London’s bar, club and creative hub in Hoxton Square.

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Colours is an inclusive space to dance, create, meet, eat, drink booze, not drink booze, and paint the town whichever colour you choose.

Colours is Hoxton Square’s new multi-arts bar and club.

We are here to prove there’s still a creative heartbeat and soul to East London…you just have to know where to look.

Colours is open midday to late-night every day. During daytimes, the space will serve as a lunchtime hangout and creative hub, providing a space for collaborators and SuperCulture Club members to work, rehearse and record podcasts.

Our ‘SuperCulture hub’ will host cutting-edge cultural events every weeknight from an ‘after school’ club with networking app ‘Daisie’ to Queer Experimental Cinema and Neon Naked Life Drawing.



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Edward Forshaw
21:17 29 Apr 23
Saw a band, sound is good. But... Why advertise an accessible space policy and fail to deliver? I asked for a seat in advance and I was told this will be sorted - unfortunately no one on the night was aware, nor were they trained to deal with such a situation. Management: I recommend reviewing your accessibility policy and training staff to adhere to it.
Carol Barron
12:59 13 Mar 23
I went to hear a couple of female singers there recently and thoroughly enjoyed it. Staff were very helpful and approachable. Drinks were good and a variety to choose from. Toilets were clean and tidy. The venue had a lovely relaxed vibe to it with mainly young people. I'm in my 60s and was probably the oldest there but i didnt feel awkward or frowned upon at all!! Well worth a visit - loved it.
Edward Williams
18:15 11 Mar 23
A dubstep event couldn't feel any more personal, intimate and intense than what I was a part of at the iconic funtcase show, synldn brought in an eye-watering line up of global touring artists for the cost of less than a burger on entrance.One of the best nights of my life.I also have to give a massive mention to the incredible staff, security and space that colours has!Just wow!
Makka Roy (southofheaven)
09:18 19 Jan 23
Excellent bar with wonderful staff. We had £5 cocktails on special offer. Great place for events. We went to see this awesome talk by Stack Magazines. Really loved the atmosphere with great music and in a great location that was easy to get to from the bus.
Katy Unwin
09:39 26 Dec 22
The private karaoke room is fabulous! The staff are friendly and really put a lot of care into making the drinks just right. They had a DJ playing all night and it was a very fun atmosphere.
Magdalena Pryga
12:15 24 Dec 22
We had a lovely time with a group of friends. Karaoke room is very comfortable, food tasty (I had a chicken strip burger), drinks very affordable and the staff friendly and helpful. And we really loved the music the DJ played!
Jack Cullen
02:42 27 Nov 22
Great night here tonight for a friends birthday party. Made especially welcomed by the wonderful doorman who was incredibly welcoming and cheerful. Very refreshing for London security! Respect
15:04 24 Nov 22
Went to Colours for a live gig. Large seating areas both inside and outside on Hoxton Square. Kitchen seemed busy.Live standing area in a separate room to the rear of the venue with its own Bar. Good size for small to medium Indie bands.
Michel Baboulinet
16:10 17 Oct 22
Great space for intimate concert. There is an automate to bring wheelchairs down to the main ground, which is great. Alternative and queer space, so big up. Drinks are OK. Haven't tested sound during a concert though
Michal Balázs
06:07 09 Oct 22
Great people and good vibes. Wish music would be a bit more up to date, IDK what's with UK DJs not playing current music and sticking to retro songs. Regardless great place to have a casual night out at
Joshua Djumpah
13:03 31 Aug 22
Went for a live music event in the basement, stage was nicely set up and the room had a bar also.The room was well air coned and had a fantastic night for live mic night
D Tickner
10:08 27 Aug 22
Great place to see a gig. Small audience made for a really intimate gig.
10:44 11 Aug 22
Great night out, the staff are cool, the doorman is super friendly and professional. Great place to see live bands play.
Emily South
15:33 30 Jul 22
The girls here were incredible, made the experience, 10 out of 10 would recommend to a friend. Highlight of the evening was Christina, Basia, Thersika and Guy
Sam Davis
20:32 20 Jul 22
