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Club Unity

The biggest inclusive club on three floors in downtown Montreal

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The Unity is located in the heart of Montreal's Gay Village. With its 2 rooms, its VIP lounge and its large roof terrace, Unity is known to be a place where you can have fun in a friendly, festive and respectful atmosphere. Unity is a place that appeals to a diverse and diverse clientele who like to party in a relaxed and unpretentious atmosphere. Concerned about the quality of the events it offers, the Unity team offers you evenings that live up to its reputation.



Club Unity
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Naive Explorer
15:44 05 Jun 23
If you are a night owl and love to rock on the dance floor then this one is perfect place for you. However it's not an extraordinary place, bot not bad.After coming to Montreal city, it was my first experience to explore the night life and to do this, I went to this bar.I had to pay 20 CAD for my laptop bag and 3 CAD for my jacket and extra tips at the entrance. They did not mention these expenses on their website!I did not try any drinks as they seem overpriced to me. The DJ of both floors were doing great. However to some extent the environment was too foggy! And the behavior of staffs were not up to the mark.Reply to the owner:Thanks for your reply. I have rephrased my first paragraph of this review as I think I did not clarify my main concern.You should mention the entry fees on your website. I checked your website and couldn't find the entry fees (04 June, 2023).And some of the staff seem very depressed. I hope they will welcome us with a smile!Also,I don't know who is managing this business site on Google map. I was reading a few replies to the reviews. These replies can be written in a polished way!
Sam Jackson
15:11 16 Apr 23
Great club! Great ambiance! However the management should have some options for clients with a bit more money to avoid the lines as many of the clients here are very young. Around 18-19 years old. They should have a guest list option with bottle services and have the line avoided.
Carter Richard
16:51 05 Mar 23
So i was referred to this spot by many people and read so many reviews on this place so i could figure out how i was going to spend my Saturday night with my best friends. This place was a huge success for myself and the place was almost euphoric inside. Although the drinks are high on pricing, i still had a great time regardless. Bouncers and bartenders were top notch and so respectful and the fee was only $23 to get in. Being from New Brunswick, this place is a must see and you’re always guaranteed a great time!
Antoine H
01:47 19 Feb 23
Definitely not worth the 25 dollar entry fee and expensive drinks at higher than music festival rates for a typical bar given the complete lack of professionalism shown by the bouncer at the entrance.Before you decide to enter and waste all that money just stand there for 5 minutes and observe how they treat their guests to see what you are getting yourself into.Was trying to get my coat back from the coat check initially confused at the changes they made the bouncer came behind my back and started yelling at me for no reason then wanted to put me out without my coat in the middle of winter until I said will sue you if you do that. Never seen such lack of professionalism and accountability at any other club in Montreal or anywhere in the country.
Jeremiah Kwan
22:01 23 Jan 23
A club where I don’t feel worried for my safety and the first dance floor sound system is incredible.Having a second floor w/ a different genre music is always nice to change the pace through the night and an open air terrace at the top for some fresh air w/o having to deal w/ going out the front like some other clubs is a plus.
Demetre Kontos
19:38 05 Jan 23
Once you get in, this club is a lot of fun, but I would caution people against buying tickets in advance for events as you're not guaranteed entry, at least not within a reasonable time.Some friends and I bought tickets in advance for the New Year's Eve party, and we arrived at 10:30 and didn't get in until 1:30 a.m (3 hours...) despite having tickets, so we celebrated the new year in the lineup. they must have sold a bunch of tickets at the door despite having maxed out the online sales selling 600 tickets online (I'm I'm not mistaken). The event started at 9:00 so maybe they started selling tickets at the door right after that because obviously a bunch of the people that had tickets did not arrive right at 9. but they should have had a special line for ticket holders, or have reserved the spots and not let other people in at the door. It's basically guaranteed that the people with prepaid tickets would show up before midnight as they had spent $45 each on a ticket and would definitely be coming, so letting people buy tickets at the door when you've already sold 600 tickets is not really acceptable in my view.
