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Boo Bar
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Ka Keung Fung
14:26 02 Apr 24
Very friendly like a family. You may drink with your friends, or meet new friends sitting near the bar. It's a karaoke bar so feel free to sing.Usually busy on Friday and Saturday nights, and better reserve a table if you are not used to standing. Come on weekday nights if you prefer practising singing and have quality chats with staff and meet new friends.
Sebastian Sang
15:54 15 Feb 24
So I went here by myself for the cocktails. I was in doubt before stopping by because of the previous reviews, but honestly it wasn’t bad like what they said. Lucus were pretty nice to recommend other drinks because they didn’t have Moscow Mule on the menu. When they’re not busy, they went back to ask for my second drink, I don’t see anything like what they said in the previous review. They have really good lychee martini 😉 honestly this is not a some kind of drinking bar with those kind of so-called fancy service s, if you can’t wait and try to be part of it, it’s not fot you.
11:10 29 Jan 24
I visited this bar for the first time. Someone from the staff received me. I asked him I need a table for one person. He pointed me to a table to sit on it. I chose another table, saying "can I sit there please?". He didn't reply immediately, then said ok. I sat. He brought me the menu. I took my time checking the menu. When I finished and was reading to order, I looked at the staff waiting for someone to see me and come to take my order. I remained waiting for a long time. I was asking myself, "shouldn't they be waiting for their valued guest to order?! Usually, in any bar or restaurant, guests are being taken care of." Anyway, I kept looking towards them, seeing them while serving other customers (who all were locals, except for me, the only foreigner there), serving even those who came after me. Then after a while, after I started feeling embarrassed, I stood up, took my handbag, and left. While I was leaving, no one looked at me. So If I give them zero rate, that will be generous. The rating they deserve should be bellow zero. Final comment: it's really sad to get treated like that just because you are a foreigner. Being a foreigner shouldn't be a guilt. Anyone can be a foreigner anywhere.
14:22 16 Sep 23
A nice little bar that played very loud K pop when we were thereDrinks a little steepWords smallest toilet tooAll in all a nice place thanks to bar staff
13:46 16 Sep 23
This bar is not for tourists. It's just a place to have fun with your old friends, and it's not a place to make new friends or meet new people.The staff members are constantly chatting with each other, but no matter how much I try to talk to them, they never talk to me. Maybe it would have been different if I were a rich and handsome guy!Since we pay a high price, I think the staff should provide commensurate service.
mathieu mathieu
17:42 27 Nov 22
SCAM: we were 4 the waiter told us « 3 drinks 1 free » and didn’t mention everyone need to buy at least one drink to get the free drink.I never give a so bad review but I was really deceived of being fooled like that.Expect that the karaoke vibe is funny
Jacob Casselden
14:26 28 Dec 19
Can't find the venue. Guess it isn't open anymore.
05:00 09 Nov 19
Just another boring karaoke place, with overpriced drinks, where everybody have a seat with their own friends and where it is impossible to socialise with new people. The bartender who served me was as welcoming as a closest door. I went there because it was supposed to be a bears bar, but it's not a bears bar ! Hum, how to say that, bears don't sing, they RRROOOAAARRR !
Tommy Chan
18:14 13 Sep 19
A Bar with strong and firm guys!
00:20 03 Sep 18
One of the best local gay bars in HK. Friendly staff, nice liquors, cute men and also welcomes female. Cozy atmosphere with ppl singing karaoke!
Mark Porter
03:24 15 Feb 18
Was only there on a Thursday night. Full karaoke going on. Interesting metal martini glasses. Nice looking place, staff was friendly. Advised us that it would be busier on weekend. Hard to find. It's on a side street and you go in the lobby and go up to the floor the bar is on. We figured it out from hearing the music.. 🙂
Michael Diederich
03:07 05 Jun 17
A nice bear bar. Coming from Amsterdam it's nice to once again be in a major city that actually has a bear bar (No, Amsterdam does not).Friendly staff with acceptable prices. The karaoke is WAY to loud and too many twinks come here to sing--not because they love bears but because they have to wait too long to sing in other Karaoke places.I went two nights in a row. Saturday it was hopping but Sunday was a bit slow.
Ján Montoya
14:36 03 May 17
Friendly bar with great drinks and a delightful ambience. I'd have given it 5 stars but the music was a wee bit loud. Otherwise, I'll be dropping by again for one of the "cum" drinks. 😅

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