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Club Church in Amsterdam is the go-to spot if you're looking to dive deep into the city's most buzzing, inclusive LGBTQ+ nightlife scene. This place is all about breaking the mold, serving up theme nights that run the gamut from the steamy (think Underwear and Naked parties) to the fabulously flamboyant (Drag and Transgender extravaganzas)​​. It's not just a club; it's a full-on experience with its dance floors, dark rooms, and private cabins where you can lose yourself in the music or find yourself in the company of new friends.

But Club Church isn't just about the party. It's got a big heart, too, celebrating its 10th anniversary with a bang and throwing support behind LGBTQ+ charities, making it a real pillar of the community​​. They’ve got something on nearly every night, from fetish lovers' gatherings to techno bashes, ensuring that no matter your vibe, you're welcome here​​.

Nestled in a spot that’s as central as it gets, Club Church prides itself on its unique venue—a former church turned nightlife nirvana. The place rocks a Gothic vibe with a modern twist, complete with a dance floor that stretches the length of the church and a VIP room perched on the old pulpit, giving you a bird's-eye view of the action below​​. And let's not forget about the sailor theme; they're all about the cruise club life, offering a mix of dance and ‘play’ areas that promise more than just your standard club night​​.



Club Church
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16:17 06 Jul 24
I haven't had a good experience, this is the second time someone had picked out pubic lice at a party and I got infected with them. So unfortunately I'm afraid to go there anymore. But if it doesn't bother someone, I generally recommend the club. Nice staff and it's not their fault that people don't check their bodies for venereal diseases.
Julien Remy
15:39 01 Jul 24
Great venue. Great staff. Awesome atmosphere. Friendly people of all age/style. Loved the hoerball. Will definitely come back next time I'm in Amsterdam.
Ruben Sanchez
08:15 27 Jun 24
Very cool club. It is not too big, but that makes it cozy and manageable. 🤗There are themed parties pretty much every day. I went to the one on Friday, underwear party, and it was lit. So hot!🔥🔥Be ready for lots of action, everywhere.😈😈Dark room area upstairs, downstairs, and also action in the dance floor.🙈🙈There is a shower🚿 downstairs and a 🍆 cleaning sink.Different prices every night.Clock room available, of course.Relax area, just in case you are feeling unwell.😵‍💫The staff is very professional.
Aleks Perez
23:51 25 May 24
David in the entrance was so aggressive I could not recommend this place l. I had my Grindr open and I went to entrance where people in the main entrance waste asking me why it is open I told them that it eas personal and they even hit me physically. So it is a shame that these guys are in the entrance , please remove this kind of agresive people in the entrance since I am enjoying my time of vacation and they make me feel unwelcome
World Traveller
16:58 19 May 24
As a Black American traveling throughout the world, there are places, even LGBTQI+ places where we are not welcomed or don’t feel welcomed. This club is NOT one of them! The security guy Saturday night was sooooo amazingly kind to me, even when I didn’t have a ticket to their event that night. He asked me to wait a bit and he would allow me to enter. Once inside, everyone was kind. I felt welcomed by the patrons and enjoyed the music. After touring the various dark rooms and discreet corners, I had my fun and left happy. I highly recommend this place and suggest men of color give this place a chance. There are men inside who really want to meet you! Thank you, Club Church, for making me feel welcomed! The experience was pretty awesome and left a very good impression on me that I’ll share with everyone around the world! ❤️
Axel A
14:34 13 Apr 24
Was there yesterday for the first time.The population mostly white with a mix of young/ older guys and doppelgänger couples.I could have some nice conversations (mostly with non locals) and enjoy a bit of fun despite the obvious bottom crowd.The staff is very friendly (not always the case in the gay scene). The place is clean, the music is very nice. It gets crowded very fast so i come early, at least to visit the place and get used to the stairs.Thank you! Will definitely come back.
Monchai Kooakachai
16:20 11 Apr 24