Moss Bertin
07:19 27 Nov 22
Fun atmosphere but some disorganized management and badly trained staff.Mandatory coat check is understandable, however if it's going to be mandatory, it should be well organized.At the end of the night I was there, there was a long line up of people whose coats were lost, and I was one of them. Staff was collecting tickets and then putting people in line to collect the coats afterwards, meaning there was a good chunk of time when tickets may have been confused or mixed up before the coat was handed off to the person. I had given the clerk the ticket I had received at the beginning of the night and they said they couldn't find my coat. They showed me a ticket different than the one I had given them and claimed it was the one I'd given them. I understand there being some confusion due to the system, but after saying there must be a mistake, the staff doubled down and insisted I was in the wrong. I had given them the exact number and colour of my ticket and still they doubted I had given them the right chip. They were never able to find my coat, likely because they had mistakenly given it to someone else, and I had to leave the club at nearly 4am, an hour after close, with no coat, to wait for a cab in sub freezing temperatures in a crop top. To rub salt in the wound, it was an expensive wool coat, and they didn't offer any compensation for having lost it.If I were a more vindictive customer I would consider bringing some sort of legal threat against them for negligence, however I believe this negative review suffices.
Melissa G
23:27 23 Oct 22
Terrible experience with the bartenders. Initially everyone was nice and we were tipping their normal options, 20%, 25% and 28%. When we returned for more drinks it took at least 5 tries to get their attention despite no one else ordering and one of the girls beginning to clean up others glasses instead. When she finally came, she apologized, we said it was fine, then afterwards a third guy came to charge us. My friend did 10% because of the amount of time it took and the bartender took it out of her hands before she could pay! He then told her she wasn't allowed to give that small a tip, said it had to be at least 15% then put that tip in before handing it back. I took over because my friend was ready to cry with how mean he was, cancelled it and told him she was allowed to tip however she wanted and she didn't get good service, so we wouldn't give a good tip. He then stated that he would make it 20% and put that in before handing it back! I again told him to put the original amount and that we would choose how much to tip and still gave him 10% when I'm pretty sure he increased the original bill so I wish I didn't.He then went to gossip to his fellow bartenders, leading to them being awful to our other group of friends who weren't involved. They overcharged them which was obvious because we had already been buying drinks so we knew the costs. They tried to charge them $77 and when my friend called them out they brought it down to $67. When my friend again didn't tip high because of their behaviour, he started yelling at her and made her cry.You would think a $20 cover fee is already more than enough. All of us have worked customer service for years. If you don't get a great tip you think that sucks and move on. Absolutely ridiculous behaviour.
Alex LaFerney
04:14 23 Oct 22
My friend and I went there on our trip to Montreal. We had a blast on each of the three levels. The bottom floor was your standard club music with a raised center part, tons of lights, smoke machines and bass. The middle floor was more Hispanic type music (my favorite) and we had a blast. The rooftop had several chairs and was a great place to cool off and chit chat when taking a break from dancing.Next time I visit Montreal, I will definitely come back.
Christopher Lyons
16:28 07 Oct 22
We had a wonderful time last night. DJ Pop_trt was fantastic so everyone was dancing and having a good time. Although most people were in their early 20s there was a mix of ages and no attitude. Cover charge was only 8$ (Thursday) and drinks were reasonably priced. Great terrace! Great place to go if you want to dance.
Miree Lee
03:39 24 Sep 22
Excellent three tiered bar. Friendly staff. Terrace is great, but no smoking. Middle floor had pool tables that are coin operated (2 loonies). Lights are impressive for dancing, but music was a little lack lustre for a Friday night.
Paola Negro
23:00 17 Sep 22
What an amazing girls night. You can enjoy different kind of music in the 3 floors. The drink 🍹 are not expensive and Raphael the security guy at the door is very friendly. I will be back 😊 for sure🔥
01:22 29 Aug 22
Such a fun club I LOVED it. Really nice open concept unisex bathrooms with no lines ever even with a packed club. Great music and atmosphere. I just wished they cleaned the stair railings cus it was seriously nasty to touch and the steps are steep.
Kedar Mendhurwar
20:12 19 Aug 22
This has been one of our go to places to go out dancing on a Friday or a Saturday night. But this place is a hit or a miss. Some days they have phenomenal music and DJs and other days the music is Dud. The entry fee is comparatively higher than other places and the free entry they used to have before 10 pm doesn't exist anymore. But if you're new to Montreal, this place is still a must see 🙂
Gerard Maurice
03:59 08 Aug 22
One of the the best clubs I’ve been in Montreal. Music is nice, it’s not too expensive compared to other clubsId give a 5 star rating, but the only bad thing is that they have to put on the site that it’s not “entrance free before 11” it’s 25$. AND the fact that you have to pay again to enter if you leave. Cant even go outside to smoke, that sucks. Other than that , I recommend this club.
jenna leveille
18:40 17 Jul 22
COMPLETELY UNACCEPTABLE!!! 😡😡😡 (some) bartenders refused to serve me tap water saying they “aren’t allowed” WHICH IS ILLEGAL. i even told they guy “it’s illegal refuse me a glass of water” and he told me “i know” and proceeded to try and charge me for a bottle of water. I find this completely unacceptable and quite disturbing for the least. club was fine but this is truly disappointing. I ALSO SEE UNITY’S OWNER IS VERY ACTIVE IN REPLYING to reviews on google so i would appreciate a reply with an explanation as to why you’re making your bartenders illegally refuse clients tap water as this is not the first review ive seen with this complaint but it seems to have slipped through the cracks and you may have “missed” it.
