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BEAUX, the French word for “boyfriends,” is one of the Castro's newer venues. Open seven days and nights a week with a daily 2-for-1 Happy Hour and a party every night. Beaux transforms from a craft cocktail lounge by day into a full dance club with revolving themed parties at night, a few being Pan Dulce Wednesdays, Manimal Fridays, and Big Top Sundays, which features the stars of RuPaul's Drag Race.



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Agatha W.
17:19 03 Jul 24
WOW. WOW. WOW. PLEASE IF YOU ARE READING THIS... GO THERE NOW!!!!!!I went to my first ever drag brunch here for Pride and had a BLAST. The service was...
Sean Damon
19:43 22 Jun 24
playing gangam style at a gay bay in 2024 is wild. the music was stuck in 2014… not a single current gay anthem way played
Ines M.
10:23 02 Jun 24
TW: Consent violations by drag performerRecently, I met some people at Beaux for the drag brunch. During the show one the performers was dancing, and my...
Patrick S.
14:46 27 May 24
Beaux has a great Happy Hour with 2 for 1 cocktails. The bartender, Matthew, has always been amicable and welcoming at Happy Hour. The ambiance is...
Karen Steward
08:28 23 May 24
Stay away from beaux! They are corrupted and let drug dealers host their own parties knowing exactly what they do and they are okay with it. praising drug dealers and letting them host at their club is crazy to me. Not only that but they also hire gogo dancers who are drugs dealers and praise them! The owner (josh) is very corrupted and only cares for the money. Stay away it’s not a safe environment.
Karen S.
13:46 10 May 24
Stay away from beaux! They are corrupted and let drug dealers host their own parties knowing exactly what they do and they are okay with it. praising drug...
08:11 03 May 24
i love gayshot gogos, great happy hour/bogo dealsamazing vibes. highly recommend!
Angela S.
08:02 28 Apr 24
Beaux has one of the best rotating drag brunches in town (Little Beaux Brunch, every 4th Saturday is ), great food and drinks. Every single time I am here,...
Jose L.
19:35 13 Apr 24
Came during happy hour , it was a good time. Good music, drinks and staff was very friendly and professional. Definitely will come back to experience it...
Chris A.
01:27 07 Apr 24
Jeaux is amazing and he is the only reason I come to beaux!! Nendndndenene heheheehheehe
Sean L.
08:57 12 Mar 24
We found Beaux randomly after our weekend plans to Tahoe were canceled due to the storm. We decided to have a Sunday Funday. Initially, we wanted to go to...
XING Voong
09:47 07 Mar 24
As a long term resident of SF, I wanted to enjoy this place but I could not.I can let go of many things such as bad drinks, poor taste on music but the biggest turned off is lie. The poster for a drag show said that there was a cover for drag show after 9:30pm but they started charging at 9:00pm and said the poster was a mistake. Come on, it was not the first time you guys put on a drag show. If you wanna charge at 9:00pm just do so. And be transparent.
Sarah M.
21:49 03 Mar 24
I had a party of 10 attend drag brunch today to celebrate a birthday, and I was very disappointed. The lovely performers almost completely ignored the side...
Ed U.
15:22 24 Feb 24
If you want a touch of WeHo in your clubbing, this is probably the place to do it. I can't think of another bar in the Castro that has undulating go-go boys...
Lola G.
16:37 03 Feb 24
Fun place! Good for groups. Cheap drinks. Gorgeous guys. Good music. I will definitely return.
Tatyana Panton-Santiago
18:52 20 Jan 24
If I could give ZERO stars. I would. You’d think the staff and security would be proactive when seeing an assault attempt , but they did ABSOLUTELY nothing ! DO NOT RECOMMEND! Go where your safe , & my loves it is NOT here
lay london
17:41 20 Jan 24
Seriously I see security has more than one complaint on the review. So to know there’s a problem and no one has Fixed is crazy.Security has no control over the wild crowd. They’re allowing unnecessary drama in fights, for they’re all entertainment purposes. This is not a safe environment especially if you have money, do you have to worry about being robbed are being fought
Richard S.
15:53 06 Jan 24
You only get one chance to make a good first impression. I hadn't been out to a club in five years - literally. First vacation in five years and I...
