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Connections Nightclub is an absolute disco delight. While it caters largely to the LGBTQIA+ market, it also has a far wider, far ranging appeal. Why? Because at its heart Connections is playful, carefree, wild and a little bit crazy. It is a place known for its dirty electro disco house, its larger than life personality embodied in the forms of many resident drag queens & club kids, and its devil may care attitude.



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addie coop
03:36 13 May 23
The bar staff where fantastic good job to them all. However at the end of the night I was a little concerned about my safety, and I ordered an uber to go home, and when approached the security on the door if I could wait in the foyer for it, I was refused. Not really worried about it myself (I got over it I'm a very brave Boy!) But would like to see all my gay friends be looked after
Wei Su
08:06 02 May 23
30/04/2023 I was standing in the bar on the second floor to watch the show. Someone grabbed my butt and tried to finger me (At that time, I wasn’t dancing or anything just standing and filming the show with my phone)The security guard’s attitude was very intimidating and condescending. If I didn’t insist to call the police, the guy might still be able to be wondering around the bar and find next victim!!!! This is not the right place for girls cause security does not care for the safety of its patrons. Very disappointed!
03:15 25 Mar 23
This is NOT a LGBT+ venue, or even a safe space for LGBT+ people. Terrible security with no care for the safety of their clients. The club is just trying to make the most amount of money without a care for the community it was built on and built for. In my opinion, gay bars have a duty of care to the community where this club just lets in anyone. About 80% of people here are straight, the security is straight and both are intimidating and abusive to lgbt people.
Alex Mould
06:11 05 Mar 23
I have been dancing, chatting and grooving at Connie’s for over 10 years now and can still say it’s the best rooftop in Perth and one of my fave clubs in the world. Shout out to all the staff for making it the place it is but a special mention to the beautiful Godfrey on the door- thank you for showing up each night and never missing a beat. I’ve always felt safe seeing you on the door. It’s not an easy job and thank you for doing it ❤️
Greyfer Suppini
11:42 24 Dec 22
I had the worst experience in connection with a security guard, they just treated people with not respect. the night of the December 23/2022 I was at connections i had an important call from a friend and i went downstairs to answer the call and a security guard flashed a flashlight in my face and started aggressively yelling at me to get off, i told him please let me answer the call because they didn't want to let me out so I could answer, at that moment the security guard snatched the drink from my hands I guess he thought I was drunk which is funny because that was my second drink of the night, I told him that He had not paid for it and that he did not have the right to take it from me. When I was leaving I felt very bad because they are only doing their job so I went to apologize if I had done something wrong and I told him that it didn't seem right to me that they treated people that way in which he got very aggressive and started yelling at me and coming closer like he was going to hit me. I never disrespected him and in fact they have the recording I just want to say that I am seriously thinking of suing connection for the way their security guard treated me and well if you are a girl and you are reading this please take care of yourself because When a violent man is given the power to mistreat others, he will not care that you are a girl, so I recommend that you never go to connection
Dion Monteleone
09:25 17 Dec 22
Perth’s best nightclub hands down! Godfrey on the door keeps everyone safe!Wisest variety of people makes it fun for everyone!
Craig Wood
14:47 02 Dec 22
In the 30yrs I've been going to Connie's, this place just gets better yearly.Spectacular shows, awesome music and just an atmosphere like no other.This venue leaves you buzzing long after the doors close.Management, staff and security are the best bunch of people you'll ever meet 😎🤝
Liz Armijo
11:47 09 Oct 22
I don’t know the name of the dj last night but I asked him to play levels by Avicii because it was my last 30s birthday and he was absolutely gorgeous and played the song. Never happen before in connections because normally the djs and staff are not very friendly. Thanks to the lovely and kind dj!One of the security staff screamed to us when we were in the line to get in to keep moving, very unfriendly. I felt like I was in the military. Staff in general are not very nice, they don’t smile … don’t know why they work in a nightclub if they are going to make feel people unwelcome.However again 5 stars for the dj and the nice smile people that were partying there last night . Maybe some training of costumer service to some of the staff would be good? No need to scream or look miserable while working.
Jay Han Gan
12:16 08 Oct 22
Godfrey is the best security person I know at any club. He takes his jobs seriously and also ensure that you are safe. The positive things I can say about this guy goes on and on. Such an amazing person. Thank you for always making the patrons of this place feel welcome and safe!