I never write bad reviews especially with COVID going on, but this has fallen so far downhill.Booked a table for ten 16/07 because Colours used to be the spot.- Turned up at 17:20 the Private bar was packed had a party on all afternoon, the main bar was deserted staff hadn’t even attempted to open it.- One of the guy bar staff has a massive attitude problem, we were the only spending money in there until 18:30 and it felt like we were an inconvenience.- 3 for £10 shooters on the menu, couldn’t order any because nothing had been made up.- 25 degree heat and we weren’t allowed to open the sliding doors to let some air in.- Asked for some pizzas at 19:00 which is the only thing they serve now and we were told there’s no food on.Only reason I gave this two stars not one was the blonde bar lady, young guy prepping and security guard were nice people. Used to come hear at least once a week with loads of people from work, that won’t be happening anymore!
Bradley Perkins
18:35 06 Jul 22
Good venue, nice staff. Drinks are your average price for beer. No complaints at all. Has a bar in the venue room which is nice.
Jan Sodderland
10:02 15 Jun 22
Still the same despite the name change. Fun venue to see the yet you be discovered
tamara Stewart
23:14 17 May 22
I had a fun night with friends and the drinks were great. But the DJ missed the mark, she seemed to play the most mediocre songs and people left as it was killing the vibe.
Lauren Putinas
10:59 14 May 22
Amazing place!First time here and loved it!Will be returning!
Oliver J
14:34 26 Apr 22
Banging venue, great drinks and great food, DJs for a night called Vice were unreal too
Joel Smith
11:56 16 Apr 22
Booked for my best friends’s birthday. Amazing atmosphere, lovely staff. Carmen the drag queen is an absolute star and she learned all our names and made us feel incredibly welcome! Now my go to East London drag brunch venue! 💕
Tanel Kagan
17:23 06 Apr 22
Apart from some "inconsistent" DJing there's a good, fun atmosphere in here and a pleasant crowd. Never have any issues, big shout out to Sam B and the excellent security team.
David Llanwarne
18:42 17 Mar 22
Great gig. Emma Noble.Slow service
15:32 28 Feb 22
Lovely queer space! So many events and the entertainment is high class! Appreciated the complimentary drink as order got an error, the brunch made me feel like it was Friday evening, the prosecco was indeed bottomless!
Lily Ly
08:06 22 Feb 22
Wow wow wow! I came with friends to see Keela Kravings drag competition. It was amazing to see a variety of performers and the room set up wasn't too crowded. Outside the show the general Colours bar had a great fun atmosphere too!
Harry B.
18:11 10 Feb 22
Visited on 5/2/22 for the first time. Friendly door, tasty cocktails, good vibe, nice club area and a cloakroom that doesn't cost an arm and leg! A big "yes" from me!
Theo Tsangaris
13:46 30 Jan 22
My partner and I had a very fun time at the Back to Back Pop night. Bit of chaos at the end of night getting coats back, which is a general nightclub issue. Overall, a fun night.
10:22 18 Jan 22
The venue was amazing. You can sit and have drinks in the bar before the gig then only have to walk 2 secs before reaching the stage. The room for the gig was perfect , plenty of room and was super intimate. I will 100% be going back again for a drink or a gig.
18:03 15 Jan 22
UPDATE [15.01.2022] - No one contacted me from Colour Hoxton since the party. You can stick your answer on google reviews to your nose and don't play games that the club is so amazing that can even response to google review. You all guys are rotting from inside. I have reported this to the police and they advised me to send you letter - 10 days to pay. If not - I am going to the court - and I am not going to leave it like this - I will post the outcome everywhere so people can see how unreliable you are.NASTY, UNTRUTHFUL and ROTTEN from inside management. Don't even try to go to this place!I've bought ticket to Britney Party, paid for cloakroom in the club and left there my jacket. When I wanted to take it back...there was no jacket....lady gave my jacket to someone else! Literally they lost my jacket...Manager came, gave his email address and said that I can email him and we can sort out this problem. Two email - two weeks and no response. When I call the club there is always excuse from their side. I am giving them one more week to sort this out and then I am going to involve police in this case as I have witness and video where lady said that she must gave my jacket to someone else as cloakroom was empty at that time.
John Solo
17:21 21 Dec 21
My girlfriend and I traveled from New York to London and made a vacation around seeing the Main Squeeze perform at Colours. The Venue itself was wonderful and the staff working there really made us Americans really feel welcome. The show itself was great. The guy(sorry I forgot your name) who does the lighting for the band really did a phenomenal job and was a really nice guy.To Sam, I can't say enough about your hospitality towards Leah and I. Conversating with you was especially a highlight of our vacation. When we come back to London we will definitely come back to see you guys there. We also met Gavin and Jay who were really great and nice people. If I could give this venue and their staff more than 5 stars I would. Thank you so much to Sam and the staff of Colours for a memorable highlight of our trip to London
