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Modern gay bar with events as diverse as Houston featuring cocktails, beer, karaoke, pool, DJ's and more. EveryBUDDY'S Welcome.



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D M.
11:06 01 Jun 23
The laid-back atmosphere and great patio at BUDDY'S make it a top choice among Houston gay bars. Whether you're looking for a relaxing spot to unwind or a...
Hernan Flores
20:36 28 May 23
Cool bar plenty of seating . Its nice that's it's connected to Kiki. Drinks were great and a bigger size that usual. So that's a plus. Only thing is that the fun tunes machine stole my dollar lol. But oh well
Paul Dewey
00:32 26 May 23
Sunday Funday at BUDDY'S, a popularHouston gay bar, is a key spot to be for a casual afternoon of fun. With a welcoming atmosphere, energetic music, and a fun-loving crowd, it's the perfect way to close out the weekend. It's truly a fun, chill hang out with friends or to meet new people.
Ronnie J.
12:11 24 May 23
BUDDY'S is more than just a Houston gay bar;it's a place where friendships are nurtured. Thefriendly bartenders go above and beyond tomake you feel like...
James Harsh
15:42 23 May 23
BUDDY'S is a top Houston gay bar with a casual atmosphere, fantastic music, and friendly bartenders.
J.C. H.
08:55 23 May 23
BUDDY'S karaoke night on Tuesdays is a highlight of the week. The atmosphere is always buzzing with excitement and camaraderie, making it the perfect place...
16:23 14 May 23
So fun! These guys always have some fun event/show going on! Plus this is a bar _with food_. We hold our meet-up events at Buddy's and they are terrific to work with.
Tom Kirk
23:36 28 Apr 23
Buddy’s is THE most friendly neighborhood bar serving all of Houston’s diverse community of queers where everyone is welcome! I’ve made some really great friends here and been served some very delicious drinks and fantastic food! It’s the happening spot for RPDR watching. And Kiki’s the attached Dance Club has awesome beats and an exceptional Dance floor. Always the best time!
Recess Games
19:04 14 Mar 23
After Bayou City closed I was scared that the next establishment might not be to friendly to the Black community. Chris and his crew at Buddy’s surpassed my expectations and I love it. My friends and family love Wednesday Steak Night the most. Overall this is a all inclusive space and it’s definitely what the Montrose area needed.
Michael Beesley (MUAMikeyBee)
17:08 14 Mar 23
Great drinks , sexy staff, good atmosphere. Me and my friends always have a good time at buddy’s
17:00 14 Mar 23
always a chill atmosphere and strong drinks with friendly, professional bar staff. great music even when the celebrity DJs aren’t spinning and fun events on weeknights too, including the deservedly famous Wed steak night — total yummsville and an absolute bargain. by far my go-to fav queer bar in HTown not only bc of all the above but also for all the fun and philanthropic events held at the bar and sponsored by ownership. 12/10 and 100% Five Stars.
Elizabeth M.
15:51 11 Mar 23
I love buddy's so much! The steak night is the bomb and the bartenders are so nice/fun Love this song lace. You should check it out if you are in the area
Eric Love
06:49 12 Feb 23
It’s five stars only and exclusively because of one particularly amazing bartender- Jo - I’m gonna be honest - I thought we made a special connection and that’s why I had so much fun in her bar section - (good music and people aside). But I realized I wasn’t special - she just treats everyone like their special- it’s wildly incredible to watch
Juan C.
09:38 31 Jan 23
Beautiful staff very professional the and the establishment is on point stop by and check it out
Shaun Arnold
02:40 26 Jan 23
Extremely disappointed. It was Wednesday and I'm at work in the neighborhood. Sooo i decided to go there to get a take out order to go back to work. I wasn't able to reach them by phone so it necessitated a trip. I could see the line was long and that was OK with me. I just wanted to place an order and come back. The bartender was really nice but whoever the other guy was he asked said that said I had to wait in line to place a to go order. I can't say for sure but I suspect this had to do with the fact that I was in uniform because other people were allowed to place to go orders. I not one time asked to be placed at the front of the line nor do I ever expect special treatment. I'm here to serve the community and expect nothing more. On the other hand, I cannot possibly stand there and wait just to place an order.The bartender did try to get me to wait and tried to help but at that point, I'm not going to eat at an establishment that I cannot trust. If there was that much animosity in my attempting to place a to go order, I can't imagine that the staff have good intentions when it comes to the food prepared for law enforcement or public servants. Will definitely not return either in uniform or out.
