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Club Café a leader in Boston Nightlife Entertainment for nearly three decades has an all new look, sound and feel. This Boston Landmark boasts a top rated restaurant, cabaret & dance club. Open 7 nights per week.



Club Café
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Tyaisha A.
14:50 04 Apr 24
This place is awesome food, drinks and music all in one place is perfect. Go for brunch on Saturday and Sunday or dinner and a late night drink and dancing....
James A.
19:59 23 Mar 24
Visited Boston for the weekend -- a waste of $15 for the cover charge! Unheard of in NYC, LA, Chicago, DC. So disappointed by the quality of the staff and...
fernando laguna
06:23 08 Mar 24
It is the worst bar you can go to, I went with my partner and we are both from NYC, bouncer just looked at my partner's ID and let it go and she looked my ID and had it for a long time trying to see if it was fake. Then she put it into the ID review machine, I have no problem with them reviewing the ID but why is it that if my partner is white they didn't check anything and because I am Latino I look too much to see if it was fake or something, I remember that I jokingly told the girl who is at security, did you find any flaws in it or do you think it's fake, because do I and my partner have the same ID, hello, we're from NYC.
George Carrasquillo
20:17 02 Mar 24
Went on a Saturday night with my best friend while in Boston. Crazy cover charge (it's not in L.A., come on 😤). The people vibe was WAY better than West Hollywood, but...worst DJ Ive heard in a while (A for effort, though) and no dancers (!!!) We were baffled, so I asked: dancer boxes would take up too much space on the dance floor. But people were not really dancing on the floor 😬 I've been on the weekdays before, I'll stick to that 😉
Jillian Amato
12:34 02 Mar 24
Came here to see a friend perform. Great atmosphere, friendly staff, food was terrific. We just did salad and appetizers. The beet and Butternut squash salad was so good. I also enjoyed the calamari and chicken basket.
Tania Campos
15:01 04 Feb 24
This place is my favorite. One of my favorite clubs to go to in Boston, been going since the pandemic lifted. However , god forbidden you ask the bartenders for water, they’re very passive aggressive about it. Maybe it was just a bad night.
19:12 10 Jan 24
Delicious cocktails and lovely decor make this an incredible late night hang out spot. Definitely going to stop by for the Trivia nights and the Karaoke 👏🏾
Kay Loverde
06:01 06 Jan 24
This place is amazing. I'm stunned by how awesome it is every time I come back. Was there for NYE. The atmosphere was electric. Also got food before the ball drop. Food was good and service fast.I only wish it was wheelchair accessible. That step at the front door is an issue.
Kajayla Boyd
06:00 06 Jan 24
The food is great, so are the drinks. But the atmosphere is absolutely horrible if you aren’t a white male. We were bullied by two security guards who stood around my friends and me all night for no apparent reason. As a black woman I was one of 4, and began to feel extremely uncomfortable when two security guards approached us very aggressively. We spend over $200 in the cafe, yet we were treated like second class citizens. I am extremely disgusted by this behavior as I did nothing to harm or threaten them in any way. I am a regular here and will NEVER return as a result of the security guards’ behavior. If you are a brown person, you should steer clear of this place.
Anne Clemons
01:38 03 Jan 24
My partner and I stopped in for drinks and dinner and had a very pleasant experience. Staff was delightful and helpful. Food was great- recommend the fried calamari! Cocktails could’ve been a touch stronger.
Brandon M.
08:33 31 Dec 23
Skeptical I was... ever so skeptical. I'm from the Midwest and transplanted in the PNW... tell me there is a "club cafe" where you can drink / eat /...
Anonymous Anonymous
17:49 24 Dec 23
Place has gone way down hill over the years. The bar is always filled with straight breeders, takes away the gay vibe used to have.Security is a joke here, rude obnoxious and lie to throw you out if they get a chance. Bartenders are hit and miss … nice to your face when there but wouldn’t say boo to you on the street. Servers are hit and miss as well. When get rude or little service the tip reflects how generous I’ll give. Sometimes a big fat zero !!!Prices of food is ridiculous for the portion as well. Prices for mixed drinks is standard but a ripoff as well. They use all smaller glasses filled with ice to give as little as possible yet you pay the price.Save your self a lot of money.Eat out somewhere be for coming hereGet your buzz on at home before spending it hereHave a cocktail here at cafe nurse it then drink soda the rest of the stay.Maybe get a appetizer.
Marcus W.
22:39 21 Dec 23
An absolute garbage establishment. Awful cocktails, bad music, and basic go go dancers reign here. Find somewhere else to have fun in Boston!
