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More "Best Bar" Awards than any NY Gay Bar

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More "Best Bar" Awards than any NY Gay Bar—The Village Voice, New York Magazine and NY Press, Odyssey, etc.



Barracuda Bar
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Lujhesca Borges
02:28 29 Nov 23
this is the type of place that is NOT WORTH coming to even if the drinks were FREE, it has been the worst service I have ever received, I can say that as part of the LGBTIQ+ community I would never return again, they are highly unprofessional, racist and classists, not to mention how bad the drinks were the liquor was not felt at all, my group of friends were celebrating someone's birthday and on several occasions we tried to request certain music since the place was empty to please the birthday boy and the DJ said he would not accept suggestions! TERRIBLEEEEE
Diamond M.
18:15 28 Nov 23
Bartender is RUDE! From the moment our group of friends arrived his demeanor was horrible. All around A HOLE! Not welcoming at all! . I'm sure by some of...
Sebastian Camacho
13:29 28 Oct 23
Last night I went with 3 friends, and the security man asked us for our IDs, we showed him our NYID with a photo and he said that that was not enough and that we should show him our passports, I answered him why should I carry my passport with me if I have my documents . He told me at least my passport photo. I found it so ridiculous that he asked me for a photo on my cell phone that could easily be Photoshopped than an official NY state ID in my hands. With my friends we decided to go to another bar where there are no rude people from the entrance. I am 35 years old, I have lived in NY for 4 years and I go to bars at least two or three times a week and they have never said anything like that.
Poison Alliance
17:10 13 Sep 23
I journeyed to this bar in the middle of the night. Got to the spot around 2 am on a Tuesday and I couldn't figure out how to get inside. I finally found the door and knocked a few times, but I guess they were closed. the hours online said they should've been open until 4.. Should probably update your hours online. I ran into another group who took a trip out to this bar who had to just walk back from wherever they came because their phones were dead. Maybe a hit or miss place during weekdays.
Jacob Singleton
00:46 26 Aug 23
a gay bar that tells you to “use your inside voice” and “dance quieter” 🤣
Yaron Travolini
06:05 15 Aug 23
I pulled up at 1:50am sober and got denied entry because they "just did last call." I waited outside for my friends in the rain. The security is always rude. The bar staff is always rude. Only plus is getting ID'd at 37.
Fwc G.
11:15 18 Mar 23
What a strange experience. There was a man sitting at the bar next to me jerking himself off and staring me down. Talk about uncomfortable. The bartender...
The Honest R.
19:14 13 Mar 23
A gay bar classic. The decor is fresh the bartenders are sweet and the drinks are strong. Excellent drag shows and a fun lounge vibe with very forgiving...
Vin Z.
17:34 23 Dec 22
A fun low profile neighborhood bar that has a great Happy Hour. Josh, one of the bartenders is very welcoming and friendly plus makes a perfect cosmo! What...
00:15 04 Dec 22
Love this place! Cute Bartenders, great djs and drag shows almost every day. Favorite show has to be Star Trek nights on Saturdays with Heather Wood.
Ahsan Syed
05:04 27 Oct 22
Such a vibe! The performances were amazing, great dances, good drinks - highly recommend - all days of the week.
Kay&Marc McGhie
11:53 20 Oct 22
On a trip from Scotland with my best friend. The two of us had the best night. Queen Petti Cash was incredible! The staff were so friendly- from the bar staff charging our phones to the security guard making sure that we got into a taxi okay. The vibe was amazing, so lively even for a Wednesday night! Can’t wait for our next trip to NYC as we will back to visit our friends at Barracuda Lounge. Thanks again for such a great night!
Jonathan Prince
04:50 15 Sep 22
Love going to this bar, don't like the drag shows much. The owner need to have dance content instead of the out dated drag shows. The music is great, the drinks is a reasonable price, love the mix crowd of people.
Daniel Pazos
16:45 27 Aug 22