Tori C.
20:08 10 Jan 23
BEST steak night by far! Every Wednesday. Fun karaoke nights as well, good drink specials
Jennifer Watson
15:16 22 Dec 22
Buddy's was so much fun! My friend and I went here on my second trip to Houston, it was the owner's birthday and it was a blast! The owner and his friends were all super friendly, we felt welcome and had a great night. I can't wait to go back.
Sandra C.
18:32 16 Dec 22
Aaron, the bartender is the sweetest man ever!! He remembers you, and your drink order I love being able to walk in, and have my fave drink handed to me!...
10:02 26 Nov 22
Lovely bar with tasty food and nice drink selection. Had a very good time with some friends durring the evening after randomly stopping in durring a bar crawl on a whim. Best and last bar of the night as we decided to spend the rest of the evening there.The atmosphere was lively and the staff was friendly and helpfull. Had a great time, ty Buddy's we will be back
Jason S.
15:33 11 Nov 22
This place has the BEST customer service! Christopher is an amazing owner. This is the only bar in montrose that has an accessible stall that has a door...
Jenifer Castaneda
04:23 19 Oct 22
Horrible service ! Horrible food ! Horrible staff ! Horrible management! Decided to go out with a couple of friends to this place and it was the worst place we could choose. We got there at 7pm it was dead at the time, we ordered food and didn’t get it till 8pm AND it was the WRONG ORDER we told our server and he said he would correct it. Around 9 I got up because our server went MIA I asked the guy at the bar if he had any update on my order and he said “it’ll be out in a few minutes”. It was maybe 9:30 and nothing, our order still hadn’t came and our server was still MIA. We decided to ask the guy at the bar again about our order and he had a horrible attitude, he acted as I was bothering him with my order from HOURS ago, said apparently my order wasn’t showing in the system anymore, when he had just said it was going to be out “in a few minutes “ , didn’t make sense I truly believe he never even checked in the first place and just said that. Anyways, not sure what what happened but no reason why an order should take that long specially when the place was dead ! They asked I speak to the manger and he didn’t apologize either he himself gave me a hard time and said I was lying about my order even after I showed him my receipt! What hole experience here was just horrible from the service to the staff ! Never coming back ! Ps. Stayed little after 10pm and I never got my food 😂 ridiculous ! We got tacos across the street from a taco truck and they were delicious!
gary jimenez
00:01 10 Oct 22
Great bar. Great staff. Felt welcomed to be there. Enjoyed the atmosphere.
Chuey the Food Guru
11:57 23 Aug 22
Always a great time at Buddy’s!Keep the cover and gimme’ a 🍕 LOL!That ‘meaty pizza’ put me to sleep
Change Always
02:10 12 Aug 22
Reply. You never asked me to leave no construction stie. Check your cameras it was my first time. I don't even want to say how I truly felt. But you were wrong. I felt like an out cast going there. There was no reason to kick me out so I came to a conclusion that is was hate. You don't like me. And I never met you. Still gay power
Noe Huerta
17:18 11 Aug 22
Bo was great! Best service.
Linda Y.
20:15 06 Aug 22
WORST PLACE !! we placed an order for wings and we got the wrong order. They took it back an hour later we asked what happened and they said they were...
Natasha Smith
20:45 09 Jun 22
Chris, the bartender, was very welcoming! We went during the day and drinks were very reasonable. Would definitely recommend and come again!
Robyn T.
16:21 06 Jun 22
Buddy's is fabulous! We took my friend there for her batchelorette party. She had a great time. The dancers circled around her and kept her entertained. The...
Karina N.
16:56 21 Apr 22
This place is so much fun! I went for a special 420 bash. I was performing and it happened to be my birthday! We had a blast! The bartenders were great!...
Ron S.
12:00 10 Apr 22
We're having 25,000 friends from around the world converge and convene in June for the Rotary International Convention. We think there may be some who are...
Sheira Hope
20:17 26 Mar 22
cute bar. I recently moved back to Houston after being away for 10 years. When I lived in Houston it was a Vietnamese restaurant. I loved the way that the building looked. They make a killer bloody mary. There is a decent sized parking lot that you can find a spot in if you go during a not so busy time or happy hour. It is really conveniently located next to Bar Code and JRs which makes bar hopping easier. The only drawback is the drinks are kind of pricey but it is still fun.
