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Crew Club DC

Men's sauna and bathhouse in DC's Logan Circle

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Crew Club DC, a staple in Washington DC's gay scene, has long been recognized as a premier men's club and gay sauna. This vibrant establishment caters to a diverse crowd, offering a unique blend of relaxation, socializing, and indulgence in a safe and welcoming environment.

The club, renowned for its extensive facilities, includes amenities such as a modern gym, locker rooms, a TV lounge, video room, and private cabins, ensuring a variety of experiences for its visitors. The addition of a tanning bed adds to the luxurious feel of the club. Open 24 hours, Crew Club offers a one-time membership purchase, making it accessible for both regulars and newcomers. The option to rent "Crew" and "Captain's" rooms for additional privacy is a unique feature that sets it apart from other venues.

Crew Club's appeal isn't just in its physical amenities; it's a social hub that fosters connections among the gay community. It's a place where men can meet face-to-face, forming new relationships in a way that's increasingly rare in the digital age. The club provides a sanctuary for gay men to work out, relax, and fulfill various desires in a non-judgmental space.

In an era dominated by dating apps, the club offers a tangible sense of community and belonging, a rare find in the digital world. The club's commitment to safety and health is evident, with condoms readily available and partnerships with health organizations for HIV and STI testing, emphasizing responsible and safe experiences.

In conclusion, Crew Club DC stands out not just as a leisure destination but as an integral part of Washington DC's gay community, offering a blend of relaxation, fitness, and social interaction in a respectful and safe environment. Whether you're looking for a quick workout, a chance to unwind, or an opportunity to meet like-minded individuals, Crew Club is a go-to spot in the heart of the city



