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Crews & Tangos, nestled in the vibrant heart of Toronto's Church-Wellesley Gay Village, is a must-visit destination for anyone seeking an energetic and inclusive nightlife experience. Celebrated as Toronto's premier drag bar, this hotspot is housed in a charmingly rustic two-storey Victorian building. The venue is renowned for its lively drag shows and eclectic mix of music genres, creating an atmosphere brimming with excitement and diversity. Despite its modest decor, Crews & Tangos compensates with its electrifying ambiance and a diverse crowd that embodies a "come as you are" philosophy. Whether you're looking to dance the night away or enjoy a captivating drag performance, Crews & Tangos offers a unique blend of entertainment and culture, making it a beloved staple in Toronto's LGBTQ+ community



Crews & Tangos
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Anne Welch
06:06 04 Feb 24
Elysia, the general manager is rude and aggressive. Out of the last 3 visits to crews, which has gone down the drain, have been absolutely awful. This manager Elysia is horrendous. Pushing us and yelling at us to “MOVE” without any context. This bar used to be my favourite for over 10 years, now it is just over priced for less than pleasant experiences.
Kai Farnum
17:28 25 Jan 24
I visited Crews & Tangos during a night out with friends and we had an amazing time! Cheap, quick, and great drinks along with amazing performances. These queens knew how to engage an audience!It’s a tight space considering how busy it gets, but everyone there was so considerate whenever I needed to run over to the bar or washroom and would quickly make space with their friends to let me walk byThe music was awesome, performances were great, and the location is obviously amazing. Make sure you’re travelling in pairs during the evening and don’t forget to bring cash to tip!
Sarah Rewkowski
07:09 15 Jan 24
We came in when it was dead with a big group: the bartender made her own rules if she could charge cash or credit and added a 30% tip without knowledge if she allowed you to pay credit/debit. Poor service with attitude and scam on adding tips assuming you wouldn’t notice
Amber Stevenson
20:22 27 Dec 23
⭐⭐⭐⭐Crews & Tangos has been my absolute go-to bar in the Village, both during my visits when I lived outside the city & now as a proud resident of the Church & Wellesley neighbourhood. This venue holds a special place in my heart, & its uniqueness has kept me coming back time & time again.One of the standout features of Crews & Tangos is its exceptional layout. With multiple levels & rooms, the venue seamlessly accommodates a diverse range of music types & vibes, making it the perfect spot for any mood. Whether you're looking to dance the night away or enjoy a more laid-back atmosphere, Crews & Tangos has it all. The spaces also serve as the perfect backdrop for the entertaining & captivating drag shows that grace the stage.Lately, I've noticed a decline in the number of patrons attending the venue, particularly during the week. While I understand the challenges we've all been facing, there's a distinctive energy that comes with a packed bar that's currently missing. Nevertheless, I remain hopeful that the vibrant atmosphere will return soon.Speaking of vibrant, the drag performances at Crews & Tangos are nothing short of spectacular. Every Queen brings their own unique talent to the stage, making each show a memorable experience. My personal favourite is Vitality Black & Just Peachy, whose performances consistently leave me in awe. Remember to bring your $5 bills to tip these incredibly talented human beings—they deserve all the appreciation.In conclusion, Crews & Tangos is more than just a bar; it's a hub of diversity, entertainment, & community. While times may be tough, the unique charm of this venue, coupled with the incredible talents of the Queens, makes it a must-visit spot in the Village. Here's to hoping for a return of the bustling energy that makes Crews & Tangos truly special.
Morlene C.
14:27 05 Dec 23
Out of all the bars we visited in Toronto, this was actually the one we liked the best. I might rephrase that statement to say it was the bar we disliked...
16:07 15 Nov 23
Crews is always a good time! I’ve been here several times and the place does not disappoint. Multi-level bar with dance floor and DJ upstairs, always quality queens on stage for both early and late shows downstairs. This place is nothing fancy, yet the vibes are immaculate. Just a heads up, primarily a cash bar but ATM on site! And they don’t serve food. But a great environment for all to experience a night out and drag! Only a 5 minute walk from the Wellesley subway station or there is paid parking lot literally 50 feet from the bar.