Desmond Mitchell
00:43 23 Mar 22
Bartenders are inconsistent with drink prices. I was told happy hour drinks were changed to roughly $2 on 3/18. Went 3/22 at 7:30pm and the female bartender charged me $8 for a single. Make it make sense! I also asked for wells and she gave me Titos.
Gilbert Rendon
14:41 17 Feb 22
Great atmosphere; drinx & super friendly bar staff👌🏽❤️
Daniel D.
20:05 16 Feb 22
Wednesday night steak night is amazing! This was my first time trying it and I will definitely be doing it again! Not only was the food amazing and priced...
chris johnston
18:44 15 Feb 22
Went Valentine’s Day and it was dead as a RAT that just ate poison! Bar code and ripcord were the places to be at that night. Hmm maybe it’s the high drink prices or the word got around that you towed my car from your lot on a really slow night when your lot was empty. Ha! I was even promoting your Bar on my Twitter feed and that’s The love ❤️ I get back (towed my car). I’m out $260 maybe we could make up? you know how to get a hold of me🙄
Chris Jackson
04:54 13 Feb 22
Drinks are way too expensive for what is offered there. The bartender was rude. ("Mature" white with pet hair all over his clothing) needs a reality check.
Michael M.
13:25 07 Feb 22
Cool place to visit. The bartenders for super nice and even explained that some of the restrooms were unavailable due to renovation. Great selection of...
Jesson Beck
20:17 25 Jan 22
After not being in Houston for a few years, I had the pleasure of seeing some of my favorite bartenders and personalities at Buddy’s (Matthew, Sarah, Chris, and David especially.) Operated by the best in town, the drinks are on point, the crowd is fun and the food is fantastic!
David W.
12:29 24 Dec 21
Buddy's has become my go to bar in Montrose. It really is a place where every "Buddy's" welcome. They care about the community, and not just the gay folks....
Isis Patton
14:05 11 Oct 21
I absolutely love going to Buddy’s!! Chris Barry is an amazing guy, and they have great bartenders and great food.
Kendra Walker
02:27 11 Oct 21
For said block party, Buddy’s definitely did the best thing possible. Require vaccinations or negative COVID tests. On a regular club night, there is less people (not the same thing). Spread = length of exposure to virus x amount of viral load. For large events, I believe it was the best protocol possible. Buddy’s first bar to have a polling station. They have Amazon lockers to help the community out ….. First to lead on getting people vaccinated. Event was outdoors which all doctors believe is the best place to be. No kids allowed as they aren’t eligible for the vaccine. Limited tickets for social distancing. Block party was a partnership with another entity and health care partners. Buddy’s rocks right now. They are making the best moves and putting community first. So I say anyone who complains just wants to make noise while Buddy’s make a difference. Right now, they are making good moves so leave them alone.
Fernando Rodríguez
20:44 10 Oct 21
Went Friday night and met Jonathan by the entranceLoved seeing what he wore and was the best!Told us about the events and what was good to drink, made my friends and I his pink Starburst shotsWould definitely come back to see him
Curtis B.
19:16 10 Oct 21
I've never felt like I had a "home bar" until Buddys opened. The amount of care that the bartenders and staff put into this bar is incredible. Good food,...
Robert Munoz
17:37 26 Jul 21
Probably the best bar, ever, in my opinion. It is more than a bar it is a mini community center. I love how depending on the time of day the mood and culture change. I have stuck around and enjoyed all sorts of events. Vaccinations, voting, charity auctions, drag shows, trivia night, steak night and the list goes on! I have met the greatest people here, and the bar service is excellent. The food is really good. People recognize me here and take time to say hello. It is too bad that the specialty coffee and tea did not take off; but it was a great idea to try! The funny thing was, I never in the begining expected to like this place so much.
Tri D.
15:27 24 Feb 21
Nice clean bar located in the Montrose area, it's a chill environment to relax and grab a couple of drinks. If you don't want to be inside there's also an...
Christopher Lemus
01:00 17 Feb 20
A friendly neighborhood bar with a great staff. The owner, Christopher Barry, continues to put his heart and soul into turning this place into one of Houston's premiere bars. The Karaoke night is a lot of fun. Steak night is a nice deal on Wednesday evenings. Great DJs keep the music going. Give Buddy's a try.

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