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Best dance music on the strip!

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Blur Bar is the best gay Top40 Dance Club, Hip-Hop & Latin Spot in Houston.

21 and up. Must Have Valid ID To Enter.



Blur Bar
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Alejandra N.
14:48 08 Sep 23
Cool atmosphere on weekends. Young crowd which is what my husband and I were looking for. Great place to hangout and meet new people if you're open minded...
Amy-May L.
19:22 17 Aug 23
The staff "Security " nearly killed me and choked me out. If it wasn't for my friends defending me , I would of been choked to death. This gentleman was a...
Jaslyn U.
15:23 14 Aug 23
It was a great place to hang out with friends there's a patio to sit and walls decorated so u can take pics if you like
Henri Merceron
22:15 07 Aug 23
This place has so much energy. Everyone just has such a good time, including me. If you’re not into EDM, Blur is the dance club to be at.
Johan Ernesto Angulo Olarte
17:26 26 Jul 23
They literally waited on us to pay for them to kick us out just because one of my friends was too drunk. That lady in the front was so rude and she put us out of the line after we paid and she refused to give us a refund
10:55 20 Jul 23
Very rude staff. They said they don’t take cashapp cards but they didn’t say anything about cash and that lady in the front kept moving the line while we ware right next to her waiting to be assisted I felt like she just ignored us. my friend had to howl we got cash to pay for her to assist us. When we paid I already was so offended. I shouldn’t have done it but I decided to approach her just to ask why she didn’t say anything about cash payments and got us waiting for so long. she then called security on me and they kicked me out without giving me my money back. That’s not the way you’re supposed to assist people if you don’t like dealing with people lady you’d better quit. Shout out to the security guard who didn’t want to kick me out but I know it’s part of his job listen to that lady in the front
Elle Cox
19:02 09 Jul 23
Yes, there’s a cover but it’s not terrible. I love the vibe here and everyone is so fun and nice. I always have a great time and honestly they play the best music here -it’s an awesome mix. It is very hype and can get crowded, but you’re having so much fun you don’t notice (and you can always go upstairs to take a break)
Kathia Esparza
14:31 09 Jun 23
Blur is so fun. The atmosphere inside is great, and the music is fun too. I like the bar area and the dance floor is so cool!
06:30 03 Jun 23
I was holding a friends drink for a few mins while they used the restroom and one of the bouncers flashed a light in my face then took the drink from my hand and marked a red line across my hand and kicked me out. I was telling him I was holding the drink for my friend and gave me an attitude to get out.
Julia S.
08:27 29 May 23
Please don't. The drinks are disgustingly strong they just want to get you trashed. Staff is unprofessional. Dance floor was crazy packed, sweaty, and so so...
Drennon Keller 3
15:52 21 May 23
Bar hopping in Montrose, visiting all the clubs, getting to interact with beautiful bartenders, such a ryhthmic scene, all the beautiful people and Love, , Houston's club scene in Montrose is so awesome, dancing, music, beverages, I enjoy the vibes
Josh Farias
17:52 19 May 23
Very trashy establishment. The security at the front is very unprofessional and starts fights with patrons. Also the interior is very dirty and the bathrooms are disgusting. There are better bars and clubs in the area, I recommend skipping this place.
13:00 02 May 23
As others have mentioned, this place USED to be fun. I've gone back hoping to experience those good times again but this place is not it anymore. Staff at the front are soooooooo rude. They act like they're doing you a favor by letting you in. This place has gotten super scammy! This is not a safe, fun place anymore. Its downright dangerous. They steal.
Ernesto Benavides jr
18:52 04 Jan 23
This place gets packed really quickDrinks are pretty goodThere are only three restrooms and they get packed quickly as well.Overall thus bar is pretty nice.
19:55 01 Jan 23
I’m 22 I verified the security my ID. That’s good they verify age outside before you go in the bar. But when you enter there’s a lady cashier and she charged me $15 for the entrance. The problem is the lady didn’t care when I said I’m 22 and I said “here’s my ID” and she said “I don’t care”.Why you charged me $15 without reading my ID and then the website reviews said 21+ are $8 entry fee?Overcharge is a joke. They just want steal money and not doing good customer service.The place inside it was ok. But after the experience with the cashier Never Coming Back Here Again and Never Receive My Business Again 😔
Ted Diaz
04:05 31 Dec 22
Trashy, dirty, ugly place and the clientele matches. Blur has seen its better days, it’s time to shut it down and turn it into something new. The same rude woman is always at the entrance since her family owns the place, and it’s always such an unpleasant exchange with her. Luckily the other big nightclub which is a 2 minute walk from here was recently renovated and reopened to the public so I won’t ever come back here again! This place is full of kids under 21 and I think that clientele is the only way they might survive.*it’s true what the other reviews mention, they love to make people form a line outside but then you’ll often get inside to find it empty.