Wren Lee
12:19 12 Dec 23
To be honest, I haven’t been here a ton for any club nights. So I’ll be talking about the restaurant.I had the truffle gnocchi, and it was amazing. So full of flavor! And the gnocchi wasn’t too hard or soft; just the right texture.The server was so nice and friendly too
Matt H.
20:59 02 Dec 23
Gays do not go. This is not a gay space anymore. Not worth your time or money. Boycott this place. Not a gay place anymore. I would vote 0Starts if I could.
David G.
11:18 25 Nov 23
We went there for the all you can eat Thanksgiving dinner because some of the proceeds went to the Boston Living Center. It was horrible. There was a bone...
Hussain Hassan
06:05 19 Nov 23
I was visiting Boston and came here two nights- on a Thursday and a Saturday. Great service! If you’d like to come on a Saturday, I’d suggest to arrive by 11:30 to avoid waiting in a long line outside. Also, there was a lady in a jean jacket who was stamping guests as they arrived in, and she was extremely rude. The rest of the staff was wonderful, but she was very off putting and was not welcoming at all.
Marissa O.
22:38 16 Nov 23
This is my first yelp review ever in many years of owning this app because I have never felt this strongly about a place to write a review. I wish ZERO...
Nicole Sindoni
03:09 04 Nov 23
Literally loved this place and felt so safe here previously. Recently, my friend came into the bathroom stall with me, not knowing it was a rule you couldn’t as she happens to not read the sign (not everyone read every sign). After I was on the toilet, we were told one of us has to get out. My friend did not hear (bars are loud!) and I was NAKED On the toilet so why would she have opened the door? Once I was done she immediately left the stall. My friend was kicked out even though I tried to explain to multiple people that I was on the toilet so why would she have opened the door. Every single person I explained this to said she should’ve seen the signs on the stalls that only one person could go in and she should’ve come out immediately even though I explained I was naked at the time. They said that didn’t matter because it’s a gender neutral bathroom. Just because a bathroom is gender neutral doesn’t mean I want anyone seeing my naked body (hence why we have stalls in single gender bathrooms). No one listened to our perspective, which was extremely reasonable, and so we all left. Again, I loved this place as one of the only gay bars in Boston that also has a female audience, but I am very disappointed that this happened.
Théo Biamonte
15:31 25 Oct 23
Club Café was packed and there didn't seem to be a limit on the amount of people allowed into a space. Ya boy doesn't mind the bump and grind of a crowded dance floor(actually prefer it sometimes). But I had definitive trouble actually getting to the door out of the room to get more drinks.After a while, it became more enjoyable to just drink and wait for the rest of the group to get done, it didn't take long, I think they were just as glad to get out of there.But and it's a huge butt, all of the bartenders were awesome. The ones I got didn't know the ingredients for some of the drinks I asked for, but actually got out their phone to look it up. That I love. They could have just nixed it and asked me to choose something else. Top shelf service.Food wise I only had the sweet potato fries, being the vegan that has to eat whenever I go out, I'm quite determined to find something delicious no matter where we go and they did have the options. But sweet potato fries are the immediate choice whenever I see them on the menu, and theirs did not disappoint. Neither did the servers with a gigantic section to cover. But their team seemed to have a really good flow and every knew the distinctions of their roles.I'd suggest this place as the early stop in the night before finding a less crowded place to dance. Or vice versa if that's you're thing 😉
K Whiteaker
19:17 13 Oct 23
Super fun place!! I got the greek salad and it was pretty good:) they’ve got fun events too (we went for drag bingo). servers were nice and i appreciate the gender neutral bathrooms!
19:06 08 Oct 23
I loved this place! I got invited by a friend to attend their Thursday night open mic, and then I went into the nightclub area. I loved it! Customer service was amazing, food was amazing, security was professional and present, and the women were beautiful! I loved it!
Joe G.
18:50 01 Oct 23
On 8/31/2023 A Waiter named Micheal W. had the nerve to ask for my credit card when I ordered my food. I observed him not asking white patrons for their...
Nora G.
03:00 30 Sep 23
I have always loved visiting club cafe for a fun judgement free night with fellow queer folks. However, I was recently kicked out while hanging out casually...
Ronald Bynum
19:01 20 Sep 23
Cool place to come for a night out or even for events! I have not tried the food here, ONLY Drinks, so I can not give a valid opinion of the food. try to get there before 10 pm to avoid the cover charge.
