Permanently Closed – Berlin

Permanently Closed – Berlin

Berlin is Chicago's critically acclaimed, pan-cultural, late nite music & art club

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Chicago's critically acclaimed, pan-cultural, late night music & art club, featuring an eclectic mix of alternative electronic music & video - plus frequent live performance, theme, & artist feature events.



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01:40 22 Nov 23
sad and embarrassing that the owners would rather shut down this historic club rather than pay their workers an adequate wage, healthcare, and a safe working environment… what a way to ruin a legacy
Maty OC
18:56 26 Oct 23
Went here with friends, my drink was 5 dollars and my partner, a man, had to pay double for a drink (i should have gone up to get my drink if that was the case). Also someone tried to spike our friends drink. We’re lucky we saw it.
K B.
07:58 15 Oct 23
I refuse to pay a cover to get in here. For what?! Not live music. Not an event. The same playlist you'll find at any other bar in the neighborhood. I'm...
Lillian Dolan
04:30 08 Oct 23
Shows are super entertaining.Overall it's my fave club in boystown and love the events!! (Make sure to buy tix ahead of time since lines can be very long day of)Love the vibe BUT here's things I would recommend for improvement:- more TVs with performances on it since hard to see anything from back and I'm tall- bigger stage for performance- more disco dance lights near bathroom and stage since hard to see and quite dark. Also would allow people to feel more comfy dancing anywhere
sarah tucker
05:16 15 Aug 23
always too crowded to move, hard to even get to the bars, the music is just noise, $10 cover and avg $10 drink, it just doesn't seem worth it. i think that some of the events they have could be cool and the drag performers are very cool here but as for just a normal club to go to in a normal night, i wouldn't
William L. Phelan
05:54 14 Aug 23
Went here with my girlfriend knowing this is mostly a gay bar, but we were staying across the street and just wanted to dance. We were asked to leave the stage area because we were straight. We did and didn't want to cause any problems but I can't imagine running a dance club and asking people to stop dancing because they're gay. It just seemed very discriminatory and not inclusive. We were just there to vibe to the music and have a good time.
sarah tucker
21:32 01 Aug 23
always too crowded to move, hard to even get to the bars, the music is just noise, $10 avg $10 drink, it just doesn't seem worth it. i think that some of the events they have could be cool and the drag performers are very cool here but as for just a normal club to go to in a normal night, i wouldn't
Kenneth S.
18:27 28 Jul 23
Great place to join a bunch of friends and unwind from a long week of work. Amazing vibe and all around fun place!
Joseph A. Basile
01:19 16 Jul 23
Berlin is my favorite gay nightclub in Chicago. I always start at Charlie's and work my way down the Halsted Strip, then Berlin is my last stop before getting on the Metro.
Sean O.
14:13 09 Jul 23
Been coming here for YEARS now, and it still has some of the best vibes in the city! The drag shows are always so fun and clever, and the queens have THE...
Kati Murphy
13:09 08 Jun 23
$10 cover, welcoming atmosphere. Good music for dancing 🙂
Kristina D.
10:16 08 Apr 23
DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME! Bible, I have never been surrounded by so many rude, entitled staff before, especially in the hospitality industry. Stephen & the...
Olivia C
17:44 07 Apr 23
Everyone is welcome here and it's a fun atmosphere for a night of dancing. The party doesn't really get started until late here but it's definitely a fun late night spot and I loved the Queens!
Mary C.
21:31 04 Apr 23
We never made it in ! The doorman needs to go to New York or West La and learn from them ! He sucked !
Al Ferris
19:46 19 Mar 23
The staff was quite friendly, but.. The line to get in was long and cold, and once we got in we pretty much just wanted to leave. Drinks were weak and expensive, plus the cover is $10 a person. It was overcrowded to the point of not being able to move and while we really wanted to like it - our experience just wasn’t great. Sorry!
Amy Shelton
22:32 17 Mar 23
Always fun. Always queer. Always a place to wear that thing in your closet you’ve been wanting to wear but have no where to wear it to.
Julia Blin
21:10 25 Jan 23
Went here for dyke night and it was absolutely amazing. Also came during a drag show night, which was great too, but naturally had more straight ppl and gay men.The entrance fee is cheap ($5-10) and so is the coat check ($2), but the drinks are pretty expensive ($10-15).I had a bad experience with a bartender. I didn’t tip for the first 2 drinks I ordered from her, since I knew I'd order more and just tip then. But after asking for a 3rd drink she asked, "Are you going to tip this time?" in a very sassy voice. I understand her frustration, but I wish she was nicer about it. I feel really uncomfortable ordering drinks from there in general now, I'm scared someone will snap at me. 😕The music selection wasn't necessarily bad, but I rarely heard a song I recognized.
