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Club Cobra
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Brenda V.
23:59 03 May 24
I have been coming here for years and tonight 5/2/2024 the security gaurs with glasses was so extremely rude to me it was ridiculous he called me a fatass...
Guillermo R.
02:45 01 May 24
I've gone a few times it's ok till you go to the bar and the guy on the right side goin to the men's restroom always charges wherever he wants for the...
baby joe
03:33 24 Apr 24
i came here years ago, its been a while since i last came here the drinks are very good here, last time i came here was for my birthday ☺️
Matthew M.
16:00 13 Mar 24
We had a great time here until my husband was pick pocketed and had his phone stolen. Person at the front collecting the cover charge said five other people...
Speedy W.
19:19 24 Feb 24
My first experience from visiting this nasty place just the name is club but inside the restrooms ohhhhh men no cleaning no water dirty rooms never go there...
Gabriel Bustamante
06:25 10 Feb 24
EXPENSIVE!! More expensive than West Hollywood. Not only do the charge cover, but their drinks are extremely EXPENSIVE!
Pomme A.
17:11 15 Jan 24
Good vibes, not too dim not too bright..feel safe from their securities walking around & at front. Gay dancers are in shapes & have nice moves. Not sure...
J Garr
02:40 08 Jan 24
The best experience I have ever had.. I highly recommend this place.
Aiden Bartel
21:49 29 Dec 23
Went out n Thursday night. The ugly looking cashier charged me $15, although cover is $10. I would ask change for 20$, shhe would gave 19$. Lol. I guess when you steal a dollar here, five there, it all adds up.
19:21 11 Dec 23
Had a great night at Club Cobra. Great to be in a more relaxed atmosphere. Only thing; sometimes I like a glass of wine, but I was told they didn’t sell wine.
Alejandro G C
07:12 10 Dec 23
Used to be a good place for a gay man to come and enjoy himself but now it’s just become just another greedy place were they take your money with over priced drinks and a straight environment
christopher a.
23:43 20 Nov 23
Great place to dance and have drink the bartenders are sweet the bouncers amazing I really had amazing time
michael isenhower
06:12 20 Oct 23
Very boring, over priced and way too many girls!Why do guys come here?
Ulises R.
23:32 16 Sep 23
Este lugar los securys son los que no están seguros de hacer sin trabajo bien ellos solo saben nada
Lucia Rincon
03:06 31 Aug 23
Love the vibe and atmosphere. I always enjoy coming here to have a good time with my friends. 🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍⚧️
Lj Tuker
08:13 20 Aug 23
Have been this bar for many years and always the best. But tonight one of the dancers was out of this world so good. He deserves a praise. You are the best. Hope they tell him my thanks
James B.
01:48 19 Aug 23
Love the place it's fun, feels like a slimmed down circus disco. I like the crowd and the personal everyone has fun and the patrons are hot and sexy. I love...
Frank A.
00:14 13 Aug 23
They did. not let five guys in because two were wearing sandals. . Security let a girl in with sandals but not the gay men. .
s walker
07:49 01 May 23
Update: closedThis place has big crowds having a blast. As far as I've noticed, everyone gets Lyft and other rides home (so as not to drive while drinking) . I'm not sure if it was only during summer but this place was still going at 4am. People having a great time
Jose Gutz
10:35 16 Apr 23
Do not go! you will get your phone stolen. Me and 2 other ppl had our phone stolen the same night when we went. Talked to security about they said last week there were 4 phones that got stolen. Do not go. If you do go, dance with your hands in your pockets lol
Jovanny N
23:33 13 Apr 23
Fun place just remember if youre straight, say itnor you'll get hit on a lot
O M.
22:25 24 Mar 23
I loved this place, couldn't stop ranting about it and was willing to travel from a distance for the experience. Went last Saturday weekend, so bomb!...
Michael M.
19:01 05 Mar 23
This is my #1 spot. I absolutely love coming here on Friday nights to celebrate the end of a work week and enjoy a nice cocktail. The apple martinis are...
Jayk Knight
05:39 18 Feb 23
"no cover before 9:30pm" ...and then they have *all* the entrances locked until after shady
Quintin E.
11:50 07 Feb 23
DJ jugar (play) Rosalia - Chicken Teriyaki por favor!!!Club Cobra is a local NoHo gay latin club next to the famous Circus Liquor store west on Burbank...
Tony J.
