Permanently Closed – Boutique Bar

Permanently Closed – Boutique Bar

Join us for great cocktails, made with fresh quality ingredients.

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Located in the heart of the Church-Wellesley Village we offer everything from classic cocktails to inventive drinks, mixed by our passionate and attentive bartenders. Join us inside at the bar or lounge year - round on our beautiful front patio - The best view of Church Street.



Boutique Bar
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Nile L.
23:26 31 Oct 22
Awful service by owner and wife. Was sworn at. Completely disrespected as I arrived before closing. Would never recommend. If you want to get scammed go here.
Kevin Belliveau
20:17 04 Sep 22
Absolutely amazing place! Drinks were all great, atmosphere was great, all the staff were so friendly and fantastic, and the music! So freaking good.
Nicholas Buchser
23:19 27 Aug 22
Great drinks! Friendly bartenders and regulars.
Simon G
18:26 27 Jun 22
Worst bar in the city. The staff are awful. In response to your response it wasn’t a very happy pride when your bar man pushed my female friend down the stairs or kicked me in the face on the stairs. And the reason? For drinking an off premises beer in the bar lol disgraceful
Kevin T. Borden
03:21 02 Jun 22
My go-to bar on Church. Great staff and service.
Alan H.
16:12 21 May 22
Fun gay bar. The staff is friendly and the drinks are good. They have tiered seating outside and tables inside as well. Ask for a drink menu.
Ian Ab
00:38 12 May 22
Best bar I've ever went. They focused on drink and you can find best cocktails in town here 😍
Natalia Gomez Florez
21:27 13 Apr 22
Great customer service and really good booze drinks
Justin Walker
18:51 11 Apr 22
Decent cocktails for the village. I think the menu there needs some tweaking. There is a lot of potential to make the drinks something special. Good if you need a drink or two before going somewhere else.
Miss Miss
14:52 11 Apr 22
We went for an after dinner cocktail and, we had the best time, a little to much fun but, alot of fun. DJ was great, drinks fantastic, friendly people and Ren our waiter, amazing!
Sydney Howes
00:19 07 Apr 22
A great selection of drinks to choose from. The bartender was super kind and friendly. Definitely an intimate location
Radha Ramkhalawan
17:34 04 Nov 21
Nice little place ..... friendly staff
Marina Liu
13:48 19 Oct 21
Cozy and warm vibes, a very good balance between noisy and quiet. Drinks are ok, sometimes I can taste the difference of the amount of alcohol between two identical drinks, but I’m now a regular customer of boutique bar, cause I never have any pressure sitting here and finish my drink, staffs are friendly.
Indigo Violet
16:49 30 Sep 21
I dropped in last night and this cocktail bar is too cute! The drinks were a work of art, and the bartender was amazing. Ill be back!
Logan Parent
00:11 26 Sep 21
Fantastic cocktails at really reasonable prices. Service was incredible as well. Would recommend to everyone.
Rami Ik
00:47 07 Sep 21
Great place .. friendly staff!
Carlos Rodriguez
03:13 05 Sep 21
Cozy and not loud, which is not common in the village. Drink was good, not great, but good. Service wasn't the best, but everybody has a bad day. I would definitely come back for the ambience.
Shawn Gillie
06:12 31 Aug 21
Inconsistent prices and drinks. Last night was great. Tonight was terrible. I won’t be back. Tonight I got a drink half full and was charged $16 when the menu says $12. When I asked about this the attitude I got was unreal. I was also told “my bartender last night must have overpriced and that’s not my problem”. Avoid this bar!!! Was here on 8/31/21 at 1 am.
Shak R
03:58 07 Aug 21
Trash service !!! She ignored us don’t even know her name. She doesn’t more time with friends than noticing her area. Mixed up our drinks and didn’t even notice our table was dirty. Overall bad
Miro P.
02:48 05 Aug 21
Love you people, hope to see you soon miss the bar seen. Love to here from you. As I am lonely now
17:38 11 Jul 21
Awesome place!! The atmosphere is great and the drinks are strong and delicious. They don't serve food but you can order pizza to the bar! The staff will make you feel right at home – especially great experiences with Josh and Margherita 🙂
Ron Swanson
00:23 25 Jun 21
Amazing drinks! Amazing service!!
patrick Yang
03:58 24 Jun 21
amazing patio and cocktail
Darcy Zeller
23:27 23 Jun 21
Josh is fantastic, attentive , remembers drinks
Alexia Escobar
16:56 18 Jun 21
Love the place and the staff is super friendly I will go again without a doubt
Jeffrey Thompson
02:59 12 Jun 21
Friendly staff great drinks. Strict with social distancing rules which I respect
Glenn Dickler
18:51 31 Oct 20
Quaint nice atmosphere good food nice staff recommended.
Anna Mathew
22:55 10 Sep 20
Loved this place. You can actually take food from out here, only food. Drinks are pretty good and strong.
Fox Revett
04:18 30 Jul 20
WE STAN JESSE. So sweet to our table.
Abbas N.
17:56 15 Feb 20
Wow I reviewed this place 7 years ago?Boutique has slowly transformed into a cheers-esque bar for me. It's the place where everybody knows your name. It's...
Vannesa A.
06:01 24 Dec 19
It's Monday and this place is busy. Came here with a friend. The staff and service is very good. Wanted to come here during summer but always busy. Loved...
Luis Lake
02:08 25 Sep 19
The best cocktails you will get in Church Street with a such relaxing vibe. The service is very very good, the team will go above and beyond to give you the best service. I kept coming back every night during my trip.
02:12 24 Dec 18
First time with a friend on a Thursday night. Poor guy had worked all day and was both thirsty and hungry. Food wise I order one of each. Pretty easy as there are only four items on the menu. Olives, spicy nuts, cheese board and Charcuterie platter. Nope on the cheese and nope on the Charcuterie. We don’t have those anymore. They didn’t sell and would go bad we are told. It’s going to be a short first time visit.Olives, nuts and cocktails arrive in no time. Drink wise, nothing to complain about and the same goes for the olives. The nuts are bland and someone needs to put a minute or two into what “spicy nuts” are all about and I’m not talking about some Brazilian guy.Looking around at this Boutique cocktail bar, I see ads for Tweed on the walls and guys in t-shirts and baseball caps sitting about…not that there’s anything wrong with that but you know, time and place…and an albeit pleasant but tobacco reeking waiter who takes the time to do stretches at the end of the bar showing off posterior skin with his little bum up in the air. Hmmm., drinks and a show but again, any aura of this joint being somewhat classy, premium or high-end…their own words…is thrown right out the window. Seven months ago a reviewer qualified the place as having and I quote: “a refined crowd.” Well Sir, you should have been here on our night and I’m sorry I missed yours.But it’s all good. We are invited to come back in the new year when they’ll have Bruschetta on the menu. That’s slices of bread with chopped tomatoes in case you don’t know.PS: Someone needs to spend 15 minutes and put little stickers over menu items you do not serve and possibly update your website. It’s the world we live in and many of your guests do take the time to read these entries.So that was our first impression. Am I or are we going back? Probably as I base myself on the three strikes you're out system.
Sean C.
19:56 19 Mar 18
This martini bar is excellent. I went on multiple occasions during my trip to Toronto and loved it each time. The staff is very friendly and the clientele...

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