Covent Garden Health Spa

Covent Garden Health Spa

London's premier gay sauna located in the heart of Covent Garden

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Covent Garden Health Spa is a premier London male-only spa. Situated in Covent Garden, our facilities are designed to help our clientèle relieve the pressures and stresses of modern life.

We’re open throughout the week and have created a discreet environment for all of our guests to relax and unwind. We have an enduring passion for everything associated with male health and fitness. We want to provide the information and facilities that allow our clientèle to look after themselves and enjoy excellent health.



Covent Garden Health Spa
Based on 114 reviews
Mike Silva
10:31 17 Dec 22
Once you get past the awful Brazilian receptionist with zero social skills the actual sauna , steam room ,jacuzzi and lounge area are all amazing . Very relaxed with a varied crowd but please do something about that receptionist- he clearly doesn't want to be there !
00:56 22 Oct 22
-The place was not easy to locate-I felt like I made the receptionist irritated-Holds on to your ID while you are in-They started cleaning before closing time-Based on the location and my time of visit, I expected more peopleThe jacuzzi was nice but I would prefer not going back again, unless with friends/date.
Billy Roy
23:05 15 Oct 22
Friendly staff clean establishment and very nice inside. The customers are a good healthy mixture. The steam room stopped working Halfway through the night and the showers were a bit on the cool side
David Law
20:36 11 Sep 22
Went today & Had a massage paid £60.00 it was the worst massage I've ever had please don't go ther for massage the guy clearly doesn't want to do it, also had to waite 10mins at the door to leave as the Brazilian guy was busy chatting, he is really rude and unfriendly!met a lovely chap on the way out thoe he was also waiting 10mins to get in so we ended up chatting whilst waiting , lovely sauna but very bad staff and service.
Scott Rawson
20:33 11 Sep 22
Brazilian/Portuguese guy extremely bad attitude! Anything u want seems to be a major problem for him, zero customer service skills, won't be returning such a shame because the venue is quite nice after paying £20.00 to get in I would expect to feel wellcomed but only to feel and treated like I was a burden.
21:51 28 Jul 22
Went there on a Thursday, only to see that they are about to close for a private event. Didn't see that announced online before.
mauricio ortiz
09:38 12 Jul 22
Lumpen managerial style and atmosphere, more like a favela-vibe morgue. Avoid at all costs, don’t waste your money or time there. Slippery dangerous hard floors and the plastic non-slip floor protector is hell on one’s feet. Perhaps they stay open based on new customers who fall in the trap out of curiosity. Utterly pedestrian. Such a pity with gay venues so rare these days.
Vic Fanfatal
07:38 03 Jul 22
I tried to get in yesterday on gay pride day, but the receptionist at the door was very rude to me.It was the first time he went and the normal thing was to ask him questions about the place and instead of being polite with me, he was very disrespectful, very bad-mouthed and not friendly at all. If that's the behavior with customers, I don't think many people will come. Surely it is always empty, he also required me to retain my ID or bank card. I could not believe it. Very bad experience without having come to enter because of the rudeness of the receptionist. This sauna is not recommended at all and Of course I did not go in and I will never go back and I went to another sauna, where they were kind and I enjoyed it.
mauricio ortiz
20:31 08 May 22
Lumpen managerial style and atmosphere, more like a favela-vibe morgue. Avoid at all costs, don’t waste your money or time there. Slippery dangerous hard floors and the plastic non-slip floor protector is hell on one’s feet. Perhaps they stay open based on new customers who fall in the trap out of curiosity. Utterly pedestrian. Ah…and charmless uncool staff with no social skills or manners whatsoever.
10:47 19 Apr 22
Very unfriendly reception from the gentleman on the front door. They insist on retaining your physical ID and it was empty on a saturday night.
Andrew Firth
21:10 03 Apr 22
We arrived to an empty desk in the hall and waited a couple of minutes The most unfriendly guy came out and gave us regimental do’s and don’ts Speach eventually had to ask for our fee back and left angry and upset ….went along to the other sauna sweat box and was greeted by a lovely guy whom was so busy but had time to greet us
Everson Coradini
00:38 28 Nov 21
"All staff members all looked welcoming and had constant smiles on their faces specially the Brazilian guy works in the reception they all seemed happy to help me with any questions. It was a great time and I will definitely return.”
Fernando Barros
12:51 25 Nov 21
Love this place, and the service is great, thanks to the nice portuguese recetionist.Lovely place to chill, relax and enjoy with friends or without. Highly recomended.
22:35 19 Nov 21
Very friendly staff, especially the Brazilian/Portuguese manager last Saturday. A relaxing, clean place. Keep it up.
Mr. Mares
21:14 18 Nov 21
I’ve been here many times and have to say it’s probably one of the best saunas in London. Despite the age, the sauna is clean and well maintained. Staff have always been friendly and polite with me. The tall Brazilian guy is serious, but has always been extremely polite and pleasant and I do enjoy talking to him at the bar when it’s not busy.
Chloe sander
21:11 18 Nov 21
I have been recently in a party at Covent garden SPA and was amazing! Met nice people! Thanks To the Brazilian boy and all staff ! Hope see you again guys!
Stan Devon
11:07 17 Nov 21
