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20:57 29 Mar 24
Hot bar staff - OMG. The rest was disappointing. Patrons sitting around on their phones looking depressed, no atmosphere, smell of urine almost everywhere. Maybe at midnight it's better?
Lennon Goncalves
14:49 06 Mar 24
The bartenders are very friendly! This is a nice place to have a beer or some drinks before going to the clubs! And meet guys from the area.
rick lap
01:01 23 Feb 24
The bar side is small but perfect to make make new friends. There is always the back and basement if you like to be more intim. It's a good place to go daily or weekly.The crowd is mixedThey play good music and the staff members are giving a good service and they are keeping the place clean!Good job !!!
Gustavo Santos
17:07 14 Feb 24
Very good to find hot guys after 6 p.m
Rafael Lorran
01:06 01 Feb 24
I had the best night in madrid. The bar is amazing. But, the staff, Oscar, Pepe, Santiago e Anderson made my night 100% better. Thanks all! 💚
Stefan Leung
23:54 03 Nov 23
Bartenders are super handsome. Many young people. Every night there are a lot of people. Small dark room, some cabins. No entry fees but you have to order a drink, which is fine since it’s actually a bar.
Sammy Dahiya
21:31 13 Oct 23
Oh. Went there first time during my visit to Madrid. So much fun. Very safe place and well maintained. Definitely coming back ☺️
Sammy Dahiya
14:32 03 Oct 23
Oh. Went there first time during my visit to Madrid. So much fun. had some fun with a Latin Americana lad in the private rooms. If u want to enjoy visit the place after 8pm.
John Murphy
17:45 20 May 23
Oh, this bar is an absolute delight! The staff here are like lightning, always on point and incredibly warm-hearted. Anderson is a treasure, radiating an aura of unrivaled hospitality and pure joy. Oh, how I already yearn for the presence of Boy Berry!
Atof Abdelhamid
00:36 19 May 23
I had such great time , the staff is amazing and made me feel welcomed… especially Maicol he was so sweet and king
Andreas Andreou
01:18 22 Apr 23
Really rude behaviour from the boys who work there. The bar is supposed to close at 03:30 on Fridays. At 03:00 they began knocking the doors really strong asking the people to leave. Ok, when I pay the drinks it's ok, when you already got paid you show that really rude behaviour?That was definitely the last time there and will refer it to my articles I write to the media.
Roberto Espinosa
23:38 12 Apr 23
I always have such a great experience at BoyBerry. The waiters not only super friendly but they also speak English, I’m happy they were able to help me choose a drink. Yes the “entry” is one drink minimum but somehow you always buy 5 or 6. Plus not to mention the *Fun* that u had downstairs. Def will come back my next trip over to madrid.
Aaron M
16:31 02 Feb 23
Had a fantastic time there. The staff was great ( and hot 🤤) the cleaning was done pretty oftenSo cannot complain of my visit there and hope to be back soon for more adventures 😈
khangelani hlongwane
21:40 01 Feb 23
Very bad experience. I visited and was sitting at the chairs next to the bar. When I just started having a drink, one of the staff told me to get up and took to the chairs to another room. I was left standing with nowhere to sit, after paying for a drink. What a nice way to treat customers.
Josh Lewandoski
17:31 19 Jan 23
Be careful with this place! It’s notorious for people stealing your cell phones down in the cruising area. Be aware of the guy with crossbody bag.
Tony Esturrica
18:11 20 Sep 22
It is not necessarily a bad place but certainly is gone worse and worse with the years. The attitude of the waiters does not help very much together with how expensive has become. You can have a beer for a couple of € opposite but they charge you almost 5 € for less than a pint. Seriously not worthy...
Tyler Hall
21:09 07 Sep 22
Manuel was very helpful, I love this bar!! It was nice to see someone else from Florida. Would come back in a heartbeat!
Matt Rize
08:54 05 Sep 22
It's a cruise bar. Don't expect more ( or less). It can do the job, depending the crowd.One VERY MUCH NON APPRECIATED EXPERIENCE. This is the ONLY place I used my credit card (to pay for a drink) during my 2 days stay. (and I had to "give" my credit card for 10 sec).The next day, at 7am, I received a text message with code to validate a 500€ transfer to a Revolut account. So I'm guessing the waiter had stolen my credit card information and tried to use it.That was VERY VERY UNPLEASANT feeling.(Management can contact me to know the date.. it was 3 years ago. The waiter has probably left the place already)
Yeifre Rojas
18:25 26 Jul 22
