Crew Club DC

Crew Club DC

Men's sauna and bathhouse in DC's Logan Circle

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Men's sauna and bathhouse in DC's Logan Circle neighborhood. Facilities include showers, sauna, steam room, and lounge areas.



Crew Club
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Nope Nopers
09:47 15 Jan 23
Rudest staff ive ever met in a bathhouse. No play areas. Broken sauna for months. When there's an actual crowd the entire place falls apart and staff somehow becomes more angry when there are actual people there
Mykhailo S I.
00:13 20 Nov 22
According to the V2K, if you are a real man-human they shall pay you, you do your gig.Eventually, II ended up even paying the full price for the stay.
Mykhailo S. Ivanov
08:47 18 Nov 22
Bice after renovation. A little but chill in the room. Clean. I loved it and recommend to anyone. 4,5 stars.However…. I thought I suppose to have an extra benefits on my persona for the stay, etc. I guess this time I got a substituted room, while someone took mine… we gotta stop doing it, guys! Put 1 star for my personal experience.Said it with love.Maybe next time we do better.Hug..
Jeffrey Fichtelberg
09:13 05 Aug 22
Had a great time with lots of men. Looking forward to the same when in DC next month
Michael S.
11:42 31 Jul 22
Amazing place! Everyone there is very nice, and they work on keeping the place clean. Great job! I will be back
John Price
04:57 31 Jul 22
Second most boring bath house I have been to, everyone was to hung up to play. Not many public places to get things started. The "dark rooms" are the size of closets and it has the coolest sauna I have ever been in almost needed a parka. Clean as far as places like this go.
Chad A.
14:20 18 Jul 22
The Crew Club is OPEN!They were scheduled to close Sunday but an investment team made an offer on Friday!They went ahead with the closing party on...
Nick Corbett
02:15 05 Jul 22
Could use some updates on the toilets, steam room wasn't hot, and the overall vibe was a tad dingy.However, it's a bath house and as long as you know what is going on its perfectly fine. Crowd sucked for me but maybe its more fun on weekends or if you are the right type of guy.I liked Club Philly more tbh but it was still fun to go.
Mike Johnson
23:32 30 May 22
Sooooo much fun! I went on a Friday night and the place was packed. I got a room for some privacy and then walked around the place. There were so many guys to choose from. I just took one after another to my private room. I was exhausted at the end of the night. What an experience!
Mike J.
16:32 30 May 22
Sooooo much fun! I went on a Friday night and the place was packed. I got a room for some privacy and then walked around the place. There were so many guys...
Mike Thomas
10:23 05 Apr 22
They finally got the steam room fixed
Jonathan Settles
06:57 28 Feb 22
Fantastic time
Cam Kirsch
21:19 25 Feb 22
Super dirty and the demographic is a lot older than expected. I wouldn’t say it’s a bad place, it’s just not my scene with the age group there.
Erik Nielsen
23:16 07 Jan 22
Been to bathhouses all over the world. Crew Club is certainly my least favorite of them all. It’s hard to compare American saunas to those in Europe which are far superior, but the prices alone Crew Club charges are reason enough to pass on it. Membership fees plus a locker fee? What a joke.
Gerard Cosby
07:30 12 Dec 21
Some of the staff is nice some of them are a big Judgemental and Definitely exercise the gate keeper clause by accepting coronavirus virus’s cards for some and not others. A great to disguise Be accepted in the not. One day I was accepted and the other i was denied access with the same documentation. Same letter I wrote to the manager.
Walter M Mayberry
04:02 17 Oct 21
Must safer then Glorious arts and now it's kicking I remember the shelter days we all called crew club the executive showers and Spa and just as nice today
Edna T.
20:30 11 Sep 21
Anyplace that lets us get naked and f*ck in a safe place deserves five stars.There are so few.
George Lopez
15:04 07 May 21
The place is closed for further renovation!!!
Shawn Dickerson
14:17 30 Dec 20
Closed now. Going to be a grocery store.
James F.
23:41 08 Sep 20
So I visit is placed Doing my college years with some dorm buddies. Being young has it in its advantage but a lot of my friends we felt like the older man...
Chris Woodland
04:16 08 Feb 20
DO NOT GO HEREIt is derelict. The say the steam room is not working, but the sauna is off and most of seating out of action. They are not heating the venue or cleaning it.Please do not go. It is not a heathy place to be. They are just rinsing for cash before closing.
Drake B.
21:34 15 Jan 20
First of all, I did not visit the club and I will tell you why. I am visiting from San Francisco and my friends who live here in DC told me the Crew Club...
Robert N.
15:25 01 Jan 20
Place is going to hell. It was once one of the best in the North East, bur over the last 6 months something changed:-It's dirty and and some areas are...
22:03 23 Dec 19
Dark room was locked and the steam room had no steam.

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