Mariano C
17:27 25 Dec 23
Our favorite place for a drink in the Castro. All the bartenders are friendly and know how to make great drinks. They have a good happy hour (2x1) every day. Reasonable prices. Lots of space so it's a good place to go with friends.
Kyle R.
01:38 25 Dec 23
Oscar and the whole crew on Christmas Eve were so great and helpful! I've been here before and they were the best!Thanks for making my holiday memorable!
gilles mooknice
12:06 20 Dec 23
Not my place. Baretender was not very friendly. I ask for a glass of chardonnay, he told me that they don't have and gave a Sauvignon Blanc! I saw the drink menu where Chardonnay was proposed. Atmosphere very quiet. Gogos seemed to be bored... Not my favorite music. I will not come back there.
Peter T.
15:53 15 Dec 23
Had an amazing first drag brunch!!! The entertainers were super cool and our waitress Holly was beautiful friendly and super accommodating. Our bartender...
Jorge G.
01:15 30 Oct 23
Great service!!Come to this club best bar club in Castro .bartenders are amazing and excellent!
Tyler Janoski
20:21 18 Oct 23
Someone bumped into me while I was carrying my drink back to where I was sitting and spilled it. I told the bartender and he *charged me* to remake it. I have never been charged to remake a drink that was spilled at a bar before. Gross.
Tikito 2023
08:28 17 Sep 23
Everything is super, but the dj does not accompany, however the dj woman who works here is super has a more relaxed atmosphere to all tastes, the man was asked for some songs and he knew I could go that he did not have it when it is American music that is listened to internationally .......
Jonathan Flores
13:32 16 Sep 23
Everything is fine it just the manager was trippen just coz one of my friends tried to touch the the face of a bar tender and then we paid for drinks and he was like you gotta drink that and get out or I’ll call security! Once he said that I pull out my phone and started recording about how bad the service was then security was like we won’t let you in anymore ! It’s a good place to hang out but it’s bad service ! Just wanted to make a comment about it coz I’m upset
Polo Mills
11:04 09 Sep 23
Walked into this “gay bar” and there was a mostly naked woman standing at the door selling $10 cover. No thanks! Even the Castro bars are forcing conversion therapy on gay men and the dance floor is full of mostly straight couples making out anyways. They wonder why the gay bar scene is dying 🙄 🙄
Macey H.
22:44 03 Sep 23
Lauren is the most amazing, outstanding and beautiful bartenders I've ever encountered. You're missing out if Lauren's not serving you
Nathan P.
16:06 22 Aug 23
Beaux is undoubtedly one for the memory books - even if those memories might get a little hazy! If you're looking for an electrifying Thursday night, you...
Denise E.
05:03 10 Jul 23
This is my happy place. A lot of my celebrations and great memories happened there. I've been going to Beaux since 2014, ivalso witnessed a lot of changes....
Andrew V.
19:17 01 May 23
Prob one of the few bars in Castro that have top shelf liquor. I'm talking 1942 and champagne. Always a good time here even when it's empty
Alexx R.
16:12 24 Apr 23
Went to Beaux for Sunday Drag Brunch. They don't do bottomless but it doesn't seem like many places do in San Francisco. So we ordered a few bottles between...
Nicole W.
01:38 13 Apr 23
The white girl owner got upset over my friend choosing someone else and gave us petty prices over choosing her gay coworkers. PLEase Do not offer service...
Marvin Lawrence M.
20:18 03 Apr 23
Came here for a drag brunch scheduled at 2:30 pm. It was a rainy day and staff let us in past 3 pm already. Got seated on a decent spot and waited forever...
Jose G.
17:10 31 Mar 23
Definitely one of the best Gay Bars in SF! They have great themes through the week! Wednesday is Pan Dulce " Latin Hump Day Fiesta" with incredible Go-Go...
Abriana B.
16:07 15 Mar 23
I came here for their Sunday brunch. It is not bottomless but you can buy bottles. They allow you to order food from a taco place. The food was so so, but...
Carlos T.
01:36 06 Mar 23
And the winner is LAUREN!Thank you so much, such a character! Crown and coke with soda! Always! Xoxo!
Kyle Graff
05:00 05 Mar 23
Go-go boys! Great atmosphere with two levels. Drinks priced right! So much better than even Las Vegas has to offer!
Danielaa G.