Spencer Kinchlea
04:39 09 Nov 23
Always great queens here and a good time, just wish they weren’t cash only. I always forget and end up paying a ton in ATM fees. But if you ignore that aspect, it’s a great time and the bar staff is super nice 🙂
brayden P
06:31 29 Oct 23
Security is absolutely ridiculous. We paid to get into the bar and we went out to smoke and were not allowed entry to the bar. When we went to go back in we were told we were not allowed entry to the bar as it was 1 am. This was not made notified to us prior nor was it posted inside the facility. Security offered us entry for 145$. I requested the securities name and it was refused. This does not follow Ontario Security policy and goes against any security training. THE SECURITY ABSOLUTELY POWER TRIPS AND IS RIDICULOUS.
Kyla Stone
20:24 28 Oct 23
This is the first time coming here and I had a great time. Music was good, vibes were good, and the bartender was nice.However not 5 stars because of the security. I had one of the members of the security push me down the stairs for no reason. They were walking with a staff member caring up a case of beer. My friend and I had moved to the side to give them space, but they decided to shove me down the stairs after passing us. For no reason?? Luckily my friend was in front of me and caught me after falling a step or two. However, if she wasn’t there I would have fallen all the way down considering it was a shock and I had been drinking.I spoke to someone with general manager written on their shirt. And they just told me it’s her word against mine. (In a I don’t believe you tone) She said all she could do would be to check the cameras but that she wasn’t going to do that.Basically it’s a good thing the people are nice clubbing because I wouldn’t trust security with my safety. Frankly I think the club goers need security FROM the security in the placeDon’t let this ruin your time though, but keep in mind to steer clear and bring friend who can keep you safe!
bliss kiio
00:55 15 Oct 23
1) security can be rude, had the barrier banged on me once. Another time the lady grabbed my jacket and yanked me back.2) THE DJ UPSTAIRS NEEDS TO LEARN TO READ THE CROWD. She has the same playlist...the transitions are wanting.3) the bartenders Kendrick and JP are great 👍.4) I got given a fake CAD 2 coin once.But it's all we got as black LGBTQ folk so I guess we just have to deal🤷🏾‍♂️🤷🏾‍♂️
Sorcha Gibson
02:11 10 Oct 23
My best friend and I have been coming here fairly regularly since March, and we’ve had a blast EVERY TIME. But this review is mostly about a specific staff member, Mike.The last couple of times we’ve been in, we’ve been lucky enough to get served by the best bartender in the whole place. Mike is genuinely such a wonderful guy, he’s friendly, personable, and he makes some damn good drinks. He genuinely makes our night so much more fun!!!Also, I’m not sure why security is getting such a bad rep in these reviews. They’ve only ever been kind and fun with us. Yes sometimes they have to walk through the crowd (to do their jobs?) or shine a flashlight around (also to do their jobs?) and honestly as long as you aren’t belligerently drunk and making a fool out of yourself no one’s gonna kick you out.Updated to add a very deserved shoutout to Chris (and Franklin) from security, thanks for always making sure we’re safe and letting us pester you all night
Michelle J
00:26 05 Oct 23
Incredible experience! The show was so much fun, the drag queens were kind and hilarious, the bartender was charismatic, and the whole vibe was light-hearted and fun! I'll be going again soon.
Selfless Tarot 717 Ashia
23:24 04 Sep 23
We were looking for a good time in Toronto. Security out front was cool. The club is upstairs and they played good music, hip hop and R&B. Diverse group of people, young, older, black, white, brown, males and females. Drinks were a good price. Drag show downstairs. Bathroom unisex.
Connor Walsh
20:55 27 Aug 23
Good drag shows. Between bar and queens I tip roughly 60 dollars the several times I’ve gone. One time my friend and I were berated after 6 minutes the show started because we hadn’t tipped or bought a drink. You’re welcome for making it look like someone’s there though. Some of these queens need to be patient, she would have went home with +25 dollars that night probably if she didn’t just randomly say I look like I do heroin. The last time I went, between drinks and tips, my partner and I spent $140 there in one night. I’m not cheap lol, be patient. It’s actually disgusting sometimes how they’re like pigeons eager for their feed and literally get emotional on stage over it. Literally be patient.