Brandon Gendron
02:11 17 Sep 23
This used to be my go to club and as of recent it has been completely ruined by the security. I understand that security is needed but it honestly feels like we’re being watched by the FBI. I had three drinks and stepped outside to vape with a friend and wasn’t allowed back in because I hit my foot on the step up from the side walk and slightly tripped. I caught myself but was told I was too drunk and stumbling which is untrue. My friend was later also thrown out for coughing in the bathroom but security accused him of throwing up. This makes me seriously consider whether to renew my VIP membership as it seems that every time I go here security has an issue with my friends and I. On a different occasion my friends and I were threatened to be thrown out simply for standing by the table near the bathroom hallway waiting for our other friend in the bathroom. We ended up leaving that night and going to a different gay bar that did not treat us like criminals.
Dakota P.
21:23 19 Aug 23
There was so much surveillance by security interrupting my friends in the bathroom and the manager treated us all awfully. We are a group of various queer...
Ant Wirjo
23:55 30 Jul 23
Dropped by on Friday night and had the best time! Can’t comment on the food but we had a blast drinking and dancing! Everyone was friendly, music started off a little meh but got better throughout the night.
Maggie Parker
13:21 23 Jul 23
Here to echo what many other reviews have brought to light — an incredibly rude and disrespectful staff and security team. Seems like they are especially heinous towards women and mine and my friends’ experience really amplify that. A friend of mine entered the bathroom stall with her other female friend for approximately five seconds to hand her a tampon (mind you, men had been doing actual drugs on the dance floor and I’ve seen other people in stalls together for much longer and security paid them no attention). Security knocked once while my friend was actively using the bathroom and so she didn’t open the door right away and when they came out they immediately kicked us out claiming we were ignoring their warnings and were “too drunk” despite all of us being perfectly able to articulate why they were in the stall and did not answer right away. Despite this, they kept arguing and insisting we were too drunk and had to leave and saying really insensitive comments. It sucks that this place is hailed as such a staple gay bar in the city and yet is not a welcoming environment whatsoever for women and security acts like cops for no real reason, you would think a place that represents itself as being for marginalized people would do better.
Aimee I.
09:28 23 Jul 23
Okay, your experience here probably varies widely on the day you go, I've gone and had a great time, other times I've gone and it wasn't worth the $15 cover...
Kennedy Castillo
18:32 19 Jul 23
I was in Boston for 4 nights. I went to Club Cafe the first night I was there, a Saturday night, and fell in love with the place. The dancing and the music were awesome!! I proceeded to visit the bar the following three nights. Sunday night was chill and fun. Monday night drag bingo was a blast. Tuesday night trivia was well attended and entertaining. The food is amazing, not at all like typical bar food. The desserts (blueberry white chocolate cheesecake and the chocolate cake--I was with a friend, so we shared, heehee): mouth-watering. I was only in Boston for a short time, but Club Cafe really felt like a home away from home. I actually teared up as I left the final night I was there. I truly cannot wait to go back!!
Leonardo Silva
01:50 09 Jul 23
AWFUL service. Waiter asked me to pay the check right after he brought the food. He said it was because he leaving, yet he stayed at the restaurant. He told me he would bring someone else to serve me, but I never saw the new waiter again. Before I finished my meal, 2 other members of the crew came by and asked me to move to another table. I decided to leave and told the manager about the situation. He rolled his eyes and mumbled “sorry…”. Seat people and manage your damn space! Other restaurants seem to manage that easily. I went to the Trophy Room and got much better service there. Never coming back.
Preston S.
10:20 05 Jul 23
We had a lovely time here on Sunday night. They had a DJ that played decent music for dancing. I would definitely return.
Jeremy Wright
22:49 23 Jun 23
Great atmosphere, friendly staff - ask for THE duke, appetizers and drinks were good.
Rebeccah L.
09:34 22 Jun 23
Queens were gorgeous. Ambiance was delightful. Dancing was fun.
Kate G.
20:56 15 Jun 23
Security personnel could not be more rude and indignant. Treated incredibly poorly by staff here on the dance floor. I'm okay with cut and dry, with...
Cameron B
17:02 11 Jun 23
Bartenders are extremely rude. Matt deserves to be fired with the way he disrespects customers. After getting our drinks, he started flipping us off. Any other establishment an employee would’ve been fired. Honestly despicable, especially given how much we spent tonight. Manager did not care whatsoever when we voiced our concerns. We’ve gone here weekly, and we won’t be returning. **Go to Blend, DBAR, or Legacy! Much better staff, never have had an issue, and they are more fun**
Bluf 4.
01:34 01 May 23
I loved the tea dance on Sundays before the pandemic. I went three times at the beginning of 2023 only to find the dance floor almost empty, discouraging me...
