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Nestled in the heart of Soho, Comptons has stood as a beacon of the London gay scene for decades. This beloved pub, with its rich history and evolution, exudes a unique charm that makes it a must-visit for both locals and tourists alike.

As you step into Comptons, you're greeted by an ambiance that blends traditional pub vibes with modern, gay-friendly energy. The pub's interior, characterized by its exposed brickwork and timber beams, provides a cozy yet vibrant setting for a night out. Whether you're flying solo or with a squad, Comptons offers the perfect backdrop for a relaxed evening or a lively start to a night of club-hopping.

What sets Comptons apart is not just its atmosphere but also its ability to cater to a diverse crowd. Known for its reasonable pricing, the bar is a hit among those looking for a fun yet affordable night out in London. The clientele is a delightful mix of gorgeous men, and the staff's friendly and welcoming nature adds to the overall experience.

Comptons isn't just a bar; it's a social hub. It's a place where conversations flow as freely as the drinks, where new friendships are formed, and where every visit promises a new story. On a typical Friday night, the bar buzzes with energy as Soho's socialites gather for pre-drinks before exploring the city's nightlife.

For anyone visiting London or those living in the city, a night at Comptons is more than just a drink at a bar. It's an experience, a celebration of the vibrant and inclusive gay community that London boasts. It's a reflection of the city's diverse and accepting spirit, making it a beloved spot for all.



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Edward G
07:03 09 Apr 24
Comptons was a welcoming and enjoyable place to wind down after a long day of exploring London and its distinctive neighborhoods.The bartenders were attentive and friendly to newcomers, foreigners and locals alike. This isn't always the case in many gay bars elsewhere, where the atmosphere feels cliquish and standoffish to outsiders. Thankfully Comptons was inviting from the moment we walked in the door.We especially appreciated the fact that the clientele was mixed-age and made you feel accepted, no matter if you were a young 50 year old or an exuberant 20 year old... both were equally at home in this place.
S “S” D
20:27 05 Apr 24
This otherwise famous gay bar needs to move on with time and realises not everyone would want to drink cold drink and alcohol all the time, they should offer some nice and also warm non-alcoholic drinks. And no this is not for religious reasons just am a bit health conscious.....
19:09 29 Feb 24
Never had the food but its very good manly bar. Drinks a little pricey but that's to be expected. Good friendly middle age crowd.
Walter Van der Wahl
10:53 13 Feb 24
Visited Comptons with a friend last week. Had a great time, met some lovely locals as well as tourists such as myself. All in all a fun must check out spot if you are passing through SoHo.
Lance F.
16:32 28 Dec 23
Great decor, good pours and friendly staff. Been here several times and always had a good time. Other patrons were friendly, the staff was welcoming, and...
Phil Cooper
20:34 23 Dec 23
Love this place. Got bloody expensive but all of stonegates Gay bars are. Over £7 a pint. They own them all so can rip of the gays all they want. Such a shame when they own so many bars!!! Stops us from going to these venues when we are supposed to support our community.
Paul Attwell
12:59 16 Dec 23
My favourite gay venue. Always pay a visit every time I stay in London. Prices very reasonable. Great atmosphere and lovely friendly bar staff
Owen Lee
22:32 10 Dec 23
Busy and big historic gay bar in central Soho. Atracts a slightly older crowd and known for those looking to 'meet'. Usually packed after work up to closing, with friendly staff serving as quick as possible.
Aisling Siobhan
23:13 11 Nov 23
Very crowded, but pleasant venue
Stephen Michael Hartley
00:10 04 Nov 23
This place holds a special place in my heart. I come back here whenever I can. Fantastic, friendly atmosphere, really nice staff and great music on a Friday night. Not the Grand Dame of Soho for nothing 😀
Chris Simmons
10:54 31 Oct 23
I have been going to Comptons for decades. Hadn't been for a long while. It was always a vibrant pub where people used to talk to each other. You were never alone for long without making friends. So I was looking forward to visiting again.Now, guys don't look at you, let alone talk! Even the older regulars kept to their own little cliques. Out of anyone, they should know better to be inclusive. Such a great pub once. I don't think I'll be going back in a hurry. The three stars are for the great memories when Comptons was fun and people didn't just stare ahead of them or give shady looks. Oh, and the bar staff were rude and unless you were Adonis, they weren't even going to bother being polite. So sad.