Sorcha Gibson
15:01 26 Aug 23
My best friend and I have been coming here fairly regularly since March, and we’ve had a blast EVERY TIME. But this review is mostly about a specific staff member, Mike.The last couple of times we’ve been in, we’ve been lucky enough to get served by the best bartender in the whole place. Mike is genuinely such a wonderful guy, he’s friendly, personable, and he makes some damn good drinks. He genuinely makes our night so much more fun!!!Also, I’m not sure why security is getting such a bad rep in these reviews. They’ve only ever been kind and fun with us. Yes sometimes they have to walk through the crowd (to do their jobs?) or shine a flashlight around (also to do their jobs?) and honestly as long as you aren’t belligerently drunk and making a fool out of yourself no one’s gonna kick you out.
Khotso Young
00:26 06 Aug 23
We went in just the 2 of us and forced a 18% gratuity. This pace used to be amazing for the queer community but now it’s just a hangout spot for bachelorette parties.Really made me sad to see.
Citrus M.
18:10 29 Jul 23
we walked in, queen asked who is straight and everyone cheered, with peace and love go to your own bar (especially you bachelorette parties) However, it got...
Rob hazard
19:22 09 Jul 23
The Drag queens were great and the music was good. However the security and staff are incredibly rude, have 0 regard for anyone else and completely unhelpful. If you find yourself in a situation with a member of security expect to be treated subhuman
Nash Beamish
05:56 09 Jul 23
NOTE A SAFE PLACE FOR TRANS MANI had my friend wait for me in the bathroom and security kicked him out of the bar despite me literally explaining to them that I requested for him to go to the bathroom at the same time as me to make me feel comfortable. He was not problematic and was incredibly respectful the entire time. This the most UNSAFE and UNsupported i have ever felt in a GAY bar in my entire life. Genuinely went as a fully LBGTQ friend group because we felt like it would be a safe area and it fully proved us wrong. Absolutely would never go back and an incredibly disappointed in the way people are treated.
Annette P.
16:07 11 Jun 23
Go for Karaoke. As a trans female was the place. Great place to meet other chicks. However, got into a silly fight. Why do people need to be against...
Jordan Kevin Magtaan
08:15 28 May 23
We hit jackpot when we got to watch some of the best drag shows we’ve ever seen during our brief visit at Crews and Tango in Toronto. My only issue with Crews and Tango in Toronto was how they only accepted cash during our visit. Even though they have an ATM inside, it’s still a shame they didn't accept electronic payment. Despite that, the friendly bar staff, entertaining drag queens and excellent music choices make up for it. The atmosphere was fantastic too! It’s still 5 stars from me.
C F.
11:44 13 May 23
...disgusting attitudes/military like security unit (unpleasant, rude and cocky for no reason)
Sateya de Freitas
18:40 15 Apr 23
Typically a good vibe, but yesterday the male bouncers were on a power trip. The bouncer checked my ID and then tried to say that I budded the line after I attempted to walk in. He clearly saw me and my friends waiting in line like everyone else. I didn’t realize the threshold for competent security was so low. Two monkeys would do a better job of providing good customer service. Disappointed.
18:21 10 Apr 23
$15 cover seemed pricey for entry... as it literally had nothing too special or out of the ordinary to make the price $15.The drag show was whatever. Security there was really mean and pushy. I wouldn't go back.Crews and Tango's was pretty dirty on the inside and really tight/janky. 3/5 stars.