Nick WV
06:13 06 Sep 22
Awesome place and Godfrey the Security Manager makes the venue what it is. He’a probably the best doorman in Perth. A tight door and great punters, always feel safe and looked after.
Cath Packard
14:04 03 Sep 22
Love the DJ, atmosphere and staff are fantastic. Loved the xocktails!!! We will be back
Jesse D'Vauz
10:56 30 Jul 22
The best gay nightclub in the Southern Hemisphere. This place has always been a safe space and home. A massive shoutout to the incredible drag queens and DJs who keep our spaces unique and for Godfrey at the door for keeping us safe. Long live Connies! 🪩
Sabrina Woodward
16:16 08 Jul 22
I adore Connections and have been going for more than a decade. This review is to commend the fabulous bouncers recently though. I cut my foot on the dance floor and was bleeding everywhere (gross, sorry!) but one of the fantastic bouncers got me out of the crowd, took me outside into the light, got me a chair and helped me bandage my foot. He also made sure his colleague let me back in as soon as I was good to go. I really appreciate it, guys. Thank you Connies for hiring the best!
Susan Asselin
16:17 18 Jun 22
Dont forget your items in the cloakroom - staff will steal it and avoid return phone calls and communication. Left an expensive Birthday present in the cloakroom which we signed for and *paid for* to ensure our items were kept safe and Connections management refuses to return calls and emails. Unbelievable. In the process of taking legal action.
Anya rako
16:43 15 Jun 22
Sal was the best security guard ever!! His coworkers were good too 🙂
Made arya Ginarsa
02:52 12 Jun 22
Horrible staffand very rude !! We went there for the very first time and I only had a passport on my phone so we were eyed for that from the beginning. Then asked for a menu upstairs and that was a big mistake. Service here is simply uneducated. Get a grip and serve your guests with some respect for the hard working coins. Not recommend to come back . Sorry!!
Dennis Batz
02:45 12 Jun 22
Very rude Bar staff. We wanted to purchase a bottle of vodka and when asked for a menu I was told they still getting printed ?? Then asked for the price of bottle vodka after waiting for our espresso martini around the corner. Service is just a joke - not very entertaining either so wouldn’t waste my money there.
Xaviera Marie
00:51 07 May 22
Such a good time here!! Super appreciate how quick it was to get a creep out of the bar. And Thankyou isaac for being amazing and making my drinks so well 😂❤️
Tom Shaw (TomChile)
06:50 27 Feb 22
Was a good night club. Great place upstairs to chat and mingle and has a dance floor too below it if that's your thing. Not sure if you can get free entry before a time but something you should look into before heading out here. Was pretty packed by the end of the night. Also remember to bring a mask!
William Harper
10:17 26 Jan 22
The perfect place to let loose on a Saturday night. After having had to answer uncomfortable questions about why I have no children or things did not work out with my wife for the last three weeks from my decrepit drug addicted 68 year old mother Gerty (who I have never been able to come out too due to her hyper conservative social views) it was just an absolute privilege and joy to be in a place where I felt accepted. It also helped that there was so many hot sweaty men including Justin who certainly helped me blow off some steam later in the night if you know what I mean ;). Great place and cant recommend it enough!
is it over yet ?
11:05 22 Jan 22
Shame what they have done to this Gay night club 🙁 over priced drinks, overpriced door fee, rude door he/she staff, long wait times for drinks, over crowded. And the music is so so so bad! They only cater to straight people tastes....gays love pop, dance and alternative music! Spend some money on new DJ'S and music!
Bailey Collister
09:14 22 Jan 22
Mehz was the best glassy I've ever seen, and I've seen a fair few. Friendly, prompt and nice on the eyes.
Josh Ryper
08:08 22 Jan 22
Both the bouncers and door person's are great and friendly. The venue has always been great with the best music. It is a shame that it was let down by bar staff being rude, antagonistic and insulting I have always enjoy going to connection but that was the first time I've ever felt unwelcome and uncomfortable there and was a real let down for what was a great night.
Tia Turkovic
07:22 20 Dec 21
This is a fantastic club with an amazing rooftop bar which I love. I just wanted to say a big thank you to your security team especially Godfrey and Abdul who took such great care of me last Saturday night after I experienced a medical episode. I am so appreciative, thank you for having such wonderful caring staff.
