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Tucked away on City Road in London, Bunker Bar, formerly known as East Bloc, is a thrilling destination for those with a taste for the unconventional. This venue, nestled in a former Second World War bunker, boasts a distinctive atmosphere that combines history with a touch of modern kinkiness.

What makes Bunker Bar stand out is its variety of themed events that cater to a diverse range of interests within the gay community. Events like "Daytime Release" and "Bearbait XXX" offer unique experiences, whether you're into a relaxed daytime hangout or a more intense nocturnal adventure. There's something for everyone, with themes ranging from sportswear and underwear parties to more niche gatherings like "Boyz and Sirs" and "Blackout" nights.

The Bunker Bar is a blend of casual and edgy. With a 150-person capacity, the space includes a maze, cabins, and a blackout bunker, all designed to enhance the experience of its patrons. The bar area, though small, serves as a perfect spot to take a breather and socialize. Despite not offering beers on tap, the bar still draws in a crowd looking for a unique experience.

The club's casual approach extends to its dress code, with various events encouraging different styles, from fetish gear to no clothes at all. This relaxed attitude towards dress code is mirrored in the overall vibe of the club, which is known for being attitude-free and welcoming to a wide range of individuals.



Bunker Bar
Based on 58 reviews
Sadie McDonald
19:57 18 Apr 24
It was so nice and chilled the lovely server jasmine helped explain the rules clearly so we could understand, me and my siblings enjoyed our selfs we will defo be coming again
Andrés Access
20:49 28 Jan 24
Lots of nooks n crannies!Careful what you wear on a gym clothing night, I wasn’t allowed to wear gym running tights even though three others were there in jeans lolThe DJ was good.Please note the free drink is now only 4 hours per week (Saturday early evening)
Peter Esq
13:09 28 Nov 23
Alan Roberts (owner) I know you from years ago and you always seamed like a nice guy, but your rudeness is puzzling 🤔 Stop charging less for paying cash. You cannot legally charge more for paying by card. Either you stop accepting all cards then you won't be braking the law. Please listen to me! Apologise for barring me when I'm doing you a favour!
Gareth Mills
00:38 17 Sep 23
Really great night at the Traffic Light event. They really followed the theme well and it was so much better than expected. Place starts filling up 11-11.30pm onwards but if you’re a first timer like me was good to get there 10.30 ish to get my bearings ha. Really gets busy about 1.30am which some people may love. Great place, friendly staff and reasonable price drinks when you come up for air. And free water! Nice touch. Will for sure go to this theme night again so many hot guys
Peter Esq
10:55 12 Aug 23
Alan I know you from years ago and you always seamed like a nice guy, but your rudeness is puzzling 🤔 Stop charging less for paying cash. You cannot legally charge more for paying by card. Either you stop accepting all cards then you won't be braking the law. Please listen to me!
17:31 11 Aug 23
Venue charges 2Quid if paying by card. Local council were informed but so-far done nothing (as it's against the law to charge extra now paying by card) The venue won't stop and said as much. So if you're happy to be ripped off then this venue is for you!
Ricky Thaxter
07:49 02 Aug 23
Been to the LJOC and bator bro events at this venue and always had a great time. Friendly staff and customers, lots of rooms to explore and generally good music. Yes, it's a mixed crowd of all ages and sizes but most people don't touch unless invited so I never felt like my space was invaded...maybe I need to go on a different night for that! 🤭 Whoever it is who replies to some of the idiots on here who give one star reviews because they couldn't find the venue or because they didn't get poked has a great sense of humour and I salute him. 👍
Andy Wallace
20:54 27 Jul 23
First time and definitely worth the visit. Friendly and open people with plenty of great action to watch and get excited about. Lots of men of all shapes and sizes on naked night with strong hard action going on in each of the areas. I was full strength and moist for action but spent the time enjoying the shows 😉. Cloakroom runs efficiently and quickly. Safe place to drink, play - a lot - and sit relaxed and watch guys get it on. There was plenty getting in on and loved watching the climaxes.
Lloyd Quinn
18:36 16 Jun 23
Loved reading the reviews, my partner showed me the venue. As an open minded couple, would love to come along one day. Regardless I highly recommend everyone pop along alot of variety. I generally avoid London, but this venue will make me change my mind
John Author
22:21 11 Jun 23
Small, intimate venue that was full of good-natured men. We flicked between the sexual and the fraternal easily. Well worth a visit.
AJ Alxxxnder
01:01 27 May 23
Fitladz was the worst. Awful venue. Charged full price for a gay night with a sportswear theme. Was full of transwomen/women in lingerie and high heels. Felt violated and totally ripped off. Ruined the whole night. Promoter confirmed to me gay men are not the intended market and not welcome. Wondering why he took my money then ( or marketed this as a gay night called fitladz) Nothing positive to say.
Kteuy Kteuy
09:27 21 May 23
Probably one of the best venue in the world, varied events accommodating everyone on the wide spectrum of kinks. I have had so much fun in this place. Except, one night called traffic lights, if you are non black you will feel very unwelcome by the crowd. Not owners fault
Taras Saveiko
21:59 26 Apr 23