This is my second time going here on the weekend after moving away and not coming here for years. Not much has changed, but I will say the people at the door need to relax. Especially the bald black guy, who takes his job and himself way too seriously. They act as though they are doing you a favor to go into that bar !! He asked for ID, which is fine, but there was nobody else in line when I arrived, and he was making me feel rushed to show it to him. I told him to give me a minute, and he says he’s not rushing me. My current ID is still from FL, so he proceeds to tell me we do things a little faster here in NY …. Really ?? I live in NY, and there is no one else in line trying to get in. Please just do your job. I don’t need your two cents. If I’m not drunk, and not causing a problem, do not disrespect me. I am the patron of the establishment, and you need to treat me with respect. No other gay bar in Chelsea does this. I won’t be coming back on the weekend due to this guy’s attitude.
Sabrina Peralta
04:00 23 Aug 22
This place excellent attention rich food and good vibes what you do not look for when you go out
Irwin Nayman
22:32 18 Aug 22
Barracuda offers good, reasonably priced drinks served by friendly, attentive bartenders. It's a great place to enjoy a drink and music, or venture into the back for a typically great show.
Per Risberg
03:19 17 Jul 22
I had the most wonderful time! Great staff, great drinks, great people, great drag show!
David Prado
14:18 27 Jun 22
This place was the perfect spot to get lost to the music. Props to the DJ for playing all the bops during Pride weekend! I had a blast in here dancing the night away. Oh and Greg! Sir Manager Greg was awesome and even on our way out introduced us to a sister spot nearby. Happy Pride!
19:28 13 Jun 22
I have been here a few times and I've really enjoyed it. The bartenders are really friendly and made great drinks. Not a huge selection of beers though. It's never been really busy when I have went, except one Friday night, but even then it wasn't packed. I was still able to mingle and hear people speaking to me. The bouncer on one occasion wasn't waiting at the door when I walked in so he got up and walked towards me without saying anything so I had to awkwardly walk backwards outside of the door, then he gestured to see my I.D., again without saying anything. I thought he could have been a little more tactful, but he was just doing his job.
Keremy Jucharek
18:43 10 Mar 22
The clown DJ that works here will take your money during a drag show but not play the song you requested. At least there's no cover!
Max Hernandez
00:43 13 Feb 22
Went in there with some friends. It wasn’t what was advertised , it was very dark not very diverse and boring tbh. They have a discrimination thing against IDNYC tho so beware my friend couldn’t get in even though he’s well past the legal age and a great patron of other bars . I guess there better bars out there so we left to the better bar on 8th Ave and 19th st
John C.
20:59 25 Dec 21
This place is so great, it's one of the lastoriginal gay pubs in Chelsea with that neighborhood feel. I used to live around the corner and loved stopping...
Christopher Sgro
04:35 20 Nov 21
Purposely rude staff. We will not be back.
05:24 14 Nov 21
Cozy bar with some good drag shows. Ordered the same drinks from two different servers and they were different prices each time.
Johnny Capdevila
03:33 10 Aug 21
Bad Music and small place to dance
Micah D.
21:40 09 Aug 21
This seems to be a place where it depends on the night and the mood you're in. I came in, and while there were very few people, everyone was very kind...
James S.
21:41 06 Aug 21
This place is so awful it's a shame the pandemic economy didn't finally close it. What an awful relic of the 90s. You want to know the reason it's so dark...
stephen stanley
18:30 04 Aug 21
Its nice to go to a 90% hiphop and Caribbean only bar the boys are very good looking delicious eye candy
cristof campbell
01:42 03 Jul 21
It was pretty cold when I went.
Kwame S.
11:16 10 Jul 19
It's so dark in here. I think this bar is ok for happy hour specials and cheap drinks. However, the cash-only policy hurts my feelings. :)Aside from...
Meghan Reynolds
00:30 01 Jul 19
Had a really lovely time today after the Pride Parade! No cover charge, unlike the other bars we tried, though we did have to pay $6 to check our bags. Just a really welcoming, fun atmosphere. The bartenders were really sweet and attentive, and just really happy amd excited. They kept spraying the crowd with water which was so welcome, as everyone was dancing up a storm.

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