Centre Stage Bar

Centre Stage Bar

Sing-along style and show tunes bar in Yumbo

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Centre Stage Bar in Gran Canaria is a vibrant and welcoming venue, renowned for its musical theme and lively atmosphere. Located on the second floor of the Yumbo Centre, this bar is a popular spot for both locals and tourists. It's particularly noted for its sing-along style and show tunes, making it a unique destination for music lovers and those looking for a fun, engaging night out.

The bar's interior is cozy and inviting, creating a warm atmosphere where guests can relax and enjoy themselves. The staff at Centre Stage Bar are known for their friendliness and energy, contributing to the overall positive experience of the venue. Over the years, Centre Stage has become a go-to place for those seeking a blend of good music, great company, and an enjoyable night out.

What sets Centre Stage Bar apart is its focus on musical entertainment. Guests are often treated to a variety of show tunes and are encouraged to join in the fun. This interactive element has made the bar a beloved spot in Gran Canaria's nightlife scene. Whether you're a musical buff or just looking for a lively place to spend the evening, Centre Stage Bar offers an unforgettable experience.



Centre Stage Bar
Based on 78 reviews
Kevin Dunscombe
23:29 15 Jun 24
Love the concept and enjoyed the music but was a very strange bar. Either you knew the staff, or you didn’t, and therefore felt like a gatecrasher. Felt like a village pub in rural England where outsiders are not welcome. Think ‘slaughtered Lamb’ from American Werwolf in London, that’s what to expect.
Colin Turnbull
21:15 23 Feb 24
Atmospheric and fun bar. Went two nights on the trot
Álex Hernández
17:02 22 Feb 24
Pretty unique place! Unpretentious and fun
David Ramsden
21:29 28 Nov 23
This place has been going donkeys years and you'll either love it or hate it. Small bar showing show tunes on video and a lot of Cilla, Dusty etc. Fun atmosphere on a good night and I've got good memories of the place. Perhaps a little toned down these days.
Craig D
22:17 13 Nov 23
Great musical bar in the Yumbo Centre. Has all the classics on the screen and the punters love it. A great place to have a good night. All staff are great and very friendly and really get involved.
Dan Fortmann
23:43 12 Nov 23
This is my favourite bar in the Yumbo. It's way too small but you couldn't change it. The playlists of Eurovision, musical comedy and pop cinema are solid gold. I always stay too late because I can't bear to leave.
Mark W
01:49 05 Nov 23
Great little gay bar playing all the Hollywood musical classics. Gets very busy
Jason Park
15:10 30 Sep 23
My favourite wee bar in Yumbo, the staff are a delight and the Showtunes are kept flowing all night. My only gripe would be the music system which is still on DVDs and old TVs that are clearly failing. Sometimes things will stutter, stop completely for a few seconds or just skip. Overhauling the way media is presented would make this bar perfect. Perhaps putting all the files on a laptop.If you like musicals and want a friendly place to have a pint, this is your spot
David Domingue
08:13 21 Jun 23
This is one of the venues I always visit every time I come to Gran-Can. It's appeal is unique, sociable and playful and oh so welcoming. Imagine my disappointment when I see a sign on the window saying temporarily closed until the 1st of September 😭😭😭
Fabio Mancini
18:33 29 Dec 22
Nice atmosfere and music, but the bar is much too tiny for all the tables and chairs they stuffed inside. 8€ for a small coke and a small beer speaks for itself.The staff is extremely rude, will may yell at you for no reason and not even stop, when it gets really uncomfortable. Because of me you can dissolve your business immediately. Hope to never see you again.

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