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Nestled in the bustling heart of Bangkok, Chakran Sauna stands out as a premier destination for the gay community. Established in 2000, it has carved a niche as an upscale sauna, aimed at being the ultimate meeting spot for beautiful Asian men and models. The sauna is housed in a purpose-built, five-story building called "VCK Cool space," offering a full range of state-of-the-art health and fitness facilities. These include a swimming pool, sauna, steam room, hot tub, showers, private cabins, a dark maze, video glory holes, a lounge, and a bar.

A notable addition following its April 2018 renovation is a Japanese bath-inspired lifestyle floor on the rooftop. Sharing the same building with the “V Club 7” massage place adds another layer of appeal, making a visit to Chakran a fun-filled and memorable experience.

Visitors generally find the place to have good facilities and find it a convenient spot for socializing, thanks to its proximity to the BTS (Bangkok Mass Transit System). The staff and locals are often described as helpful and friendly, adding to the welcoming ambiance of the sauna. However, like any popular spot, it has its share of critiques. Some visitors have pointed out issues with customer service and occasional closures of facilities like the pool for cleaning.



Chakran Sauna
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Ville Niskanen
14:00 19 Apr 24
The place changed a lot since my last visit. It feels like it is running a completely other concept. I miss the beauty of the former place, i mean the architecture, all the nice small details which made the place unique. On my visit today it felt like it is now just a gay darkroom and massage-area with mostly straight masseurs.
03:06 03 Apr 24
The price on weekdays is very expensive at 450 baht, and the quality is very poor. There are few people in it. What a terrible experience. I will never go there again.
Kevin Peter Hall
16:19 07 Mar 24
I came here a few years back and loved it but not so great today. Place needs a refresh. A bit of sticky rice place so no good for farang - but what I will say is if you want a massage the guys here are definitely the hottest in Bangkok.
David Mathews
05:42 12 Nov 23
I wasn’t keen. Probably a good place to go for a massage, but there’s not much else on offer. It’s a bit run down, the layout is odd and there are hardly any people.
Totoyol Totoyol
10:51 13 Sep 23
The massage i pay for 1 and half hour but its finished less than one hour yet you still neeed to pay for full. Plus the boy is not good at all for massage, he just want the money. Not recommended to all travelers.
12:53 14 Aug 23
Discrimination. Higher price for foreignersThai 500 bahts vs Foreigners 700 bahts."Boiler" parties on weekend are very strange and seem to be mainly for the owner/manager pleasure. They are supposed to take place from 7pm to 8pm. They always start later, with few selected boys, always the same and presumably paid for the job, and the owner (or manager) himself. Only 20 minutes before the end, all cursormers are allowed to get in. Manager first lol
Jonathan Griffiths
11:21 05 Aug 23
This place has really gone downhill from its glory days about 20 years ago. It used to be upmarket and full of action. The feel of the place is that it’s a massage place that happens to have a dark and not very appealing sauna and cruising area attached. I couldn’t actually find the sauna to begin with and none of the staff were willing to help. Three barely looked up from their phones to tell me ‘I don’t know’ and one sent me the wrong way. There were about ten customers late on a Saturday afternoon. I realize Covid must have taken its toll on this place, but I got the feeling that most of the staff don’t really care about the customers unless you want a massage. The guy on the front desk was very helpful though.
Robert Smith
06:10 27 Mar 23
Empty gay sauna. I was there on Friday night, few guys at 6pm, more guys came after 7.30pm. This place also offer massage by good looking guys, customers can choose the guys you want from the ground floor cafe. Upper floors are sauna, shower, maze is clean but empty with a gym at level 2. There is wet and dry sauna, jacuzzi and outdoor maze at top floor. Not cheap, not memorable.
Mats Ödman
12:16 10 Feb 23
When I come to Chackran Sauna it was daytime mostly for the pool. I think we where two customers and twenty money boys. The pool was closed for cleaning. That could be done when the place is closed. After paying the entrance nobody payed attention to me. It would be nice if one of the boys could show me around. The boys only socialising with each other. After about half an hour I left the place and don't think I will come back.
