Café ‘t Mandje

Café ‘t Mandje

The oldest queer bar in Holland!

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Nestled on the vibrant Zeedijk street in Amsterdam, Café 't Mandje is not just a bar but a landmark of LGBTQ+ history and Dutch culture. Since its inception in 1927 by the spirited Bet van Beeren, a lesbian icon in her own right, the café has been a sanctuary of inclusivity and fun. Known for its welcoming atmosphere to a diverse crowd of tourists and locals alike, 't Mandje blends a rich historical essence with a lively, contemporary vibe​​.

After a temporary closure, the café was passionately restored and reopened in 2008 by Bet's niece, Diana van Laar, ensuring that its legacy as a cornerstone of Amsterdam's gay community continued. The interior, a repository of memories and artifacts, was even replicated in the Amsterdam Museum, emphasizing its significance in the city's social fabric​​.

Café 't Mandje's ambiance is characterized by its eclectic mix of patrons, from sailors and artists to tourists exploring the old city. The bar offers a variety of drinks and often features nights with singing bartenders and disco tunes, creating an environment where everyone can feel free to be themselves​.

The café also holds a unique position in the heart of Amsterdam’s (little) China Town on Zeedijk, making it an ideal spot to start or end an evening after dining at nearby Asian restaurants​. For those interested in the convergence of history, culture, and nightlife, Café 't Mandje offers a quintessential Amsterdam experience that celebrates diversity and history in one of Europe's most free-spirited cities.



Café 't Mandje
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Haley Pelletier
12:14 25 Apr 24
Had such a fun time visiting this bar with my gf! We met new friends from The Netherlands and from the UK. Would absolutely visit again. 🙂
19:46 21 Apr 24
Really fun bar that had a lot of personality!I visited on Thursday evening for some drinks with friends. It had a great atmosphere and everyone was really friendly!
Sergei Zhenikhov
18:33 29 Jan 24
It is a very authentic bar with an old-fashioned interior. Also, the bartender was polite and helpful. I definitely recommend this bar
12:31 03 Dec 23
Strange. First time visit ever to this cafe. There was a poetry night going on. Never heard so much hate and discrimination towards other non-LHBTQ+ people and non-muslims.I was flabbergasted. When I tried to say about what happened, they requested me to leave the cafe.So, if you do not belong to the LHBTQ+ community or if you are not a muslim, please skip this place.
Phoebe Duckmanton
17:02 12 Oct 23
Such a gorgeous and inviting bar, with cozy lighting, rich and interesting decor, as well as Fleetwood Mac pouring out the speakers. Every part of this place is perfect. Really looking forward to coming back.
Anthony Plaxen
01:23 20 Jul 23
One of the first LGBTQ bar establishments in the world. I was happy to have come here and seen the place for myself. The interior is cute and the place is nice to sit down at and have a cold beer
22:49 25 May 23
friendly to LGBTQ people. Had an unforgotten night in Amsterdam during Chinese new year's day.
Stephanie Z.
12:14 10 Jul 19
Super quaint bar from 1927. Old memorabilia and a super fun and friendly staff round out the experience. Don't be shocked to have Motown or 60s songs...
Kenny H.
12:10 05 Oct 17
My partner and I had been walking around all day and needed a break (aka - a beer). I wanted to check out Cafe t'Mandje, so we walked in and waited at the...
Vladio D.
15:32 13 Feb 16
Fun fun and more fun at this first gay bar in Adam from 1927 and today still decorated as in the past.People are very friendly and ready to party.

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