Known well for it's outstanding bar service and cocktail lounge, friendly staff and nights to remember.

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The Colombian Hotel is situated in the heart of Oxford Street, known well for its outstanding bar service and cocktail lounge, friendly staff and nights to remember.



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Carlos L
08:08 03 Mar 24
We came on Sunday, March 3, 2024 to the rooftop because Sundays are supposedly for Latin beats. But the DJ has NO idea about Latin music, super boring and has no relationship with Latin music. You should look for a DJ who really knows the subject. You only hired a DJ with no experience in Latin music for that day. They just
Ravidev Prajapaty
08:08 06 Jan 24
Exceptional experience! The warm welcome at this gaming spot sets the tone for a fantastic time. The gaming girl is not only sweet and positive but provides great service. I particularly love visiting when the Nepalese girl is working—she adds a special touch that keeps me coming back. Highly recommended for both the gaming and the wonderful atmosphere!
Craig Tucker-Saunders
23:39 02 Jan 24
The rooftop bar which I had never been to before is really great. With parts open, others close when needed and a section completely closed it's a great combination. The staff are lovely and make a great Martini.
Steve Bintley
10:06 27 Dec 23
Lovely pub with friendly staff and great window seating for people watching on the busy street outside. The decor is smart and the toilets upstairs are modern and clean. There’s a good range of drinks available with decent prices but they only offer schooners and no pint options. Nice relaxing atmosphere and somewhere I’ll certainly be returning to.
Robert Huggan
05:08 27 Dec 23
Wet day so dampened atmosphere, and seats. Better for dry weather.
di ellis
06:25 18 Dec 23
Great cocktails and venue sitting for sip and paint activity.. friendly staff with awesome cocktail making skills. Good atmosphere relaxing to unwind on the rooftop
Matt Sage
21:13 13 Nov 23
The beer is awful - stale, flat and manky - it's obvious that the beer lines have not been cleaned regularly. The barman downstairs didn't know how to pull a beer and was unfamiliar with serving sizes and selection.The staff were inexperienced and unmotivated - spending time away in the kitchen or glued to their phones. After returning a mould tainted schooner to the bar, the staff weren't even interested in what was wrong with it, nor did they offer a refund.The sweet potato chips were pretty good though... if only I could have enjoyed a beer with them.Overall, save your money by not spending it here.
Al-turnatiff bike
00:05 20 Aug 23
Wow our first and last visit. Rooftop bar staff did not pay attention to the eftpost transaction for our drinks, did not believe us when we said we'd paid. I couldn't access my phone banking as the bank was doing 'maitenance' at the time. They insisted that we pay again for our drinks. How about doing your job properly or giving customers the benefit of the doubt. Will jot be returning!
Ryan Wilhelm
20:01 07 Aug 23
Tasty drinks with a great roof deck. Weekly activity nights. Nice place to grab a drink
Dillon Reece
02:28 04 Jul 23
This roof top is our ‘go to’ after we’ve enjoyed lunching somewhere fabulous. Cocktails here generally on point, some bar staff are friendlier than others but hey hospitality is often hit’n miss. Today though was a hit.It’s a shame they don’t start the live music until later in the afternoon as we are normally in & out within a few hours & generally as the music starts we are having to depart. Some of us must rise early the next day for that dreadful thing called work 😔. Always a fun time for us though so thanks Mr a Columbian 💕
Kylie Wise
11:32 17 Jun 23
The drinks were well made and delicious. I cannot comment on the food as we didn't eat here. Mmm, the upstairs bar atmosphere may need a little extra care. It was shabby though clean...just needs a tiny kiss of love.
Koda Milson
09:47 13 Jun 23
Went to Colombian hotel, me and my friends had a drink downstairs . Then we went up to the second floor was surprised to find a DJ and lots of people having a good time dancing. The vibe in there was Electric and the bar Tender is real good I candy great to see they’re doing something with that space . Nice to see the old Colombian coming back to life. Will definitely be going back. I’ve found my new spot for the weekends 🙂
Hurricane Kiddo
10:13 25 May 23
Clean and tidy. Friendly staff but doesn’t get a good crowd. Good for a quiet drink.
