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City Of Quebec

London's oldest LGBTQIA+ venue

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Join us in our vibrant pub – from brunch and lunch, to beer and bar snacks we also stay open for those on a big night out. We’re open for any occasion!

A pub that can morph through the day. From brunch and lunch, to beer and bar snacks, as well as the place to be for a big night out. Perfect for any time and any occasion.



City of Quebec
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Kevin Douglas
22:53 20 Sep 23
I loved my time at this pub! Tania LeCoq was a fabulous host of karaoke night, and she is the best singer I’ve ever heard in my life. An amazing spot for all your pubbing needs. Good pizza too!
Ralph Lane
22:48 12 Sep 23
Visited today, good gay returned atmosphere at last ,, great enthusiastic team pleased to inform us of the new events plus the hope of the return of the downstairs club area..Needs all our support and encouragement for a revival of good times
Lauren Nixon
00:43 11 Sep 23
Popped in after wandering around London all day absolutely exhausted from the heat. Ordered a Cherry Bakewell cocktail. It wasn’t my favourite cocktail I’ve had but the person that served me was super friendly and I was simply grateful to sit down somewhere in the shade! It was quiet when I was there but that’s a blessing in disguise in the hustle n bustle of central London. Nice wee bar and would definitely pop in again next Im in London, find myself a cocktail I will like better! 🍻
Ioannis Klaras
23:53 09 Sep 23
The place is in its best, very clean, tidy, and nicely decorated. The drag shows are absolutely amazing (and they offer a variety, which is good). The staff is kind and the service is spotless. Overall the atmosphere is great and I would recomend it for a great night out.
Terence Rodia
17:22 03 Sep 23
I felt unsafe in this bar. As a gay man i decided to use the women’s cubicle and shortly after entering the bar 2 security staff barged in and told me to leave the bathroom, and I should use the urinals as I am a man, and if I was seen in the women’s again I would be kicked out.In 2023 this kind of behavior from a homophobic security is unacceptable.
Tony Smith
20:35 05 Jul 23
Music far too loud. You cannot hear yourself think. It is quite early in the evening.Not sure how much you pay the drag doing the Karaoke but you need a refund. Cannot understand a word she says and is not funny at all. You need a professional like Chris at Central Station back here.I won't be coming here again on a Wednesday evening. Embarrassing.
Cynthia Umurerwa
20:39 07 Jun 23
Amazing people, delicious pizza and an atmosphere to die for. I'd definitely recommend if you're in Marble Arch and want to have a cheeky drink and good vibes!
Michelle LI
16:09 30 May 23
We stumbled upon a drag show and Sissy Lea was performing. Amazing show, love her attitude. Good vibe in the pub. The price for drinks are reasonable. We had a blast.
Maureen Makromallis
10:26 15 May 23
Four of us lunched here yesterday, Sunday May 14th. The tables outside were all occupied so we dined inside. We explained that one of the party worked locally and had less than an hour to eat. The staff couldn't have been more accommodating. After he left the other three of us moved outside and spent a very pleasant couple of hours drinking and watching the world go by!
Tina (SleepyQueenTina)
00:30 13 Apr 23
Seriously, best Wednesday night ever! Sending love all the way from NY,USA we had a great time singing and dancing with u! Hopefully we can get another free shot when we come back next year 🤪😂
Jemma Rowlston
19:25 02 Apr 23
Love this pub. The staff are friendly and the entertainment is classic. Always a fun chill night out in the centre of the city! Thanks all!
John Winterbottom
16:30 07 Mar 23
Have always had friendly service here though no real ale only expensive lagers etc. Mixed crowd midday and afternoon but cannot comment on evenings but appreciate it can be busy. Evenings likely very different (from my experience of 10 years ago!!)
Matthew James
12:45 20 Feb 23
Great central gay bar, very close to Marble Arch. Visited on a Sunday evening, so it was really quiet, which we actually liked. Staff were friendly and gave us a good laugh. The music was good too.
Elizateb Kostadinova
17:17 03 Jan 23
I visited this bar for the first and last time.The girl working behind the bar was extremely rude and unprofessional. I ordered a double whiskey and water and she poured the water into my whiskey. When I brought attention to what she was serving me her reaction was to look me dead in the eye and say "what?". She almost broke the glass in the sink while pouring her wrong order. The next whiskey poured at me with unprecedented fury. I felt like she wanted to break the bottle off my head. On top of all that, she poured me water from the tap when I wanted bottled.Avoid this place if you don't want to feel like you are an unwanted guest.