Crew Club
Based on 196 reviews
Thang Huynh
07:58 06 Jul 24
Looking forward to visiting this place on our way down. Total disappointment and waste of money.This is place is small. The rooms were a joke. We left after an hour. Steam room was not hot and poorly laid out.
Red P.
22:53 26 May 24
It's pretty good for what it is but omg, the music is beyond awful. I don't know who listens to the foul-mouthed, repetitious, angry and self-loathing hip...
Ashley D.
16:01 13 May 24
I was looking saunas in my area to avoid the hour drive to Kings (which I love). However I have a couple of things to note. The first being why 18-24 years...
Andy Bean
03:54 12 May 24
This review as I stand in the lobby while they let one person in at a time in 10 minute intervals. There are 13 guys in front of me. Then the cashier announces a shift change which stops the line completely for 5 more minutes. I'm out. This place has no respect for their customers.
manuel sain
21:06 11 May 24
As someone who likes to visit men saunas and have done across US and America. This is one of the worst experiences ever.Only one small sauna and steam room, neither heated enough to help u sweat and rilax. Is lacking some deep cleaning in general. Eventhough sbowers worked properly and with soap. U can also buy drinks, choose between lockers and rooms.Regardimg as a place for men encounters u have access to condoms, the private rooms and two small areas with a screen XXX. Nothing more. Mgmt should learn from places like Chicago.No photos added due privacy and local rules
Issa O.
14:35 05 May 24
Great place to relax staff keeps things sanitized and well lit also provided free health screens via the lobby as well as full gym two floors and rest area
Samuel Peten
17:06 29 Apr 24
The Crew Club is open once more? I went to the club before it closed and it really needed improvement it had the wòrce Steamroom I have ever been in! The steam room was way to big for the small amount of steam coming out it needs a lot more jets added..The club could use a big hot tub. The night I was there it was very dead and way to many 350 pound guys!
Michael P.
20:03 20 Apr 24
It's a good, adult atmosphere. Convenient location in downtown and perfect for a workout, or stress relief. Recommended.
Drew M.
01:58 14 Apr 24
So I've visited many bathhouses in my day, the majority of the time the staffs are kinda eh but I wanted to thanks to Raymond for making my quick in and out...
Kevin W.
13:30 09 Apr 24
If several of the reviewers laude the steam room as a great place for, "gay,' men to get together to have public sex, it is not one i want to belong to. Get...
Loco Amores
19:21 17 Mar 24
Waste of time. I remember the first time this place opened. What a change. Not welcoming. Unnecessary long wait at the entrance but not crowded inside. The sheet given had stains, slippery when put on. The towel was big, I got lost in it. It was hot, there was no air circulation inside. People were awful. No clue why they were there. They kept walking around and around.
Rogelio Maganto
03:52 16 Mar 24
Warning!!!!!The most disgusting sauna I ever been in my life.Arrogant staff,shady business,smelly place,The most scary bathhouses,not safe & worst to the max.This establishments should be close coz a lots of nasty going on this place.Don’t ever patronize coz u will regret & a total waste of money & time.
Clawfy R.
21:08 15 Mar 24
Warning!!!!!Don't ever try to go on this place coz you gonna regret it.A total waste of money & time.Arrogant & rude staff,disgusting bathhouses I've ever...
Lawrence G.
13:59 08 Mar 24
Relaxing and great time with like minded people The baths, dry and Steamsaunas are great. Rooms were reasonable rates.
A Jones
07:02 18 Feb 24
Never been before. Easy check in. Staff was nice. Someone was constantly cleaning. Private rooms little cold. I'd revist!!!
Nuraldiin S.
16:23 06 Feb 24
Fun vibe and lots of fun! Enjoy yourself, let the inhibitions go and hopefully choose a Thursday - Sunday timeframe.
18:24 27 Dec 23
Ok, i normally try not to judge through the reviews and give the benefit of the doubt BUT i went here against my better judgement.The Good:Decent sized place, lots of rooms, amentities, and the staff is nice. I think it would be perfect if the setup was slighlty different. Nice that all types of guys feel welcome.The Bad:I get its a sex club and men are doing gross things but is the aesthics sleaze and filth? I just kept thinking about how dirty the floor and almost everything looked, it was hard to be aroused. How is this level of cleanliness acceptable for this business? Just a little polish would make this place great and more inviting. I cant go back knowing how atrocious those floors are. Ive been to bathhouse before and I've just never felt as unsanitary as i did there.
Ahmad Junaidi A.
16:27 04 Dec 23
No hot tub/jacuzzi. The steam room was nice. The dudes were ok. Would I come back? Probably not.
Max Wright
23:55 26 Oct 23
For bathhouses it isn't too bad, but it definitely leaves you wanting. The space is amazing but could use a better setup. The place had an odd smell, it was either the cleaning agent or a sign more ventilation is needed.
Goncalves Tiago
02:37 26 Oct 23
Worst gay sauna ever.The maintenance were sorting out the sauna cubicle and the showers at the same time we were there.We were unable to use them for more then 2h.Then when the sauna started work, the heater inside was like the ones you have at home. Very bad. The steam room was noisy and impossible to stay too long.The tv’s weren’t working. Only one!There’s no BAR! How’s this possible? And the vending machine only have snacks. Not even waterHowever the entrave and the lounge is very pretty and chic. Great choice of furniture.VERY overpriced for what u get.
Narcissus Sh
04:40 01 Oct 23
Mark is a nice manager and always willing to help, got quite busy last night Sep 29, so many hot guys and young kids between 18-24 can be found. It really depends the date. 5 stars!
john john
04:08 17 Sep 23