Adam Walker
09:55 05 May 23
I went for a cigarette, came back and the bouncer didn’t let me back in as I was ‘drunk’. Bar was empty and I’d had half a pint. Was absolutely not drunk. Weird and rude. Bye x
14:59 17 Mar 23
Not only did they almost not let me in because they thought i was “too drunk” despite me not drinking more than 2 drinks before, but did they approach my boyfriend once we were let in inquiring on how I was let in despite looking the way I did. Keep in mind that I am a 25 year old asian girl visiting from japan. The fact that despite there being numerous other men that were way more intoxicated than I was, the issue they had was with us just being there. It makes it hard for me to not think that some sort of racism was involved here. Definitely make me not want to visit this area again.
Wendy Silva
13:36 15 Feb 23
Great atmosphere, friendly vibes. Rooftop offers great views of Oxford Street and Centrepoint.
04:07 14 Feb 23
Everyone is great!From the Bar managers to the bar staff…The Turkish bartender was extremely friendly and his cocktails were great. We ordered an Espresso Martini and Watermelon Margarita. Both looked so fancy and was just delicious!Even the regulars are so friendly.Every floor has something else to offer.You can party on the top floor with the djs and cocktails. Its also an open roof so when the weather is great its a “must visit”You can sometimes go wild and sometimes just chill at the lounge bar.You can sit and have great chats with everyone at the main floor.
Ben Kriegel
00:06 14 Nov 22
I wanted to go to this nightclub when I visited Darlo, but was denied entry at the door after being asked how many drinks I had that night. I was told I would not be allowed in because I had a glass of wine with dinner prior to my arrival. As a result, I was informed that I was too drunk and told to try another bar, which denied me entry for the same reason under such false pretenses. I truly believe these actions by the bouncers were an act of discrimination against me because I was an American wanting to come into the nightclub by myself. But this is their loss, and Sydney’s gay community’s loss for having some of the most power hungry bouncers at the doors of spaces queer people should feel safe gathering in.
Johanna Rivero
04:02 03 Oct 22
Amazing staff!! We had a great time celebrating a friends birthday there. Bar area was comfortable, enjoyable. All the drinks were great. We really appreciated the time spent there.
Henry Gonzalez
14:45 16 Sep 22
Five stars for the drinks, but surprisingly today, the food was terrible, I ordered spicy wings, fries, and meatballs, and every single dish had an issueFries came with sweet chili sauce, I asked for tomato sauce or aioli, and the staff said they don't have anything different apart from sweet chili sauce,The wings came with no dipping sauce... Also noting available,And the meatballs showed up 10 min later even though I ordered at the same time, and it was overcooked, dry, and not tasty at all.Please don't let the quality of the food go down.
Troy H
14:31 27 Aug 22
Refused entry for supposedly being drunk yet totally sober. Security clearly have a mandate to exclude as they see fit. Definitely a shadow of its former self and avoid if you want an inclusive space.
Tyler Moeke
08:13 02 Jul 22
Hadn't been here for a while came back it has been revamped. Thoroughly enjoyed the roof top bar, its energy and vibe. Nice mixed group, good cocktails. They had live entertainment which that night was a saxophone player. Love the new look they've gone with, it'll be good as social outings become more popular after winter.
Nikki Facchin
01:28 14 Jun 22
Great new show on Friday nights! Fabulous performers and a lighthearted, fun show with good song choices. The bar staff are friendly and helpful. Prices are standard Oxford St so no wins there. Venue has just been renovated and it looks so good! A much more functional space than before. Great to meet up with friends. Hens parties/ hordes of young drunk people are the only thing preventing 5 stars on this venue.
Liam O'Kane
03:19 29 May 22
Well bless this glow up. The newly furbished Columbian hotel has grown up. Queer friendly obviously and a great place for a chilled bevvy with mates or a cute little DD thats short for dinner date. We love!
Paul Merriman
12:06 27 May 22
Lovely rooftop (walls without a ceiling) with yummy atmosphere. Rotten door staff, who make you feel quite embarrassed to be entering the venue. I do hope nobody saw us.
