3rd February to celebrate a friends birthday, what a horrendous experience! My female friend was grabbed around the throat by a man, my brother was asssaulted by the female door people, the police were called and absolutely nothing was done due to where the cameras were situated! Disgraceful behavior all round, Liverpool it is in future I’m afraid
Paula Brooke
11:40 03 Nov 23
My Bridesmaids booked this for my hen and we had a blast! They catered to our akward needs for GF, V and dairy free 🙈 The show was bloody fantastic. We laughed all night and they made it so special. Thank you so much for having us and making my hen unforgettable
Simone Bhagat
17:24 22 Oct 23
What an AMAZING day we had at the divas drag brunch yesterday! We were all laughing for three hours straight - it was so entertaining, the drinks were flowing, the queens were incredible and we just had the best time ever. Couldn’t recommend it more - we will definitely be back!
Sam Morris
23:24 08 Oct 23
Amazing, amazing night! Fantastic customer service from Jackie, Lavender and the team! I can't say enough good things! Funny, amazing, intimate and personal! Support your local queen's!
Sam Harvey
12:25 22 Aug 23
Enjoyed everything about this bar . A group of us came to the musical drag show... it was a laugh a minute.The bar staff were very attaintive...Would definitely recommend this bar to everyone...
Stacie Brooks
21:52 14 Aug 23
We love a spectacular cabaret. Thanks to Jackie and Lavender, we saw one tonight! Fantastic comedy, singing, dancing, and beautiful costumes too. Thanks ladies! #DivasatBarPop
Amy Thomas
18:09 14 Aug 23
Absolutely brilliant bar great acts and all lovely lovely people!! Such a great place in the community!!
18:18 12 Aug 23
Pretty spacious venue, although it was pretty crowded when I went due to it being a private event. Staff are very nice and are very good at understanding you despite the music being just slightly too loud for me. Causing me to have to take a few breaks outside.
Lynne Brook
19:31 29 Jul 23
Definitely the best venue on Canal Street, by a long way. Great food, awesome staff, very friendly bouncers too! Viva la Diva is the owner/ hostess with the every way with the best showteam around. And to boot it all, she's got heart and really cares about her customers. 😍❤️🌈
Sarah-Marie R. Boerner Albertson
07:53 28 Jul 23
Loved this spot. Great for dancing unabashedly and for cocktails. The drag performers are lovely and welcoming. We had a great time! ❤️
Katie Newall
10:23 22 Jul 23
If I could leave zero stars I would. Bouncer wouldn’t let us in because we were in a group, 3 of us, a group? Extremely rude and arrogant as we walked towards the door ‘no way you’re getting in here tonight’ was the greeting we received, when asked why the answer was they don’t allow groups! Never heard anything as ridiculous, looking at the reviews it seems there’s one bouncer in particular who is the one with the attitude! Spend your money elsewhere!
Jason D.
11:28 19 Jul 23
A friendly and joyful venue on the heart of Canal Street, always worth a visit.Very busy and cheap drink prices.
Clare Wright
16:04 10 Jul 23
Visited several times over sparkle weekend including Sunday night's finale. All I can say is fabulous. First class staff from the door to the bar staff and the amazing show team headed by the one and only Viva la diva. The whole place is welcoming. Bar prices very reasonable. I didn't eat there so cannot comment but everything else was 100%. Highly highly recommend.
Abbie Boorman
02:18 07 Jun 23
Bar staff were great, drag act was great, bouncers what a joke! We just asked why it was only 1 person in a cubical, being girls we tend to go in together on nights out. As soon as we came out of the cubical the bouncers were there ready to pounce.Telling us to get out! Bloody rude! We even have a video we recorded accidentally of them not even being able to give us a reason why! I was speaking calmly, as soon as I said to my friend “I don’t care, let’s go” he insinuated that I was kicking off! Trying to start a fight fella with a young girl, grow up. I am doing what you ask!! All the bouncers there think they are invincible just because they wear a neon armband 😂 Don’t bother! Spend your money else where!
Matthew Sillitoe
15:15 03 Jun 23
The small man doorman had a real bad attitude, ruined not only my night but several others. I was asked to leave as apparently you can’t dance and enjoy yourself! I met a lot of nice people and bought everyone a drink including bar staff and drag queen but this small man doorman ruined it. He also wouldn’t let me go back in to collect my coat so I have no other thought than they wanted to thief my coat as why wouldn’t you let a customer go back in to collect it? I was very courteous and polite so couldn’t understand it. I would not trust this particular doorman to keep any of the gay community safe and I will not be returning to this place, I would prefer to spend my money where you can dance and enjoy yourself. The owner should remove him from the door as the venue is not safe with a person like that. Awful experience, and all this after treating everyone so nice there buying them all drinks. I will go to another city and party from now on as I regular tour the world going to gay places. This for me gives Manchester a bad name.