Paul White
23:07 20 Dec 22
Went there and hardly any gay people there. The place was straight playing loud drum and bass and garage music with heavy hip hop also. Avoid this place as its not a nice traditional gay bar like they advertise
Matthew “THEW” Elwart
11:23 13 Dec 22
I'm giving 5 stars even tho I had 1 small issue but it's really my own issue being a bartender myself in a liquor driven city. I was not happy with the measured pour. Not sure if it's regulated thing or a bar owner thing but I felt a bit ripped off by the tiny pour.Other than that the staff was friendly, quick and knew their drinks. The bar itself seemed fun and festive for the season.Overall I enjoyed myself that's why 5 stars.
Eddie Douglas
22:36 21 Nov 22
This pub used to be my favorite gay friendly bar. Not anymore, now it is a normal bar that cater for everyone! Shame…however staff are friendly.
Kezzii Anderson-Hedley
14:29 14 Nov 22
Went there yesterday afternoon with my wife and a couple of friends. It was quiet, staff were friendly. The food was okay. I was a little surprised that they only did pizzas, but they tasted alright.
09:18 06 Nov 22
Went there last night, what a mistake this was. Music was indian/arabic earblowing and way to loud for the number of guests, conversation was impossible. Staff is nice, but out of place. This is not a gay venue, this is a nice goodlooking local bar struggling to be something they are not, a club. Be a bar, put your volume down, get it back to the way it was once, when parties where there in an instant...
01:11 31 Oct 22
Nice for the weekend it's a very historical gay bar and drag queen shows are always enjoyable always be yourself nice beverage optionsPs, my favourite drag “Candy” must watch and enjoy your time with her!
Julio C.
07:13 06 Oct 22
Was in this bar for like an hour, and then some bartender told me I couldn't wear my hat inside. After an hour? Pretty shitty. I left after that. I...
British Wolf
17:52 09 Sep 22
Well Dani is the best guy ever i met in your pub he is very friendly and he is best guy ever you can get perfect customer service.always happy always positive in his role so sad to see him leaving ! I think will not be same seeing him leavening xxx
Re Ni
18:34 13 Aug 22
Nice place to be, superfriendly stuff..maybe some more ashtrays for the outside please...
Matt Smith
07:25 04 Aug 22
Decent bar. But you wait ages to be served, and then they charge slightly higher prices after 11, on the same drinks you've had before...
ELIAS Ilshaeer
00:13 10 Jun 22
Fantastic service and excellent atmosphere, specially Megan ,she is doing good job dealing with customers and making the bar run smoothly. We always have great time and making us comfortable, when she is working .
Dave Fletcher
10:49 08 May 22
Arrived at 20.15 on a Saturday with a friend and we were asked to pay to enter by the 2 security staff. Strange as the fee to enter ended at 20.00 so why are customers being asked to pay after this time and why no receipt or ticket to be issued. We just went into the bar but not a good experience. Additionally I had an empty water bottle which I was prevented from bringing in by the same security staff. While I can understand if it contained water, this was empty. I refill with water at a train station when going home in the early hours. Never an issue anywhere else or prior to last night at this bar. Service, as usual was excellent and bar tenders were very attentive.
Yago Vitor
21:34 04 May 22
Tania LeCoq is a fabulous Queen and just my FAVOURITE. Love the bar staff too. Great bar
ELIAS Ilshaeer
23:22 28 Apr 22
Fantastic service and excellent atmosphere, specially Megan ,she is doing good job dealing with customers and making the bar run smoothly. We always have great time and making us comfortable, when she is working .
Blair Erskine
22:49 19 Apr 22
Great pub! Great entertainment.Megan looked after us and was an asset to the team
Chinaman Bar
13:39 26 Mar 22
Spent a great night in this venue, singing and dancing. Gay bar but very welcoming to all. Lady manager Megan was brilliant, firm but fair! (We were a bit drunk) definitely recommend
Fábio Ribeiro
21:56 24 Mar 22
Nice Pub with a great atmosphere. Great staff and amazing pizzas. Definitely I’m coming back.
Diana Cipriano
21:41 24 Mar 22
Went there with my partner the place is welcoming. The music and atmosphere was spot on. The 3 bartenders who were serving Brandon, Meghan, and Carlos we’re amazing and super friendly drinks never came late. Would defo recommend best pub I’ve been to.
Rhoda Wade
13:51 11 Mar 22
Visited this Tuesday with my daughter. Only had two lemon/lime very well presented ice straws clean sparkly glasses.Two ordinary women one 45 and one 78 who enjoyed a quiet drink. Thank you.Probably not your usual clientele..