John Robinson
20:05 20 Oct 23
Very busy weekend evenings. Very noisy. Lots of customers pushing each other around to get round the room. Some good and nice bar staff though.
Alastair Batchelor
15:23 20 Oct 23
Absolutely legendary pub. The atmosphere is always giving, and the staff are the best in soho. Huge shout out to the Deputy Managers Han & Seàn who are simply impeccable at their jobs 🩵
Mike Aoun
07:08 05 Oct 23
I loved the vibe at this place. We had beer and i loved the interior, we went in the afternoon so it was pretty chill. The service was good and i loved the interior.
Teddy !
18:35 28 Sep 23
Not a local, so I was wandering around and fancied a pint in a gay/queer-friendly pub. The man who served me was very pleasant, but when I asked where the toilets were he directed me to the women's toilet and not the men's. I'm a (passing, imo) trans guy, so that kinda bummed me out as I wanted to feel safe and have a pint around other queer men. Nice enough atmosphere though! But yeah, trans guys, especially if you're a lil-femme, just be aware.
Hans Leinberger
23:39 01 Sep 23
They put security people in the bar. Watching everyone so they don't do anything "illegal". Is there a list of things you mustn't do? Like holding hands? , embracing?, kissing?, touching? I find it absolutely against all principles of a free gay bar. This is like being back in the fifties, when it was illegal to kiss a man. It's against the human rights to be watched by security. I felt like being imprisoned. It will have been the last time I ever go to the Comptons.
Philip Stanton
07:05 28 Aug 23
Large Gay friendly bar. A varied collection of clientèle. Small outdoor area, but good for watching the world go by.
naomi donkor
12:43 26 Aug 23
Emma is a fantastic bartender, very helpful & efficient in everything that she does. Can’t ask for better service. Without her it wouldn’t be Comptons.
Phai Dip
20:33 09 Aug 23
We come here for drinks and a good time, really enjoy talking to everyone, especially the new bar man Jamie, he is so friendly and helpful, made us feel like home!
23:08 06 Aug 23
Great bar but always so busy you can't move in there. Definitely a men only place tho.
Joey M.
16:24 13 Jul 23
Cool pub, plenty of space but gets busy quickly. Nice drinks on offer and good prices. Very friendly staff that make you smile every time 🙂
Philip Burton
14:47 11 Jul 23
On a solo day trip to London last week and fancied a lunchtime beer. Went into Comptons without realizing it was a gay pub - it just looked good from the outside. What a brilliant pub - good beer, great ambiance, no loud customers and a silent TV showing BBC News Channel with subtitles. Clientele of an age similar to Wetherspoons but far more civilized.
Antonio Manzo
22:00 31 May 23
I use to come to this bar a lot and is one of my favourite ones in soho however tonight the bartender on the upstairs bar was very unfriendly. We arrived around 10:50pm and asked if the bar was still serving, the bartender looked at us and just grunted.
Wil Snodgrass
08:56 28 May 23
We had a great time there. The staff was friendly and fun. Was a wonderful place to meet with our UK buddies. Thanks for the great hospitality!
Graham Stoner
19:45 19 Apr 23
Longstanding LGBT bar in the centre of soho. Usually busy downstairs but you are more likely to get a seat upstairs. Nice staff
Peter Stadin
20:27 10 Apr 23
Great gay pub in the heart of Soho. Been there for ages but doesn't feel dated and tatty. Friendly staff and great selection of drinks. Usually quite busy, even weekdays when you would expect it to be slow. A great place to dive in for a pint or two.
Jon Lowder
00:50 04 Mar 23
Had a great night last Monday, very friendly staff. Good atmosphere, and great drinks deals. Will definitely visit again!