From start to finish a bad experienceRude guy on doorTowel was tatty and soiled.overpriced, unclean, empty (10 guys)For a central london sauna I would expect a lot better. I Was told it’s busier on a Sunday but I won’t be back.
tim okeefe
06:51 15 Nov 21
Went there on 13th this month haven't been for a few years .A real change in appearance I found the steam room andjaczzi unclean a long with the showers and walk ways.Ripped towels and poor hygieneThe guy that greated me and served me was rudePlus was the Argentinian masseurWhat a shame I use love coming here
JD Francis
22:24 14 Nov 21
I went here with a friend. The staff member behind the counter was polite but I found the security guard's manner to be quite intrusive and over-familiar, grabbing each patron's wrist when conducting temperature checks, and he asked if we had each received a full course of COVID-19 vaccinations and if we carried proof of this but we were never asked to show that proof.The clerk in the changing room was also pleasant and professional, though I was a bit confused by the process of leaving ID at the reception area and then leaving my personal belongings in a bin liner.When I went to shower at the beginning of my visit, I left my free drink voucher and my glasses with a friend at the sinks to look after. He turned away for a few moments and my drink voucher had been taken. I had not yet explored the venue at this point or even visited the bar. The bartender, a tall man who it seems is described in other comments and reviews, was very rude and abrupt and said he had nothing to do with the vouchers. He said that I would need to speak to the receptionist about this, but said that nothing could be done and that I would have to simply pay for my drink. When I later raised the issue with the receptionist (as I was leaving the venue), he immediately gave me another voucher and apologised for what had happened, but the bartender refused to accept the voucher as payment for the drink I had during my visit. His colleague offered me a drink to take with me, but said I could not take any alcoholic drinks with me (which is fair enough if this is a legal/licensing issue) and could only offer me a Lucozade.Overall, the venue appeared clean. However, it is a lot smaller than it seems on the website. The presence of a female staff member at the bar was somewhat off-putting for an all-male sex-on-premises venue. Lighting was very minimal, which adds to the mood but also can be quite risky when it comes to walking around bare naked on slightly wet floors. Some fellow patrons were polite, but a couple of others continued to approach and touch me and my friend after a number of friendly rebuttals were put to each of them.I was left disappointed by my visit by the rude bartender who was very unhelpful and the presence of a female staff member. Non-consensual interactions are unfortunately par for the course in venues like this, though I've never felt quite as uncomfortable as I did during this visit. Other staff members were polite and it's unfortunate that they were let down by one incredibly inflexible colleague.
10:08 12 Nov 21
Very dissapointed. Asked on the door if busy and was told 'very'. Inside counted 8 people which compared with other places is incredibly quiet. Left after around 25 mins and was offered no refund or apology for the miss leadind and when I emailed to say I had not been happy all I recieved was a sarcastic email saying 'Merry Christmas'.
Alex crowson
13:51 11 Nov 21
Nice and clean and lovely spa pool 🙂 Bit small. Plz turn up for the pool temp to hot.
César Augusto
19:29 31 Oct 21
I have to say I quite like the sauna(if you only want to relax), it's not big, not too small, the pool is ok. If you are going for fun, except of sbn on sundays(that I hope doesn't last long in that venue), it's difficult to have it there and it's not that I never have fun in other places.But what makes me deeply not to want to come back is part of the staff. There's one quite handsome guy that is ok, but the other, who might be or pretend to be the manager is anything but kind, despite he tries to receive you with polite words, his face absolutely says something different, and please BEHAVE and don't break any "rule" because his angry face will fit his rude words while he tells you off. Someone should teach him how to treat customers despite their mistakes.You feel very unwelcome there, a shame...
Jhon Manuel
19:37 01 Aug 21
There are better places out there like Pleasuredome
Dany Mannucci
12:45 01 Aug 21
Terrible and rude service. Place is also very small. Such a shame they moved SBN events here
Mihai Balan
09:51 24 Jun 21
Nice and clean place
Luke Chelse
23:17 05 Jun 21
I agree with the previous review. The recepcionist (tall Brazilian man) is rude and arrogant. He's clearly got serious mental issues which lead him to say that whatever you do is wrong. Should take care of his mental health first and then (maybe....) come back to serve customers. This sauna is always empty. people don't return here because of him...
George Petre
00:56 31 May 21
The receptionist is very arrogant and rude. I do not know what he is trying to prove with his attitude but this is no way to treat your clients who pay your salary.
Marco Gottardi
12:02 22 Jan 20
For sure its the cleanest Spa in London and more beautiful. Nice bar and comfortable lounge area, nice facilities, staff are very polite and helpful. Massage therapists are very good and professional. I really like this place.
Terrence James
10:52 28 Aug 19
Try to went in on Saturday afternoon with my friend and there is a very rude staff that insist of either keeping our ID or Bank card if we want to enter this venue just don't know since when there is a place have the right to hold such an important document of customer? I am sure they can ask to check ID to verify age and etc but to hold it really need to find out from local authority to see.

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