Janice I.
22:05 28 Apr 23
ALRIGHT. Don't worry about the SHORT OLDer retired cop who's not very nice inside. He's as harmless. Honestly the owner isn't very nice either tbh. But...
Eric Buzard
12:46 28 Apr 23
Went for the club portion after 10pm. No lines early in the night to get in but still plenty of people already dancing. A friend who came later did experience a line to get in, so keep that in mind. Also, cover was $15 each person but an ATM is inside the door if you forgot to bring cash. Drinks were reasonably priced for a big city and the bartenders were friendly and professional and kept the bars pretty clear of any build up of people thanks to their fast service.
Laura Stringer
13:21 27 Apr 23
Was in town for a few days and this was the closest karaoke near my hotel. Seemed like a lot of regulars who knew each other but also a few one-off folks like me. There were some intimidatingly skilled singers and also a supportive crowd for just belting your heart out even if you can't quite find the note. Will definitely go back if I'm around again on a Wednesday night!
Alex K.
22:00 14 Apr 23
Some of the security guards can be very rude and unreasonable. I went to the all gender restroom, and apparently someone had left a nip behind. I didn't see...
Marni M.
07:14 09 Apr 23
Came here on a Saturday night just before 10 pm to avoid the cover fee charged afterwards. There was also a considerable amount of free nearby street...
Jim Dawson
01:40 04 Mar 23
We went for the music in the Napoleon Room with songs by Marilyn Dale and Jan Peters. Both are excellent and the casual friendly atmosphere is always fun. We had dinner beforehand and was fine. I’ve eaten here often and its always good, not fancy or gourmet. Specialty cocktails are imaginative.
Eleanor L.
19:08 24 Feb 23
We were here to watch RuPaul's Drag Race and had a great time! Except for when our bill came. Before then, one of my friends kept noticing our waiter's vibe...
Shaaliyah Lyons
23:32 21 Feb 23
In my line of work, I work with a lot of restaurants. When it comes to larger groups (Our travel party is 25) we have had some okay experiences and some not so great experiences. Our experience from beginning to end was top tier and definitely one of my top 3 places! We walked in and they took the time to print a welcome sign for us and seated us in this back room. The moment we sat down the meals were coming out! They were accurate and tasted great! Outside from the food, the server and managers were great! Extremely kind and thorough. Would definitely return.
M.C. Meenagh
11:53 19 Feb 23
Had an terrific meal! We actually started off at a place near the club café and the wait was an hour and a half so we checked our Google map and went right around the corner and found the club Café. There was no wait to get in. The staff was friendly, professional, and courteous. The inside was clean and fun atmosphere breakfast was terrific huge portions. We couldn’t even finish. The coffee was amazing. I highly recommend we were there a little before noon but wanted breakfast. It was a good choice, I had the French toast casserole
Domingo C.
14:38 27 Jan 23
I've been here a couple of times to have a night out with friends. The line is sometimes a bit long, but it moves faster than one might think. It's also a...
Loreese H.
20:03 29 Dec 22
The place looks nice from the outside but don't be fooled the own manager kicked out his own daughter out the club for being intoxicated!!! Instead of...
Adrienne P.
19:08 30 Oct 22
Great Time! I went on a whim and the line was wrapped around the block. Nice ambiance and great drinks. Had the crab cake and the gouda fries. Crab cake was...
Michelle Rediker
13:46 28 Oct 22
It had been forever since I'd been here (pandemic, moved out of the city, I'm old & tired now). Returning for an event with friends was better than homecoming. Food was fantastic. Our server Christina was delightful. So many memories in this space. It was so great to be among my people again.
Sarah Diri
03:33 22 Oct 22
This is primarily a review of the restaurant and not the club.Club Cafe is an LGBT restaurant/club combo that hosts nightly events. My friends and I came for dinner and dancing (though I myself am not really into dancing and didn't partake). The night started off well: we got an elevated cheese fries app with brie and Swiss and enjoyed the atmosphere of the restaurant section. Food was served hot and quick, which was good, but was not worth the price. Nearly $40 for a chewy sirloin steak. Asked for a recommendation for a sweet and low alcohol content drink and was the recommended drink was neither of those things. Our server also habitually ghosted us after dropping entrees, and we had to ask other servers for water, clear dishes and to retrieve our server to order desserts and to pay. Waitress then promptly forgot to bring receipts to the table.Overall, drinks are bland and overpriced, food is mostly good but also overpriced.