Gareth Williams
15:43 12 Dec 21
Had my 30th here and had such a good time. Club area was awesome especially with lit up ceiling, and it was a really friendly atmosphere
Mubeen Ahmed
22:47 08 Dec 21
Was here for a Hungama night curated by Ryan Lanji! Had an awesome time. Drama free south Asian queer night! Would definitely recommend it.
Jack Southgate
00:23 01 Dec 21
The venue was amazing. You can sit and have drinks in the bar before the gig then only have to walk 2 secs before reaching the stage. The room for the gig was perfect , plenty of room and was super intimate. I will 100% be going back again for a drink or a gig.
Anna Hamboulides
20:11 28 Nov 21
The Kids Soul to Soul party was super fun. They had one bar open. 2 staff serving. The drinks queue was ridiculously long x
Theo Tsangaris
11:51 14 Nov 21
My partner and I had a very fun time at the Back to Back Pop Night. Bit of chaos at the end of night getting coats back, which is a general nightclub issue. Overall, a fun night.
Rebecca Wang
07:10 10 Oct 21
Fun vibe but drinks were 50% water. This was mixed drinks as well as beer on tap. Truly ripped off, would avoid in the future which is a shame as the music and djs were great.
Aziz Adil
01:25 07 Sep 21
went for an album launch; really nice vibes, staff were friendly, security was polite as well, all round enjoyed going here
Lucia Morciano
11:48 05 Sep 21
Beautiful music venue.Great light design and acoustic.A little disappointing, though, as EVERY TIME we went to the bar for two lagers, both my partner and I paid a different amount. Every time.Not nice. Not fair. Bank app can back this up.
Pax Transwitch
13:12 29 Aug 21
Cute little queer space with patio and inside dancing area as well as a cabaret space for drag and other performance art. Deceptively large once inside. Absolutely wonderful staff and vibe, beautiful art as well. Definitely recommend.
Barnaby Row
14:04 24 Jul 21
Objectively nasty bouncer frightening multiple people on their way into QHP on Fri 23rd July unnecessarily. I was worried he was about to assault someone. But lovely name checker woman gave reassuring squeeze of the arm as if to say “don’t let it ruin your night.” She was great.
Jordie-Paige Jackson
14:37 17 Jul 21
Aaron, Mercury and the team have been absolutely fantastic. The venue is great but the staff really do make it absolutely fantastic. We've had the best time on our hen do and we cannot thank the team enough. Absolutely amazing, fun, sassy, brilliant day with great music. Exactly what we needed after being locked away for so long. Thank you all. The team are an absolute asset to your brand xx
Martin Fathers
22:33 01 Jul 21
Staff were great and friendly. Never felt so welcomed in a near central London bar before
Louise Russell
18:24 28 Jun 21
Great drag brunch! Staff were friendly and attentive
Adi O
11:39 09 Jun 21
Only reason I went here was because of a booking issue with The Book Club so they arranged a table for us for 1 hour and 15 mins before we could go for our originally planned booking at TBC. We arrived a late and I appreciate that they kept our table for us. The bouncer seated us and told us that someone would arrive to take our order. We waited 20 mins before someone eventually came to take our order at which point we had 30-40 minutes left on our booking. I didn't enjoy the music (which isnt that much of an issue as that's just personal preference) and the music was playing so long at 8pm that it was impossible to have a conversation so we spent the first 20 minutes sitting in silence waiting for our order to be taken. The waiter that did eventually serve us seemed annoyed to be there which made him seem impatient and distant. Seems like a fun night for some but I did not enjoy it at all.
Mat Keenan
21:11 03 Jun 21
Came to see haus of bam 26th the night was amazing,great venue though a little expensive for drinks, great atmosphere great staff great show 10/10
Hanan A
21:45 01 Jun 21
Great place! Great service. Staff are super friendly. Fantastic live music venue. Good selection of drinks. Try the wings!
Aaron Shrimpton
11:28 26 Jan 21
Just went for a live Hardcore Listing podcast, the most fun I've had in ages. Excellent service with very safe covid measures. Highly recommended
Tracy Doylie
08:26 16 Dec 20
Great venue. Tasty food. Really would like to go back to watch more performances.
Julia Sławińska
09:45 23 Oct 20
Amazing atmosphere and great food. Would recommend 😉
Daniel Gill
16:01 19 Sep 20
Great food and fantastic service. The staff are very helpful and we would definitely recommend. 10/10.
Anthony Bowe
10:11 15 Sep 20
Great venue. Visiting from Australia to see City Calm Down last year, this was the first live music venue I'd ever been to in London. Great room, fantastic food and a good vibe in the area.(Edit - my review was for the Hoxton Square Bar 2017, not Colours. I hear it’s changed it’s vibe for a different crowd)

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