Going downhill fast and furious.Its a weekend and they have one person to check in! 20 person waiting outside over an hour. Taking 10 minute per person to check in. And they take a shift break and over 20 min no one is checking people in. Disrespect to the customer is beyond imagination. They literally shut the window down in the middle of conversation with someone.I mean i took the more than occasional dysfunctional steam room, shower as granted. Erratic employees once in a while okkkk. The saunas are vanishing away and beggars can’t choose. But this is way way too much even for me.Guess this is what happens when there’s no competition in DMV areas. Well people will stop to come and only people you will left up with will be drug addicts like many other saunas
Stuart A.
04:41 04 Sep 23
went again and there is gym eq on first floor but no tanning bed.still need water fountain/drink machine on 2nd floor.also need to add slings
Carla M.
10:16 24 Aug 23
Long live gay bathhouses. Had frisky fun here on. Wednesday night around 11. Solid bathhouse.
Sam Shah
13:55 23 Aug 23
It’s a nice place. The only complaint I have is that they keep AC on on the fullest making it super cold to roam around in towels. I got sick because it was so cold. They should keep a track of temperature and adjust it accordingly. Thanks
Camilo Gonzalez
02:38 06 Aug 23
Processing time is just too bad just awful, you will really have to wait, facing other people for like 40 mins at best. if you go other times just orderly people don’t expect hot guys at other times , DO NOT expect hot guys at other times. Other wise sandals should be provided but are not
Egtt L.
07:40 03 Aug 23
Weheard it was sold and closed or closing soonVery good club if it stays open .Thursday Fri Tuesday deals ..
Fay Chad
03:06 01 Aug 23
Watch out !!! This is a scam place. I was visiting from out of town and I wanted to check this place out since i love to go to bathhouses. This one was very unusual. It was a Saturday night, I waited for an hour in line just to realize that by the time we got in , it was not very busy at all. But let me go back a bit , when it was my turn to pay, the clerk told me about the prices for each offering so i wanted to get a room. I gave him my cc and paid for a room only to be given a locker. I told him I’m sorry i did pay for a room and I was given a locker and of course after the attitude and the sass I was given -me being a paying customer I was given- I was finally given a room key . Oh it gets better , he never gave me back my cc. That was another story . I told him sir you never gave me my cc . His answer was . No, I did!!! I told him no you didn’t. You kept it next to your computer and I NEED MY CARD NOW!!! So please be watchful or don’t go there it ISNT WORTH IT AT ALL !
20:12 29 Jul 23
Overall it was a fun experience 😁 my first time visiting DC..last night was amazing. Place needs a little remodeling, nice staff, clean facility I'll definitely go back next time I'm in town
Jo Cobain
23:49 21 Jul 23
Super negative attitude over the phone when calling. Guy clearly didn’t want to talk and was super abrupt and hostile. C’mon, man. Seriously? Decided against going after this.Edit:After reading other reviews it seems people are generally pointing out the extremely rude staff. You guys suck — go out of business and let someone who cares about their job take over.
Stuart A.
18:01 16 Jul 23
went on saturday and was funstaff was nice. there is no gym or tanning bedsand would be nice to add slings and a water fountain/drink machine upstairs
Haynes L.
05:53 16 Jul 23
The staff literally has the intelligence of a cue ball - rude, insipid, lacking in any form of simplistic courtesy. After all supposedly it is a sex club...
Alex PAN
23:44 10 Jul 23
It is still crowded at 3 am on Saturday and Sunday morning, since the sauna has the policy of ages 18-24 get free membership and locker, all day, every day. You can expect college students and military personnel on-site randomly and very frequently, try your luck! :D======================I saw many complaints about the ID check and long line...ALL saunas in America (including those in LA, Chicago, Seattle, SF, etc) need to check the ID and record personal information. If you don't feel it necessary, fly to Thailand or Brazil.These check-in processes won't stop me from coming over.
Andrew Banagan
09:21 04 Jul 23
I get that it is July 4th, but can the business stay consistent!?! I walked in and mentioned to the doorman that my ID is in their system. And the rude old man refused to hear another word from me and then slammed their little port hole of a window in my face! Then not even 10 minutes passed, and the same old man allows another customer admittance!!! This employee requested the customer write his first and last name on a slip of paper, then allowed him through to the next door!!! The old man completed this customers sale, collected his money, and nearly an hour later STILL refused to speak to me!!!During my time left in the lobby, I also noticed he was telling everyone the cost was $38 and only when the customers inquired the price he stated, he would then provide the customer with the correct price, $27. So they are inconsistent on soooo many levels!!! Because all customers UNDER 25 are stated on their website to be provided with free entry. They clearly will only let a select few people to enter without an ID, AND lastly I suppose no one is counting the tills, because the employees are clearly pocketing money from their customers, and today's world is too expensive enough... we surly don't need scamming individuals to be up-charging for a venue that rarely is providing a fully operational venue!!!DC needs a better place to go that provides safe and EQUAL treatment for everyone, not only those whom are favored and when it's convenient for their liking!
Mark Jackson
22:23 31 May 23
I went during Black Gay Pride Memorial Day weekend. Very disappointed! First off the guys at the desk are unnecessarily rude. Totally killed the vibe coming in. I could tell they don't like their jobs. Once you get upstairs you are met with this nasty smell. The main tv in the lobby was playing Zombie movie. It was weird AF. The guys there were the guys you see stalking you at the gym. Old and out of shape and just nasty looking. Very little Black guys were in there yet it was suppose to be Black Gay Pride. After this visit I could see why. It was just sad and depressing.
Fred Polito
06:28 07 May 23
It’s a dirty “bath house” and the rude staff acts like they are working at a 5 star hotel. What a joke. Don’t waste your time at this toilet
14:50 30 Apr 23