Jamie Martin
14:39 24 Sep 22
If never written a negative review of an establishment but I needed to warn people of this place. The security/bouncers at this place are on a huge ego trip. We were yelled at all night about where we could stand, where we could put our drinks down for a second to take off our coats, and a million other things. The experience was not even fun or enjoyable. They love kicking out women as there were multiple groups of girls outside who were barely drunk who got kicked out for being “too drunk”. This place is not a safe space for women and I would advise every woman thinking of going here not to.
Andrea K.
14:07 09 Sep 22
Great everything:Our server was attentive and helpful. Cocktails were creative and delicious. We had a spinach salad with steak tips and lobster mac and...
Sarah zzyoung
02:10 11 Aug 22
Visited for Hump Day Broadway with Brian Patton in the Napoleon Room (08.10). Definitely geared towards the elderly. Very classical, but too chill IMO. Took forever to get service/waiter never brought my glass of water.I guess it’s fine for a solo traveler, such as I, just trying to chill and listen to good singing.Otherwise, boring af if you’re looking for any kind of “fun” karaoke/partyFood/cocktails are great tho-UpdateWednesday Karaoke pretty lit and more my pace
Jennifer Jagolinzer
21:53 04 Aug 22
Saw a fun dinner show with friends this past week. Our burgers and sweet potato fries were great! Waitstaff was absolutely fantastic. Theo took care of the entire room. Great service!
Jacob H.
05:21 04 Aug 22
I've read some of the bad reviews and thought, " Did they go to the same place I did?" Because, let me tell you the service, food and fun were fantastic....
Kirstin Quigley
17:56 13 Jul 22
My friends and I came here for trivia night and had some great food and great drinks! I got the Tito’s strawberry lemonade drink and it was so good! Service was great and this place has a very fun environment!
Vivien Tran
15:28 10 Jul 22
Went here on a Saturday night, mainly to go dancing, and it was SO fun!! Me and my friends came at 10pm, and the wait time was only 5 minutes; we had to pay a cover fee of $10 each though but it was definitely worth it! The music was good, and the people were fun to vibe with. It definitely felt super safe and comfortable to get drunk and dance
Boston W
23:19 08 Jul 22
Before the Pandemic I would have give five stars to Club Cafe. Without the Buffet it is still good, but just "ordinary". Nothing special. I hope they bring back the Buffet at some point or at least offer a Desert with every Entre. That would be special. Bottom line is without the Buffet it is nothing to brag about.
22:45 28 Jun 22
One of the most fun bars in Boston. Always welcoming. I broke my elbow and came out with my friends in a sling and everyone was so cautious about not bumping into my injured elbow. Everyone has a place on the dance floor at club Cafe 😍
Hannah B.
15:33 25 Jun 22
Anna M.
05:42 19 Jun 22
Came here to have a good time after our graduation and would probably not advise to come here if you're looking for that. It was fun and all in the...
Courtney Macaruso
00:58 12 Jun 22
We made 3 reservations for 6 people each (18 people) for 830pm on a Saturday night and were all charged a $10 cover. I’ve never once been to a dinner reservation and have been charged a cover. I understand it’s a club late night, but we came for dinner. Seems like shady business to me. Kinda pathetic.
Brian B.
10:26 22 May 22
One of the few classically queer hangouts in Boston at this point. I'm not big on the weekend nightlife but when I have gone it's always been packed....
21:16 21 May 22
Even on a Thursday it had a fair decent crowd. I liked the vibe, drinks and the crowd. Some more space to sit would have been good
Kevin B.
22:09 16 May 22
My friend brought me here for the first time this Saturday and it was a night to remember. I haven't had this much fun in years hehe
Meredith A.
18:02 15 May 22
They no longer have the brunch buffet but their brunch menu is still good. I wish the service were a little faster and more attentive. I ordered eggs with...
Dennis Landis
03:24 13 May 22
Had a great time the other night. My friend lost her license and they mailed it back. Great place
Contessa Soleil
18:19 07 May 22
What a fun vibe! Good food, great service and awesome entertainment! Wednesday night karaoke with Brian at the piano is a great way to get over the hump of the week!
Josh Sherman
12:42 07 May 22
One of the absolute best in Boston! 🔥Matt makes an authentic old fashioned that's sooooo goooood!! Great place to meet others and karaoke. 😎
Cy Chan
11:56 30 Apr 22
Long time staple. The dynamic of the crowd has changed (for the better) past few years (id say in part due to a number of other previous longstanding clubs closing). Great vibe, close to subway station, hosts numerous engaging events. Made any friends with locals and staff here. KARAOKE EVERY WEDNESDAY hosted by BritneyBeards often packed and leads to going to Legacy after (I should stop doing that haha). Not too crowded Thursdays, packed Fridays and Saturdays. Thank goodness I have a VIP pass
Vincent W.
