Bears Den

Bears Den

Where the Heart of Gay Paris Beats: A Cave of Dance and Inclusivity

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Bears Den in Paris is a celebrated destination in the gay community, particularly among the bear subculture. This unique bar, situated in the heart of Paris, offers an intriguing blend of traditional pub atmosphere and a vibrant dance scene, making it a must-visit spot for locals and tourists alike.

The interior of Bears Den is notably distinctive, featuring an underground cave-like setting that houses a spacious dance floor. This architectural quirk adds an element of intrigue and excitement, setting it apart from typical gay bars. The atmosphere is described as friendly and welcoming, with staff and patrons alike contributing to a convivial environment where new friendships are easily forged.

Clientele at Bears Den is diverse, but the bar is especially popular among the bear community. It's a place where inclusivity and acceptance are paramount, making everyone feel at home. The bar also offers a range of pub grub and a long happy hour, catering to a variety of tastes and preferences.

Reviews often highlight the lively international crowd that frequents Bears Den, with little to no attitude, fostering a sense of community and belonging. The dance floor is a major draw, providing a space for patrons to let loose and enjoy themselves in a safe and accepting environment.



Bears Den
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Robert M
22:48 07 Jun 24
Amazing bar with a great basement. Half the bartenders are amazing and welcoming, the other half are not. The clientele is good and mixed, except on karaoke night. All that is requested is ancient and tired ballads. It gets boring real quick. When the DJ has to shush the audience every other song, you should probably regulate the requests instead. Luckily the locals are very warm and welcoming. Fun place to hangout, just wish karaoke nights were more fun.
Devon Martin
22:12 21 Apr 24
Walked in off the street. Obviously a stranger in a neighborhood bar, but the bartender was kind and respectful and I appreciated a place to rest for a bit! Thank you
05:30 18 Apr 24
Got sexually assaulted in the bathroom here by an older, stocky/chubby caucasian man. Apparently it’s not the first time he did it, and he specifically does it to black patrons - when i confronted him about it, another black guy told me ‘he always does that’.My partner and i let the bar staff know about it, and the bartender offered us shots to forget about it🥴🥴🥴
Sea Breeze
09:34 22 Mar 24
This bar is alright .. nobody talks to you if you’re not a bear (Chaser here) I came here for a 7 consecutive days and nobody even said hi and I can understand why 😅 yet the fat black bartender is not willing to serve you as long as you don’t speak French and that’s ABSOLUTELY racist! BEST TO AVOID
Kevin Nicholas Gavit
12:14 26 Jan 24
The Bears Den is a great gay bar. The staff are all welcoming, the drinks are delicious and well priced and the karaoke downstairs is quite enjoyable.
Jake Gumm
00:44 22 Jan 24
We really enjoyed our visit here, my French studies from the 90s slowly drifts further away but everyone was kind and welcoming.
23:16 26 Dec 23
This bar is alright .. nobody talks to you if you’re not a bear (Chaser here) I came here for a 7 consecutive days and nobody even said hi and I can understand why 😅 yet the fat black bartender is not willing to serve you as long as you don’t speak French and that’s kinda racist to keep you in the queue and pretends not to see you.Morals and values need to be taught again to some people specially low class expats like him🤷🏻‍♂️!
Ernesto N
12:37 25 Dec 23
What a great bar!! Karaoke and very friendly staff! Really cool layout. I may have to sing tonight! Great location too.
Carlos G.
06:47 21 Aug 23
Pleasant gay bar with a young to mature clientele. One of the bartenders circulated through the crowd, offering free tapas.
18:53 06 Jul 23
Staff is really rude. I think they are racists against strangers people. If you don't speak french they just don't care about you. Inside the bar is smelling very bad. Horrible place
JoncarldC O.
09:53 15 Oct 22
Super super friendly bartenders. Very genial crowd. The lights are a little bright but the atmosphere is all about fun and relaxation. Don't forget to check...
Don Viny
19:05 05 Jul 21
Nice place. Definitely neighborhood bar. Staff really friendly. So were the hustlers happy to meet old guys like me. Did not go downstairs. Not happy with the traffic I saw. Owner was handing out crepes. I will go back, but not alone.
Christo S.
13:03 11 Dec 19
Have visited during each trip we've taken to Paris and have always had a great time. They believe in feeding the bears and we enjoy that. ;-)The...
Josh Dominguez
22:28 13 Nov 19
This is a regular Brett. Bottle if you want to be precise. 4.50 €. Really. Highway robbery. Avoid this please. Specially if you like to get a bit wages. All bartenders will charge you extra.

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