BriSi Gonzalez
09:01 05 Nov 22
They depend on you not to be able to reply. Their respond is to 'ignore' you and "reply" they're kind of shiesty to be honest. I've invested $85 in drink in a night, but they're like 'honestly this is what they said 'we done':T care'. Invest more. And we'll if ignore' honestly this place isn't worth it. You'll have someone following you around and you'll ask staff to get the away from you but they'll ignore you. Very trashy.. very unfortunate..
18:41 26 Aug 22
Omg this was super fun! The drag kind show was a fun mix of sexy and art, the place was packed, drinks were good- was a fun night!
Eliza Fixler
12:55 15 Aug 22
I visited Berlin from out of town and I loved it SO much! I go to gay bars and drag shows in just about every city I visit and this was probably my favorite. Such a happy, welcoming crowd that felt very gender diverse. Good dance music before and after the drag show, which was maybe the best I have seen?? Lineup was interesting and fun and not repetitive and the performers were great. Basic mixed drinks were $8 and cover was $10 the day I went.
Quinn T.
22:29 08 Aug 22
I am non-binary. My boyfriend looks like a typical "chad" , as I see ppl say online in rave groups (we had just left the cubs game so he had a jersey on)...
Brigid O’Brien
18:35 07 Aug 22
Such a fun night!! Really great drinks and the crowd has a very very groovy vibe—so welcoming and so fun!
Wall Fish
20:40 31 Jul 22
The closest I feel to being in Brooklyn in Chicago. Definitely a welcoming and inclusive crowd here. By far a more diverse demographic than some other bars in the area. Lucy Stoole is amazing!!! Will come back whenever I’m in Chicago ❤️
Jeffrey W
22:46 26 Jul 22
Used to be a good place in 80 90 2000’s. Now the place is absolutely obsessed with insane high cover charges even on some weekdays which is laughable when 10 people are inside. Greed of heavy cover charges for what you get is main problem with ownership. They still request your Covid vaccination card and closed for years because they obey like sheep to virtue signal set up donor sites for their employees instead of just opening or paying their employees a livable wage. We are here to dance, drink and have a good vibe. Not to make endless political statements about every single issue on earth, and supply the greedy owners with constant cash flow. The management hasn’t caught on that they simply aren’t popular anymore like 25 years ago and refuse to modernize and update their entire business model (and shoddy interior quality )Hate to admit it but the music like Madonna and Goth music nights are for the over 45 demographic. Be aware if they claim a specific drag is hosting an event, that correlates to a high cover charge being collected for 5 people on the dance floor. 5 stars back in 2005, but 0 in 2022.
Alexis A.
08:09 26 Jun 22
Berlin could not be better. It's obviously a super fun place to be in Boystown, but also, the people who work there are so incredibly friendly and go above...
Pat Z.
01:50 19 Jun 22
Awesome alt vibe. Very fun. Different from boystown. Dancing good. Open late.......................
Muffy C.
23:09 04 Jun 22
My only issue with Berlin is the music ‍‍ like for years the music hasn't changed the techno music Ruins the drinking experience cause it can cause...
Alicia Sanchez
18:30 28 May 22
This is the BEST queer bar I have been to. The atmosphere is intoxicating and the staff is very friendly.
Nice20 Freedom
03:49 07 May 22
I Was few times here.last night here again.No longer mask mandate in America,but still some people wear mask for dancing,I think they thought it would block the virus,cool,They even asked for vaccine cards! This is a club full of socialist vibes and temperament! I won't be going back. I should for it one star but don't want to hurt its score@@
Nice20 Freedom
11:57 01 May 22
I Was few times here.last night here again.No more mask mandate at all in America,but still some people wear mask for dancing,I think they thought it would block the virus,cool,They even asked for a vaccine card! This is a club full of socialist vibes and temperament! I won't be going back. I should for it one star but don't want to hurt its score@@
Dillon L.
21:42 13 Mar 22
My wife and I are visiting and go to a similar type club in our town. We had heard about this place and took a cab down to check it out. We waiting in line...
Grant Park
15:55 13 Mar 22
The cover to dance is $10. At most bars, a cover ensures some level of quality. At Berlin, drunk people step all over your feet while the DJ plays 30 seconds of a song and then cuts to mindless beats for the next 3 minutes. Don't go here unless you're too messed up to care (seems like this is the majority of people there, sadly).
