Centurian Sauna

Centurian Sauna

New Zealand's largest and busiest gay sauna

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NEW ZEALAND'S LARGEST, BUSIEST & CLEANEST MEN'S SAUNA. We are proud of our extensive facilities and services, clean and private environment, and professional staff.

Our spacious facility includes 14 private rooms, a 3-level theatre, glory holes, maze, movie and TV lounges, showers, spa pool, steam room, dry sauna, internet and much more.

We provide our guests with free lubricant, condoms, shampoo and mouthwash and free tea and coffee. A selection of food and drinks are also available.

Take our photo tour to get a feel for the facilities we provide. We are constantly upgrading our facilities and services so make sure you visit our Sauna regularly to keep up with our improvements.

We have a high number of overseas visitors on a daily basis. Pop in and make yourself at home. Stay for an hour or all day!

We are conveniently located at 18 Beresford Square just off Karangahape Road and five minutes from downtown Auckland.

Very handy to gay night spots, nearby are several gay-owned and gay-friendly bars and restaurants.

Parking is available on the street - pay & display during business hours, or free from 6pm... Sundays and Public Holidays free all day!



Centurian Sauna
Based on 72 reviews
Thomas Combs
04:08 19 Mar 24
It’s a very beautiful place to meet guys and open up what you like about a lot of guys or older guys they love each other what they like each other their bodies
Braydon Watson
04:17 18 Mar 24
Awesome service, clean facilities and a lot of eye candy definitely recommend checking this sauna out.
Patrick Smith
03:20 07 Feb 24
What a waste of time and money, and faeces on the floor 🤮🤮🤮...The expensive entry price (even without purchasing 'poppers' that the guy at the counter tried to up-sell me with, which is kind of pushy and somewhat unethical considering the legal grey-area that they fall within in this country) was not justified by the disappointing experience that lay within.I get the feeling that this establishment is mostly frequented by regulars comprised of Asians and older Pakeha gentlemen who can afford the entry price, which is fine, but no-doubt a youger, more diverse clientele is excluded because of the cost.The tired, old facilities inside the establishment are just as dated and underwhelming as I remember them from my last visit years ago, with only a modest number of guys, most of whom perpetually walk around in circles throughout the place, without actually hooking up.And the '(chocolate) icing on the cake' was one of the hook-up rooms that I entered had a big pile of faeces on the floor (obviously someone hadn't douched). Revolting. Was glad to leave the place at that point.I'd suggest cruising Western Springs park at night instead; it's free and there's a more diverse range of guys.
LLove Furqueron
11:53 19 Jan 24
If this is New Zealand’s, largest and busiest sauna… oh man are you fooled. If I wanted to sit down on couches and watch television, I would have stayed at the hotel, or at home to do so.Biggest? No. Busiest? Well if 5-9pm on weekday with the same 12 walking around, looking at each other or just sitting around watching tv is busy…I wanted to sit in the hot tub, but it’s just a hot soaking bath as there is no bubbles to make it into a spa, hot tub.Place was pretty clean, yes. But with hardly anyone there, or using any of the rooms, it was easy to keep clean, especially when there is only one employee there at a time. Because they do not go and clean the rooms until an hour before closing.Too many pushy asian feminine guys there. No means no, but not to them. I would like to say there is a Wide age of the spectrum for customers , but no. Young Asian or older granddad. This was my sixth time there, the first after Covid. Maybe Covid has scared everyone off.
johannes kempton
03:02 07 Jan 24
Very nice and neat place, and you would be in heaven if your preferences included Asian and overweight older men. Sadly no respect for mutual consent and the Asian men will keep on following you and touch you.
Patricia Hutson
20:37 24 Nov 23
Outstanding Staff and atmosphere. Love the security of just being myself with no judgement. Mere Hmm. Plus the "Service" from the eye candy always brightens my day when i'm in Town.
mark iligan
01:06 23 Oct 23
the place is awesome... very clean and nice facilities, staff are very accomodatiing... one of the best bathhouse i have ever been...
Nigel Rouse
00:12 17 Mar 23
I have been working at the Sauna for just over 4 years, I have seen alot of coming and going. Our rules that we have in place are there for a purpose, and to keep our customers safe, and everyone wants to have a nice time.and if you don't adhere to the rules, you spoil it for everyone, and you will be asked to leave.So please follow the rules.
04:24 16 Mar 23
aggressive owner. stay away from this business. Not a safe environment.Robert Forrest owner manhandled me then accused me of faking being partially deaf. yes I can talk but I often chose not to as talking means abled people think I can hear clearly. Owner is a bully and has issues not a safe place to visit.
Florian Leuchtner
16:17 26 Feb 23