15:37 31 May 23
Lovely late night visit, great cabaret, great atmosphere. Everyone was really friendly and the dance acts energetic.Good fun had by all, recommend a visit.
Denise Grace
21:28 30 Apr 23
Fun night out. Good bar before and after show. Enjoyed drag show Jackie Love excellent host
Louise Robinson
16:34 19 Mar 23
What a fantastic place, we had a work booking at the Diva evening, nothing to much the bar staff were amazing none stop working and never waited long for a drink, music was fabulous just up my street cheesy feel good tunes.The cabaret was excellent from start to finish none stop laughing and I mean belly laughing 😃, I would definitely recommend and will 100% be returning👍.
Keely Deller
09:55 20 Feb 23
In a word FABULOUS!From start to finish it was nonstop laughter, the Diva's performances were amazing, the staff were great... Bar Pop is a must if you're ever visiting Manchester...Wish I could give it more than 5 stars!!!
Barry Thomason (Baz)
10:53 05 Feb 23
Absolutely loved it! So refreshing to see such warmth and friendliness extended to anyone calling in. Fabulous atmosphere, good selection of drinks that are not overpriced, we will certainly be going in again.
Liam Asquith
17:26 13 Dec 22
First time in Manchester and wanted to go into bar pop but was refused because I went alone and that they "aren't used to people coming in alone" and I wasn't drunk at all since I just went out to start my night.EDIT: Managed to get in on Sunday and had ONE drink then went out for a cigarette and another bouncer said I had too much to drink. Feel like they have something against me when I've done nothing wrong at all. Go somewhere else if you want a good night 🙂
jordan lynch
13:44 08 Dec 22
Unforgettable nights in bar pop, open 7 days a week. Party hard on a Monday night carefree off responsibility, insanely cheap drinks and music that doesn't stop till 3am. Run out boose while on the dance floor? No problem! Your friendly drag air hostess got your back. She has fully stocked trolly and she accepts master card and visa.
Lauren Justice
05:53 04 Dec 22
Lovely bar staff and great music vibe but let down by the seriously rude bouncers, clearly on a power trip. (Not sure why, you're a bouncer, not jesus) Told my friend she was lying when he asked if she was part of a group (which we weren't!) Not sure what he was basing this off, just got the impression he enjoyed being intimidating towards women
Lauren Wells
22:05 06 Nov 22
So so much fun! Unexpectedly walked into this bar “for one” (the door queens did a Stella job of getting us in) and stayed for the whole show. Cast was amazing, and the perfect combo chic and cheap but in the best way. 100% recommend xx
Paul ODonoghue
19:10 01 Nov 22
Viva la diva and robin banks are lovely.Great atmosphere good night to be had
Bob Bob
12:55 26 Sep 22
Great night! Obviously like anywhere there's the odd idiot but all in all the staff are great especially the doorman! Mathew the doorman was extremely polite! The rest of the staff were also. Great place and definitely worth a visit on the strip!
David Y
07:46 01 Sep 22
Friendly and great fun. The staff do a brilliant cabaret.
Ash F
21:30 18 Aug 22
Door staff here are complete mugs. Been going to bar pop for years and I turn up to be told "Not letting any more people in we're full" then continue to let every single person who turned up in while I'm stood there. Called them out and they just ignored me and laughed.Video proof and the picture shown just look at the face on him. Proper mugs the lot of them.
Ali Khalaf
15:36 15 Aug 22
BE AWARE AND CHECK WHAT YOU ARE BEING SERVED: I’m absolutely shocked at what I witnessed behind the bar while I was being served. I asked for red bull, a glass of ice and a glass of rosé wine , the lady behind the bar took an opened (YES ALREADY OPENED) can of red bull from the red bull mini fridge (which is lit hence I can see what was picked) and started pouring it for me, when I ask the lady is that can of red bull already opened she said yes we do that all the time, I asked for a fresh one! Went outside to enjoy my drink with my friend and the wine glass had a red lipstick print (unwashed glass)!!!! Went back to let the lady know and she poured the same drink into another glass!!! Again I asked for a fresh one as I paid £10 for both drinks. Absolutely disgusting considering that most people won’t be even looking at what they are being served and trust that they are paying for fresh drinks and clean glasses!!
Judge Dredd
21:17 14 Aug 22
One of the best drag shows I've seen for ages. The bar staff are nice and the punters are friendly. I reckon this is going to be one of my regular haunts now.The one star down is for the bad state of toilets on Sunday recently. I know the staff worked really hard to try and rectify things but I think there needs to be a bit of a refurb there.