01:31 11 Feb 23
Lauren the bartender makes the BESTTTT margaritas in the world. So much good vibes! Good music! Cheap cover! Look for lauren!
Alex A.
00:56 21 Jan 23
It hurts me to say this. Especially because I had my own kind disrespect me. I ordered drinks, I pay, and I do it again.It is is always the same Latinos...
Jazmine Palmerin
16:56 17 Jan 23
We came while visiting San Francisco and had a great time. Great show. Very interacting. Food took a while but the overall experience was a good time ! We would likely come back and recommend to others visiting.
H. C.
02:39 12 Jan 23
This place is fairly nice. Many disrespectful drunks who are patrons but not as bad as other places in the CASTRO. Staff is fairly nice. What I appreciated...
Angel O.
11:57 02 Jan 23
Long story short, a random guy threatened to end my life after an argument in the restroom. I informed the bartender and he acted quickly and called...
Dallas T.
01:29 01 Jan 23
The new door guy is so sweet and kind. Even though we had to wait forever on NYE, when we got to the ID check the guy was stylish and he was actually really...
Sebastian Darko
17:09 29 Dec 22
If you want to be discriminated against and looked at funny go to this bar. If you want somewhere you can be yourself and free and happy.. don't go to this bar..the coat check person on Wednesday nights and security are very stand-offish and just sketchy to be honest and for a better of lack of words they treated me very disrespectful. Then when I tried further explaining my coat check situation to the bar tenders and security they also dismissed me and it was not very professional. If I wanted to be treated like an animal I would of went to the zoo. To bad this is the only young person bar in the area anymore since Badlands closed.
Sheridan R.
13:13 28 Dec 22
I went to this club on a Tuesday night. It was the only place in the Castro with a dance scene that night. When we first got there at a little after 10pm it...
N N.
05:05 10 Dec 22
The staffs here are not friendly people. They will kick you out for the stupidest reason. My friends and I were sitting on the couch talking to each other...
Susana T.
23:32 06 Dec 22
I love it here, came on a a random Tuesday and the music was pumping. I was hella sad when our old club 21 closed down so we made the trek to the city to...
20:35 06 Nov 22
This group of heartless employees wouldn’t give me my coat check items because I went outside for some fresh air and they decided to lock down the club. I was wearing practicall nothing and sat outside in the misty rain for over an hour. I had to involve the police to get my things back. I had my coat check ticket and a GPS locator device in my things. The bouncer, staff and management were entirely unhelpful. I’ll never come back to this s*^t hole
Brandon Vetterkind
20:28 31 Oct 22
Had reservations for 4 people for the drag brunch on Sunday, October 30th. I was so excited to take my mom, my brother, and his girlfriend to their first drag show. We were walking by about 10 minutes before the bar opened, but the door was open. We had my service dog with and even had her ID. My mom just stepped inside the door to ask if it was alright if my dog came with to the show. She was immediately met with an annoyed security member who was very short with her and said “we aren’t open.” My mom said she knew they weren’t open but she just wanted to ask if it was alright if my dog came for the show. She tried to show them my dog’s registered ID, but they just said “We don’t allow dogs at this establishment.” My mom left frustrated at how rude the staff was to her. Bottom line is, KINDNESS goes a long way. And my mom was met with rudeness and judgement when all she wanted to do was ask a simple, harmless question. We left and they lost 4 customers who were excited to see some drag and had pockets of tips to give to the performers and staff. Will not be back.
So What
09:33 05 Oct 22
Okay here’s thing, we just trying to enjoy our time last night in SF, with my sisters, and all of my friend who came from Thai and korea,my sister trying to understood me being gay about it, but unlikely we met some white trash. One of white guys say go back to You’re country where you from to my sister. I try to speak gently with them. But he doesn’t even wanna talk about conversation. At the end we had huge arguing. Yes he almost hit me. And we spoke security guard. But they don’t even care Asian matters. Where is equality ? Why is this so many racist are still here ? I can’t believe that stills happenings in 2022 we spent more $1000 for 3 bottles of champagne. I don’t even wanna talk about how much we spent, but no one helped us. we aren’t welcome here because we are Asian. Thanks for ruining our last night in SF.