Norm “FoFo” Avice-Demay
16:32 09 Dec 21
Nice Hung mmmm see U nexttime Boys
Wagner Junior
21:58 29 Oct 21
Horrible experience. Too small, no ventilation and rude staff. Probably not a place to return.
1 Infinity
07:49 22 Oct 21
Great top of the line music equipment, great staff, chilled environment.D.J's know their stuff.Security there but not in your face.Well done guys....Paddo PeteThe security at the front seemed a little stressed later on.
Dusk Cypher
14:33 05 Sep 21
Came here a few times now but my visit last night was a breath of fresh air after the last two clubs. They didnt want my fingerprint. They didnt subject me to a search just to enter. And they had a paper register so I didnt have to use any invasive government tracking apps just to visit. Five stars for respecting my rights!
Jostein W
16:53 03 Sep 21
Bar tender seem to be on a power trip, directing you to finish drink water for whatever reason... These autoritarian people must be screened out better in order to make the experisense more pleasant for the public.
Reviewer Aussie
10:16 29 Aug 21
Good music and vibe.But there is a tall bar man. He is so rude and clearly doesn’t like his job. All the other bar staff were pleasant. They should consider sacking him. Just a moody individual.
12:23 25 Aug 21
I just wanted to share some insight about my personal experience with this incredible venue with particular emphasis on the interactions I've had with the head doorman, Godfrey.Each and every single time that I have attend this venue I have felt so welcomed and safe. More so than any other venue in Perth.The staff treat patrons with great respect and encourage everyone to have the best time. It is a wonderful atmosphere.As mentioned at the beginning, one of the highlights of visiting the venue is seeing the doorman - Godfrey. For many, he resembles the face of Connections and what a perfect representation he is. Always smiling and there to lookout for everyone. I look forwards to greeting him with a hug as much as I do getting down on the dance floor. (Music is great too btw).I just wanted to share my experience, and bring some praise to the incredible doorman and his team. They are all so lovely and deserve recognition and respect from all us patrons.Thanks GuysMatty
Shuaib Mussa
00:48 20 Jul 21
had a great time there but i lost my infant son in the crowd and haven't found him since, other than that nice place
Nat Symons
18:45 29 May 21
Had a fun time, but there was a security guard actively causing problems; around 11pm he was heavily policing who and how many people got to go into the unisex/accessible bathroom upstairs -- including people with visible accessibility needs -- and after 12, on the dancefloor, tried to tell my friend off for trying to smoke indoors and got aggressive when she was confused by what he was saying because she is a nonsmoker and wasn't holding anything at all, let alone a cigarette. He was also openly hitting on patrons and had his arms around them -- holding up the staircase to the downstairs bathrooms, no less -- and would very obviously checking out women walking past when he was standing alone.The bartenders and performers were great, just a shame about this particular security guard.
Maxim Pinto
02:27 13 May 21
Staff are lovely. The crowd was so good and lively. It was so much fun bringing in my birthday here.
Pauline McEvoy
01:41 18 Apr 21
If you happen to look straight you will have a hard time getting in here and getting served drinks! Inside everyone is lovely to you minus the staff. Music is good!
Larissa Walch-Ryan
17:15 10 Apr 21
Hey team!Just wanted to let you know how lovely it is being greeted by Godfrey every time we come in. Embraced with a caring hello and often and a much needed hug. He's so open and caring for everyone that comes through your doors! I really love seeing him out the front even if I'm just walking past! He's the best ❤️❤️❤️😂
Jonathan Denton
06:06 01 Mar 21
Bar service was pretty quick, staff are all pretty chill, music's decent enough. They have a cute outdoor terrace you can go out onto as well.Probably went a bit too hard but even then security were still pretty helpful to make sure I got out OK.
Helen N.
02:11 19 Feb 17
Was here for the Fringe Festival. Not too crowded. Sat at the bar & had the bartender make drinks not on the menu. Even got him to drink with us & take...
Suhaila M.
05:44 22 Sep 13
We moved to Connection at 2am on a Saturday after spending 3 hours at The Court. I must say that I prefer The Court better than Connection. Connection was...
Zoe C.
22:12 01 Apr 13
Went on Thursday for Bingay... it's was fantastic, funny, fun and free. The drag queens hosts were entertaining but alas we didn't win any round of the...

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