12:58 01 Feb 23
Loved this place best nites are Friday's and the drinks are good and music sometimes do need to play better music on Friday's
Danny Fenty
03:54 31 Jan 23
First time here and the place was a blast, at first the place was semi empty with nobody dancing which gives you room to buy drinks, there’s some seating to enjoy your drinks. The vibe is okay, at 11:30 and beyond the place gets packed, it gets hot from all the dancing bodies on the dance floor, the dj begins to play all the music that gets the mood going.. the dancers are hot, and really engaging for a dollar haha…shout out victor osuna! Towards the end the floor is a wet mess which doesn’t get swept so you’ve been warned and another precaution do not bring white shoes as mine got completely dirtied at the end of the day. Totally recommend this club as me and my friend had a blast and met some cool people here.
Disne G.
16:19 14 Jan 23
Love this place every one is so nice to u even if ur a first timer except the person you n the front who collect ur enternece fee but she is sometimes I...
John T.
16:33 09 Jan 23
always good time in this spot!me and my friends are regulars there.Must try place for so many reasons !!Bartenders are always super nice and handsome ......
Taylor McGill
05:47 06 Jan 23
If I could give this place no stars I would.. we walked in and instantly got denied of service after.. repeatedly being at this bar more then a few times... idk if the bartender just wanted to go home.. or what it was.
05:22 05 Dec 22
the disco is fine I went this Saturday 3/12/2022 everything except the one that charges at the entrance She is a despotic person, she has no education in treating customers. It seems to me that the owner should replace her. Or, put someone who has education .
Joseph E.
10:24 15 Nov 22
I hadn't been to Cobra since before the pandemic. I have so many memories here with friends. I used to live in the area but since I have moved north of the...
Daylyn P.
08:09 25 Oct 22
Cobra updated and expanded their space over the pandemic. The new space and environment is great. Even better service. Staff is always friendly. Highly...
Jasmin Aquino
15:11 24 Oct 22
The place is always fun and full of great people! Sometime they even host resource events for the lgbtq community.
Ryan W.
12:40 28 Sep 22
This is a miserable place, I don't recommend it.
Gusthalito S.
20:38 27 Sep 22
Saturday we t to club cobra I was impressed remodeled patio is open and beautiful music was great dancers drinks were on point the staff was super friendly...
Justin F.
10:47 25 Sep 22
I come here often with my partner. The music here and vibe is more latin focused. It ranges from 90s to current. It starts getting busy after 10:30pm but...
George Chavez
04:57 27 Aug 22
I ended it there I'll be going back soon it was a good place
Oscar G.
15:56 23 Aug 22
Hottie Latino men everywhere lol. Great music and drinks aren't the best but your there to dance your life away right? And maybe go home with someone. Small...
Ignacio Valencia
06:26 07 Aug 22
Didn’t like the music. Drinks are too expensive. The only thing I liked was this gogo dancer who was really nice.
Daniel Ryan Lucero
05:46 16 Jul 22
Great drinks, the bartenders and gogos are super friendly and down to earth, and if you like latino clubs / spanish music, this is the place to be! Always a good time here. Follow them on Instagram!Update.... The vibe is just not the same anymore 😔
Ryan W.
15:29 01 Jul 22
Security threw me out on the sidewalk for dancing drunk by myself. I wasn't doing anything wrong and the establishment never commented on the assault. I...
Daniela Loophay R.
22:21 30 May 22
It's pretty decent. Parking sucks lol this place is super casual. Good music and chill vibes!
Rocky M.
17:08 25 Apr 22
Love the environment ; the drinks are good as well as the entertainment!! Always a good time!!
Tim G
10:43 18 Apr 22
Big dance floor with a very large patio in the back, which is nice.
Ma il
08:02 17 Apr 22
10 cover + 15 dollar drinks idk…weho starts at 15 drinks no cover.
Iliana Aguilar
20:10 27 Mar 22
Great place I love to come here always have a lot of fun with my friends I strongly recommend this gay club and bar if you are looking to have some fun come here
Pedroi I'll Flores
10:01 27 Mar 22
Love this place amazing staff amazing customer service
Rick G.
15:18 20 Mar 22
My 1st time here came with a friend had a great time. The girl and guy at the front were super friendly as were all the bartenders. Drink are a bit pricey...
Johnny Medrano
10:25 02 Mar 22
Loved it here! Great Music! Fine Latinos everywhere!
Pedroi I'll Flores
21:20 14 Feb 22
Love this place amazing staff amazing customer service
Ilya Alekseyeff
03:33 26 Jan 22
Excellent club. Good music. Strong inexpensive drinks. Hot bartenders and Go-Gos. Good music. Handsome men. The shows are a hit-and-miss, but the rest is great!