Kendall Herkimer
19:39 22 Sep 22
I expected some chaos from this drag brunch spot, but my experience veered on the side of disorganized. There are two set times for the performances, and I had the latest show. The first show ran a bit late and the second wave had to wait in the parklet for about 10 additional minutes. No problem. The performances were fun and engaging, but it was a fight to get our server's attention amongst the crowd. The overall process is a recipe for disaster when taking 20+ tables' orders at once. After a considerable amount of time, the food arrived. It looked delicious, but after asking for a fork twice with no results, I took my cold food home where I inevitably threw a $15 meal in the compost. Drag brunch with long waits on mimosas and utensils is just a drag show with distractions. I would like to attend Beaux and Taco Boys on separate occasions, but I'll probably skip the Sunday madness. Kudos to all the servers and bartenders doing their best with their limited staff. This is a management issue that should be considered when trying to retain consistent customers.
David Brewer
17:52 24 Aug 22
People who work there a little haters and need to mind their own business . If someone is buying me drinks you need to teach your bartenders to keep their opinions to their selves.Joe the bartender is old and needs to retire and pour a regular shot ! You are old retire already!!! Treston the bar back is very rude and has an attitude problem. I came in an asked why he was taking the stools and he said “cause I can and I feel like it bitch” he than shoved me hard when I was getting up to move from the bar . Every time I come in he always talks disrespectful and rude to my boyfriend and I.
Samantha S.
19:04 16 Jul 22
The atmosphere was very fun.... but I genuinely wish I was kidding.... I got kicked for being too loud, in the club. When I went, it was majority men...
T. Andrews
15:26 03 Jul 22
Beaux has changed post pandemic and sadly is one of handful of gay bars that still left in the Castro . The space and music make a good night out mostly on weekends. It has relied on themed nights and drag show days/nights to stay alive financially - but at a cost - as it has lost its local customers and as a result, service has suffered with ever changing & quality of staff. As new gay bars open this year, it should help revive the gay scene with more choices.
Aspen gonatice
06:27 13 Jun 22
Good place to gather with friends for a night out, also the best place to catch performances and the drink prices are fair. The music is always good.
Ramona G.
23:58 07 Jun 22
Beaux is an LGBT club located in the Castro District. My guy friends were going out that night and asked me to join them. It was my first time ever going...
Topo Gigio
15:37 06 Jun 22
Grab yourself a beverage then go out and get dancing. Upstairs bar had friendly quick service. Security was right on top of some sloppy nonsense. We all had a great time Saturday night.
Angie W.
10:52 04 Jun 22
I haven't been to a bar in ages let alone a gay bar. I'm in town for the AIDS/LifeCycle Event. After dinner my friend wanted to have a drink and dance and...
Tanya D.
10:52 31 May 22
I past but Market St. and saw the sign for drag brunch at Beaux on the weekends. I didn't know they did this and was excited to check it out, so gathered a...
Hazel Mae Tackett
14:55 28 May 22
Fun experience but If you want food don't leave to late because it's not posted anywhere out front or on their website that they don't allow anyone in after 1:30. I would never of left if it were posted somewhere.
Petherson Messias
18:19 27 May 22
Yesterday 05/26/22 I went to Beaux to have fun with my friends and I was having fun, was tipsy and all until one of the security guards walked to me and put the flashlight in my face, I didn’t understand I wasn’t doing anything wrong and I didn’t have anything illicit. So he pointed to my phone with the flashlight which was in my back pocket and said something about it being stolen, I understand that he was looking out for me, but that was scary and I completely lost my vibe and left the club and came home. I’ve never been pick pocketed in my life and I’m Brazilian, that’s common at nightclubs there, I know how to handle myself and I don’t need security to come and tell me what to do with my belongings.
DeAnna Williams
17:45 25 May 22
What an amazing little venue! The bartenders are so friendly! The performers are fabulous! The bathrooms are clean and gender neutral, and the local audience combined with out-of-towners is a really fun and engaging experience.I will never forget the song (dua lupa - levitating) one performer danced to, and her presence in the club while performing... It left a life long impression on me, and I'll forever remember her and the song.
Grzegorz Łabuda
18:57 16 May 22
Amazing place! Great music, good drinks, nice atmosphere. If you want to dance, definitely go there!
