Club Tropicana

Club Tropicana

1980’s themed late night venue serving cocktails

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1980’s themed late night venue serving cocktails. Dance the night away with our lively entertainment team from welcoming drag hostesses, DJs and karaoke at the weekend. Venue hire Sunday to Thursday with drinks, food and entertainment packages tailored to your requirements.



Club Tropicana
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Phillip Proctor
10:19 03 Sep 23
Went to the Tropicana for the Motown weekend, what a big let down. Main act was 4 individual singers all trying for the lime light and off tune.Normally you would expect to see a group that can harmonise and dance as one, when seeing Motown acts, this act was far from that.When they asked for audience participation nothing happened because most people had switched off at that point.A total let down and waste of money. The support act was better.
Vishnu K
02:09 03 Sep 23
Security here has too much attitude...not that a good club...never busy...the floors are sticky and drinks are expensive...
Leah Bates
09:35 10 Jul 23
Absolute dive of a place! Avoid it at all costs. I will never waste a penny in here again.The awful bar staff falsely accused my 21 year old cousin of taking peoples drinks!!! (which she would never do in a million years)The bouncers came and grabbed hold of her and threw her out. Because she argued with them and stood her ground, they actually went to the extent of ringing the police on her!!!This was totally unreasonable and left her having a panic attack as she suffers with anxiety and depression.Now I’ve read through the other reviews regarding racism it all makes sense as she is quarter west-Indian.Needs closing down. Disgusting behaviour from all of the staff…
József Sidó
02:39 07 May 23
got poppers confiscated we bought in a local bar. never been here was the only bar that had a problem with it. never been here. wouldn't bother!!!
kay vine
21:33 05 May 23
Tried to charge me £30 for six shots that's £5 a shot, bare in mind it was only corkeys I'm not sure if they thought I was too drunk to notice but that's crazy, jesus christ....maybe they are that price and if they are god no wonder the place was empty
Chloe GE
20:27 05 May 23
Our friends got in but we had a bottle of water in our bag so we said can we leave it at the door and he said we weren't allowed in because we were "arguing" even tho we weren't and threw the water in the bin. He was being unreasonable. Fire him.
Shaun Chadwick
22:17 03 May 23
Avoid like the plague, dreadful door staff!! I witnessed the door man, with curly hair looks like he needs a good wash! Being rude to people of colour, and in my personal experience he shoved my niece into the club threatening her that if she don't move in the club hell throw her out.My neice has learning difficulties and was already panicking that she was being separated from her group. Never seen people being treated like this in the gay village before shame I didn't get his bagel no, but he was too intimidating seriously needs addressingI've had to edit my review due to lack of options to replyGood evening,I never said the door man had long hair, I said he had curly hair. It was more a tiny top knot, there was also a short blonde lady who was actually really nice in compassion.Now I clearly remember it was club Tropicana, I received a flyer for a free shot of a drag queen with a bald head painted pink with the staple mask type makeup on.He has a tash covered in makeup, he was working with another drag queen with only remember she had large wig on.I also remember it as I don't drink and was escorting my niece who has learning difficulties, she was excited by the prospect of a free shot! Well she got a free shock that's for sure.Kind regardsShaun
Adie Monty
09:47 02 Apr 23
Total cheese, free shot when you go in, bright lights and a good laugh. You do stick to the floor however.
graham fletcher
01:50 27 Mar 23
Fab place for a drink and dance, keeps on playing the top songs to sing along to, good atmosphere, not too big, and keeps us all going to the early hours. Love this gaff.
Erin Reid
23:27 11 Feb 23
Bouncer was lovely, dancing and vibing, drinks were class (came from Scotland) bartenders vibey 10/10 stayed here ages
Liam Burton
02:06 11 Dec 22
Rude women with the black hair said there are the see filming in the toilets. Would not recommend at all costs
Angela Jackson
17:21 29 Sep 22
Fantastic bar, prices good, staff friendly and helpful, great location
Sophie Burgess
18:18 05 Sep 22