El hombre sin cabello de la barra ME GRITA EN TODO EL MEDIO DEL SALON PARA DECIRME QUE NO PUEDO ENTRAR SIN PAGAR! Y EL MISMO ME COBRÓ TRES CERVEZAS Y HASTA TUVE QUE MOSTRAR MI TICKET PARA QUE CREYERA!!! Es mi color de piel acaso!?The bald guy from the bar YELLED AY ME IN THE ENTIRE MIDDLE OF THE BAR TO TELL ME I WAS NOT ABLE TO ENTER IF I DIDNT PAY! WHAT’S WORSE IS THAT HE HIMSELF CHARGED ME FOR THREE BEERS AND EVEN I HAD TO SHOW MY STORED BAGS TICKET FOR HE TO BELIEVE ME!!! Is it because of my skin color that I was confused with that kind of people!!! Your staff made me felt like some sort or robber!!! What the hell!?
Peter K
08:31 13 Jul 22
It was so much fun how the owner/manager(?) chased us through the maze, because after we enter the place, we went down on the stairs into the dark and not order a drink immediately. So the waiters give the sign to Mr inspector googles to find us and kick us out 🙂 at the end we were escort out as unwanted guests, because they desperately wanted to sell us their overpriced drink, otherwise no fun allowed. Little bit pathetic, but okay I understand 😊
12:37 10 Jul 22
I actually love this place rather than in Barcelona. The bartenders and staff are hot and super helpful.
Nick Sharp
09:14 06 Jul 22
We had a great time staff were lovely back next year nick John and tandy xxxx
Will Andrews
00:31 02 Jul 22
So it’s actually a cruising bar, not a club. I don’t think anyone has said that so far. Yeah the waiters are hot but is that really why you go out?? It’s a lovely place with really good, friendly staff. But honestly dead. From an Australians perspective there is no life. It’s basically a place for friends to go that drink and talk by themselves or to do f**k. Wouldn’t say solo traveler friendly unless you’re blind drunk. They do pour strong drinks though hahah
Mark Dmytryshyn
05:26 08 Jun 22
The cruising area in the basement was amazing. Loads of guys in the evening, and many actually looking for action. Very cool place. I highly recommend checking it out.
Mathew Willman
11:10 29 Apr 22
This is a fun bar so glad I went. Waiters are hot, beer is good, lads are fun and the 🍆 is excellent. Didn’t try out the glory’s but had some fun with a British lad in the private rooms. Management made sure to provide paper towels for post cleanup so 5/5 will definitely be back next time I’m in Madrid!
Maxence Beaumont
08:09 14 Mar 22
First cruising bar that I go that is not disgusting, friendly staff, cheap drinks, beautiful men…
nick berry
07:47 02 Mar 22
Weak drinks and you have to sit where they tell you - nothing like it used to be - there aren’t covid restrictions anymore so try and get back to how it was - sort the drinks out please
Ivan Napo
18:59 16 Jan 22
The worst attention and attitude of the manager or owner of the establishment. If it's just an employee, it's embarrassing how he treats people. Embittered. This dark-haired guy in the cloakroom treated my friend to kicks even when we consumed at this bar. If that is his character, what does he do serving the public? Apart in a bar where you will surely have to deal with drunk people. Not our case, but not even an apology. definitely bad service
22:43 01 Dec 21
Cute for drinks and more😌
Iván Espinosa
23:35 30 Nov 21
It is one of my favorite places in Madrid. The attention from the waiters is excellent, the atmosphere is always very pleasant and I love the variety of music they play. It is a very clean place, with a great variety of drinks. Thank you always for everything !!
Alex Moreno Barrero
10:41 14 Nov 21
Es la primera vez que voy a un bar así y la verdad es que fue una gran experiencia. Los camareros son super majos y hay muy buen ambiente. Repetiré sin duda.
Federico Hernandez (Fehz)
21:10 16 Oct 21
Siempre que voy a Madrid me paso por el Boyberry, personal muy amable, instalaciones limpias y un ambiente bastante ecléctico (cosa que me agrada). Lo recomiendo tanto sea para chupar una cerveza (u otras cosas) una tarde/noche madrileña, bajando los escalones a ese sótano donde reinan los placeres mundanos y las miradas PENEtrantes.
Toledo Toledo
14:09 04 Oct 21
Estoy muy a gusto siempre que voy. Los camareros muy amables y atentos y el local siempre limpio. Están constantemente limpiando.Además hay que entender que si a veces te toca esperar 10 minutos en la puerta es porque hay una normativa que limita el aforo en estos tiempos de pandemia, está claro que no es culpa suya. Por cierto, es el local que he visto que mejor cumple con todas las normas covid y les felicito por ello.En cuanto a la clientela, pues hay de todo, basta con hacerle caso a los que te gustan y no hacérselo a los demás. Está claro que no te puede gustar todo el mundo, ni tú le puedes gustar a todo el mundo. Cuestión de gustos.
10:07 03 Oct 21
ya se puede entrar directamente o hay que esperar en la puerta a que te den paso? buen sitio para empezar la noche y ver algún chico guapo
Peter Jarvis
12:12 16 Sep 21
Plenty of the finest Spanish and international sausage, all you can eat! Lots of movies have been made here, you can make your own with as many cast members as you want.