Rocio Barraza
07:10 27 Apr 22
Came here with friends and it was such a nice experience! The staff were not only really nice and helpful from the security to the bar backs. Most importantly they took care of every detail we take for granted. They really want to see people have fun and enjoy themselves in a safe and clean place.
G M.
16:16 09 Apr 22
went to drag brunch here and had very high expectations considering it's allegedly the best drag brunch in san francisco. This performance was a total money...
Zay Lucero
06:27 04 Apr 22
I was out drinking and literally everyone recommended this spot to end your night
Joy B.
12:48 20 Mar 22
Best Drag Queen Show in the Bay Area. To be honest wasn't in love with Drag Queen shows until my love dragged me to this spot. Now I can't get enough of the...
Jae Jae
02:00 14 Mar 22
So, last night I experienced something that has never ever ever happened to me at a bar and I’ve been to a ton of bars. I ordered a drink and left my tab opened. I go back to order dranks for my friends and this bartender, who thought he was God’s gift to mankind, asked me to present my ID prior to fulfilling my drink order. I’m use to discrimination being a single sexy black man but damn. Being ID for my open tab? Really qween. Yea, I rather spend my dollars at Lookout or Hi-Tops where I can leave a tab open without showing #%$&@“ ID. The lesbian bartender on the other hand was amazing. Loved that girl and her tattoos.
Kyle T.
18:46 06 Mar 22
I've been going to Beaux for weekly happy hours (and an occasional late night dancing) with my best friend for years. In that time I've gotten to know...
Chaitanya Reddy
10:30 06 Mar 22
This is the worst experience we had in SF. Me and my friends lost our phone and wallets in the bar and the management was least bothered about the incident. There were at least 10 others who lost their phones here. This place is a a scam and I would recommend anyone who is visiting the city to stay away from this place
cerberus Ꮚ•̀ꈊ•́Ꮚ
04:59 02 Mar 22
I had my wallet stolen during a busy weekend on the dance floor and was absolutely devastated. My partner recently passed away & many photos of us together and notes she had written were stolen. The kindness of the security & staff working at Beaux that night has blown me away. Michael, and other the security guards were more than patient and understanding with me. Their compassion saved me at my lowest, thank you for trying 🤍
David S.
14:32 24 Feb 22
I visited here last night for the first time. The guy standing in the bathroom was incredibly and unnecessarily rude to everyone coming in. I get that...
Benjamin Taylor
18:20 23 Feb 22
So much fun. Quick service at the bar, given how many people there. Great DJ on Saturday night. Organized line outside. They know how to do it right! Can't wait to come back.
Akeem Minor
17:10 12 Feb 22
It can be a fun club depending on the night and whose DJ’ing. Last night a friends mask literally fell over into the container that housed the lemons for the alcoholic beverages. I simply reached in to grab it out (because it’s disgusting and you need a mask for reentry into the club) and the bartender literally had a meltdown. I get it. You’re not supposed to reach in but you can clearly see a dirty mask inside the lemon container. He was too busy playing “cop” and screaming at me while still serving now dirty lemons to people instead of changing it out. Not everyone at the bar is completely out of it and incompetent and if you’re a “good” bartender you would know your crowd as well as if someone is drunk trying to be disruptive or literally trying to fix a situation. In no way shape or form was I drunk or even tipsy. That bartender could care less what we had to say in defense of our actions but still served people lemons that had just been sautéed in a dirty mask. Not coming back here ever again because now I question the cleanliness of this “bar”. P.S please diversify your music selection and stop playing the same song on repeat just because the crowd loves it doesn’t mean you should play it 20 times in one night. I would rate you zero stars but that’s not possible so I’ll give you a one. Thank you SO much #MiddleFingersUp
Christian R.
00:02 07 Feb 22
Above and beyond. This is family. This is my tribe. I love them so much. Tony. Josh. Oscar. Tanya. Piper. Cliff. Everyone!!!!! A beacon of hope, love, light...
Hannah B.
11:33 17 Jan 22
This place is so fun, great music, drinks, and go-go dancers! Energetic atmosphere that makes me want to come back to go dancing. They have drag shows every...
Missy Green
22:38 15 Jan 22
This is the best club in the Castro as far as I'm concerned, and I'm not just saying that because I work there. I love my job, but this place is always popping. Crazy sexy go go dancers, drag queens, a great staff and I love our patrons. Honestly the people make the club, and the people here really make it worth a trip to the Castro. I quite literally run to work every night I'm on shift.
