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Circa has become the bar with the hottest crowds and all boys in the know. With it’s big leather sofas, it’s the place to chill on Sundays and the place to party every night of the week in the brightly lit reflection of the massive disco ball DJ booth.

Pulling in all of the latest and greatest in music, Circa plays on the edgier side of Soho nightlife, with a fresh and vibrant approach to going out. Go in throughout the week and expect to find a diverse mix of anyone and everyone from club kids and creative dressers to drag queens and buff boys.



Circa Soho
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Zekaryas Solomon
23:44 07 May 23
I am so disgustedI recently visited this establishment, and unfortunately, it was a terrible experience. My last visit to this place was just so out of order. I ordered a vodka soda, but I was given soda water instead. When I tried to explain this to the barman, he was extremely rude and dismissive of my concerns. Despite my attempts to rectify the situation, the barman refused to listen to me and instead chastised me for my order.When I asked to speak to the bar manager to address the issue, I was met with even more disrespect. The bar manager called security before even hearing me out, and I was escorted out of the premises like a criminal. This was an unprofessional and disrespectful way to treat a customer.I am also disappointed that the staff members at this establishment cannot communicate effectively with their customers. If the barman can't speak English, then they shouldn't be there. It is unacceptable for an establishment in Soho to have staff members who cannot understand their customers.I used to go to this place and used to like it. Unfortunately, this place has been taken from my list, and I would never recommend it to anyone. It's clear that they don't care about their customers, as the reviews show how many customers have been mistreated. This is the worst place to be in Soho.
Zekaryas S.
17:04 07 May 23
I recently visited this establishment, and unfortunately, it was a terrible experience. My last visit to this place was just so out of order. I ordered a...
Eric Alexander
17:07 03 Apr 23
Visited London for a week and had a Hotel 2 minutes away from here. I tried going 3 times and was looked up and down by the security guard and was told that they were closed every time even after seeing people inside 2 hours prior to closing.
Daniel Smith-Castillo
23:00 02 Apr 23
Passed by twice and said they were closed. If you want in, dress immaculate. If not, don’t bother. They will say they are closed.
Ben Davies
15:04 16 Feb 23
Staff were rude. Payed no attention and was not the slightest bit welcoming. Got served by tall skinny Asian guy who I believe scammed us with the alcohol in our drinks. Ordered brandy and was given something under the bar and not from the shelf. There was clearly no Alcohol in our drinks. To test the theory we asked another bar man for drinks and was completely fine he took the alcohol from the shelf and our drinks tasted alcoholic. BEWARE OF THE OTHER BAR MAN!!The only saving grace for this venue was the DJ. Friendly and played great music.
Ross Robinson
22:45 08 Dec 22
Stinks of smoke!!People smoking at the doors and blows right in my clothes stunk when leaving this place!Not good for non-smokers!!
arzan pack
17:41 12 Oct 22
if you visit the bar make sure don't meet the old creepy man they call allan you'll hate that place because of him !Trust Me!
Anais Ruddock (Hi)
13:28 15 Sep 22
Absolutely Filthy, bathrooms are not clean, no space to even breathe and rude misogynistic owner who tried to put his hands on me. Avoid like the plague.
Adam Williams
19:24 10 Sep 22
It's a shame because I used to like coming here but they refused to let me and a few of my friends in because we aren't "regularly customers". The bouncers were really rude and unreasonable, I won't come here again it's a shame
Lia Gutierrez
21:41 04 Aug 22
Aaron was amazing!! He took care of us and was so lovely and attentive. Thanks guys!
21:09 20 Jul 22
A great pub, the waiters are amazing but the bar was empty and we went to ask the dj for some songs, and with a lot of attitude and contempt, he told us that he did not make requests. A pity since we could have been there but we left. We are regular customers on the weekend but not recommended on weekdays, always empty.
Diego G
08:05 10 Jun 22
The place is so small you can barely move and drinks are overpriced. The owner is a creepy old man who is there almost every night perving on younger guys and DJs are terrible.London gay scene isn’t great anymore and this place shows just why.
Leandro F. Cabello
11:45 09 May 22
Had the best night here! Good vibes, good music, and amazing service from the bar staff, especially Nuno, who was great and always attentive to us.Will certainly be back again soon.
Alain Falzon Rubio
19:47 06 May 22
To be honest I’ve been there so many times and the team has always welcomed me with a big smile. Specifically Parves and Nuno have been so kind and serviceable that is a pleasure to spend time in circa and feel so special. 100% recommended guys!
Krzysztof Kolasinski
15:19 06 May 22
Went to Circa many times and I’ve never been disappointed. Great vibe and nice staff. Thanks to Nuno for a great experience last time. Definitely recommend this place if you’re ever “lost” in soho:)
Ghost Trifonov
09:33 06 May 22
Every time when I come to this place I’m surprised how welcoming the security is , having in mind how tuned and arrogant all the others security in soho are. Once when you get in, bar staff is wonderful. Great service and always really friendly and make you laugh - set yourMood sky high. Nuno is the best one behind the bar ( not like the rest aren’t ) just he remembers what guest are drinking and how they like their drinks. No waiting - just eye contact and a smile and he already is preparing your drink ! Amazing place and the best in soho ! Defo will go back
Luís Teixeira