Jimmy Gatsos
03:10 18 May 22
Great place! Each floor has something unique to offer. I particularly liked the new rooftop.
Lain Gonzalez
07:59 20 Apr 22
They recently refurbished this place. I remember going there for a night out years ago, still a similar vibe but very nicely done. They now have a rooftop with Mexican food where we had a drink. Really nice setting. I'll be going back
Tim Ball
04:01 14 Mar 22
Went to experience the new rooftop. Amazing vibe, good use of the space.Food on the roof however was very average. We tried the nachos, kind of good. But the chorizo quesadillas tastes just tasty cheese and diced ham and the chicken wings I'll swear were processed/frozen and heated.The tacos looked good from what other people ordered so I'll say stick to the nachos and tacos.And as I said ... Great space! Realistically how many rooftop bars on Oxford Street. Go!!!
10:29 06 Mar 22
Second level, guy serving tonight 6.3.22, around 7:30pm.Dude you seem nice but we aren’t waiting at the bar for fun, we are there to order a drink. Have some logic and serve the people that are waiting their first.It was just so embarrassing to watch multiple people go line up and you serve new people who just joined at another part of the bar first. Read the room. Yes - when you are a bar tender you need to be thinking ok who will I serve next. If you don’t know who is next ask.Some people just gave up and left because this kept happening.
Joel Evans
00:24 06 Feb 22
My friends and I stopped here last night. We were refused entry for capacity limits and asked to wait off to the side. We could see from outside the venue had plenty of space, but we were happy to wait. Meanwhile as we waited, a crowd of five women, and a further crowd of ten or so men and women, were let in. I don’t want to accuse the security of homophobia, but that’s what it felt like. We won’t be back because we don’t feel welcome or valued as customers 🙁
Alessandro Lanzafame
23:55 05 Feb 22
Love the update after renovation. The Place looks stunning and very welcoming.Loved their cocktails.We were on the rooftop area and at some point there were many cockroaches wondering around, which isn’t pleasant!After midnight this area closed off and we moved to the second floor, which again looks amazing, however there were cockroaches here too. I do understand one or two can happen, but there were way more than that. I do recommend to keep an eye on it and possibly considering some options to fix this.Overall experience was good!
Keera Lee Pankhurst
19:18 06 Jan 22
This place is very chilled and laid back. Bar staff are friendly and funny. Set up is comfortable and it's reasonably priced. Highly recommend a trip and a myriad of drinks here
Alan Smith
13:01 21 Nov 21
The new rooftop bar is fantastic. This place is set to take back Oxford street as a place to be. Gives the inner west a run for it's money.
Nkazi Sibindi
06:32 17 Nov 21
Roof top is lovely but cocktails weren't great. Aperol spritz was more spritz than appropriate and Espresso Martini was very weak and froth was bubbly. 70 dollars for 4 cocktails that weren't made well was disappointing.
Bond, Roger Bond
23:14 13 Nov 21
Don’t over commit and under deliver. So many things are great, or could be great, but let down by insufficient staffing and woefully prepared stations.Low staff is a problem everywhere right now: that’s just the nature of things. However bars not prepared for service is setting the poor guys up to fail. I hope it finds its feet over the next year and shines.
Asher Robinson
13:43 13 Nov 21
Love the rooftop bar even if it was a little rainy... Would be amazing on a Sunday after noon
Jason Lee Holcroft
03:18 08 Nov 21
Outstanding music of the guilty pleasure variety. The crowd is very bearish every night of the week. Love it!
Dexter Poindexter
07:17 31 Oct 21
Best pub in Oxford Street for a relaxed drink. 3 floors. Public Bar on Ground Floor is welcoming and anyone can pop in.
Baptiste Lima
14:50 30 Oct 21
The security guard kicked me out of the queue because I was smoking a cigarette, even the police was there to prevent any problems told me they couldn't understand. The security guard who kicked me out was rude at the first sentence, even if I was perfectly sober he targeted me because of a smoke, since when is it illegal to smoke in a queue??? Very disappointing.