07:54 24 Apr 22
The security here is the rudest people you will see. They will ask you to leave the stairs in front of the furniture store next to their entrance even...
Lyn L.
13:52 18 Apr 22
We (a group of 15) stumbled upon this place, and loved it! They were so accommodating and friendly. The food and service were wonderful!
Brandon Doyle
13:50 18 Apr 22
Pretty decent food! Would recommend the lamb burger and lychee cocktails.
Shawn W.
09:34 18 Apr 22
Love this place! It has always been a staple for the LGBTQ+ ‍ community. Not only that, the food a really good. Came for lunch today after the marathon and...
Nathaniel F.
21:11 14 Apr 22
Well known gay bar and dining place excellent food and drinks the music is by DJ and excellent dance floor
Marjorie Budzynski
23:44 05 Apr 22
OMG… i already loved club cafe for adding a beyond burger option for us vegetarians that is absolutely fabulous… but now i’ve tried their THAI CRUNCH SALAD and it has CHANGED MY LIFE!! so scrumptious i’m taking a pic of my empty plate. COME GET SOME!
Brian MacHarrie
18:38 03 Apr 22
Very good time playing drag bingo! Fun and entertaining hosts and very classy inside. A little pricey.
Carolyn Adams
11:26 29 Mar 22
Cute place to get a bit of entertainment has a restaurant, bar and dance floor in the back. We went to the “drag bingo” night held in the restaurant area. It was hard to hear the hosts of the bingo event with the current set up. It didn’t start on time and thus ran later than we had expected. The prizes for winning a round of bingo were fun, think “movie and chill” night of goodies. Though the movie was a DVD version. All of us who won a prize do not have access to a DVD player any more ☹️. But the treats and other items in the bag were fun would be used.Drink menu was great and had some interesting cocktails.
Stephen G.
20:25 28 Mar 22
Sunday was the first time going to club cafe I had a great time staff was friendly ,place was clean and nicely furnished food and drinks were good danced...
Shannon Leason
15:54 19 Mar 22
The food here is really not the greatest. At least when I went and got the chicken quesadilla it was awful. On top of that the waiter we had was awfully rude and seemed bothered by my table asking for drinks and food. Despite the negative interaction with the wait staff the dance floor and club part was awesome. Another weird thing is that the bathrooms in this place despite be gender all inclusive they do not have any tampon or pad machines which is very unfortunate.
Leshya Bracaglia
14:43 19 Mar 22
The club is really fun once you get inside, bartenders are super nice. However, the security in line is very disrespectful unprovoked. Ive found the crowd to generally be very respectful, but it’s the type of security that will aggressively yell at you for being an inch too far onto the sidewalk while being unable to look you in the eyes. One security guard turned to me and said “you’re not special.”
Dom A.
08:42 12 Mar 22
Didn't eat here so can't speak on that aspect. Large bar areas with quick and fair bar tenders. Music and Lighting make for a perfect vibe. Great LQBTQ place!
Dana F
04:18 22 Feb 22
Fantastic venue with great music and wonderful people. I love coming here when I'm in the mood to dance!
Michael Hollister H.
06:23 13 Feb 22
Great event planning at Club Cafe. My boyfriend and I went last night to see the great Paige Turner perform. Entire event was meticulously presented. Very...
00:26 13 Feb 22
I been calling them all week left several messages about my reservation, and online tickets. Still waiting for a call back from them. I Bought tickets to see drag show for myself, and friends. I live over an hour a way. No parking when we finally did find a parking space. We got to the door of the club. My experience as soon as we got to the door this extremely rude door guy took his job way too seriously. completely inappropriate. Like okay no problem but the tone of voice. The problem was that one of us didn’t have our Covid vaccination. He didn’t care for my friend to explain medical reason why. My expectations at that moment was that he could at least tell us who we could speak with from the show about refunding us money for our tickets. funny thing is a white male in front of us didn’t have his vaccinations but still got in. Not be be racist or disrespectful . completely inappropriate. We asked to speak to a manager. This is what was said “ we will keep one of your tickets and give you call tomorrow about refunding your money. ” Right” still waiting once again for a call back.” This night was supposed to be amazing for my friends, and I especially considering the fact we haven’t been out since the pandemic happened. They made this experience horrible, and not to mention it was my friends birthday as well! Never ever going there again myself or friends!!
