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BlockParty Rocks! In the heart of West Hollywood with an incredible selection of Totally forward fashion to all your adult needs and best prices anywhere.



Block Party
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23:51 19 Feb 24
I really like this store. It's the place I always go to when I want some new jocks or thongs and I am interested in the other strap gear they have. I'm a...
tony witte
20:06 12 Feb 24
I would give zero stars I went there and nick helped me out I grabbed the wrong size 4 pairs spent 165.00 it's still in the packaging in the same bag sealed and I have my receipt just need a large instead of a med I have a disability my eye sight ain't good and he stats he can't to anything so I'm stuck with 165.00 in merchandise I can't use how is this fair to the customer??
01:53 07 Feb 24
Place is rip off they sale old radio cleaner aka poppers the one 2 for $25.00 don't buy from them I went back to tell the sale cleark about it and he said they can do nothing about it no exchange or replacment . Also he took the poppers from my hand and sniffed it did this dramactic scene that he was high and went to the floor really and had the nerve to say I was doing to much of them and probably imune to them as a customer came up to him for help he was fine lol!I Also I was told by my freind who work there before that all the poppers are fake and old and out dated along with there lube and many other products think before buying anything !
Nyriis Hinton
23:16 03 Feb 24
I’m so surprised by the comments of the staff being friendly… they were so incredibly rude, going as far as to watch and comment on ever shirt I tried on in the fitting room. I ultimately asked why the staff was waiting for me outside of the fitting room and he said that he was “making sure I didn’t steal anything”. If you want to be profiled, this is your store, otherwise I’d stay far away.
Tim Bell
09:29 13 Dec 23
Was here looking for an outfit tonight and was tremendously helped by the very kind and supportive staff member! I forgot to catch their name but they were instrumental in assuring I saw myself beautiful and complete!
Marcellus Rose
22:33 08 Sep 23
Not as inclusive as you would think. The clerk today had a very smug attitude and didn't want to issue my store credit for a fanny pack I never used. Your money, time, and respect will be better received elsewhere.
Ed U.
11:00 27 Aug 23
If you're going to a formal affair in a WeHo leather bar, perhaps you should consider purchasing the $199 Leather Bull Dog Harness sold here. It's one of...
Christopher S.
14:09 04 May 23
Beware. Shady and dishonest establishment. They will surprisingly over charge you, act like they credit your card back, but never do.
Cyd Zeigler
00:48 10 Jan 23
They carry some fun things and always have a sale going. I always try to stop by before heading on a party trip and can usually find something new and fun.
Phonz R.
12:42 30 Aug 22
This was a fun store to stop in that the staff was so nice, I came back twice! Fun undies, fans, and favors for when it's time to get intimate. I will be...
Robbie C.
04:59 15 Jun 22
They sell counterfeit poppers & owner is a big two faced coward. Not an ally to the community! Do not support!!
John Jongsma
04:48 14 May 22
this is a racist establishment. first of all it seems like it's small but they are purposely not flying the brown and black rainbow flag on purpose. they also think it's necessary to hang one of those police flags for everyone to see because everyone just needs to see that apparently
Nela Richards
08:08 25 Feb 22
I love this store, but please update your hours! Listed to close at 2am, I’m here at midnight and it’s shut. Bad business.
Mihalis S.
14:27 19 Feb 22
Worst customer service . I stood for over 8 minutes in front of two bored millennial sale assistant who never smiled and when they decided that I had waited...
K M.
08:25 29 Jan 22
$14.99 for cigarettes?? Just a month ago it was $13. Lesson learned. Won't be stepping into this rip off store again.
Matthew Pinto (Matt)
08:56 27 Nov 21
One of the employees was extremely rude and uninterested in any remote conversation with my partner. What an ego!!
Mj Mj
17:50 01 Nov 21
Always can find something in here to buy. The store just looks too cluttered and messy but good selection. Also it wouldn't hurt to greet customers when walking in. Other than that a very cool place.
Jose M.
15:00 27 Jul 21
First time visiting. Went in and was immediately greeted by Nick. Very nice guy, polite, and very helpful. Was my first time in such a place and he'd helped...
Anthony Welch
08:23 25 Jun 21
Colorful store filled with a great selection for guys. Clothing, underwear, and adult products. Exclusive brands and reasonable prices. Friendly customer service. You’ll always find something new.
Chatman Stanley
23:25 24 Jun 21
Shopping at block party weho, I'm always able to find just what I'm looking for. They have different merchandise that you don't see in other stores. I purchased a great lightweight summer shirt. I found a great leather jacket at block party. I always get complimented on the jacket. I would definitely recommend block party as the first store to go to for shopping for club attire.
Christian Vigrass
06:26 13 Jun 21
Love this place so much!! The staff is always so much fun and really nice. Their goal is for you to be as gay you want to be and it's the best.
Earriff Johnson
11:16 05 Mar 21
This is a very friendly place. The people that work here are top shelf. Thank you guys. Your always kind to me.Thank you
Calvin L.
01:00 31 Dec 20
I didn't have any problems at the store. I would give it a 5. The guy asked me if I needed any help but I just browsing. I got some addicted undies since if...
19:03 28 Dec 20
Nice merchandise for last minute gifts
Charles Earriff Johnson
18:25 13 Oct 20
This store is a wonderful place to shop. They sell so many things. The workers are very kind and friendly. I live up the street from here. It always has something that I want to buy. Its a very fun store. I'm saying. Check this store out. You will find something that you need, and want. Block party yes.
Manu walia
16:57 29 Jul 20
very interesting items. Cool store to check out
Chris B.
19:54 13 Jul 20
I've been going to this store for years! I live this place! The staff is very friendly (contrary to what others say) and they always know what I want and...
Jesse P.
18:56 05 Jan 20
This was my first time in the store, and I fell in love with it the moment I walked in. Super cool outfits and t-shirts. Party favors, face masks, jocks,...
Aaron AJ
06:10 10 Jun 19
Warning warning warning! Do not shop at this store. The Owner of this store has the worst attitude ever. After my friends and I spent money here, I simply asked the store owner if there were a restroom that I could use. His reply was, “Are you freaking kidding me, do you see all the restrooms on the street?” Wow! Unbelievable horrible customer service experience ever while in West Hollywood. There are many other stores like this in West Hollywood so I would recommend spending your money at a store where the owner appreciates your business.
John Walter
09:08 29 Dec 14
The staff is incredibly friendly, knowledgeable about the products in the store, and truly go above and beyond in terms of their customer service. It's not always easy to stay upbeat and smile at 1:30am, but they always manage to do just that. Did I mention that their prices are great too? It's wonderful to see this kind of local business thriving.

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