Puth Reach
18:43 25 Jan 23
The staff were so fking rude, 390bath for foreigner, only local go there, not so clean, terrific with the dark room, I went there and 5 minutes I left. Wish I had this review before I went there. Not recommended for travelers.
07:38 22 Jan 23
AMAZING SAUNA🤪I’m 67 British and not a stunner! But I was made very welcome by all the staff, who were courteous and helpful when asked questions. The building is a bit of a maze on many floors and I missed a few steps so be careful in the dark areas. Overall I rate this sauna as the VERY BEST I’ve been to on my many travels. Yes it is not the most modern but it never pretends to be. Now for the important bit…. DOZENS of stunning naked boys who don’t mind a little playing with an older man, treat people with respect and I find you will get it in return. A VOYERS HEAVEN to watch all happening around you, and perhaps join in if invited.Guys stop moaning about the pricing structure here it’s business! just like 1/2 price tickets for children and my free bus pass for being retired etc.This is a must place to visit if you want great fun and amazing sights if you enjoy the younger types, I will return before I go back to cold agest boreing England😊
Pleayo Tovaranonte
11:43 24 Dec 22
Nested in Soi Ari 4 this a sauna for MSMs. Private and exclusive areas with jacuzzi. Discreet experience. For those who need their tension released.
Marco Tullio
04:29 03 Dec 22
I went there at 4:00 on Sunday. There was only a few people walking around there. There are no action between them. I just chilling in the jacuzzi on the rooftop. There rooftop becomes to amazing fun when I waited at there until after 6🤭that’s totally what I expected for a sauna lol. Although Im not really into the locals but overall they are not bad. At least they are young and wildly played in open area haha that’s really what I like here ☺️I will visit again that’s my favourite sauna in BangkokPlease click like if you agree and follow me if you’re visiting Bangkok too😊
Jorge Anthony (djMe)
05:50 02 Dec 22
Came to the sauna two weeks ago and really had a good time. The place is really big and it's attached to Blue Hostel which seems interesting. Jacuzzi, pool, , sauna , and steam room. The men i saw there look like locals and view tourist. We took the BTS train and walked a few blocks. Too bad it's not closer to Silom. Underware or towel only, no phones. Very relaxing.
Hong lybunnarith
17:14 11 Oct 22
well designed and clean place but the staffs need to be trained how to speak nicely to the customers. We paid 390 baht but the way they treated us were as if we went in for free.
M Afxarr
07:59 13 Sep 22
Cleaner than expected. Had a decent crowd the day I went. Dark areas a bit too dark. Over all a great first experience. Highly recommended. People are Not shy about doing certain things out on the open. Loved the visuals
M Afxarr
14:31 01 Sep 22
Cleaner than expected. Had a decent crowd the day I went. Dark areas a bit too dark. Over all a great first experience. Highly recommended
Hardpecs Bulge
13:57 27 Aug 22
I came here on a Saturday late afternoon without any expectations. The pandemic has shifted peoples behaviour etc. Anyway I started working out in the gym with quite dated equipment. Then spent the next couple of hours exploring the different levels and dens. The best was still the “onsen” on the roof. For what it’s worth it’s really like to be in a tub looking at the sky.The busy crowd was decidedly Thai with a sprinkling of SEA tourists. Most people were up for some fun and everyone was reasonably friendly. Sadly the muscle bods were the gogos in the adjacent VLC bar.
Emery Ville
15:58 21 Aug 22
I just finished up a six-hour visit to Chakran. It was great! Very attractive local crowd with a good number of international visitors as well. The staff are super welcoming to foreigners. I am in my 50s, short and have a dadbod but still found some nice guys to connect with. I’d go to Chakran again. Bonus: It’s near the BTS SkyTrain.