Andrew Saluti
05:03 29 Jan 22
Waited outside for an Uber during a blizzard under a covering next door. They yelled at us multiple times and called security since we were in front of a different business. We said we were waiting for an Uber and they had security remove us. This place is awful I'll never come back. They overcharge and think they are too good for what they are.
Jonna G.
16:18 23 Jan 22
My girlfriend and I were denied entry here because were lesbians and not gay men. For an inclusive place this is pretty disappointing. Unless you're a gay...
Frank Anes
22:53 22 Jan 22
This place never disappoints. I've been going for over 10 years and always have a great time.
Omran Bargul
18:37 20 Jan 22
I been wanting to visit Boston for years , honestly never heard of this place. While I was at another Bar a friend recommended that I go there. Let me tell you about my experience as soon as you pull up this extremely rude drag queen that took her job way too seriously. thinking its funny to be rude or something that was completely inappropriate. Second everyone is screaming about the mask vaccine card, ID. Like okay no problem but the tone of voice. They were screaming at people. Not only my group. You have to fully vaxed to go. (Not an issue had all my documents) got in. Then you have to tip to pay to get in then pay again to hang your coats.I would avoid it all together. The music was good only plus side. But the whole staff was just wow. Awful experience and probably never going back. We’re all equal please give your staff some Etiquette lessons. I don’t usually post a negative review but this place i feel like people need to know the truth. Because everyone deserves to be treated with respect something you’re likely not going to get at this place.
Dee C.
15:34 24 Dec 21
I love handing out good reviews, and this one deserves one. This place is a perfect little gem. The first thing I was impressed by is when they ID you,...
M Caroline
01:55 20 Dec 21
My friends and I had a great time last night! Very welcoming and safe environment. Drinks are great and reasonably priced and music is poppin. 10/10 would recommend to anyone in the area looking for a good time.
Omran Bargul
17:58 19 Dec 21
I been wanting to visit Boston for years , honestly never heard of this place. While I was at another Bar a friend recommended that I go there. Let me tell you about my experience as soon as you pull up this extremely rude drag queen that took her job way too seriously. thinking its funny to be rude or something that was completely inappropriate. Second everyone is screaming about the mask vaccine card, ID. Like okay no problem but the tone of voice. They were screaming at people. Not only my group. You have to fully vaxed to go. (Not an issue had all my documents) got in. Then you have to tip to pay to get in then pay again to hang your coats.I would avoid it all together. The music was good only plus side. But the whole stuff was just wow. Awful experience and probably never going back. We’re all equal please give your stuff some Etiquette lessons. I don’t usually post a negative review but this place i feel like people need to know the truth. Because everyone deserves to be treated with respect something you’re likely not going to get at this place.
Boston W
23:49 06 Nov 21
Before the Pandemic I would have give five stars to Club Cafe. Without the Buffet it is still good, but just "ordinary". Nothing special. I hope they bring back the Buffet at some point or at least offer a Desert with every Entre. That would be special. Bottom line is without the Buffet it is nothing to brag about.
Fedi Mejri
05:25 05 Nov 21
Good music and vibe. Crowd tends to be more on the younger side, a little pretentious but they have a great selection of cocktails. Fun place on a Saturday night
Gregory Wilde
21:57 01 Nov 21
Michael us a great bartender! Food fantastic. Love this place.
Kim Casto
23:41 17 Oct 21
I can’t say enough about what a wonderful experience I had at Club Cafe. We had a family event there and absolutely EVERYTHING was perfect!! The set up, the food, the attention to details and the absolutely EXCEPTIONAL staff. I know how challenging it is with so many businesses being short staffed but you would never know it here. They were right on top of things!!! In addition, they were kind, polite, and always willing to go above and beyond.Thank you, thank you, thank you Club Cafe Staff!!!’ ❤️❤️❤️
14:39 11 Oct 21
Great large par offering many different things for different likes. The evening we went in one room was game knight. Another room was piano bar and in the main room was dance music.Cocktails and staff were great.
17:44 28 Sep 21
I always been around this place. I been there so many times. And this last weekend I went for first time after pandemic to have fun and eat. The club and fun and drinks good and really nice. But I am putting 3 stars coz I ate nachos (nachos was really good) but the a really rude server. Not friendly at all, rushing us and his attitude it was like he didn't wanted to be there... nothing like the old times
Boston W
14:33 26 Sep 21
Before the Pandemic I would have give five stars to Club Cafe. Without the Buffet it is still good, but just "ordinary". Nothing special. I hope they bring back the Buffet at some point or at least offer a Desert with every Entre. That would be special. Bottom line is without the Buffet it is nothing to brag about.
Kellie V.