07:40 06 May 22
Iconic spot with amazing staff. People like Nuno make it an even more pleasant place.
23:09 04 May 22
More gay bars but less attitude please!I walked in and stood by the empty bar completely invisible to a barman who just played with his phone. When I said "excuse me..." after hanging there and walking back and forth for a while, his surprised look basically made me feel like I should not have been there and I disturbed him.Circa, pretty interiors is not everything. Less attitude please or just train your bartenders and tell them to leave their attitude outside the the bar!
Charmaine Francis
09:49 24 Apr 22
There are so many better Bars in Soho so the fact that the security supervisor Sergio and his team choose to bully potential clients by saying that only regulars and booked groups can drink at the establishment is crazy and in this day and age dangerous for continuing business. Early evening the prices are high, later on the security team are obnoxious go somewhere with a better vibe they discriminate!!!!!
dan zee
19:09 19 Mar 22
I love this place but it has changed. Nice atmosphere, great security staff. Reasonable prices but bar staff are rude and they are talking in another language in front of customers. It comes across as if they talking about us in front of us. I did not enjoy being there today and my pint glasses were not filled up properly. Maybe they should concentrate more on providing good customer service rather than having fun with each other.
Kieran Corbitt
15:26 30 Nov 21
Bartender tried to make out with me by forcing me into the toilets. Unprofessional - avoid unless that's your kind of thing..
shahoo salavati
19:44 15 Nov 21
Everything is brilliant just the owner is too much and if he could be not there should be the best bar in soho !
Saro Maz
14:34 27 Oct 21
Very nice atmosphere. Security by the door very polite professional and welcoming. DOWNSIDE stuff behind the bar not very friendly, instead of acknowledging customers they are busy talking to each other. I have been there 5 times each time I have asked our drinks to be double they have charged for doubles but clearly I could see it was single shots. Instead of chitchatting they should concentrate not making mistakes. I’m sorry but this has to be mentioned management need to be are aware give training to staff if needed. Great DJ, love the music 👍
Amelia Drake
09:54 16 May 21
Had a great night here! Daniel was great at noticing when glasses were empty and getting more drinks in for us. The atmosphere was great and all the staff super friendly. Will definitely be coming back!!
Tomas Mozola
15:54 09 May 21
This bar never disappoints. It's fun, with friendly staff and good vibes! The food is great, too! For sure the best gay bar in Soho!
Béres Nikolett
12:40 05 May 21
I definitely recommend this place!!I went there last Sunday with my friends and the disco music they played was very cool. The staff is friendly, everyone was very nice! :)Can not recommend enough 🙂
Emma Walsh
19:28 01 May 21
Amazing pub, dani is great!!
Max Roberts
20:11 30 Apr 21
Always have the best time here. The manager Daniel is an absolute sweetheart, always super accommodating and his staff are always super friendly and welcoming. Special shout-out to Jake and Martin for always coming through with the best drink recommendations 😍
James Harrison
18:07 24 Apr 21
Wonderful bar with great staff who are always on their A game, welcoming and lively, and any place that has cafe patron on the shots list is a winner! The staff have always been beyond accommodating especially during these past times, Daniel and Jake are dreams. Always and forever (not Alyssa Edwards) Circa 👍🍻🍷🍾
Adam G
13:41 24 Apr 21
If you book a table don’t count on getting it. Completely ruined our first night out after a very hard year which was meticulously planned until Circa decide to bump us.. We all appreciate the current hard times however they are hard for many of us and in our own lines of business however that is not an excuse for treating loyal and regular customers in this way. 4 p!55ed off customers that won’t be back when times get better!
Tarahis Fernández
19:45 23 Apr 21
Dani provided the best service ever. Really happy with the customer service in general. Will definitely be back again.
Kate Mornard
17:05 23 Apr 21
Best service, best people, best drinks, best vibes , best location 🥳🥳
rayan donsey
20:12 29 Jan 21
I like the crowd here but the staff is horrendous. The owner is unpleasant, rude and obnoxious. Often invading our tables and striking long conversations about him. Same goes for the unfriendly bartenders who work on the floor.The bar manager is decent and tries to fix issues with his customers but that owner really needs to stay away...
09:58 20 Sep 20
Made a booking. Confirmed it. Then on the night was told rudely they were full and unable to fulfill the booking obligation. Not even apologetic for their unprofessionalism. Thankfully there are many, better bars literally around the corner.
Pete Wilks
16:08 15 Aug 20
Super friendly lovely staff. Nice outdoor seating area. Great table service.
Lukas Prata
23:19 01 Aug 20
Nice place, some guys of the staff could be a bit nicer, but it’s one of my favourite places in London
Nathan L.
01:47 18 Dec 12
I'm 34, so this place isn't really for me. 10 years ago maybe. But at my age I need a cloakroom, space to actually breathe and bar staff don't have an...
Chad E.
02:49 27 Jul 12
Circa, from Latin, meaning "around" or meaning "approximately" in the English language, usually referring to a date. I'm not sure the inspiration behind the...
Natalie P.
01:33 22 Jun 12
My friend and I popped in here the other week before going for a meal to grab a quick drink - and fortunately it was happy hour so cocktails were called for...
Janice L.
04:35 06 Jun 12
I would give this place a 3.5 since the bartenders were hot stuff. the over flooded bathroom in the dungeon is NAGL, not to mention that there were only 2...

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