13:00 07 Sep 21
Pues me gusto bastante y todo controlado y sitio muy céntrico ,volveré
Stephen P
13:53 28 Aug 21
This place is fun! Very chilled and easy going laid back vibe, not too hardcore or with attitude , and the bar staff are very courteous and professional managing the covid restrictions v well. Kudos. Look forward to going back.
Marco Piaggi
00:18 26 Aug 21
Don’t go. They write they close at 3 but if you enter after 2 (2:05 is when I got there) they kick you out. No reason since people are still there and bar is working. Maybe because I don’t speak Spanish. Talking about discrimination…!
Jaime Misa
23:29 03 Aug 21
The place is very good and it is morbid
Oliver Acosta Rodríguez
11:17 03 Aug 21
Very nice waiters
Karl bugeja
05:16 01 Aug 21
Good to go from Sunday to Friday. Saturday you have to wait in line. It took us 1hr to go in But for the rest it's a good bar and there are some surprises. For you to discover
ruben jimenez
08:57 22 Jul 21
The perfect place to be comfortable and the waiters very nice. I haven't been back since the reopening; Is the inside area open or just the bar area?
adolfo garcia de andoin jorquera
17:26 15 Jul 21
Is the premises open?
10:43 22 Jan 21
Is the place closed. When do they open?I treat the staff well.Regards.
Jorge Luis Acosta
22:05 05 Sep 20
The attention is excellent and good atmosphere
Gianluca Maldifassi
21:00 20 Aug 20
One of the reasons for coming to Madrid is Boyberry🤙🤙 Raùl rubio is also very rich !!!
Chris M.
00:08 25 Jul 20
I went here last year and was not disappointed. It sucks that Americans can't travel right now, I would love to hit this place again. So many cute boys...
Adan López Martínez
12:41 24 Jul 20
I would recommend this place only if you enjoy the pleasures of humiliation and masochism, or at least, that supports the waiters treat you with disgust and arrogance. As for the average clientele, I would say that they are around fifty years old.The only good thing perhaps is its strict safety regulations for the covid-19, it is not allowed to have the mask in your hand while you drink but in your ear and in nanoseconds put it on again or if you do not risk a reprimand.What was said, good for security and bad for the treatment. I think it would only be worth it when the situation returns to normal.
07:47 10 Jul 20
Super spacious, with several areas to enjoy !! Very nice boys!
José Alonso
07:45 10 Jul 20
A great place, with good vibes. The friendly waiters and very good atmosphere. The glorys the best !!!
Joe F.
11:11 10 Mar 18
Walked quite a ways to arrive here and were told that they would be closing soon. Since it didn't make sense to stay, we asked to use the restroom....
eric w.
16:57 24 Nov 17
Stopped here for a drink with my husband. My husband went straight to the bar to order drinks while I used the restroom. As I was in the restroom some...
Alex M.
07:26 16 Aug 17
Nothing special.Rooms and cabins are very simple and extremely dark that you are struggling to see things around you.Nothing exciting.
Julio P.
04:46 11 Aug 17
In this place barman abuses of handicaped peiple. Ibwas there onaugust 11 2017. The barman who is so hight argued with me in words and he called the police....
Michael L.
14:54 18 Oct 15
If you are looking for a well planned and exciting dark room this is the place to be, the dark rooms just keep going and going with lots of private nooks...

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Boyberry Madrid is often buzzing with activity and is known for its vibrant atmosphere. This LGBTQ+ bar in Madrid uniquely combines a bar, cruising area, and adult store, making it a standout in the city's gay scene. The staff at Boyberry are known for their friendly and accommodating nature, contributing to the overall enjoyable experience of the visitors.

The venue is appreciated for its diverse offerings. It includes private glory hole rooms, a darkroom, and a larger open area equipped with a leather bed for those looking for more open encounters. The ambiance is enhanced by dim, mostly red lighting, creating an inviting and somewhat mysterious atmosphere.

A notable aspect of Boyberry Madrid is its popularity among younger members of the gay community, particularly attracting a larger number of bottoms. This demographic skew has made it an especially appealing destination for tops. The facility also thoughtfully includes areas where bottoms can prepare themselves, adding a practical touch to its array of amenities.

In essence, Boyberry Madrid provides a blend of relaxation and adventure, catering to various interests within the gay community. Its combination of a laid-back bar atmosphere and exciting cruising options makes it a unique and popular destination for both locals and tourists exploring Madrid's gay nightlife.


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