23:48 26 Dec 22
Has gone downhill since 2017...still charging a cover to enter and sometimes they don't let people inside and form a line outside to make it seems like it is poppin inside but when you finally get to go in the whole floor is empty. Music's not great in variety either, and if you lose your belongings here don't bother calling or checking back because they either won't reply or will just disregard you altogether.
Eternity Galbreath
07:42 17 Dec 22
Horrible time, they allow minor in here but if your a minor PLEASe DONT COME, they don’t have any respect for us any scream like we kids.
Axel S.
10:54 12 Dec 22
I've first heard of blur back in 2017 and went here until covid,coming back after the lockdown was the same old thing,I recommend blur for high energy vibe
Moises Garcia
04:48 12 Dec 22
I don't think the entrance before 11 o'clock is free but the security people start to charge the entrance before time and if you don't pay them they get violent
nicole N.
06:27 03 Sep 22
Had a good time inside the bar. Until i was leaving the bouncer physically pushed me on my back while i was leaving. Then he started calling me fat slurs ....
Armando Gonzalez
22:15 23 Aug 22
Love coming here for the music the dj plays. The dj mixes it up with different types of music, like hip hop, dance, latin music like Bad Bunny and the music that’s hot and popular old and new. Also the drinks are good and strong…also not expensive like at the other bars in Montrose.
christopher Atom
14:56 21 Jul 22
The music it’s really good, 5 dollar for entrance and the drinks are at normal price
Ciera Tanner
04:52 02 Jul 22
staff in the front was rude and $15 for under 21🙄 also horrible music and the vibe was just not it. wouldn't recommend it or the BATHROOMS!!
Alex Murillo
06:29 25 Jun 22
The rudest people at the front! I had paid and was dancing with my friends. I got out to get another friend and they told me to wait in line again. I did and by the time I got in, they told me I wasn’t allowed. I had already paid and they were denying entrance to me and my friend… I was trying to get in to get my friends and they kicked me out….the wouldn’t listen to anything. The worst rudest people ever!
Kaitlyn O.
04:52 04 Jun 22
Absolutely the worst experience I have ever had at a bar and will never be returning back. One of my friends wanted to go to blur just to reminisce on how...
Jeidha G.
00:41 28 May 22
They kicked us out for a water cup... a water cup! I literally payed $8, took e piss, then was kicked out. I would not recommend because they are...
Nicole Thomas
19:19 14 May 22
Always have a good time. security is good and i always feel safe there!
Anthony G.
11:18 22 Apr 22
Absolute trash. Horrible representation of LGBT don't ever recommend going here damn near all the staff members are rude and just 'by the book' type of...
dessa taylor
23:01 21 Apr 22
When me and my friends first started going to this place was absolutely great, my birthday was amazing they had the best songs which was November 2021.After that we’ve been a total of four times and every time we go it is getting worse. I’m not sure who does the music now but it can’t be the same person, also the last three times we’ve been this one security guy has followed us around the entire time making the night even worse the reason behind that I have no idea. If their music would just get better and go back to how it was it would be amazing but now they only want to play one genre of music. We loved going to this place and would only go here, but we don’t even think about coming anymore..
Ivan Galvan
07:57 17 Apr 22
I came with friend from out of town and we ordered drinks from the main bar by the entrance. Out bartender was a Hispanic guy with long hair. We paid separately and tipped heavily as well. We made a second round to the same person. “ are you going to tip me now” was his response before one of us even made an order for a drink. We were appalled and disgusted with that remark because we had tipped well. We are servers and believe in fair tip. It is sad that they have this quick statement to people who they believe didn’t tip. He ignored us and didn’t serve us after that! We talked to the manager who was at the time taking club entrance fees and she said she didn’t have time because it was busy. It is apparent that she knows about what they are doing and didn’t want to give us an explanation. As two member of the food industry we know it’s our job to please our customers and will never dare to ask for a tip before we even do our job. Aside from that I witnessed them not complaining with TABC Policy and not washing nor rinsing they’re shakers after every drink they made. Scooping ice using the actual drink cup as opposed to using a scoop. So for one not complying with TABC and then asking for a tip prior to ordering. Come now…. Do better. Manger needs to step up and regulate appropriately.
Sofi I.
20:33 16 Apr 22
Had a fantastic time at blur. We met the owner I believe and he got my a shoutout for my bday. Definitely went too early so it was dead at first but it...