Maddie P.
17:22 12 Dec 21
I will NEVER get tired of this place. The DJs play the best music around I can't stop dancing. Every night is fun and exciting -hands down the best Latin...
C. G.
10:29 10 Dec 21
Wenr there for a political fundraiser and was overcharged on my credit card. Must be common cause they ask people to come into settle these disputes. Never...
Parker G.
01:32 13 Nov 21
First Offense: Cash only? In 2021? What's wrong with you guys? Plus, while waiting for my friend to bring back cash from an ATM (they don't have any there...
Nathan Wise
03:01 26 Oct 21
Beaux is fantastic place to dance and grab a cocktail. The music is fantastic and they have atmosphere dancers that really set the tone for the night. I have been on Thursday night which was a blast and a Saturday night that is also a blast. I have been to the other themed nights but one of these days I am sure I will make it.Drinks are well priced and the bartenders are friendly, fast, and efficient. Beaux does get busy so if you don't like waiting in lines then get there early. They also have a coat check and that line can get long as well.
Nathan W.
20:02 25 Oct 21
Beaux is fantastic place to dance and grab a cocktail. The music is fantastic and they have atmosphere dancers that really set the tone for the night. I...
Food Lover X.
12:23 23 Oct 21
Loved the place. Small by fun. We went Tuesday night which wasn't very busy but still lots of fun. We also went again on Wednesday which was a blast....
Armando L.
22:24 27 Sep 21
One of the bartender a lesbian girl with tattoos she's the worst , she takes the complaint to personal the only thing we all want is our drinks how...
Cody M.
18:21 18 Sep 21
Heavy bridge/tunnel crowd. Watched a guy pick up a baggie of drugs off the ground, shrug, and then stuff some up his nose. Cute. Got my phone stolen out of...
The 0626
21:13 14 Sep 21
I had a terrible birthday here! The bartender was so rude all because I did not tip him due to his lack or service. I call him multiple times and I waited and he still passed me up. He said he owned the club and said he did not want my money when I tipped other bartenders there who helped me. I understand they are busy but he was purposely passing by me after the 5th time I called and reached my hand out. If that was the owner he is so disrespectful and rude. He just catered to one side and ignored me. And when I said something he made a ton of excuses and just when I was going to let him know if I can get another drink I’ll tip him on the next round he shut me down. I’ll never go there again. If I can put 0 stars I would lol.
Zik D.
12:02 07 Sep 21
Went on a Friday and Sunday night. They played nothing but house music/techno. Not the place to go for dancing or good music (such as top hits).
Jonatas Lemes
07:19 05 Sep 21
The bar is cool, the atmosphere is cool. But the bartender who is near the dance floor is very bad. I went after my card, more than 1 hour to return it and I had only bought 1 beer, I don't know the reason because I wanted to pay all the fees and she did not accept to return me even with my ID. So be careful when shopping with her and she is a woman with short hair with a lot of tattoos. I don't recommend getting any drinks with her by paying by card. Worst attendance and made me give up the city entirely on my first night.she was really stupid, she wanted an explanation for what she did. I hope she improves her behavior and is much better as a person.
Lidor Bracha
14:14 03 Sep 21
The place is definitely good and recommended.The people are beautiful and friendly, the staff are nice.I really liked the fact that you can go to club and you can order alcohol as much as you want cause the prices are fair.In Israel him and tonic at a club costs averaging 20$ and here we paid 7.5$ for a glass. I think it’s fine.The music was ok - hits basically but i really like blink182 and amy whinehouse, and I can’t find it related, well it’s just me.If you around - go there, you’ll have a good time and that is what matters.
Ebony J.
10:32 29 Jul 21
Where have I been that I have not been here before !! As a SF native (yes baby since birth 1989) I thought I had seen all there was to see on the...