The safest and most wholesome club I have been in. The dj Alexa Tuppence was absolutely fabulous and really looked after me and my friend (also female). Anyone with bad intentions or there to provide unwanted attention were not tolerated which made me and my friend feel so comfortable. Alexa was very aware of people in the club, and kept a close eye on the vibes and making sure everyone had the best time. The music was absolutely amazing and we had the best, most fun club night we have ever experienced. The door staff were incredibly friendly, the bar staff were all amazing (and looked amazing.) I definitely look forward to returning when I'm in Manchester next.
Kenny Harrison
17:39 13 Aug 22
Drinks aren't free. Fun & sunshine there's enough for everyone. All that's missing is the sea.
22:34 18 Jul 22
The Dj played so well
Lee Cracknell
17:32 25 Jun 22
Bartender watched me urinate and implied I was taking drugs in the toilet.Myself and my girlfriend went on holiday to Manchester, whilst exploring the gay village we found this place. Went on our 2nd night of our trip and found it to be completely dead. We were 2 of about 6 people in the whole venue, we didn't know why because it looked like it had potential. Having read the other reviews and having this experience we now know why.On the 3rd night, we went in and had a few drinks, it was Friday the 24th June and it was slightly busier than the night before. After being in the venue for over an hour i goto the toilet, use the urinal, wash my hands and walk back to our seat past the bar. As I'm walking past the bar, a female bartender (looked in mid-late 30s, with a ponytail) called me over with a friendly "oi". I walk over and she says "there's cameras in the toilets be careful what you're doing" in a very rude and abrupt manner. I ask her to explain in the nicest way I could and she just repeats the statement. We left very soon after as I was made to feel extremely uncomfortable and it was clear she was implying I was taking drugs.Will not visit again, very disappointed. Avoid if you like privacy while using bathrooms.
Roland Csaki
02:46 07 May 22
I was apparently too drunk to enter. Was barely tipsy. Very tourist friendly. NOT
k p
10:27 02 Apr 22
If I could give zero stars I would. This place is absolutely atrocious and doesn’t belong in this century. My friends went to this club and were refused entry by the bouncers because they looked “muslim” and said they weren’t going to buy drinks. Even if they were it is absolutely none of your business. When my friends got angry the bouncers heckled them and still refused to let them in. Absolutely disgraceful, and if you feel like keeping your dignity and faith in humanity, avoid this place at all costs. This discrimination is not ok, you racist pigs.
09:34 02 Apr 22
I have NEVER been refused entry before because I was brown...TILL I came to this place. Horrible treatment from two of the doorman who just had the audacity to assume that me and my friend, who are both brown, were muslim, which neither of us are. He actually gave this reason as to why we were refused entry, which is mind blowing. For being a 'gay' club which prides it self on inclusion, this place is far from it. Absolute disgrace. Avoid if you are remotely ethnic in any way. Im not kidding.
Natalie Arkell
12:41 01 Apr 22
Came here for the first time towards the end of March. Girls weekend away for my birthday and we all fell in love with this place! Had such a laugh with the DJ and a good sing and a dance with all the best music! The doorstaff were fantastic! Had a bit of an issue and they resolved it right away and were fabulous for the entire night!We went on to find somewhere else with wanting to experience Manchester for all it was worth but ended up coming straight back because of how amazing the staff were!Will deffo be a go to for our girls weekends in future!
Craig Robinsons
14:29 10 Jan 22
i always have a laugh in here, friendly staff. Can wait to go back
Emma Graham
16:11 19 Dec 21
Went here last night, brilliant night brilliant staff brilliant dj the santa one. Even the bouncer danced and had a laugh instead of in other pubs where bouncers rude these were great met some ace people loved it bought guy behind bar a drink as he was always smiles wen he severed me n thats what makes ya night poilte happy staff great place il b bk
Gemini Slater
22:25 12 Nov 21
DJ un-interested in party song requests. Just plain rude. Requested a song more in theme with current songs being played...denied. I was out for a friend's 30th, awful attitudes by all members of staff, MAINLY the "dj". Village isn't what it used to be; totally not accomodating, disguting attitudes and would not recommend. Avoid at all costs!
OB 1
14:22 01 Mar 20
Friendly door person and welcoming atmosphere. One of the door staff was a little overbearing, but only going their job, I guess. Fun atmosphere, good mix of tunes. Will return.
Connor Darrell
19:05 14 Oct 19
Amazing place! Hilarious owner & Great bar staff! To complete this it’s cheap drinks too!

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