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Le Cactus Paris is a cozy, unpretentious bar nestled in the heart of Le Marais, Paris's vibrant gay district. Known for its welcoming atmosphere and diverse clientele, it's a spot where locals mingle with tourists, creating a lively and friendly vibe. While the bar might be tiny, it packs a punch with its offerings: from fresh oysters and a selection of cheese to delicious wine, all at very reasonable prices. Reviews highlight the friendly staff and the bar's ability to offer a genuine slice of Parisian life. Whether you're looking for a place to enjoy a late-night meal, a leisurely lunch while people-watching, or just a quick drink in a trendy area, Le Cactus delivers with charm. Its mix of homely French cuisine, excellent tapas, and a casual yet engaging atmosphere makes it a must-visit for anyone wanting to experience the local gay scene in Paris.



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Denis Vachon
08:51 11 Sep 23
A great place in the gay area to mingle, people watch and have a drink!
Alexander Nielsen
17:14 22 May 23
Extremely friendly staff and good prices.Place is small but super cosy and has a sense of familiarity.The bartender was super cute, nice and helpful in both French and English.
Vincent S.
06:35 17 Dec 22
This is a mediocre spot, with mediocre drinks. You are going to notice that you get plastic cups with some ice feels like you were at a club in terms of the...
Kenneth Tangerois3 Maroc
22:39 11 Nov 22
Le Cactus is predominately a bar, with wines, beers and cocktails. However, it is too noisy and a bit overpriced. But hey! It is Paris, after all.I found the loud, constant thumping noise inside unbearable. I could not wait to get outside. It may be music to some, but to me it is hideous noise.At least Le Cactus has a good location.
Haifa Ben Algia
23:03 28 Oct 22
The waiter was super agressive, very bad service. The worst they charged us way much more than our order and then immediately treated us as thieves without even trying to understand. Finally when we redid the count, turns out we even paid more than we should've
23:00 28 Oct 22
While the location was nice, the service was awful and basically for a 400e bill we ended up paying 10% more (wrongly) and they were asking us for 80e more because they did not account for the previous paiements... This is insane and not suitable for a such a bar. Never again
10:50 10 May 22
Cute but deadly… The waiter, waltzing around in tiny shorts, was completely high and incompetent. And rude. Asked for a jasmine tea, he corrected me (“jus-min”), then offered a black tea instead - at 11:00 pm! Then said, “sorry” in the most pretentious voice and smiled. We just got up and left.Yet another heartwarming experience in Paris…
Alexander P.
16:32 16 Jul 18
This place is terrible, don't bother. The food and drink were not good, and stuff is just overpriced for what it is.
Evelyn A.
14:17 21 Feb 15
Tucked away behind City Hall and Centre George Pompidou, is another busy Paris street. But this street is slightly better because on it sits Le Cactus....

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