Made a blank trip here this Saturday because they had to fix some piping of whatever. Spent more on travel than the cover this place 😔. Would be nice if you guys changed your hours in the map app to reflect your closing
04:05 02 Apr 23
Be ready for a very long wait time and a subpar experience. The facility itself is mediocre at best but lacks the overall amenities that other larger cities provide. You’d be better off saving your money and time and going on an app. Stay away.
04:08 01 Apr 23
Don’t waste your time and money. Worse organization of sauna ever. Friday night 20 persons in club and 15 outside waiting. “Entrance processing” per person takes 10 min minimum. Clientele bearish 40+ not playful crowd. Club instself feels lack of love with worn, smelly and broken things.
Nick M.
15:30 13 Mar 23
Last time I went was a few years back. The sling was fun but I can't speak for the current quality. It is pricey and risky.
19:47 24 Feb 23
I called to ask them about rates and etc… the guy seemed pretty rude over the phone. I wanted to check the place out. From all the reviews I seen I don’t think I’ll be going.
Jesus B.
17:35 15 Feb 23
The sauna is always broken, there is a big screen TV in the leaving room that shows regular movies and that works via the Internet, unfortunately the...
Sebastien Aubry
00:48 23 Jan 23
Dry sauna out of order, wet sauna out of order. Staff unpleasant. Pretty dirty overall. Crowd is much below average gay guys… I do not recommend that place.
Nope Nopers
09:47 15 Jan 23
Rudest staff ive ever met in a bathhouse. No play areas. Broken sauna for months. When there's an actual crowd the entire place falls apart and staff somehow becomes more angry when there are actual people there
Mykhailo S I.
00:13 20 Nov 22
According to the V2K, if you are a real man-human they shall pay you, you do your gig.Eventually, II ended up even paying the full price for the stay.
Mykhailo S. Ivanov
08:47 18 Nov 22
Bice after renovation. A little but chill in the room. Clean. I loved it and recommend to anyone. 4,5 stars.However…. I thought I suppose to have an extra benefits on my persona for the stay, etc. I guess this time I got a substituted room, while someone took mine… we gotta stop doing it, guys! Put 1 star for my personal experience.Said it with love.Maybe next time we do better.Hug..
Jeffrey Fichtelberg
09:13 05 Aug 22
Had a great time with lots of men. Looking forward to the same when in DC next month
Michael S.
11:42 31 Jul 22
Amazing place! Everyone there is very nice, and they work on keeping the place clean. Great job! I will be back
John Price
04:57 31 Jul 22
Second most boring bath house I have been to, everyone was to hung up to play. Not many public places to get things started. The "dark rooms" are the size of closets and it has the coolest sauna I have ever been in almost needed a parka. Clean as far as places like this go.
Chad A.
14:20 18 Jul 22
The Crew Club is OPEN!They were scheduled to close Sunday but an investment team made an offer on Friday!They went ahead with the closing party on...
Nick Corbett
02:15 05 Jul 22
Could use some updates on the toilets, steam room wasn't hot, and the overall vibe was a tad dingy.However, it's a bath house and as long as you know what is going on its perfectly fine. Crowd sucked for me but maybe its more fun on weekends or if you are the right type of guy.I liked Club Philly more tbh but it was still fun to go.
Mike Johnson
23:32 30 May 22
Sooooo much fun! I went on a Friday night and the place was packed. I got a room for some privacy and then walked around the place. There were so many guys to choose from. I just took one after another to my private room. I was exhausted at the end of the night. What an experience!
Mike J.
16:32 30 May 22
Sooooo much fun! I went on a Friday night and the place was packed. I got a room for some privacy and then walked around the place. There were so many guys...
Mike Thomas
10:23 05 Apr 22
They finally got the steam room fixed
Jonathan Settles
06:57 28 Feb 22
Fantastic time
Cam Kirsch
21:19 25 Feb 22
Super dirty and the demographic is a lot older than expected. I wouldn’t say it’s a bad place, it’s just not my scene with the age group there.
Erik Nielsen
23:16 07 Jan 22
Been to bathhouses all over the world. Crew Club is certainly my least favorite of them all. It’s hard to compare American saunas to those in Europe which are far superior, but the prices alone Crew Club charges are reason enough to pass on it. Membership fees plus a locker fee? What a joke.
Gerard Cosby
07:30 12 Dec 21
Some of the staff is nice some of them are a big Judgemental and Definitely exercise the gate keeper clause by accepting coronavirus virus’s cards for some and not others. A great to disguise Be accepted in the not. One day I was accepted and the other i was denied access with the same documentation. Same letter I wrote to the manager.
Walter M Mayberry
04:02 17 Oct 21
Must safer then Glorious arts and now it's kicking I remember the shelter days we all called crew club the executive showers and Spa and just as nice today
Edna T.
20:30 11 Sep 21
Anyplace that lets us get naked and f*ck in a safe place deserves five stars.There are so few.
George Lopez
15:04 07 May 21
The place is closed for further renovation!!!
Shawn Dickerson
14:17 30 Dec 20
Closed now. Going to be a grocery store.
James F.
23:41 08 Sep 20
So I visit is placed Doing my college years with some dorm buddies. Being young has it in its advantage but a lot of my friends we felt like the older man...
Chris Woodland
04:16 08 Feb 20
DO NOT GO HEREIt is derelict. The say the steam room is not working, but the sauna is off and most of seating out of action. They are not heating the venue or cleaning it.Please do not go. It is not a heathy place to be. They are just rinsing for cash before closing.
Drake B.
21:34 15 Jan 20
First of all, I did not visit the club and I will tell you why. I am visiting from San Francisco and my friends who live here in DC told me the Crew Club...
Robert N.
15:25 01 Jan 20
Place is going to hell. It was once one of the best in the North East, bur over the last 6 months something changed:-It's dirty and and some areas are...
22:03 23 Dec 19
Dark room was locked and the steam room had no steam.

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