Luke Stamps
01:34 06 Mar 22
I’ve been in many pubs and gay pubs in my life, and I have to say it’s probably the worst. Firstly, everyone was overtly masculine, and in a toxic way. The music was horrific. Avoid this place on a Saturday night. It could be better when there is drag queens
22:45 05 Mar 22
Went here to watch a drag performance which was very fun. There was some confusion with the seating but it was resolved in the end. Great service, nice drinks and pizzas. 😺
Steven Brett (Blue)
23:01 19 Feb 22
Sticky proper old gay bar, but you know? It's a really fun night out! Bar staff are very easy on the eye too 😉
Syd Eats
19:32 06 Feb 22
Tourist trap. Great staff - but overpriced drinks, sticky floor and sad crowd. Not bad for a quick one on the way home but wouldn't recommend.
Eudis Anjos
23:36 03 Feb 22
Straight bar with nice music until around 10:30 when it begins to play only hip hop r&b. It is good, but nothing of what I read online. It worth a go at least. 😉It was empty in a Thursday evening until midnight
Rob Morgan
12:34 01 Jan 22
Yesterday was my first visit back to the Quebec in about 6 years, but it was a really great evening. The staff were very friendly and the service was quick. Will definitely have to make more of an effort to head down that end of Oxford Street again soon.
Riccardo Fabrizio
20:06 30 Dec 21
Nice and cozy pub, LGBTQ friendly. Staff is nice, selection of classic beers and a little more. Good tea, pizza is on the menu too. Always a pleasure to visit.
James Lovell
13:50 17 Dec 21
Wandered in after visiting Hyde Park at lunch time and its a cracking little pub. It's a gay bar (we didn't know) not that it made an once of difference. Staff were great and music was better...a tad pricey (£14 for a pint and a wine) but that's London these days I guess
piotr wrobel
00:47 15 Dec 21
Update your opening hours. Coming at 00.30am on Tuesday to be told it's closed ( at 01.00) so can't come in, when on Google says 2.30am. Safe my time going somewhere else instead.
Michael Case
20:02 13 Dec 21
A cozy small gay bar just off Oxford Street that has been here for a long time (since 1946!). Acceptable beer selection and very attentive service. They serve pizzas, which we didn't try. Seem to be a number of regulars and the occasional tourist wondering by. Nice place to stop in for a beer to get away from the rush of Oxford Street.
Lera F.
10:55 08 Dec 21
Came here on a Thursday evening and I was blown away - wow, so many people, even after midnight! Apparently it closes all the way at 3:30am even on...
Carolina Araujo
21:22 05 Dec 21
I love it. The environment is amazing staff really friendly. I had really a good time there thank you.
Marty-joe Ryan
11:48 05 Dec 21
Clare and myself popped in for some drinks after a cracking afternoon/ evening at Winter Wonderland. A great friendly bunch behind the bar, we were well looked after and one of the first places I've found Corona beer on tap by the pint. Thanks for a great end to our trip people. Check out Alan's Jameson's Whiskey hot chocolate with orange and a huge dollop of thick cream on the top... Very naughty, but deliciously worth it! Bravo.
Leighton Rees
18:15 01 Dec 21
Recently went to this venue for a few drinks and there was a show on.Absolutely fantastic Drag King act by Louis Cyfer.Best drag act I've seen in London for years.Staff were excellent as ever, even when busy they go out if their way to make you feel welcome.Thanks ALL for a fantastic evening
Ryan Spears
22:32 13 Nov 21
This place is awesome. I was looked after by bartender Megan who was so knowledgeable, accommodating and sweet she made me feel like VIP thanks Megan.This place use to be old and ugly but it appears to be progressing. Employ more staff like Megan she is awesome, dedicated and treates u like a VIP. THANKS MEGAN FOR AN AWESOME NIGHT
John Frederick George Ignatius Wilson
15:20 01 Nov 21
Just had a Pizza here to die for!!! Seriously the best ever!!!Assistant Manager and barman so welcoming and helpful. Thank-you so much!!!
Snejina Stoyanova
22:11 31 Oct 21
Great place, lovely staff. Brandon and Megan were amazing. Would definitely come back
Panzani C (Vblogger)
23:50 16 Oct 21
The funny boys Drag show was a cheap quality, rip off show! First they made us sit in the corner from where we couldn't see. Then they kept asking us for money for every little thing including bingo and games that was supposed to be part of the ticket. The prosecco glass was a joke. Pizza was OK..Not sure what we paid for. And besides the venue was a pub. My friends weren't happy or impressed either.. especially at the end after they ripped us off, they came begging us for tips. Don't waste your time here!
