Barcode Houston

Barcode Houston

A one of a kind bar in the heart of Montrose

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Barcode is a vibrant gay bar located in the heart of Houston's Montrose neighborhood, known for its inclusive and lively LGBTQ community. This small yet dynamic venue stands out for its diverse range of events, including captivating drag shows and entertaining karaoke nights, all set in a friendly and welcoming atmosphere.

Formerly known as TC's, Barcode has maintained its reputation as one of the best dive bars in the area. It's particularly noted for its affordable drinks and a consistently lively crowd, making it a popular spot for both locals and visitors. The bar's unique charm is further enhanced by its open patio, offering a relaxed outdoor setting.

Barcode's entertainment lineup is quite varied, featuring talented strippers and dancers who perform on select nights like Tuesdays, Fridays, and Saturdays. These performances add an extra layer of excitement to the bar's already vibrant ambiance.

In summary, Barcode in Houston is a must-visit destination for those seeking a fun, inclusive, and energetic nightlife experience in the Montrose area. Its combination of affordable drinks, diverse entertainment, and a convivial atmosphere makes it a standout choice in Houston's gay bar scene.



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05:34 21 May 24
Caleb was awesome; the staff was incredible!! Will definitely be back!! Tyler the manager was definitely on point as well; very professional, courteous and hospitable. Love this place for Karaoke and good drinks. Chris, Mark, and the staff is phenomenal!!!
Malik Beal
23:38 08 Mar 24
If you are a black traveler this isn't the best place to visit they are very rude and I felt very targeted with the staff I was told no backpacks which is understandable but then was told something else about were I could set my drinks outside after that I understood I was not welcomed
Diona Davis (Phirestar)
19:58 06 Mar 24
Barcode is pretty cool. It's a small club but the people there are super nice. I love the atmosphere and karaoke nights are the best.
Daniel C.
12:59 19 Feb 24
Kirby is the star of my experience. Good drinks good conversation. Awesome place. good drinks good music
Nathan B.
15:30 26 Jan 24
Food is amazing, service is great, and the ambiance is great. I love the drag shows they have, drag bingo is fun, and karaoke is great.
Sara S
07:11 25 Jan 24
Really nice bartenders but it gets really crowded and claustrophobic.
01:33 30 Nov 23
Chris was very rude to me; and told me that I was unwelcome at this establishment. Did not feel welcome. Anybody that is LGBT please do not come here.
Micheal Mallonee
04:41 01 Nov 23
How are you going to advertise a Halloween thing and have one bartender. Maybe the Asian loving owner that only loves metal should show up and help. Tyler was great fending for himself but he shouldn’t have been the only one.
Ron Murdock
03:26 01 Jul 23
Used to love this place... They have made a lot of nice upgrades to the patio and other areas. Sad I probably won't go back. The battle between the bartenders to control the music inside is stupid. Who are you playing the horrible rap music for. Look at your customers. Who wants to hear that? When asked about it... Was told I could just go somewhere else if I didn't like it. So I did. I'm sure nobody cares but I might not be the only one.
Jonah Tristan
04:53 20 Jun 23
This is the best long island I have ever had 😩👌 karaoke night is the best!!!!
Eric A.
20:24 23 Apr 23
Bartender Stevie was great but security is a fist full of ass holes. I was defending the bartender from a belligerent patron and I got kicked out for it....
Maria R. (Foxy)
01:56 06 Apr 23
When I tell you I had to clutch my Pearl's when the legendary Roxanne Collins name was announced...thy pearls were clutcheth! My friends were visiting from Austin. We got free VIP seating right in front of the show. The entire staff was gracious. I'd definitely go back.
Drennon Keller 3
00:39 29 Mar 23
I came, I fondled a stick or two, I played with the balls, sucked a couple down and had something humongous on my lips which was a smile, the pool table and pool sticks are adickting, the limes help the liquor go down better, cum wet your whiskers and play with some balls
pi p
15:45 02 Mar 23
Great experience! I was kicked out during one of the drag shows by a polite guard. The bartenders were really sweet as I was being kicked out! It was a blast! I recommend this venue; Thank you boodooboo biscuits!
Charles Hernandez
16:26 28 Feb 23
New owner/management.. You can see the care.. Great bar.. I have been going many years.
14:07 13 Feb 23
I like Barcode, especially if you like gambling stuff this is where you should go! I also think they have the hottest bartenders in Montrose area 😜
Brandon L.
15:05 12 Jan 23
The service here sucks and so does the bartender. My very first time here and just had the worst experience with the bartender approaching me saying that I...
Sasha Blake
23:25 11 Dec 22