Veronica Mendez
18:49 09 Apr 23
I would like to clerly mention that this is not my opinion of the entire the bar, but just one bartender. I have come for years no issue ,they always are nice and serve me when they have a minute. Last night (April saturday the 8th) i went upstairs to the bar. the girl working there i have seen before, for some reason she was very sloppy last night and slow to serve me. the busser boy (funny guy has blonde hair, told me as a joke maybe she could not see me waiting because hes so tall and im behind him, he nicely told me to try the front of the bar so i did, i moved to the front of the bar) when i moved she did not seem to impressed and told me i would have to wait longer for moving !!!she then told me wait a minute while i watched her pour herself a shot with her friends . so unproffesional. She she also doesnt even use the shot glasses she just pours the alcohol right in the cups and i felt very sick after i got my drink which was clearly over poured.Will not go to her bar ever again.Stick to the main bar with Kendrick and the other girl they are the best
Ian E.
12:35 08 Feb 23
Good spot to go for a variety of catching a drag show or dancing either in the back room or upstairs depending on your mood. I like the ability to move...
Alexis S.
10:16 07 Feb 23
Had such a fun time here one night, came a couple weeks later & I've never had such a rude security experience in my life. Came with a group of friends (all...
Eduardo H.
18:11 03 Feb 23
I am a tourist, haven't never been to Canada. This place had a lot of friendly bartenders and a ton of females... reminded me of pitchers (league of her...
Jake Fraser
07:40 29 Jan 23
I’m writing this review about your bartender Angelica! They always go above and beyond and make me feel special by remembering my name and order every time I come and visit Crews and Tangos. I know there is a lot of faces that pass through the club so it’s really refreshing to come and visit Angelica and have my order perfected every time. You guys have a gem!! Thank you so much Angelica. I will definitely be back soon🫶🏻🤍
Nancy Smith
07:54 22 Jan 23
This place is a scam! My daughter took her coat off to go to the washroom and it was immediately collected by a staff member. She was told according to their policy she couldn’t get it until 230am at 230 am they told her there would be a twenty dollar fee so she could get her coat back. There were several people standing in the cold outside in below zero temperatures in the same predicament. I had to drive over 50 kilometres as the subway was now closed. This is straight up extortion. Never in my life have I heard of a $20 coat check or treating patrons this way. Also they only take cash so if you can’t pay the fee I can only surmise they keep your belongings. Security was rude and yelled at me in my face. I would avoid these scammers I’ve never experienced anything in my entire life.
Alexandria Ingham
00:47 08 Jan 23
My first time at Crews and Tango. It is cash only, and sure, it looks a little rundown I side but that's the atmosphere. Drinks are on the expensive side. The performances are great, though.What I will say is the staff is amazing. It's not often I feel uncomfortable but there was one guy who immediately gave me bad vibes and a few others commented on it. I asked the bartender to keep an eye on him and he was eventually escorted out by security. Made a few of us feel much safer.
Meghan G.
18:53 26 Nov 22
I came here on Halloween and it was so much fun. All the queens were amazing! Such a fun time.
Stone T.
07:13 26 Nov 22
grossly overpriced and really strict door policies that don't make any sense.
Sharon Adams
02:39 03 Nov 22
Epic experience best Church Street Halloween since I can remember! I guess the cancellation the last 2 years really brought the folks out. Amazing show at Cruz and Tango as always! Fabulous folks! Amazing time. But not the place for people who are panicking attacks in crowds LOL
Kelly Y
04:10 16 Oct 22
Come for a drag show, don’t stay for the alcohol or dancing. The queens are always fun to watch (if you can find a spot that’s not behind a poll…) but drinks are really ridiculously overpriced and the sounds system for the dance floor is completely shot. The club is also super run down, like for price of cover and the alcohol they charge you’d think they could make the space a little…spacious…and a little more modern.
A.L. C
21:13 10 Oct 22
Always love going to Crews, but the vibe has definitely changed in the last 2-3 years.. They should incorporate different drag queens and more of a diverse set list. Some nights the shows get repetitive so I don’t frequent as often as I used to. Still got Love for Crews though but mix it up a bit.
mike north
15:21 01 Oct 22
Tourist - Place is rough. No real atmosphere or decor. $15 cover. Cash only, or use of card for $50 worth of drinks plus 20%. Limited alcohol. Door person was unhelpful to people coming in. Constantly grabbing people to pay cover but not communicating it. Essential looked like they were trying to create friction. Where a simple “hello, cover is $15 per person, cash only. Thanks.”Drag queens were good and sound was decent. Not impressed or would suggest a place to go to other tourists.