Samuel Hill
09:29 28 Oct 21
Cancelled Karaoke after it being there most loyal event. This brand has no loyalty they have fired all the staff who had been around since the beginning. Service is really slow and event that are current need lots of work.. waiting lines for everything…
rodney johnson
01:58 21 Oct 21
Great place to relax with a few friends for a nice cold drink or two
Feras Mirdad
11:44 19 Oct 21
Overall the refurbished Colombian serves up a killer vibe. My one negative remark is about a female security guard at the entrance to the rooftop bar who was rude and unhelpful. Why employ someone who is so disinterested and miserable. It’s meant to be a safe space not a pit of despair.
Jess Faye
12:01 30 Sep 21
Waited over 30 minutes in line, only for the security to start shouting "$20 entry". Its ridiculous, given we just waited so long in line and were then at the front. Place looked mediocre so we left.EDIT: to the guy (JC K) calling me out for leaving a bad review- I'm entitled to my own opinion, so no need to be rude. Do you own/work/frequently go there? Because that says even more about the place now and I'm glad I didn't and won't go in.Given most places around the area were charging the same price, we would've spent more time picking a place that we liked better, rather than wait 40 mins, see EVERYONE in front get in for free, and then being told we had to pay. We honestly just wanted to go in for drinks, but found it unfair that we were told entry was free and having the manager change their mind after 40 mins of waiting.If you pay $20 for Ubereats, wait 45 mins and then when the driver comes to your door and says they won't give you the order unless you pay $40 would you be upset?
David Teasdale
09:16 15 Jun 21
About time they renovated and that’s great but I believe the owners expect the windows to be open downstairs and everyone freezes to death. It’s winter. No heating on the ground level. No air conditioning for summer. No comfort, no thought.
Seha Sahin
08:22 12 Jun 21
I visited last week to check out the newly-opened rooftop. That space is just homely. Great for both organizing an event for a large group and getting together with a few close friends over a couple cocktails.
Jamie B
04:42 01 Jun 21
Great venue but there is some average service and bar staff are selective of who they serve in the line instead of serving those who are in order for service.
John Johnov
10:08 08 May 21
The Colombian Hotel rooftop is the new rising star on Oxford. If you want to have great cocktails with mates, this place is a must. The second floor has been revamped and will be probably more like jazz bar or something as I saw the opening is on 6th of June. WELL DONE 🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈🍹🍸🍾🥂🍉🍇🥳🥳🥳
Jimi Hughes
23:44 02 May 21
$5.60 a schooner. U can have a beer early in the morning & sit on seats facing an Oxford St view. Tuesday Trivia starts at 7pm sharp. Great prizes.
Carlosaurus Rex
09:21 16 Mar 21
One of the more welcoming & inclusive bars on Oxford Street. Really friendly bar staff & entertainers, as well as great, often nostalgic, music to dance to. Definitely would be nice to see more patrons frequent this joint, as its comparatively slow patronage is its only con.
Kyle Young
23:46 17 Sep 20
Great place for after-work drinks
Nathaniel Rowe
19:25 01 Sep 20
Fire exits are locked which create a bottle neck.
Emanuel V.
07:24 26 Oct 19
Beautiful hotel, really convenient location right in the center. Busy all the time, surroundings by the clubs,bars, restaurants that is open 24 hrs....
Jeramy M.
06:04 20 Sep 18
I was just denied entry to this place with because "I was intoxicated". I have had no drinks this evening and will never return here. Your security not only...
Marqus R.
01:08 15 Oct 14
A couple of the reasons I sort like The Columbian Hotel is that the crowd that gathers, predominately if not all gay male, happen to be of a mixed bag when...
Hannah J.
21:54 25 Oct 11
The Columbian Hotel should be reserved for when all your favourite clubs are closing, and you're not quite done yet. It's not very fancy, or very...
Leah C.
21:27 20 Oct 11
There is never a dull moment at the Colombian. Day or night, faithful patrons occupy this local watering hole to thirst-quench, socialize (read: troll), or...

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