Nick Belbas (Nick the Drone Guy)
13:12 03 Apr 22
Fun place to hang out with friends, everyone has a good time!DJ plays a mix of early 2000s and recent content.Only 18+ not 21+ so perfect for all college students!Cover charge is $8 for 21+ and $15 for under 21 (over 18)Drinks are roughly $6-$8
Sasha Santos
12:09 31 Mar 22
My favorite LGBTQ club in Houston. But the security guards aren't so friendly at times. Nicest DJ's in Houston tho.
Sapphire C
23:19 13 Mar 22
I went for my friend's birthday. We had a bunch of fun. The DJ was good and the drinks were good. Blur is a mixture of mostly the LGBT group. The age group is mostly late teens to early 20's. Parking is a pain. It's street parking and it gets packed fast. They had $10 parking in front but that was packed to capacity.When we first arrived around midnight, the club had a long line but inside wasn't that crowded. Ten minutes later it was stuffed. We were downstairs by the chairs they have along the walls. This is definitely a place to dance your heart out. The bathrooms need a lot of help. First they need more toilets, second they need someone to clean it on occasion. I'm just grateful one exists. 🙏Cover was $10 and drink prices were reasonable. I didn't open a tab. I paid and signed for each drink. Ultimately, it's a fun place to dance.
Milani Mai
14:35 08 Mar 22
If you wanted hip hop music to dance to but be surrounded by sweaty people in a tight tight space that is a safety hazard, then all means, go here. However, be careful with the way they charge you for drinks. They will gladly swipe that card multiple times for the same drinks claiming that their "system" is delayed and that all the previous swiped didn't go through. They charged me 5x for the same amount because of this ish. Money is not an issue for me but integrity is. Therefore, I am spending my money at JR and other bars around.
Ashley Alexa
05:26 07 Mar 22
I would’ve gave it a 5 star if they had a better bartender(one closer to the entrance)) and better people controlling the front .Other then there rude .. nosey staff the club It’s self is wonderful the ppl who go there are very friendly try having friendly conversations w/ you everyone seems to always have a good time ! There was no drama and there dj did a good job on the music !! If u like the oldies hip hop go here !!! I would go back again . It’s just there staff.
Miranda G.
21:50 03 Mar 22
Fuck this place. It's so dirty. The staff is so unprofessional. There is never a crowd here. Please DO NOT go!!!! Go to any other bar!!! The bathrooms are...
Betsy G.
08:49 27 Feb 22
They harassed me and my friend and drugged us and threw us outside like nothing
Viet H.
21:09 11 Feb 22
if you like to dance Blur is the place to be
Aaron Coatzin
04:37 07 Feb 22
If I could give em 0 stars I would! The security's at the front entrance are homophobics ! Do not go to this place if they are not going to support the LGBTQ Community
Alexandrea C.
19:50 30 Jan 22
The bouncers there are disgusting. Harassing women & putting their hands on you !!! and scamming people. Funny how grown me can treat women like sh** for no...
Dana R.
01:06 02 Jan 22
Iv been to this club for the first time it's was very good until someone decided to groom me and my girl wanted to go off but when we walked to go meet some...
Angel Tambriz
02:24 06 Dec 21
If you love to dance then you need to go to Blur. The DJ is amazing. Mixes everything from hip hop, dance music and even latin music. From old school to new school. The DJ jams here. Drinks are good and reasonably priced. Definitely recommend coming here.
Daniel Ricardo Ortega Bermúdez
16:56 26 Nov 21
Yesterday they robbed me when they charged me for the drinks I bought and I went to find a solution with another employee and they tell me that there is no manager and that they cannot solve the problem presented, it is dishonest to overcharge without the client's consent. this is stealing without any shame
Sasha B.
15:08 12 Oct 21
MY FAVORITE PLACE blur is a montrose staple ! If you want to dance and have a great time this is the place to go ! Amazing DJ , friendly staff , and fun...
Carlos Guillen
05:32 12 Sep 21
We waited in line and when we got to the front and asked for the cover charge we decided to go across the street for a while. Upon returning, they denied us entry because we "took too long to throw out our water" despite not having any issues with it previously.We were excited to dance there and came from across the city. All-n-all the situation was disappointing and i wouldn't recommend it. The bar across the street had a much better vibe.
21:23 01 Aug 21
Always feel welcomed and myself at blur . A place full of love and vibes. The music is everything!!!!!
Alex Martinez
04:32 03 May 21
They never answer the phone honesty my birthday on may 25 but I’m trying to see if they have any special they do for birthdays and they won’t answer but other than that my last visit with them was aaaammmaazziiinnngggg
Alyssa P.
14:36 18 Apr 19
I've been going here for quite some time blursdays (Thursday) free admission is the best it has gotten even more packed over the years. It's great if your...

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