Shafeina Hussain
02:34 05 Sep 22
DO NOT GO TO THIS BAR. I have recently gone to this bar with my girlfriend and was treated very poorly by the security. I had left my bag in the bar and they would not let me back in or even look to see if my bag was there or not. I asked to just quickly grab my bag and was told word for word ‘I don’t care, you can’t go back in.’ I even explained that my inhalers (as I have asthma) are in my bag and that it is important that I have my bag but they still did not take necessary action. I’ve called a countless amount of times just for NOBODY to answer at all. I had fun for a little while watching the drag queens but being put out (for who knows what) and not being able to get my bag from inside was truly mind boggling to say the very least. Not to mention I had over $500 in cash (as they are a cash only establishment) so they also could be a bunch of thieves as far as I am concerned. Save yourself the time and money and visit Woody’s which is close by.. otherwise, you’d be putting yourself in a bad situation going to Crews and Tangos. Be safe everybody.
Daddie Deluxe
23:44 25 Aug 22
Also known as Septic Tank. There's usually a sternk of excremations of years gone by. The toilets on the upper floors flood regularly and the gravy like drippings can be seen even today from the vents in the basement washrooms. Still girls like to have there bachelorette parties there!😆🤮😆
Steve S
22:48 15 Jul 22
I would love to know if this is all TO has to offer since it was not worth the $15 entry. We bypassed the drag show since the upstairs dance floor opened as soon as we arrived. But, the sound system was so distorted it was painful. Pro-tip, turning up the volume dial does not mean louder! Also, the music selection and DJ were well below average. But people seemed to like it.What made us finally leave is the aggressive young men forcing themselves on women and forcing women to dance together. I've never seen such a display at any club or music festival.People clearly find the appeal at this club but if you care about your ears or body, save your money and go elsewhere.
Frank Wang
03:46 10 Jul 22
Absolute zero accountability.Do not trust security. They'll kick you out for no reason if you're not tipping enough. The moment you're not tipping every act, they will make an excuse to kick you out even if you purchased tickets. I paid over $30 for tickets and got escorted out the moment I didn't drop a tip for an act.
Mimi Tran
03:33 10 Jul 22
Good performance. Zero point in paying for a table in advance as you can pay for a cover the night of and it would be cheaper. There were no tables reserved for us either. Security was rude and kicked us out for no reason or probably to clear space.
Michael Lu
02:56 10 Jul 22
We went here for a drag show with prepaid tickets in advance. It seems the tickets were fairly useless since cover was $15 at the door (less than the price of tickets) and there was no assigned seating... So we paid extra for nothing. The show ran from 8-11. We were kicked out abruptly by an African American security guard with a beard at 10:30 for "being too drunk" even though we were seated and drinking water. At this point, all I can suspect is that we were forcibly removed for not buying drinks enough even though we handosmly tipped the performers. We won't be coming back and will be requesting a chargeback. Having been with this group for multiple events, there was nothing out of the line and this treatment was disrespectful and unwarranted. Please do better.
Chaitanya Reddy
19:51 16 Jun 22
Very good Bar. Friendly security team, they welcomed me in. Good place to hangout.
16:58 16 Jun 22
Female bartender on first floor 10/10, my go to - quick, reliable, professional. Female bartender (Anna) upstairs 0/10 - VERY slow, served people out of order, couldn't do multiple orders at once without miscounting cash YET was cocky, had a smart and snippy comment for me and every one of my friends who placed an order, and overcharged us for drinks (so she can cash the tip). No need for all the attitude like why are you trying to flex on us lol chill.My first time meeting someone rude at Crews - apart from that the staff are great and it's always a good time. Don't bother getting drinks upstairs tho, you'll wait up to 20 min for 1 drink to pour you might as well get one downstairs and go back up - plus you won't get ripped off. I guarantee that most of the negative reviews in the past 6 months have to do with that girl (young and brunette).