10:18 15 Aug 22
I have been to Chakran Sauna on Sat Aug 13 between 4Pm and 5PM.I was left disappointed by:- 4 people only on a weekend day- very dark 3d floor (the floor with the dark rooms). It was dark to the point you really need to carefully watch your steps (there are a few sets of stairs within the floor) or risk a fall. Quite unsafe to tell the truth, I had to actually wide my arms and touch the side of the walls to hp myself down the stairs. ( Cant you put a little light here and there?- small towels given so, like it or not, u need to show your butt to everyone (unless u want keep your boxers on)The pool and jjacuzz on the rooftop were okay.Overall very disappointed by the lack of athmosphere and energy
One Day on Earth
03:19 11 Jul 22
i don't like the dual pricing. come to Europe or America and see for yourself that EVERYONE pays the same price! you want to show you are LGBTQ friendly? you have other business applying the same dual pricing? i just wanted to tell everyone that's it's not a fair policy. change the pricing or ALL your customers will give you one star 🌟 on Google.
One Day on Earth
03:16 05 Jul 22
i don't like the dual pricing. come to Europe and see for yourself that EVERYONE pays the same price! you want to show you are LGBTQ friendly. you have other business applying the same dual pricing. i just wanted to tell everyone that's it's not a fair policy. then you change the pricing or I'll spread out the message to the world 😉
TITAN #SaveRalph
23:36 24 Jun 22
i know i'm talking about the sauna's quality and sry about that that's where the aesthetics legend ZYZZ died because of heart attack... R.I.P
Phillip Lim
13:00 16 Apr 22
Good facilities but a little run down after the covid. Needs some repairs and upgrade.
Arm Athit
03:48 01 Apr 21
Work work work
Jamɕs W.
04:18 27 Feb 20
Clean and beautiful spa. The service is also great.
Nazri Aswadi
04:57 16 Feb 20
I visited Chakran few days ago. It's a great place. There were many good looking local and Asian guys. The facilities are not bad. There are steam room, Japanese stlye bath area, jacuzzi, maze, private cabins and dark room. The atmosphere was great. I had great time there especially in the dark room. But there was cum everywhere on the floor of the dark room. It's bit gross but that's the purpose of the dark room. To cum anywhere and with anyone without being seen.
Kyle Thomas
05:22 29 Jan 20
I went on a Sunday and the entrance was 700 baht due to a Chinese New Year party. By far the highest price I’ve heard of in Bangkok. However, it did include one drink and a free admission for a second visit. I was not willing to pay this much since there are many other options for cheaper.
Dhana Kusuma
14:47 12 Jul 19
At first I was hesitant to come, because it was night, and Bangkok fell rain. And the driver didn't know the address I want to go.But after arive there....all paid. It is the first experience for me. And a friendly teraphist named BIG give me a great experience. The atmosphere, the comfort place, and of course a friendly smile I can not forget. The next, I go left Thailand and from the bottom of my heart, someday i will be back. To repeat sweet memories with friendly and nice people like BIG. All the experience adds a long list of my reasons to comeback to this city.
Raiqal Ahmad
00:58 13 Nov 18
Went on Saturday night. A busy night with lots of hot guys. Facilities are nice especially the rooftop area. The entrance fee is a bit expensive for foreigners compared to other sauna in Bangkok.I hope the management can make sure that everyone is towel free in the naked zone.Will definitely come back.
21:09 23 May 18
Chakran has recently opened new facilities at its rooftop in April 2018. Inspired by Japanese style bath house “ Onsen”, the top floor is apparently open air with hot jacuzzi, seated showers, sauna, stream room, daybeds, outdoor orgy zone. This floor definitely brings back a long gone chill & cozy ambience to Chakran. There are many cute & fit local guys mixed with boys from other asian countries. The peak hour starts from 5.30pm (after work hours) till 10pm. Highly recommend those who had an unpleasant experience in the past to revisit particularly on Wed, Fri,Sat & Sun when Orgy party happening every week.

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