Hello World
21:26 11 Feb 23
It is a cool and old fashioned gay bar, like sitting upstairs instead of being watched downstairs. I wish the bar man with ear ring can be friendlier, I didn’t want to tip after his rude attitude.
Stefan Leone
10:50 02 Jan 23
We had a great time celebrating with my husband at Comptons. Anthony the GM was a true gentleman and reserved us a great table to see in the NY. The staff were all lovely, friendly and great bartenders. Thank you for having us and for the great hospitality. Xx
Pete Veach-Williams
09:17 21 Dec 22
Love this bar, the atmosphere inside is cozy with all the wood (no pun intended haha) around the place. Toilets are clean. Bar staff varies in terms of friendliness so I subtract one star, I usually just have a cider and I think it's a reasonable price for a London venue. Met and spoke to a few people there a few times 🙂 I don't know if it's a London thing but it seems like there might be cliques? Sometimes I found that just smiling at someone was met with a blank stare or turning the head away which is kinda sad in a social situation, but hey that's not the bar's issue. Will be happy to keep going back and I absolutely recommend it when visiting Soho 😁
Allan Gray
12:34 27 Sep 22
Last night (Monday), I came for first time here with my best mate who is living in US. Strangely, as long as I knew, there was Happy hour for some of the drinks (£2,95).The bar team served a guy before me, who actually ordered the very same drink as me, and charged him £2,95 - I was charged £5,15. These £2,20 are not going to change my life, but it is disrespectful.Service was okay, just the short boy - I believe he is italian, is quite rude.
19:51 24 Sep 22
I came here a couple weekends ago with a friend of mine and was thoroughly impressed with the hospitality of the staff. The managers were incredibly friendly and accommodating and the bar staff were so enthusiastic. It’s so nice to go to a place where the environment seems like everyone is genuinely happy being there. The prices were also great for a pub in Soho which was a nice plus! We had a lovely evening and will definitely be back soon.
Dean Krause
21:33 04 Sep 22
It was my first time in a gay bar... I was very shy but I was greeted by this blue eyed Adonis called kristian, I was unsure of what to drink but he said I looked like a cosmopolitan kind of guy... I quietly accepted his recommendation and he started mixing my cocktail with the skill I have only ever seen in the savoy carousel bar.... He made sure to eye contact for every thrust of the cocktail shaker, and it was hypnotic and quite erotic .... I came for a drink but I left with an experience!
Matt Morrell
21:33 04 Sep 22
Amazing place. The absolute centre of Soho. As I entered I connected with the deep assure blue of the Barman’s (Christian) eyes. Never before had I seen such beauty in a man. I immediately knew I was in the best places in London, and spent the night drinking and dancing, surrounded by amazing people. Like a wild lucid dream of hope and enlightenment. 5/5 would go again.
Robert Harvey
17:32 02 Sep 22
Great gay bar in soho. Always a fun place to go and meet all types of guys for a great night out. Bar staff always fun and friendly. Cheers especially to Kristian David Shaun an Anthony, always looking after there customers.
Jose Guerrero
09:22 23 Aug 22
Great atmosphere. I’ve been coming for years and always have a fantastic time. The staff is very nice and friendly. I applause Anthony for looking after his team so well. I always come back as much as I can.
19:41 14 Aug 22
The bar literally smells like toilet.  They have a sanitary and hygiene issue.  Can not recommmend. If anyone questions this, just try it out for yourself.  And for patrons who are ok with the odor....???? Says a lot.  The staff are incredibly nice.
Ian Bell
10:49 11 Aug 22
Yeah bar is good, always nice to have a few drinks, sometimes the dramatics behind the bar can be a bit annoying. Also I don't think it's appropriate for a bar person to be snogging their bf or random squeeze either across the bar or at the doorway, it would be appropriate in any bar, that's my opinion anyway. Nice to have some level of preffesionalism
Nathan Card
19:42 17 Jul 22
Every time I go here, its amazing. The door staff I've interacted with (Mike & Dave) are super friendly, so are the bar staff. Prices could be cheaper based on the fact Stonegate own all pubs on the road, but I get why it isn't, the ambience is great. Highly recommended pub. 😁
Naomi Delaney
16:04 12 Jul 22
We had a lovely experience in the Upstairs Lounge on Sunday evening! I booked for some family and friends for my son's 21st Birthday pre - dinner Drinks and we all had a fab time and were very well looked after by Hayden.The atmosphere in the Lounge is relaxed and chilled - it's a very attractive space and we will definitely go there again!Such sweet and attentive staff in Comptons.Thank you!Naomi .