Gene Y
07:26 10 May 22
Horrible and rude security. They will touch you and frisk you immediately WITHOUT CONSENT. Very unprofessional and unwelcoming - they would make you feel uncomfortable. Otherwise the drag queens are amazing, coat check takes a long time, and the drinks are not too expensive.
Alexis Stackhouse
06:51 28 Apr 22
Had such a fun time here a couple weeks ago, came yesterday & I’ve never had such a rude security experience in my life. Came with a group of friends (all white girls excluding myself), left the venue for 10 minutes to ensure a friend who lived nearby got home safely, & came back to unnecessarily aggressive security guards who very rudely refused me entry — my friends were still inside, so there was a brief point after attempting to explain the situation where I assumed the guard was signaling for me to come in (held the door open & made a hand gesture). I walked in & met up with my friends, only to be the only person in the group forcibly escorted out. There was so much scoffing & condescension from the security guards as if I’d actually done something wrong — in reality I was just trying to reconnect with the friend group I came with (who I had invited to come out to this place). Blatant disrespect & a strong air of racism from security — I wanted to become a regular at this venue, but so disappointed.
Leah Yeomans
14:43 24 Apr 22
Been coming here a long time. Want it to keep going strong but the power happy “security” are completing ruining the entire vibe creating weird tension. Shoving people aside (when there’s 3 feet to easily walk by) shining lights in faces for no reason… it’s an absolute joke. I get there’s staffing shortages everywhere but do better. Do MUCH better. Hope crews actually looks at all these reviews and takes them seriously
Shawn Rebecca
08:50 22 Apr 22
This is an okay bar only to see your favourite talent BUT be warned, the security team that works there is quite vicious. Went in with a group of friends excited to have a good night, we were in the back dance room and got a bit confused and opened a door and realized it was an exit. There was no light above the door that marked it as an exit and it was a .5 second mistake, immediately the security guard then physically grabbed my friend and I and tried to force us into the winter cold without our coats which were at coat check, and made us put our drinks, that we paid a fair amount for, at the bar. Another security guard came by and knew that we weren't in the wrong considering we all had coat check tickets and stamps, but she supported her co-worker in escorting us out but she at least let us retrieve our coats. It was a horrible experience which I cannot recommend to anyone. These establishments that thrive off the community and longevity feel like they can treat their patrons any way they want, I along with my group will not be back.
22:23 02 Apr 22
I wish I had read reviews prior to visiting. From the moment we entered we encountered the extremely rude security team, $15 cover charge and cash only. Having not carried cash the past 2yrs we had to line up at the atm machine which charges $3. Drinks were overpriced and inconsistent. There are only 2 washroom which were diseased. Cleanliness does not exist here. Personal space/consent also does not apply here which was violating. Will not return or recommend.
Sy Sterling
17:51 19 Mar 22
The owners and operators of the bar is offering customers free drink vouchers in exchange for positive google reviews, what are they afraid of from an honest unsolicited review?The security is rude, one member of security suggested we should pay him the cover charge, when we entered the building there was someone inside asking for money for cover, when I suggested we paid the guard, she said that was none of her business, we brought the matter to management, one of the bartenders said her name is Tina, said "Your Loss"It's clear to see why they are offering incentives for positive google reviews with this kind of attitude towards their customers.
Travis Blackwood
23:42 18 Mar 22
Upon arrival the security was so nice Obra asked me how my day was and it just set the tone for the rest of my night, he told me to leave a review so here it is.. the music was aligned with everything that I love as well as the performances that really showed out that evening, 10 out of 10 recommend! I’ll be back
Michael Cameron
09:47 13 Mar 22
There was literally a girl PASSED OUT like literally not moving or anything and the “head” security “cleo” yelled at me for asking if they needed an ambulance and said “I got this” I watched her try and force a guy to take her back home (didn’t verify she came with him could’ve been a literal kid napper) security failed to check vitals and just carried her around the building to get less attention for the situation and was extremely untrained in this situation… completely unprofessional this woman was clearly over served and if I was her id follow up with legal actions.. Maverick needs to fire the head security at the minimum. This isn’t a “ she got too drunk and should’ve been that messy moment” this was illegal behaviour conducted by the stall on all forms.