Michael Dodds
14:48 14 Aug 22
Came to Manchester from Newcastle for the first time ever!! The staff are amazing, all deserve pay rises. Cheap drinks. Clean. Entertainment was amazing and i loved the night. Thank You Bar Pop for the best experience ever. Much love, Michael X
Raminta DiaMay
15:54 24 Jun 22
Nice place, friendly staff, no cocktails, drink selection bit poor
Ruth Pendlebury
12:40 29 May 22
Went to the Drag Cabaret Show with bottomless brunch and had a great time. Very generous with the drinks and fun entertainment, loved it!
Suzi Beau
11:06 21 May 22
Great bar on canal street, great music, dj , drag act party atmosphere, toilets are unisex , busy packed pud but cheaper drinks than a lot of places on the city.2 brandy and cokes and a Budweiser for less than £15 however can of Bud was warm probably because it was packed and it hadn't been chilled long enough.Outside area with covered areas. Would definitely visit again
Stephen K
19:29 02 May 22
Went on a Saturday night, no entry fee which is great and reasonably priced drinks.Music was hit and miss and 'pop' seemed a bit ambiguous. Nice selection of drag queens if you wanted to see some. Uni-sex toilets a bit cramped and not much space to queue for them.Overall a good night was had.
Daniel Alexander
17:36 17 Apr 22
Good fun city centre bar playing pop music. Decent drinks, prices are reasonable for location. Felt safe the whole time. Progressive barWould return if on another night out in Manc
Curtis Whitty
01:22 15 Mar 22
Amazing bar! AVOID “G A Y” at all costs and come here or to another inclusive bar on the street! The staff at bar pop are friendly & their entertainment is amazing 🤩 we will definitely return to this amazing place!!!! AVOID“G A Y” if your reading this review
Sophia Gardner
02:22 23 Feb 22
I was out and a photo someone had taken a photo as memorial (plastic frame) had broken. So I took it over to the bar and left it on the side near staff who weren’t coming to me for a few minutes. I got questioned why I was okay to leave this ‘harmful substance’ near all staff and got shoed away with his disrespectful hand movement and told me to ‘go play’ because I’m ‘an immature little girl’ for bringing a piece of broken plastic to the bar. Absolutely well and truly won’t come back. Sort your rude staff out please. Thanks ! Apart from that. LOVE.
Tim Black
18:34 01 Feb 22
Very friendly bar with great atmosphere. Staff are super helpful and good people. Returned my lost Bag. Life savers. Good karma to you all. 👍
Zoe Parker
08:15 01 Feb 22
Went to see the Drag Show downstairs. Amazing!! Jackie Love is my fave xxx
Hattie Fennell
00:37 24 Jan 22
We accidentally stumbled into this place as the vibes were immaculate from outside! No queue, and very friendly bouncers.The tunes were amazing with early 2000s which my partner and I sang at the top of our lungs to. Plenty of space to dance and easy/quick to be served at the bar. Two gorgeous drag queens went around with a trolley and they were both very funny! Gender neutral toilets were refreshing to see, maybe in need of a spruce up but typical for any club! Will definitely visit again!
Ivan Cuadros
04:59 03 Jan 22
We have been there several times. This bar is so friendly and the service is impeccable. Staff are friendly and music is amazing!! If you want to have a wonderful night just go there and you will enjoy the shows and music.Thank you for the shows and nights =) see you later!!
ThatsHot B
05:50 01 Jan 22
I have been going to this establishment for over 13 years. On the 17th of December they had drink spillages all over the dance floor and I slipped twice. It was like an ice rink. Then I fell hurt my ankle, ambulance arrived got me an ice pack. I have since tried to get into Barpop, but the bouncer who helped me tells staff not to let me in, due to their negligence. It does not make any sense. I was not going to take it further, but now I will. I tried to get in the venue twice since the accident, and the security man has profiled me. And barred me so I will pursue legal action against them. I have a bruised ankle due to their negligence and also being BAME, its very racist, I was told people are just spilling drinks. They have stopped me going in on two occasions, since the accident happened. They will be sued for incompetence, it is a shame I loved the owner.
Thomas Campbell
13:01 24 Nov 21
Love this place. Staff are 12/10 including the bouncers dj’s and drag performers.. always a great night whenever I visit. This place knows how to put on a show recommend it to everybody. A place I will visit every time I’m in Manchester 100%
Peter Andrew
21:43 20 Nov 21
All five of these stars go to the gorgeous and hilarious drag queen at the door, Robyn! My sister, friends and I were creasing before we even got through the door. The music is pretty decent but the main attraction are the queens both at the door and DJing! I'd go every weekend if I could afford it.
09:35 05 Nov 21
Great place to come for some midweek drinks. The place seemed lively, fun and well decorated! Thanks for a fun night!
Harry Radzuan
00:11 01 Nov 21
Amazing Halloween shows 3 nights in a row! Splendid job BarPop entertainment team!
Kathryn Davis
10:11 31 Oct 21
Top bit of fun! Dance the night away.