Bruce Bunn
12:02 10 Oct 21
What a fun place! Some really great drag shows and good pizza.
MaryAnne Evans
14:42 04 Oct 21
Went and played bingo with the drag queens who were all so lovely, never been to a drag show before and certainly wasn't disappointed! Would love to go again
Ben Collins
00:36 14 Sep 21
All ways a nice evening spent at the Quebec, especially the extended outside area for those warm summer nights.
00:01 05 Sep 21
Called and said it was open till 3… got here at 12 and got thrown onto the street! Called earlier and she said was open till 3am but was not the case, very bad service
Nigel Harvey
09:39 19 Aug 21
Pleasant area outside to enjoy your drinks. A bit pricy. Obviously not recovered from pandemic.
Michael Connolly
20:17 29 Jul 21
Nice place. Excellent staff. Sone of the clientele were a bit forward. Guy called Arnold couldn't take his eyes off me.
Just A Typical Dreamer JATD
00:54 22 Jul 21
Nice staff. Decent space. Good location too, but also nice and quiet location not on a busy street.
Mark Daniel
14:42 10 Jul 21
Thought I'd pop in for a quick pint. Was told to scan a app... that was no problem and then the doorman started asking questions about the NHS app and vaccination etc... I went to a different pub instead. Just a weird experience. I won't be back. Good luck.
22:56 26 Jun 21
Attended with some friends recently hoping to have an enjoyable evening:Was greeted by a rude gent at the front entry point. We should have recognised that as an insight to the general level of customer service but we proceeded nonetheless! Food was cold and lacked flavour nor did the customer service improve. Would only return if all other pubs in the area were closed!!!PS: this is my local.....should have listen to my neighbours!
Alex lee
12:17 26 Jun 21
Fantastic for a quiet relaxed drink and chat. Lovely staff and nice interior. Well done for keeping the anti-maskers at bay.
18:24 24 Jun 21
Great pub with amazing pizzas. Nice team members working on Monday called Shane, Alan & Sky
Stephen Bartlett
13:11 20 Jun 21
Handy, close to the tube, good atmosphere, usually plenty of room .Shame the kitchen closed so early on a Friday
Krzysztof Dorosz
21:45 18 Jun 21
I was part of the event downstairs today which was very well organised and despite following all the Government rules and guidelines we had an amazing time and I most certainly will be back here. Nothing would be so amazing if we were not looked after by Anton he was always there around and making sure we well hydrated and fed - thanks, Anton.
14:42 17 Jun 21
A lovely venue. Very warm and welcoming. Really great pizzas too!
Skankhunt 43
16:03 09 May 21
Good location, unfortunately the food isn’t up to any standard. I asked for the chicken wings and they were microwaved 🤢I paid £7 for them and ate 1. Poor
Glen Brett
15:48 25 Apr 21
Really great outside space. But no heaters so bring a jumper or a blanket. Great pizzas and friendly staff
Alan Stuart
23:12 26 Nov 20
Great LGBTQ venue near Hyde Park with great pizzas and Quiz on a Thursday
John brien
22:24 29 Sep 20
Need to clean there taps. Beer is horribleI mean clean every single tap. Plus no karrioke anymore which is mental. Especially if this good pub Quebec wants to survive.
Christine Rees
15:43 11 Sep 20
Bar on a side walkway, super close to Oxford st and the shops. It has an outdoor area with plenty of seating.Food is served here also. I didnt try anything but what came out of the kitchen looked niceThe staff are friendly and service is prompt.Great music playing which is always a winner for me.Clean and a great variety of drinks.
Andrew Gregg
15:53 15 Aug 20
More staff then customers was lovely and cool with the air conditioning then somebody turned it up to warm
Tom And Edward W.
12:44 12 Jan 20
Nice spot. Not too many people there, but it was a Sunday afternoon. Bartender didn't seem to know much about the UK beers and steered me to the US beers...
Miguel Ángel Gómez Polo
22:08 22 Dec 19
Lovely place! Highly recommended. I arrived to London two years ago and this was one of the first places I visited frequently. And I still do, even if not as frequently as before. The guys and ladies at the bar have always been kind and helpful. I feel here like at home! I had more pictures but not on the phone anymore 😂😂
La Juania M.
05:08 13 Oct 19
Just an ok bar went on a Wednesday evening. We were in an area looking for the closest bar and we came upon this one. The fact that it was a gay bar didn't...
FoodSnoop A.
17:45 21 Feb 17
The City of Quebec was the closest place to us. Not being from London we thought we would check out the scene. The set up was a little odd with a long bar...

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