Cameron Greer
07:40 09 Jul 22
I was visiting Montreal for a few days in April; ended up coming two nights in a row. It’s a great spot with multiple levels and a diverse crowd. Drinks are reasonably priced. Music on the first floor was just a tad too loud at points, but everything else was great.
Moth Man
01:49 29 Jun 22
Amazing place. The drinks are great and the service is amazing. I really liked my experience there the two time I went. I would recommend the cocktail they were amazing. I really like the Dj when I first went she was amazing.
Allissa N
18:18 12 Jun 22
I was on the rooftop terrace for an event and it got cold out so I asked to get my jacket back from coat check since I am outdoors and it was not heated that night and they wouldn’t give it to me because it was “too sporty”. I’m not sure why I can’t wear a “sporty” jacket when I’m sitting outdoors. I explained that I have a disability (definitely not asthma) that causes cold intolerance and they still wouldn’t give me my jacket. I feel like this place clearly hates disabled people. They were very rude at the coatcheck.
e giffo
03:38 04 Jun 22
This club refused to make a slight accommodation for my partner who is disabled.We were on the rooftop and the staff refused to let my partner wear her jacket even though it was cold out. After explaining that she has a disability that causes her to be unable to tolerate cold temperatures, they still refused, and then threatened to kick me out when I became visibly upset that they would not accommodate her. I came in wearing a basketball jersey, but apparently my partners jacket was ‘too sporty’ and ‘against dress code’. This bar hates disabled people. (The bar staff was amazing, it was the coat check people with an issue) 10/10 would not recommend
Colin Hanshaw
14:26 23 May 22
Pretty amazing spot to visit if you enjoy nightlife. This venue has two floors with different music and a rooftop terrace with a really nice view and drinks available on each level. Super awesome staff and affordable drinks. The only negative thing I can say is (when visiting on May 21st) the second level was packed, no room for dancing (had a really good DJ), the lower level's DJ was playing techno dance and absolutely no one was interested in being on that level. I would suggest to that DJ to take note of this and to switch up the music being played in order to alleviate the crowded second level. ensure the people are interested in the music that is being played to alleviate the crowded second floor, also alleviate some of the pressure on the bar staff on that second floor and bring customers to the bar staff on the lower level.
Charles C
05:32 21 May 22
There are 3 floors with 2 different sets of music. The drink prices are expected for a club. The vibe is decent. If you're in Montreal for only one night, you should stop by. There are other places to dance and hear music, but if you're in the area Unity is worth it. You'll usually meet good people and have a great time. Music was basic electronic / EDM and Latino.
Rahul Mahajan
03:56 15 May 22
Rude staff at the rooftop. The tall girl in black tonight had absolutely unacceptable behaviour. We are tourists from Vancouver and she has completely spoilt the view of Montreal’s hospitality for us. I’m not too sure if she was just being a racist as we were the only few Indians there. Would never recommend anyone to visit this club.
Gracie Carney
05:06 14 May 22
The bar itself is a great queer inclusive place. Please be aware it’s illegal to refuse to serve tap water/free water to patrons. Please refer to sections 4.7 of the liquor license laws. I will be speaking to the appropriate people to bring this to legal attention. Do better, you have no excuse. I witnessed several drunk people asking for water to be told it was $5. Not only are you breaking the legal law, but most peoples ethical codes as well.
Axeris Sondyre
11:37 19 Apr 22
Nice place with good vibes, drinks are reasonably priced considering and service is good. My only criticism is that despite my insistence that I wanted to keep my jacket with me as I enjoy spending my time in the upstairs/outside area, I was told I needed to check it in.. not sure why that rule needs to be in place, I’ve not experienced this elsewhere and I would’ve been happy to have it searched if that was the issue, but otherwise it seems like a needless extra cash grab.
Fanie Rabouin
17:59 18 Apr 22
Love the differents floors / type of music. LGBTQ+ Ambience, the terrace is awesome also !