Andrew P.
21:36 06 Feb 22
How can you not love this place? Yeah, it's $10 to get in for the cover normally, but you're in such a safe space here and can totally be yourself. This is...
Miranda Lung
00:12 09 Dec 21
I’ve made so many friends here. I love the atmosphere and music.
Briannah Heniger
06:25 07 Nov 21
I attended their Drag Show Saturday night events. My goodness was it fun! The staff were very friendly! The Drag show was amazing! They have a many different styles of drag so they are able to accommodate lots of different interests and preferences! Also, it is just a safe place to be and celebrate being alive! Would go again! Highly recommend!
Shane Forbes
00:52 27 Oct 21
As far as dance clubs in Chicago go, this one is probably my favorite. They have fantastic drag shows on the weekends and always have great music. They have a cover at night on the weekends but I feel like it's worth it (usually $10 as of 2021). Drinks were reasonably priced too.Taking two stars off because of a bad experience my partner and I had there a couple of years ago involving an employee, which really soured my opinion on this place for a while. I've since been back and have otherwise had a great time, but I still don't feel fully comfortable there as a result.
Brother Bro
15:49 29 Sep 21
I never been here phone just picked up location while I was on redline platform
Andrea M
19:53 03 Sep 21
Best eclectic spot in town for music and great accepting atmosphere. Berlin is the place to be yourself!
06:37 03 Sep 21
They denied me entry even though I had proof of vaccination and a valid ID. They said they couldn't use any of it. What was the point of the vaccine then?
Dallin Garber
04:13 31 Aug 21
Really great music and vibes. Definitely more of a 21 to 25 age party range.
Gary Ryckewaert
04:36 30 Aug 21
It's ok, but it has lost it's cool vibe. The place is not very big, don't know why you are calling it cavernous? Used to play cutting edge music years ago but now it's bland. Don't make it a first choice.
Timothy R.
13:25 14 Aug 21
I have spent the majority of my adult life thus far traveling--on average Id say about 70%. In my line of work, you got to know the cities you were in--you...
Josiah S.
10:45 31 Jul 21
I decided to come here one night with my friends: percy and rashid, we decided we wanted to have a good night out after our recent club experiences. This...
Me-nni mede
11:27 12 May 21
Love that place wish it would come back
Landan Shay
06:57 18 Apr 21
BERLIN!! I miss dancing on stages and having an absolute blast. The atmosphere is amazing and everyone is so friendly. It’s truly my favourite place in Chicago! And better than it’s namesake by far 😉
James Z.
12:47 14 Mar 21
The LMK Boystown Slander Squad Strikes Again!This place is nothing like Berlin! Well, maybe Berlin in 1946.I used to be a regular on late Saturday...
Britz Man
14:04 31 Jul 20
Really great music! classic undergound house vibes. Super fun time!
Sloan Banks
10:53 16 Jun 20
I hated living in Chicago. Absolutely hated it! The horrible weather, the midwestern transplants, the red camera lights, the flat terrain, the terrible crime, bad schools...hated it! I likely feel this way because I'm actually from Chicago and didn't move there from Indiana. However, the best thing about the city is Berlin. It was my favorite bar! I loved it! I went at least twice a week in the early 2000s. I met a cool guy there in 2004. We had a blast. Fast forward and we're happily married. Berlin will always have a special place in my heart.
David Nemcek
07:07 11 Jan 20
Friday Jan 11 2020 the most boring and horrible experience I've had in a club in my entire life. Not one person in the bar knew one song. Horrible music, nobody could dance. Was sad and empty. Most miserable bar I've been to. Hope Chicago has better to offer. Drinks also over priced. Sad to see so many people leaving simply due to music. Sad I took my boyfriend here. Wish I could have shown him a real bar.
MR 23
02:25 22 Jul 19
A good show, good beer and drinks. The music is great for dancing, free expression and respect for all genders and individual sexual conditions. The attention from those who work there is great.
Farhana H.
19:21 20 Nov 18
Small cute nightclub with a grunge decor. It was packed when we entered around 11pm and was still packed when we left at 2am. It was Modonna night so they...
Fox E.
04:17 01 Feb 18
In winter, it's more like Brrrrrrrrrrr-lin. But then so is the capital of Germany.Berlin is actually one of the coolest and most progressive,...
Winnie C.
14:49 21 Jan 18
One of the most popular LGBT and so as advertised freak friendly dance clubs in Boystown. I loved the fact that people seem to genuinely accept who you are...

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