Bev Bon
00:31 05 Jun 22
Was served by a lovely man called Christian x he was very friendly and made us feel very welcome xx he will remember us as the ladies that have been together 26 years... He is defo a credit to the bar xx Thank you
Dean Boyce
17:30 22 May 22
Great bar, great staff and lovely atmosphere. Just back from weekend in London and we spent some great time in this bar. Thank you all for making our weekend great x 👏👏👏
Mark Dugdale
20:57 12 May 22
Shireen is a complete Legend! I love it when I come into Comptons and that smile is behind the bar! Love her, a mouth like a sewer but I love her
23:07 04 May 22
Great decor, warm atmosphere, friendly, attitude-free bartenders, no drama and drinks are still served in glass, which is a great bonus! This is actually one of few (or maybe even the only one) gay bars that actually serves drinks in proper glasses rather than cheap plastic that just trashes the planet. I applause them for that 👍
clara l'angellotti
19:14 28 Apr 22
I love this place in London, I had a great time with my friends. The barman Dan is fantastic, always nice and kind.I hope to come very soon again
Tom F
17:34 27 Apr 22
Went for my birthday for the weekend and was recommended by a friend DAN toGive it a good. Had a blast amazing bars great services everything you could ask for highly recommend to others
Peter Stadin
14:46 23 Apr 22
Great gay pub in the heart of Soho. Been there for ages but doesn't feel dated and tatty. Friendly staff and great selection of drinks. Usually quite busy, even weekdays when you would expect it to be slow. A great place to dive in for a pint or two.
Dec Bowring
20:48 05 Apr 22
Gorgeous pub. Lovely time always had here. The staff are great. Thanks to Dan for his patience!
Tash Singh
20:58 31 Mar 22
Great bar, very friendly staff & a fantastic atmosphere! Love this place. Daniele is my absolute favourite! Always provides service with a smile on his face!
Esther Twieg
17:35 30 Mar 22
Such a great bar. Great classic vibes and the staff are so friendly. Especially the bar man Dan. Hes so funny and has great energy.
Lois Gordon
20:08 29 Mar 22
Had such an amazing time. Dan is the best and so hardworking. He looked after me and my friends the whole time. Will definitely be coming back :)))
Daniel Page
20:08 29 Mar 22
I had an amazing experience! Drinks were great. Atmosphere was friendly and comfortable. And the staff were PERFECT. Thanks to Dan for being a face to remember!!! Xx
Lia Fairhead
18:58 29 Mar 22
Had the most amazing time here! Will definitely be coming back as soon as possible! Shout out to Dan who made our experience unforgettable 🙂
Dec Bowring
17:35 29 Mar 22
Gorgeous pub. Truly renowned LGBT establishment. Staff are busy but super friendly and helpful — thank you to Dan. He’s so lovely and quick!
Saskia Frank
22:35 19 Feb 22
Was served by Jacques, who was an amazing server and made sure we had an excellent time. Lovely atmosphere, would love to return!
Jenny Davidson (Jenny)
11:51 19 Feb 22
Had a great night in Comptons. Reece was a excellent barman and was sure to keep the daiquiris coming 🤪🍹. Will definitely be visiting again ❤️
Jean Paul
17:23 17 Feb 22
Great pub! Really loved the atmosphere and Reece’s service! He is such a good guy!
paula klinsmann
11:40 17 Feb 22
Had a cracker of a time here! I'd arranged to meet a tinder date here but he bailed so I was feeling pretty miffed as I'd already bought a drink. The barman, Reece, was very sympathetic and engaged me in conversation, and before too long I'd forgotten all about it! He was a total charmer (sadly already taken) and basically rescued my night. The bar seems to attract a friendly clientele, and one group took me under their wing and showed me a fantastic time. I ended up pulling one of them and patching work the next day! Topper! Thanks Reece (and another of the staff whose name I've sadly forgotten)
Cody Walker
18:55 16 Feb 22
Amazing staff and service. Reece always goes above and beyond to make sure everyone is happyHighly recommended
Brian Johnson
18:02 16 Feb 22
Great place and atmosphere. Really friendly bar staff, especially Reece. Will definitely visit again.
