Colonial Bath

Colonial Bath

Welcome to Colonial Bath, Montreal's premiere spa of saunas exclusively for men

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Come and discover the detoxifying benefits of this nearly century-old tradition.

Situated in the heart of the Plateau, we offer a range of services to intake your senses and cater to your individual needs and desired in a safe and tastefully discreet atmosphere.

We have Montreal's only real natural stone steam system, high pressure wet system, two outdoor terraces, masseurs, and much more.



Colonial Bath
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Francis Lacasse
02:21 17 May 23
Nice old style sauna. Mix crowed mainly older guys
11:55 06 May 23
A great take you back in time era of a place if you like Montreal historic staff are very kind if you want to take a long nap this is your place Sadly thats where i can sum it up Although the same repetitious clientele are over-all nice many in the college-university crowd are only into body language hardly anyone speaks and too much cell phone viewing for whatever reason A place to stay far away specially on a Tuesday Ive given this place a lot of chances and its always the same results 2 stars only for the kindness of the staff nothing else for the rest
11:54 04 Apr 23
Great staff friendly customers from all walks of life a real take you back in time era of a place Great for napping as there is no music that plays in the background If you're into college university rowdiness and procastination then this is the place that you will love on Tues and Sundays i much prefer other days
Daniel Seligman
13:55 28 Mar 23
great place for a schvitz. best dry sauna in Montreal. I wish there was a cold pool though.
12:48 19 Mar 23
Great staff friendly customers from lots of cultures backgrounds a real take you back in time era of a chill place Warm inside well heated for the winter great for a nap as well after going into the different steam rooms I dont know if a little background music would help it is rather very quiet inside and i notice that most just follow ea other like a herd of cattle for example last evening a dozen or so all left at 6 pm its just funny to see that sometimes lol
Spencer Christie
16:12 29 Dec 22
Wet area very open, well-lit and sociable. Space to relax and have fun.Main floor where you enter is old-fashioned (ancient carpet, old gym equipment) but you're just here to change really.Upstairs has all the private rooms and one communal room. Not much going on here.Looking forward to trying again in summer with the terrace open.
madha taal
22:17 16 Oct 22
This was a nice sauna. Unfortunately, I had a racist experience from one of the customer he was abusive and accused me of stealing a towel and kept harassing me ! I was worried he could physically assault me. There is no way I can file police complaintAny kind of such behaviour shouldn’t be tolerated. He called me nasty slurs and told to leave his country ! Management couldn’t do anything and in order for my safety and atmosphere I left. Management should ban such member and never support racist and aggressive member.
13:30 04 Sep 22
Great staff customers are kind as well a back in time place i go to when in Plateau vicinity just a little too cool inside
New Yorker
06:33 21 Aug 22
I really enjoyed my many times there over the years. Very nice staff who are extremely helpful. Although I speak English German and Spanish, not speaking French was not a major problem. Very few of the employees did not understand English.The historical appearance made it more relaxing to me.Polite staff and wonderful available features to use.Nudity was allowed, wearing a towel was also fine.I got a massage every time there. You will be nude for your massage if you would like. At one point I involuntarily, because erect and at the point I was draped with towel over that area until it went away.Polite, friendly and exactly what I had hoped for.. Thank you very much.
12:32 20 May 22
Great staff so so people some are snooty some cant relax without looking endlessley at their cell phones Cant deal with all of this denial inside of this place 2 stars because of the great staff!
02:00 22 Mar 22
This Sauna is a real blast from the past moment in time like you yourself are reliving that era in time A great dry room as well steam rooms a great whirlpool a great summer terrace & thats where it all ends for meWay too cold inside in the wintertime & to avoid on Tues nites theyre meet up for the college & university crowds!
Clod Cri
16:19 15 Mar 22
This Sauna is a real blast from the past moment in time like you yourself are reliving that era in time A great dry room as well steam rooms a great whirlpool a great summer terrace & thats where it all ends for meWay too cold inside in the wintertime & to avoid on Tues nites
Sergei Revin
19:31 18 Feb 22
The stuff is really kind and helpful. The sauna is warm enough, really good to go just to relax.
Michael Luna
04:32 25 Nov 21
Wonderful Sauna!...Love the old Roman-style walk inhot whirlpool and cavernous dry sauna room...Excellent place to spend a frigid winter day!
François Flibotte
15:47 24 Oct 21
Wish they would ask for a COVID vaccination proof before entering the premises.
19:38 21 Aug 21
This place is quite different than others. Worth the try
Claudio Cris
01:01 16 Jun 21
Great staff although too expensive for this temporary 2 hr duration Going to weigh it out over there for now!
Marc Montreal
16:20 09 May 21
Bain colonial bath is dirty, they should clean the little tub at least once a week. I saw some stuff floating. Their carpet hasn’t been changed in years, it has a smell and moisture in it. Their lockers are so old and rusty, I cut my self on the door metal. Even their Gym area is old and broken. The only nice thing is their terrace. In overall, the place is old, dirty, soiled, even their beds are damaged and dirty. They should close the place and renovate everything!
Veronica Theriault
00:07 24 Jan 21
Came here after my Soul Cycle session to cool off - (My trainer Marissa always makes me sweat!) - and it was incredible! Stunning interior, relaxing atmosphere, and fabulous clientele. So many queens if you know what I mean lol but I was treated like a Goddess. Perfect for a busy super mommy!
Salim Damirov
18:28 24 Oct 19
Nice place, for hot steam lovers. In the evenings little overcrowded. Free wifi. $15 entrance fee. Far from west part of the city.
Horan Wilson
17:42 27 Sep 19
Friendly and cozy sauna, good steam, comfortable rooms. Good menu. They have promotions, you need to register on site 909gay,com create a profile and show the bartender, you will be given a free entrance, and will be given a free private room for 1 hour.
Procrastinators Anonymous
20:44 13 Mar 17
This is the best sauna for men in Montreal. Great place to warm up during winter time, ideal to relax after work. Multicultural clientele with a respectful mindset. And if you love to procrastinate this is your place!


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