07:42 06 Sep 21
The BEST brunch we've ever had! We flew in for the night and wanted brunch before leaving the next day. Stopped at Friendly toast & they had a 2 hr wait....
Vincent W.
19:33 04 Sep 21
I like to drink and dance here, not for the food and their terrible attitude from waiters.Waiters have no manners and patience They think they are better...
Shannon Leason
07:19 31 Aug 21
The food here is really not the greatest. At least when I went and got the chicken quesadilla it was awful. On top of the the waiter we had was awfully rude and seemed bothered by my table asking for drinks and food. Despite the negative interaction with the wait staff the dance floor and club part was awesome.
Elliott F.
11:41 30 Aug 21
The food and service and atmosphere at Club Cafe are consistently good. So, I was more than surprised at brunch yesterday when the pancakes were presented...
Michelle Reynolds
20:07 29 Aug 21
Sadly, there quesadillas with chicken. Left a bad taste in my mouth. Therefore I opened them up. And noticed 3 pieces of chicken the size of a fingernail. The rest was tomatoes. How terrible and unprofessional. Worse then a taco bell. Just more expensive. The dance floor was over packed. I felt like a sardine packed in a can. I'm proud of the exterior set up for identification process, in order to get in to the establishment.
Will Vesey
16:48 27 Jul 21
A staple of queer Boston nightlife. Lines are usually long on weekends but move quickly. It's a great place to start your night. Has live DJs, bar food, and a mid-sized dancefloor with lights and projectors.
Christine B.
18:18 25 Jul 21
Good nightlife, the customers definitely make this place worth the time. The dance floor gets hot and steamy which is fun when you are in the mood to get low and get rowdy. Only complaint about this place would the music and the staff.
Loren Witzel
11:52 13 Jul 21
Good food & cocktails. Jim Rice was great in the Napoleon Room with special guest Valerie Sneade-Roy for his birthday performance. On typical Sunday evenings, he performs with the Dame Colleen Powers.
Christian L.
17:44 11 Jul 21
This is the spot to be at on a Saturday night!! What you like at a club: strong drinks, packed dance floors and early 2000s JLo music on blast. Here are the...
Haley M.
19:35 10 Jul 21
Today was my best friend's 21st birthday and we had been planning her night at Club Cafe for months in advance. All of our friends had told us that Club...
Jim Granville
23:51 04 Jul 21
Always fun and exciting, between night time gay scene and drag brunch. Always great drinks and entertainment ☺️
12:52 28 Jun 21
Came here on a whim... turned out great. Had the French toast casserole, which I was leery about. However, the hostess and waiter recommend it. So I went with it. It was good! The bacon on the side was good and crispy and there was plenty of it. It also came with fruit, which I could eat, I was too full.
Davetta K.
12:30 25 Jun 21
So bomb, Ive been here a few times but this is the first time I've eaten regular menu options. I've been for a few banquet like brunches. DO NOT get the...
Hannah Furfette
17:36 19 Jun 21
Went on a Friday night in June for dinner - the host was super kind and informative, and our waiter was top notch, even though it was busy! They were respectful, accommodating, and really sweet - they even helped us pick out drinks since we were feeling indecisive! Me and my friend shared the buffalo chicken dip (which hit the spot 100%), they got the flatbread, and I ordered the chicken breast over spring risotto. My drink was a spicy margarita with a bit of mango at our waiters suggestion. All of it was delicious, hot, and well-timed. Will gladly come back, for dinner, drinks, or dancing, any day of the week!
Sarah Thomson
01:38 14 Jun 21
Came here to dance right when Boston started opening up at the beginning of June. On the weekend (at least for now) you can expect to wait a long time—we were in line for about 2 hours (thank you COVID), but it was so much fun and you’ll always meet fun people both in line and in the club! Pretty cheap and delicious drinks as well—$9 cocktails when we went
Giordano Bruno
19:49 01 Jun 21
Is it normal when the club is full a security decided you shouldn’t be there and kick you out? With no reason at all? That happened to me once at club cafe and just want to know what I’ve experienced there.
David Bishop
17:47 01 Jun 21
Bartender and server were great welcoming us to Boston. Had a great time for our first of many time to come. Thanks and see ya soon!!
Juan C.
04:52 25 May 21
They have a non-inclusive policy over the VIP passes they sell, quite shocking given the fact this is a LGBTQ establishment and the year is 2021. A couple...
Gregg M.
08:51 03 Feb 21
During times of COVID we all know the requirement of ordering a food item in order to have drinks. I skimmed the menu: flatbreads, nachos, calamari,...

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