Zoe Mcilmurray
12:28 16 Feb 22
Had the pleasure of meeting Reece! What a guy! Made our visit very pleasurable! Will be back…. Thanks Reece!
Taljit Bhogal
00:05 09 Jan 22
Heartbreaking experience tonight. I was kicked of my table with my partner ‘for being too drunk’. Good looking gays were given our table instead. So we got up and left. We went downstairs in Comptons and no one said anything. Racism, colourism, looks looking a certain type of way… welcome to the gay scene in London. Sometimes it’s so unfair and it hurts x
Johnny Bowden
17:12 19 Dec 21
I visited Comptons last week to meet up with friends, as usual there was a great atmosphere. Big shout out to Shireen who looked after us very well!
Héctor Orozco Aguirre
20:03 18 Dec 21
Thank you Edward for being so friendly and helpful. Very nice staff and place.
Simon Dearily
21:41 27 Nov 21
I visited this wonderful little place on Thursday evening with a small party and we were all very impressed. It's nice to see a proper pub still standing strong. Beautiful homely and rustic décor with a great selection of drinks and a large downstairs bar. The upstairs "lounge" is like stepping into the Ritz with its plush seating and beautiful views out onto Soho. Service was quick, efficient, and friendly from the young barman despite it being very busy. All the staff were amazing, and we will most likely visit again when we are next back in London. Just wish it was open till later.
Cleverson Adriel
20:53 22 Nov 21
It would be 5 stars but the security guy on the door is so rude and very miserable, as the first face you see when you arrived, is does not making it very inviting. Maybe that is not the job for him if he cannot be welcoming.Once you are inside is a all different experience. Don't let the security deceive you
Simon Lonsdale
10:05 21 Nov 21
Had the best night last night. Fun Drag DJ, interacted with the crowd. Attractive and friendly bar staff. Super busy bar but didn't have to wait long to get served
Josh Lindeberg
18:27 20 Nov 21
Great bar, good music.Blood orange and elderflower tonic was a great call from the lovely bar staff 🥰
Dec Bowring
15:07 19 Nov 21
Gorgeous pub. Truly renowned LGBT establishment. Staff are busy but super friendly and helpful — shout out to Dan.
Edward James Lee
15:16 01 Nov 21
Great vibes, super fun night, Hot Girl Xander was so fun!
Bailey Mills
11:52 01 Nov 21
It was a busy saturday with great music with a drag DJ and fun bar staff. nice and sociable place with a good drink selection. Loved the amazing drag queen hostess called Xander
Ryan Keran
06:12 27 Sep 21
Ejected for absolutely no reason for trying to find the bathrooms. Literally asked if a that was the toilets and was then swiftly kicked out and told to go outside. Unfriendly, rude and dead atmosphere.
Frank Wallace
19:34 20 Jul 21
Apologies this review has been a long time coming. A big shout out to the barman William (with the blue cardigan) who looked after our birthday group. Impressed with the service provided and his knowledge of wines and going to the trouble to bring out several bottles as we were all undecided and rather demanding.Despite booking a table in advance we had to wait for the previous occupants to clear off. the staff handled it well and we were well looked after so thank you Compton's!