An unforgettable time in Amsterdam! Upon the recommendation of my local friend, I decided to experience a Friday underwear night here at club church, and it exceeded all expectations. It was absolutely exhilarating, and I had an incredible time. I’d eagerly return if I find myself in Amsterdam.
Aloysius Maria D.
08:08 05 Apr 24
Sexy place. Welcomes all Gays. Good facilities. Decent prices. Friendly atmosphere, customers and staff. Good cloakroom. Very good theme parties....
Mahmoud Darwish
10:27 24 Mar 24
The people that they are working here are the best specially the security there very friendly and helpful at the weekend we was having one drunk friend and they help us until she get well, appreciate for what you’re doing guys
Joshua E.
19:27 14 Mar 24
If you are not a shade of Snow White, don't expect respect. Dutch gays at this club, regardless of color, believe in their own superiority. It's......
abouzain mohammed
09:09 09 Mar 24
This place has the nicest, friendliest, loveliest staff ever! from the bouncer and the people at the coat room, to the bar tenders, they are all so sweet and helpful! I have never felt this safe while clubbing in my whole life, the Dj was also really good! Thank you for creating such a beautiful environment for queer people! If the owner is reading this please give your staff a bonus or something cuz they definitely deserve it, will definitely come back cuz this place is such a vibe!
John Ogg
14:35 27 Feb 24
Had an awesome time here and visited twice while we were in Amsterdam. Very friendly bartenders and a fun crowd of guys as well. Full coat check available. Check their website for events.
Yair Rainer
17:00 12 Feb 24
From the moment you step through the door, you're enveloped in an atmosphere of warmth and kindness. The staff here are incredible - always friendly, welcoming, and ready to ensure everyone has a fantastic time.What sets Club Church apart is its commitment to inclusivity and body positivity. Regardless of who you are or how you identify, there's a place for you here. The diverse crowd reflects the club's ethos of acceptance, and it's truly refreshing to see people of all shapes, sizes, and backgrounds coming together in harmony.The vibes at Club Church are unmatched. The music is pumping, the dance floor is alive, and there's an undeniable sense of freedom in the air.If you're looking for a place where you can truly be yourself, Club Church is it.
Aloysius Maria D.
01:46 15 Jan 24
If you want a friendly enough ambiance with good facilities and sex the modern, very straight forward, no hanky panky, way, basically ass and cock, then...
Grad Stud
11:41 09 Jan 24
I went there 3 times this last weekend 😀🐽The theme parties are really good especially the meat market. Staff are super nice and welcoming. Great crowd and great facilities and the best part- it’s smoke free but you can go smoke in the street in your underwear.
Ernesto N
10:31 01 Jan 24
No photos. But great place to dance. DJs play great music. Friendly bartenders even if I didn't understand the joke (my husband explained it later..... I'm not that fast sometimes).
Anton “ant nap” Napolskikh
21:18 24 Dec 23
Atmosphere club, music is amazing and a lot of cute guys. Friendly staff help feel better, especially bartender Evgeniy. I definitely will come here again and again.
Manfred Winter
09:37 13 Oct 23
We were at the Club for the first time. we liked the atmosphere of the club, good music, not expensive drinks. I would like to note the friendly security at the entrance he has a bright smile. The young man at the checkout at the entrance, Mo, is very attentive and polite to the guests, he will explain to us how and where we can leave our things. It was a night for all genders, you need to be prepared that you will meet naked people on a night without a dress code. Excellent bartenders, some have a bright smile. Eugeni charmed with his attentiveness and bright energy. We recommend this club and look forward to our return to Amsterdam .
francis galera
19:34 04 Oct 23
Me and my partner went here and had the best nights - yes! As in nights because we went there 2 nights in a row. All their staff were all very nice, from the doorman, reception and those at the bar. The people there were all friendly as well. Just keep an eye on the stairs going down to the loo, it’s a bit steep. Would definitely go back!!
Marc K.
18:46 22 Mar 19
Americans beware, this bar, The Church, charges 12.50 euros for Entrance fees, that's close to $15 US dollars. Other gay bars are free entrance, especially...
Kevin G.
03:16 01 Jun 12
Great music - nice layout with a dark area in the basement. From the appearance of how the bar is equipped with a few slings and even a bed with rubber...

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