Mary Vivenzi
11:47 14 Jul 21
The Missouri Mule first opened in the early 30s By Norwegian immagrant Hans K. Lund and his business partner Glen Swenson until the bar was sold to Berkeley police officer Wayne Knutila and his business partners in 1953 changing hands once again in 1963 when the bar was closed for a short time to expand and rebrand itself officially reopening that same year under the same name as one of San Francisco's first openly gay bars. Over the years the name along with the size of the establishment have changedToday the bar is called Beaux
Louis Perez
05:07 28 Jun 21
Asked to speak the manager Eric. Was embarrassing to see he was clearly drunk on duty, or on some substance. The security guards told us we could go to the outside section after we asked. We had just waited in line for an hour and a half to get in and paid $20 each. After waiting 20 mins he came out and ignored me. Didn’t want to even acknowledge my presence, ridiculously unprofessional. You’re the manager. Don’t come in to work drunk, and then be too cowardly to not quickly take on and resolve a situation, then in a slurred voice tell me you don’t care about my situation. When I just saw you take money to let in others and your friends! I normally don’t write reviews but you deserve this one. Bravo manager. I am sure this is not your first offense given the state you came in to work.
Daniel R.
23:55 14 Jun 21
I love you amiga gracias for everything y por el servicio (for the service) the drinks were poppin the energy was everything podrán....jamassss!!
Jose M.
22:26 04 Jun 21
I waited over an hour for a party of one only to have several people get pulled out of line and get front loaded. I asked they they were taking reservations...
Chris Hopkins
05:58 26 May 21
Waited inside for 20 minutes and never got any service. Tables all around us got their orders taken. Even the group they came after us.
Eugene Nadyrshin
17:50 19 May 21
Found this place after encountering incompetent and rude staff at the Toad Hall. Came here for drinks with my date after a lovely dinner. The usher was polite and the waiter was courteous and efficient (not to mention very cute). Drinks were well done, my date mentioned how the concentration of alcohol in his Old Fashioneds was increasing 😆 with every one he ordered haha. But yeah, good place, great vibes, great staff!
Clayton Foster
23:21 11 May 21
Just moved here and was already over some of the other bars in the area. Most specifically The Mix. That place is a hot mess and they act like their better than everyone.I've only been here twice but both times have been a great experience. It reminds me of Blake's from back home in Atlanta
Deanna Green
00:51 10 May 21
Well today I went here at a outdoor drag show and (Matthew), was my waiter they was very nice to me on this Mother's Day Weekend 5/9/21 I bought some tacos and a Ginger Ale I don't drink or smoke the drag show was nice outdoors I was sitting at a table by myself and social distancing .
Andy S.
08:27 16 Apr 21
Came here for taco tuesday last week. They serve the tacos from next door (Taco Boys). The tacos were great and they also have $2 beers from Beaux. I have...
Paul S.
15:52 10 Apr 21
RUDE AF Bartender To the staff at this retarded Establishment! On Wednesday March 31st... Myself and 3 of my cousins came to your venue for drinks, we...
Eddie N.
08:57 02 Apr 21
One of my favorite bars in the city, and during COVID it has been a safe heaven from everything around us.Kurtis and Oscar are some of the best servers,...
Jonathan Moy
03:08 01 Apr 21
I like this bar; I got lucky here.
Brian M.
18:43 06 Mar 21
Aside from being the Castro's all-around best nightclub: drinks, cost, atmosphere, employees, this posts sheds light on a post written approx. 10 days ago...
Myri Aniece
02:21 28 Feb 21
I was told by my friends that this place is so fun and lively to come to and this drag events are amazing! Usually the people that work their mainly ( security & waiters) are very kind and respectful! But the Manager Joshua Cook is very disrespectful and has no, I mean NO COMMON CURIOSITY, NO RESPECT, NO GOOD MANNERS when it come to speaking with customers at all and you need that whole-heartily work in the restaurant industry!According to him we were at fault when two host communicated with us to be seated in front of a different property! He told us to walk away in a very rude and nasty manner saying to us “ You Better walk away if you want to be seated!” We were calm, respectful and wasn’t bothering anybody.Just want to shed light on our experience.
Micheal Mullin
03:56 12 Feb 21
It's a cool hang out plae
04:27 28 Nov 20
First time here and not so impressed with service. You have to order food with drinks.
04:26 06 Nov 20
Excellent staff and atmosphere!!! Miss the top notch Drag shows at Beaux...
Andy V.
10:25 29 Oct 20
I really hate not giving 5 stars because I personally feel as though it can degrade businesses, but due to such circumstances it's important to highlight...

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