Sara Silvestri
10:26 02 Jul 21
I went to this place yesterday night for a few drinks and I loved it!! Daniele the bartender is super fun and they have the shiniest floor I've ever seen!! 🙈Honestly, that floor is worth a visit!
simon smith
19:03 01 Jul 21
Went in with the wife while on a pub crawl. Absolutely the best night ever. People are so nice. Downside was waiting outside the women's toilets holding the wife Radley bag
Lauren Blum
21:35 28 Jun 21
The staff were so lovely - we were in a group of young girls and some men came to speak to us. The staff were so kind and came to check if we were okay and offered to help us if we wanted - we appreciated it so much!! Shout out to the man in the blue top on the top bar ❤️
Ant Gallery
15:20 27 Jun 21
Who knew I could wear a couture dress with Van Gogh's Almond Blossoms printed on the fabric and be seated in a chair that so perfectly compliments it?
Chris Goldsbrough
17:56 25 Jun 21
Lovely place, brilliant staff (including Gavin who was fab!) and excellent vibes.
Zaid Ayoubi
13:42 24 Jun 21
Had a great experience here with a few friends - staff were very friendly and service was always quick
Will LDN
11:46 22 Jun 21
I take my hat off to Compton's who seem to be juggling the covid-19 restrictions with such aplomb and accommodating my booking with a preference to venture upstairs. The grand piano has long since gone but it was a thrill to be back at the Grand Old Dame of Soho.Fellow patrons were also respectful of the covid-19 restrictions which created a safe, convivial and pleasant atmosphere, so much so, that when I mentioned me and my friends would like to stay longer than our allotted slot they juggled their bookings to accommodate us.
Justin King
16:56 21 Jun 21
I was taken to Comptons for the first time since lock down, great atmosphere and staff. Friendly and would recommend either inside or out, the staff appeared to know what they were doing even in these difficult COVID times. Great to see the old place alive again !
Seán Luby
12:07 15 Jun 21
I visited Compton's in late May with a friend and was overjoyed with the experience I had. It was our first time our post-lockdown and we were naturally apprehensive about how things would be operating. The bar was clean and lively with clear protective measures in place for the safety of both staff and customers. The service was quick and polite. A great bar to check out if you're in Soho
D /
06:30 08 Jun 21
Was a lovely afternoon and plenty of outside tables now the road has been closed off.Great friendly service and the drinks came very quickly
Nelson Muskus
18:37 16 Sep 20
I am absolutely disappointed about costumer service in this place . I would never comeback...The skinny tall guy who is organising all people in every table shouldn't work there . It's the rudest guy I ever met in a bar... He almost banned to go to the toilet .I wasted my time and my money in this place..
Andrew B
12:35 15 Sep 20
If no one can sit at the bar then why did the staff show me this place and why was I sitting there, anyway answer was not too quick either.
Azat Poghosyan
16:52 03 Sep 20
Only if I could give 0 (ZERO) stars - I would.I am not a random person with few reviews here and I absolutely dislike and disagree with a standards of a customer service at Comptons.People who work there are simply mean and rude, arrogance is an acceptable attitude to anyone who I guess they don’t know or simply are not interested in.I gave a try many times to this iconic place for last 10 years I guess?!?! But finally I decided to do something with that and say - FFS you need to develop rather than go backwards!!!
Dave Edmeades
14:22 02 Aug 20
Been to Compton's a few times found the staff and customers very friendly. I will always have a afternoon drink there when I'm in London.
Andrew Cowles
14:01 25 Sep 19
Some people might not like Comptons, but I've always enjoyed it. Good honest pub, cute bar staff, easy to meet people. Real mixed bag of customers, but if your friendly you'll always find decent company and a good chat.
Brian K.
14:42 08 Aug 18
nice simple gay bar with old british feel.
Jenn C.
08:06 22 Jul 16
Comfortable, welcoming, relaxed and cozy. My friend and I practically popped out of a bicycle taxi and right into cozy arm chairs next to a window...
Dave M.
17:31 03 Nov 14
A large Soho bar with hardly any lighting apart from White Christmas tree lights EVERYWHERE! This is a man's bar. The one lady that walked in when I was...
James C.
05:35 12 Oct 14
A gothic looking gay bar in Soho. I'm not too sure what crowd its trying to appeal to, there seems to be a very broad mix of age groups, men from twinks to...
David J.
04:09 01 May 07
Situated in the heart of Soho's 'Gay village', Compton's has been an integral part of London's gay scene for 20 years and is now something of an...

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