Great place. Arguably the best in town. What really I love about it - it is straight to the point. Friendly staff, gorgeous men n boys, themed nights for every taste and interest. Keep it going, guys!
evrod samuel
10:36 16 Apr 23
Too well lit for a seedy club.peole just walk up and down hardly doing anything.dim the lights as they shy I say
Abramo Amoremous
07:24 23 Jan 23
This isn’t just what you think : it’s way more when you can create also friendships, believe or not.Great management keep this place in A+ state…the barmen are the best part, especially Diego!
Lovely Jubbly
04:33 21 Jan 23
Lovely hidden gem & Lovely to see a friendly face on entry (security) from chariots made so welcome on entry had a marvellous time place is spot on
Seán McGovern
18:08 12 Jan 23
Has a range of inventive nights you won't often find in other places, well maintained, clean and full of personality. No two nights are ever the same. Very glad this place exists.
Effy Liu
23:22 11 Jan 23
I’ve been living in this area for over a year and just discovered this place last month when I pass by, it feels like a hidden speakeasy club. Never been but I also love reading all the responses to the reviews. I hope more people can come and leave reviews so I can read them. It makes me really happy. I love love love it. Hope this place all the best 🙂
Tgap Ocila
19:56 04 Jan 23
An amazing place, place, staff and visitors is perfect. Just a few more benches required for the ff night and more space between bench and wall for taller men. 😀 but I'll definitely be returning and will actually travel from one country to ma1 bunker for the ff nights.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!I returned in December and had a great nightMaybe a bench in the TV room too.But will be back as soon as I see the dates for 2023 I'll book flight ✈
Eddie Douglas
05:06 29 Nov 22
Friendly staffLocation bit hard to findNice facilities inside
John Belfort
14:55 03 Nov 22
I haven't been to this place yet, but the person who replies to reviews makes me laugh and this sort of thing should be encouraged. Go here and spend lots of money!
Tgap Ocila
18:35 11 Oct 22
An amazing place, place, staff and visitors is perfect. Just a few more benches required for the ff night and more space between bench and wall for taller men. 😀 but I'll definitely be returning and will actually travel from one country to ma1 bunker for the ff nights.
Alex Stevenage
10:56 31 Aug 22
I love getting hog roasted in the room of MA1 Bunker
Douglas F Paula
11:28 25 Jul 22
I went on Sunday afternoon.The employees are kind. The place has a good space. And the people I met were very friendly. Most of the men were over 30 and were willing to have a great time! I loved it! (I'm Brazilian, on holiday)
Gilbas Piva
00:29 09 Jul 22
Meh! I've Been there in a Friday evening (7pm to 1 am) and it was very disappointing. Place was empty very few guys. The music was one of the few good things about the place its a no for me.
havering essex
18:39 02 Jul 22
Attended on a Saturday afternoon and met a wonderful crowd of friendly gents. After some preliminary discussions I was placed on a bench and subjected to a thorough thrashing with the martinet I had brought with me followed by a well aimed belt. Left extremely sated after a couple of hours. The venue is clean, friendly, well organised and safe. If I ever felt the need again I would have total confidence in subjecting my behind to the rigours that this venue appear to continue to offer.
17:28 04 Apr 22
Great bar with super friendly staff and a good concept. Diverse parties. Clean space and friendly guys. Good prices too.
Henry Martinez
16:29 31 Mar 22
Great place and friendly guys who can hood a conversation. Different theme nights and the owner has expanded the spirits for those whom like certain vodkas and whisky. Alway enjoy myself and seeing regulars and the bar staff are also helpful and friendly too. Too marks.
Detlef Alexander
15:05 23 Mar 22
Love this place, friendly staff and usually plenty of choice inside, sometimes a bit slack but always able to find someone lickabke I mean likeable. Always gone home ful-filled. Thanks men.
James Savage
18:22 07 Mar 22
Good fun venue. Mix of guys. Friendly staff.
Ramon S dos Santos
19:45 10 Jan 22
Good vibes
05:23 10 Jan 22
Amazing atmosphere & the big security man was so welcoming & he helped me find my bank card, plus bar staff was amazing & a good laugh
David Gerome
12:32 07 Nov 21
Have tried this venue a few times now and I will not be back , strange uncomfortable atmosphere and guys and very hit or miss not busy enough to merit a return visit .
Sam M
09:42 03 Aug 21
Shame the door staff not pleasant, turned me away as I had not ID, I am 43, they said to me it was for under 35 only.. it was a Saturday night and guys were coming out of the bar a lot older than me, may be something to bring to the attention of trading standards..Yes funny enough I did ask one guy who was coming out of the club, was it only under 35's and he said, ''hope not, I am 49'' .
Darren Herring
12:09 20 May 21
Great place. The team there are adapting to changes required of them. Went last night 19/05/21 and all really helpful. Loads of nights/ themes to choose from. Get your arse down there!
Robert Bender
02:53 16 Nov 20
Total cruise atmosphere. One of the few bars like it in the world that creates that vibe. Will be back
Neil Munneke
11:37 12 Jan 20
Great atmosphere and plenty of places to go and cruise other hot men.
Alan Roberts
07:21 09 Aug 19
Great cruise club based under the streets of London. The only purpose built venue for cruising in the capital with loads of areas and a video room. Decent coat check as well and all air cond.
Henry Martinez
13:37 15 Feb 19
Great pleace and attitude free and great hot men

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