Nicolas Villeneuve
12:34 11 Apr 22
Great club to danse. Obviously LGBTQ+ friendly. Cover was 15$ and 3$ coatcheck tip not included
Solemio Ferreira
12:39 09 Apr 22
Since it opened after covid, unity is not what it was: I saw a few sketchy people following me and trying to touch me , They dont serve water at the bar anymore, staff is rude and the quality of music changed. The worse thing that happened is that A guy came in the club with a cat on his back, stating its for emotional support...nobody seemed to care. Poor cat. Stupid security. It was my fav club but not anymore.
Samantha Newman
17:50 22 Mar 22
Went here on Saturday March 19th with a group of girlfriends for a bday. The music was great and the customer service was awesome! We were hanging out by the lower bar by the dancefloor, the barmaid was really great! To the point where when she ran out of glasses to serve drinks in, she recommended to us to go the other bar knowing she was giving a sale another bartender. (Obvi I know its all the same bar but she was losing tip too.) That was very kind of her. Docked a star because the bathrooms were quite gross. All in all was a good time! Will be going back... just maybe earlier in the night.
Jake Belman
06:36 13 Mar 22
We waited for an hour, bouncer was MIA at the front of the line. When he finally came out he told us to get to the back of the line and pushed my friend. Do not go here. Sky is much better anyway 🙂
Luis Alejandro Morin
18:18 05 Dec 21
TLDR; Young crowd, friendly staff with 2 ambientsDownstairs you have ample space with a very high ceiling; the sound and lights are great. At the center, you can dance and feel you are the star of the night. If you pay enough attention, you'll find a place to cage yourself.If you feel like feeding your Latino fibers, go upstairs and have fun.I had drinks at two of the 3 bars I saw. If you want to meet the owner of that back you see in the picture, head to the main bar downstairs. If you are into hot young bartenders, you'll be pretty happy there.If you want to be served by a tough-looking girl who makes sure to understand what you want, go upstairs; she is top quality.It was very nice from the bouncer to ask us when we were leaving if we had a great time, we did.Young and wanting to have a great time? This place is right for you.Not young, it works too!
Kevin Cheng
18:39 01 Dec 21
Large nightclub with 2 room/floors. Great view of the Jacques-Cartier bridge from the rooftop patio. One of the best light shows in the city!
Wendy Neira
01:47 19 Jul 21
Very bad experience. Rude and disrespectful owner. After ordering one round of shots we were approach by a super angry and rude man, literally kicking us out and saying we were asked to leave 5 times, which is not true at all.One of my friends already left a review, and we now know this was the owner. On his reply, he called us liars saying "Come on, tell the truth! I came to kindly let you know that we were full,.... a waiter explained you need to order if you want to keep your place...then a security.... then me twice". How come not even one person of a group of 5 remembers any of these approaches. On his reply he also said "You ordered a single round of shots and left 20 cents for it" out of a group of 5 at least 3 of us tipped 20% (myself included). I consider this remark highly disrespectful especially coming from the owner.
Lynn B (Sunshine111)
18:21 04 May 21
Drinks are a bit expensive and the no jacket rule is annoying, but the new bathroom is awesome, always have a good time there.
Olivier C.
19:51 12 Jul 20
Had a good night with friends, the view is great. Tried the white sangria, loved it
Victoria Sametz-Dinelle
15:22 15 Mar 20
I'm in Montreal for the weekend, and arrived before 11PM on Saturday the 14th to gain free entry. Most of the staff was very polite, but the bartender with a beard was very rude. I tipped 20% for my first drink, and coming from Ottawa, where tipping isn't mandatory as per my experiences, I didn't tip for my second drink. The bartender tried to tell me you have to tip, but I couldn't hear him multiple times so he then proceeded to rudely demonstrate how to make my friends drink, took her 20$ and have 5$ back, pointing at the sign on the counter saying you have to tip at least 1$. My 2 friends and I simply couldn't hear, we all after reading the sign and even being rudely served tried to communicate with this bartender to tip him, but he refused to serve any of us after that and simply ignored us as he danced and sung to the music. Definitely not going back anytime soon
Danielle A
12:49 17 Feb 20
Love the place way too much. Went to Montréal for vacation and this was my favorite place to go to at night. The bartenders were amazing & Emmanuella/Emanuela was the best bartender ever and she brought a fantastic spirit and vibe to the place. 10/10 would recommend going to this place. We went on a Saturday night and the music was great and everyone was kind.
02:45 20 Oct 19
This is my 3rd time coming here, on my Montreal trips. And one of the best nightclubs you can go into the area. We don't have any, nightclubs in Toronto, even if there are any they get in fee is 20 bucks and over. The staff are extremely friendly here, and before 10pm the fee is free!



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