Nice and clean place, old fashion Style . Nice decoration.Sadly when I went it was 2 h before closing and not many people there, also when I asked on the entry busy or not and got told 20 people and it was less then 10.Maybe a discount ticket for late visitier would be an option.The front stuff was friendly but would be nice to get asked if you been there before and explain a bit the venue, specially if you are a oversea visitor.As the maze and upstairs is dark and got some steps, which you can easy slip or fall.Also a idear would be having some slippers for the guest as the shower area and the area in fron the jacuzzi and steam room can be wet and slippery .Plus point was that the staff helped to call a taxi and get me safe back.I’m sure I will give it another visit to a different day and time, to give it another chance
Gammel 2022
02:33 25 Feb 23
Very friendly, clean place, the users has no attitude. Must visit if you're in Auckland
Caedmon T
23:36 26 Jan 23
Too many Willy’s out at this sauna. The pheromones in this sauna smelt toxic I walked out with different pronouns. Not returning here thx
Robert Both
02:37 14 Jan 23
Very clean, friendly staff, nice vibe inside.
22:17 07 Jan 23
Staff are friendly, the place is very clean. Safe environment for the community.
Tj Mc
00:31 04 Dec 22
Had a great experienced here.
Fentyn Andrews
09:42 27 Nov 22
Went into check it out considering I have never been there before... it was my first time.. however, I did not get a welcoming greet from the staff member that approached me from behind the counter... staff member was also explaining where the lockers are and the rules of no smoking, vaping or phones passed a certain point in the club, very rude to be honest... also had heard the same staff member conversating to another half naked staff member or club member that had nothing but a towel talking about me, these staff members just had a problem with me being there so I left, the $26 I paid to enter is not worth what I experienced and will definitely not be going back to this cruising club again. I wouldn't recommend anybody to go here to get this kind of treatment from any business. I will be taking this review further
Tj Mc
07:33 23 Oct 22
Had a great experience here.
Amanda S
03:23 20 Oct 22
A great place to visit. Tidy. Always clean, and plenty of private space. This is by far one of the classier presented spaces.
Berita Macam2
01:00 01 Sep 22
Need to learn how to be more friendly when talk to customer, especially when 1st time
alfino Angin
00:56 01 Sep 22
Old guy staff not very friendly. Bad experience
Faizal K
00:40 02 Aug 22
It's an amazing place to meet new people. Parking is a bit of an issue, but if you're taking the AT, no worries. It's clean and a good place to go on a sleazy night. I loved that day. We could just be nude and walk around. At first I felt a bit shy, but later I just liked the way it went. Every week, there should be a towel off day or a sleaze night. It's hard to wait for the first Thursday of the month. I'd like to go again.
Amanda S
00:04 25 May 22
As a long term visitor, as a crossdresser, this is the first time I've been spoken to about dressing. Very disappointed, as I always thought the place was accepting. Not sure I'll put up with the embarrassment again.
Benny McLean
09:50 23 May 22
Staff more interested in courting patrons and arguing with fellow staff than doing whatever it is they are meant to be doing.
Dwayne Sefo
02:31 19 Apr 22
Was hesitant visiting this place mainly due to nerves, however the receptionist was real friendly. Place is clean and well maintained. I visited around 12pm Wednesday and found a good crowd. Everyone was friendly and overall no issues. Parking is an issue but I just paid for parking down the road (should be all good once the rail works are all done). Will visit again
Ben Morris
07:26 09 Apr 22
Clean, safe, friendly. Great staff.
Anthony Cowley
08:46 23 Apr 21
A very nice place to be a male and just to chill out with other men. Bonus is getting it on with another guy.. Facilities are awesome and very interactive.. Wet area is superb.. Always like coming here when im in auckland.. Love exploring the place.
Ed Cory
09:54 03 Mar 20
Very nice and clean sauna. Staff was very attentive. It was a hit slow on Tuesday but I was only there a few hours. The patrons (not the staff) were not into men of color. I’m from NY and felt departed by the kiwis I didn’t experience this in Australia. Still a very nice friendly staff and very CLEAN.
Robert Forrest
01:06 15 Dec 19
Everybody is Welcome here if you follow the basic rules that ensures all the customers enjoy the place.John H that has complained about being asked nicely to use a towel rather then his shorts he has been asked a couple of times to follow the rules but decided to leave with a full refund, he is welcome back any time if he uses the towel supplied,If anyone has problems with staff please get in contact we will sort this out as we do not tolerate bad behavior or manors from our staff.this is a safe friendly place to relax and enjoy
Ashley Sean Payne
20:19 03 Dec 19
Great establishment! I happened to go on no towl Tuesday! Apprehensive at first, but soon got over it. Staff was great, establishment was nice and clean, everything worked as it should, i would definitely recommend the establishment and would defs go again soon.
Mark N.
16:14 08 Sep 19
I adore this place. When visiting, there was always cleanliness and order, the steam room was hot, the pool was cool. Cozy atmosphere, wonderful audienceThere is a small trick: if you want to get free entrance, and a separate room for free for 2 hours, you need to register on site 909gay,com 😍 and tell the bar counter the profile number or provide a screenshot. The drain should work👍👍👍👍👍

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