19:16 28 Oct 21
Just been told by security guy that I apparently speak to loud In Polish while I speaking with my mate during the drag race. He claimed that this outcome come from the outer. Racist and xenofobic aprouch, I expected more then that from one of the best clubs in the village.
Kellie Conwell
01:17 11 Oct 21
Was at barpop tonight and the bouncers completely ruined the experience and physically manhandled females. Fully ruined the experience
Damian Frączek
03:26 26 Sep 21
That was my first time on Canal st, but this place is the best ever, that climate, that people, that vibe. After party I'm in love and recommending this club everyone.
Daniel D. Reimer
20:34 06 Sep 21
Super colourful poppy gay bar - as the name says. Friendly enough staff. The air con was a bit to forceful for my taste, but this might have been a covid measure.
Allison Markey
13:39 23 Aug 21
Had the best night on Saturday at my daughters hen party, the guys who work here are fantastic, cannot thank you enough for the best time had by all, I highly recommend a visit to Bar Pop, absolutely amazing thanks again all.
Dave Gore
15:44 14 Aug 21
Friendly bar! Good drag shows, welcoming to absolutely everyone. Atmosphere is very party centric and great. Look out for the airplane trolley being pushed around by the drag queens selling poppers, drinks and snacks. Can be a little too hen party, but still friendly. Drinks not too pricey, cocktails are okay too, premixed, but still good. Basically, highly recommended.
Jason Koen
09:43 22 Jul 21
Best and only breakfast place on Canal Street. They open at 8am till 2pm for a really lovely breakfast or lunch!
Stevie Willo
16:09 20 Jul 21
Hosted my guests from London to visit the village, the Bar staff and hostess were great however the female member of the security staff was heavy handed and aggressive to customers also wouldn't stop harassing us. She obviously has some serious anger issues and needs to learn to respect customers. Spoilt our night
Jack “Jack” Wilson
22:48 25 Jun 21
Pretty nice place. Drinks are cold and servers are hot
Huw Thomas
09:01 21 Jun 21
We had a fantastic evening here last night. The show was superb, and a brilliant finale to boot. We'll done to the whole team 🤩🤩
Philip Jones
15:51 17 Jun 21
Spent some lovely evenings here with friends. Well managed with friendly staff, one of the most welcoming places on Canal Street.
Alam Rdrgs
20:42 21 Apr 21
Amazing costumer service, staff friendly and a decent location
Rachel Gresty
09:08 17 Apr 21
Quite nice drinks here yesterday. Pretty pricey but the service was excellent and the music from inside the venue was fun and created a good vibe. Definitely ask which drinks are long drinks as the short ones can be consumed in a gulp. We weren’t offered a good menu which looking at the social media looks great but maybe next time
Danny T Kong
18:39 07 Feb 21
Been going here for years and can honestly say its one of the best in the gay scene
Sarah Darby
10:31 09 Nov 20
Brilliant bar great atmosphere, cheap drinks, top music and staff very friendly
Jonathan Jones
22:06 01 Sep 20
Fabulous time every time I visit whether it's for a quick pint or an evening out. John, Antonio & the team make you feel very welcome every time, the security team are friendly, polite & make you feel safe inside and outside the venue. The management team & entertainment team are phenomenal, with friendly, funny entertainers such as Jackie & Robbie who always make your visit so much fun even during these trying times of Covid. Honestly cannot recommend Bar Pop! Enough. The venue is thoroughly spotless, the music is fabulous & there is a conscious effort to raise awareness & funds for local charities too, you couldn't ask for a better night out in Manchester's Gay Village
18:33 16 Aug 20
We enjoyed a couple of rounds of drinks on a warm Saturday afternoon. The prices are a little dear, but the service was spot-on.On a Corona virus note, they’re incredibly on-the-ball: it’s perhaps the most Covid-conscious bar I’ve visited. However, it is difficult to distance in the toilets. You sign up to free membership and check in that way. We were shown to our table and only encouraged to move when smoking or going to the toilet. Orders are taken from the table- we were looked after by the delightfully savage Jackie.
Adam Preston
14:58 03 Aug 20
Great bar and very friendly bar staff. Door staff are also nice, which isn't always the case at some other venues. We probably come here too often. Plenty of outdoor seating too and table service at the moment. You currently need to become a member to get in (free), but only one of your party needs to sign up and this can be done really quickly and easily on your phone.
Marvin L.
12:35 08 May 17
Went in on a Sunday night, excellent crowd and drag show! One of the friendliest place visited!
Andy H.
02:08 05 Jun 16
This bar is on Canal Street This bar And there is plenty of seating and lots of outdoor seating as well. The staff was friendly.
Hugo F.
03:55 06 Oct 15
So I am aware that I am not someone who would normally be found on a Saturday night anywhere near Bar Pop normally, and therefore this is likely to be a...

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