Antonio Nunez
19:22 30 Dec 21
Always a great Latin vibe with decent shows and hot Go-Go's.
Marco Coto
05:43 16 Nov 21
Very disappointed I was there last Saturday for the first time after the pandemic and I think they’re abusing with the price of the drinks you pay $10 for a beer plus tip if you want special drink is going to be $17 plus tips basically it’s $20 for a drink which is too much I don’t know if they trying to recover the money they lost during the pandemic but this is not right also The music is horrible they don’t have a good DJ they supposed to close at 3 o’clock it was 1:35 AM and they start cleaning everything and taking your drinks off from you they don’t let you enjoy your drink they make you drink so fast or they take it from your hands and then lock the doors from then patio emergency doors were close so you cannot even go through those doors That’s not right I don’t know who is managing the club but heneeds to pay more attention to that I’m not coming back. They’re better places to go in West Hollywood
Leydiana Chinchilla
04:32 04 Oct 21
Nice place for getting back back o
Domingo G.
08:56 19 Sep 21
Amazing, good times ,dance ,dance,drink,hang out ,love the dancers and drag showing music always awesome
David F.
23:59 06 Sep 21
Nice club for CW dancing on Sundays......HOWEVER, they are not requiring patrons to wear masks once inside the club when not drinking. ALSO, unlike...
Eduardo Ortiz Sevilla
00:42 04 Sep 21
been there twice this past weekend was the first time going on a Thursday the dolls were amazing truly talented performers and good vibes all thru the night
Rigo Amavizca
02:14 28 Aug 21
They had better bartenders before.
Iliana Aguilar
00:46 24 Aug 21
Great place I love to come here always have a lot of fun with my friends I strongly recommend this guy club and bar if you are looking to have some fun come here
Jose Robert Ramirez
16:24 08 Aug 21
The venue looks nice. Had a great time good music and music. And very attractive men.
Daylyn P.
06:38 07 Aug 21
I've Keck known the folks at Cobra for more than 15 years. They have an amazing group of people--friendly service and great times. The music is always good....
Anthony Welch
00:27 11 Jul 21
Very fun venue. There is a $10 cover but other than that it’s fantastic. Friendly and attractive staff and dancers. Good music and fog lights.
Gary Tob
23:56 01 Jul 21
I have been doing rideshare driving for about 3 years. I've provided alot of rides to patrons and staff. 90% are good people. Glad Cobra is reopenedI have also provided free rideshare rides too.
Claudio Battaglia
09:00 19 Jun 21
I live this place, so many good memories
Alejandro Beltran
23:23 06 Jun 21
Currently I've read on their Facebook page that this business is permanently closed as Covid - 19 put these owners back. Let's keep an eye on this one & see in landlords come back to the table & put these kind peaple back behind the bar.
Sam S.
11:20 13 Mar 21
RIP CLUB COBRA it was one of the best places to go and leave my stress from work. I'm gonna miss you. Where ARE WE all the LGBTQ ‍ PEEP gonna go??Cause...
Helen Gonzales
08:51 14 Nov 20
The Club Cobra Room can be unpredictable, but I suppose that's why I keep coming.Large dogs seated next to you, cello recitals, bad dancing, snack tables, silly DJs, live band, burlesque. It's a potpourri of entertainment. And the cocktails are divine.
Luis S. Bohner
09:27 14 Sep 20
Always a great time on Fridays and Saturdays as far as dancing is concerned, but it does get too crowded and people often push or step on you. I went on a Tuesday and it was pretty dead, which I expected... however the drinks were not as good as I remember. That was disappointing. This is definitely a place I would rather pregame before going to and then dance the night away without getting crushed at the bar.
Elias Tran
05:09 28 Jul 20
Went here on a Saturday night. It was packed. Not packed like 'this place looks popular' or pack liked 'there are a lot of people here,' it was packed like 'definitely a violation of fire code because every square inch of floor space has a person standing on it.' Bourbon Street on the Saturday before Fat Tuesday at 11pm isn't even this packed, and there are 800,000 people there.
Richard W.
08:30 22 Aug 18
I really enjoy coming to this bar/ dance club. Its exactly what im looking for in a bar. Good drinks good music and friendly staff. I always go with friends...
Rachel H.
18:19 30 Apr 18
It's Cobra nothing more nothing less if you've been here then you already know what to expect as it doesn't change much!Cobra Thursdays is what it's all...

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