We were reverted from our 8 day vacation from Mexico and n the first day found this place during a layover, and decided Houston was our stay for the future days, not only was the entire staff so friendly but open to new people in their city, our most favorite place to visit, made sure our last stop in Houston was also there. Jr and Steve were exceptional with their service and making us feel welcome! best stop in Houston! Check them out! The entire staff was exceptional!
02:07 16 Nov 22
So fun. great people working there. Solid, fun drag show. Feels like a community. Thanks guys!
Aleksei Martin
00:22 30 Oct 22
The place and the vibe are really nice, so are the employees. The margaritas are not the best though.
Bill Patrick
23:02 23 Oct 22
I was sitting at the bar. The Bartender asked me to move for another customer to access the credit card screen. While the customer could easily have gone around to it, I obliged. I then went to go back but the bartender told a customer (friend) to remove my chair. A few custoners come in and he wanted to serve them vs. letting another bartender get them so he enticed them to him. I later told him I didn't appreciate what hecdid to me. He first denied it but them admitted he had his friend move my chair to make room for others. He apologized but after lying it hit me wrong. I believe my age (50s) was why he dismissed me. I got my next drinks from the bartender he stole customers from.
Milou I.
00:15 11 Oct 22
Jake And the other bartender which was also white were completely racist to me which I'm Mexican. I tried to buy some shots to my friends which were also...
Casey Nee
11:34 11 Sep 22
I've been coming to this bar since it was cousins. Over the years there's been regulars at this bar.... I love Larry... And Chris. They are awesome and professional...But as far as some other bartenders they are to pushy about tipping. There are some regulars that make you feel not wanted but I've been coming to this bar for over 20 years . so , I am a regular and have been coming to this bar way before they even knew it was there... 😂 I Will always Love This bar no matter what happens either way...
Kirk Ritchey
05:39 26 Jul 22
"Local" bar feel, but anyone and everyone is welcome. Karaoke most days, drag shows other days. Great staff. I go here a lot; some might say too often. Lol.
Aaron S.
19:58 17 Jul 22
Searched for gay bars with drag shows and this place popped up. It was a good experience. Drinks aren't badly priced, show was great, staff was very...
Jaden Thomas
05:41 29 May 22
Amazing crowd, amazing staff, wonderful drinks. First time going to a gay bar and first time going to any bar since before the pandemic. Great place to get into the swing of things.
15:47 22 May 22
Micheal is an awesome bartender, great customer service! Eddie is a clown of a "Security guard" who told our table of 4 to be quiet at 3pm on Saturday afternoon, there were a total of 8 people in the bar including us. This place is such a crapshoot!
Taylor H.
12:08 16 May 22
The best neighborhood LGBTQIA+ bar in Montrose. Definitely a more laid back dive bar feel, with the most lovely bartenders. Julia, Jake, Chris- looking at...
Chub Lalo
18:29 04 Apr 22
Bartenders Jake and Julia are very agressive, rude, and borderline predatory about tips... Paid Jake with a card and he asked me after every drink did I tip him (it was an open tab you tip when you close it) paid Julia with cash and she was very snarky about the tip after each drink... I tip big, and I tip Everytime, but not when I'm being bullied about it
John Martinez
01:14 28 Mar 22
Bad experience the men were to gay and had no dumpy
Patricia Gonzalez
14:04 05 Mar 22
Had the time of my life!!!! Thank you so much Roxanne and Steve. Can't wait to see you again!
Isaac Gutierrez
14:11 03 Feb 22
This was the worst experience at a bar. I got stung by a bee and kicked out for no reason. The bartender was bad his name was Chris but his gf was nice. I got robbed and i will never go back
Bobby Mikesh (Mikellinger)
18:10 26 Jan 22
Gotta Love Lana!!!
Jerrod G. Marshall
23:32 27 Oct 21
Great little hole in the wall
Brent C.
00:58 06 Oct 21
Short guy with the blond hair is awful. Don't order from Jacob.If your brave order from him. I steal things but he's still horrid.
Bobbi Marie Heisley
02:00 04 Sep 21
I had a great time with my friends for her bachelorette party!! Everyone is so nice at this bar. I love the outside patio
Bryan McNeal
05:56 18 Apr 21
Thank you to Dana and Te'a for serving pure excellence tonight. Haven't been out for over a year, never met Julia but she knew my name by my second round. Truly felt like family the whole time. I missed you Barcode.
Ethan Haddon
00:28 23 Mar 21
So fun. Performed there on Saturday night. Interesting crowd. Pool table. Great staff. Fun night.
Benjamin R.
07:18 30 Nov 20
Okay so I really REALLY love this bar. You really get to meet people and actually know who's in the bar instead of just heading to an overcrowded place like...
Jas M.
19:56 30 Nov 18
I love this place. It's very LGBT ‍ friendly, its in Montrose, duh. Very cheap drinks and always a crowd.

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