Taylor King
07:09 07 Mar 22
MARCH 6 2022 11:30pm// I'm so disappointed with my experience here. The bouncing staff were beyond rude. My friend accidentally paid the outdoor bouncers, he tried to ask them for his $20 back to pay the indoor bouncer, and they refused, claiming "it blew away in the wind". The indoor bouncer had a super ugly attitude after I told her this and she told us "thats what happens when you pay to cut the line" ... we didn't pay to cut the line, we waited an hour in line. He accidentally paid his admission fee to the wrong bouncers and they took it.Anyways, we went to take out another $20 out at the ATM and when I returned, the indoor bouncer was so rude when I asked for my ID back which she had asked to hang onto. I was quite upset at this point so I went to ask her for her first name so I could complain, which I have never done before, I felt like a Karen but I was sober, almost in tears over her rudeness, and wanted to do something about it. She looked at me and said no, which could have been enough of an answer, but continued to tell me that my question was "weird" and that I was weird and completely dismissed me.Fast forward to 12am, I went downstairs to use the bathroom, on my way back up, a girl fell into me really hard and at the time I thought it was an accident. When I returned upstairs, my phone was missing from my coat pocket. I had truly had enough at this point and asked the same indoor bouncer and another employee she was standing with if I could go outside and come back in (as I needed fresh air, a vape, and to regroup). This rude bouncer looks at her coworker and says "HERE SHE IS, THIS IS THE GIRL I WAS TALKING ABOUT blah blah blah", knowing I could hear her. Her coworker, who was super nice asked me what the problem was and I again asked if it was okay to go outside for a second, she replied yeah of course and was super appropriate.My friend told another employee that my phone was missing/stolen and she said to call back at 2:30am after they close. We tried calling about 10 times, at that time and today (the day after) and no answer. We even left a message with my friends phone number in case they found it. It turns out my phone was stolen as its location was across the city an hour later. (34 Gulliver Rd I want my phone back)I left sober, crying, and feeling extremely disrespected. It's disheartening seeing a business that doesn't care about or even respect their guests. I never write complaints but I really had to in this situation. Give your business to clubs/bars/restaurants that give you mutual respect, good energy, and common human decency. I wish Crews and Tangos was one of them, but sadly, worst experience ever.
Yug Vaishnav
16:47 01 Mar 22
I always have good time here. Best drag bar in city but 1 star for the awful security! I have seen security kick people out without any reason. Personally I find security way out of line like chill this is too much I didn’t pay cover just for you to be on my a** lmfao!
Kate Wang
17:59 28 Feb 22
Had a really fun night here! The staffs were nice, performers were great, and the place was overall very welcoming.
05:25 13 Dec 21
we paid $15 for cover. The show was good and we were having a good time. Then an hour later they kicked everyone out for cleaning. If we wanna go back in we have to pay another $15. That is a total rip off. we went to Woody's instead.....
21:15 15 Nov 21
Used to love C&T, Drag Queen and shows are always great. New security are not that great, quite rude actually. Bartender squeezing lime with bare hands after handling cash (because they accept cash only) then touch the top of straws.
Chris McTague
07:04 14 Nov 21
I haven't been to this place in years. Although from what I can remember it was an awesome weekend experience. Crews and Tangos is ICONIC. Check it out. Its definitely "bucket list" worthy. 🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈
Ali Nasri
06:05 05 Nov 21
Finally a place where i can dress up and be myself. Had to fight my whole life to wear my moms lipstick.. this place feels like home.
Victoria B
03:22 04 Nov 21
The performers are really great and the staff were very nice to us. Going on a less busy night such as a Wednesday will give you the opportunity to see more and be up close without a big crowd. There was no line up outside so it's great because we got to just get in and enjoy the show right away! I did not take any photos of the performers even though they were great because I didn't know what the content policy was on photos. But definitely recommended especially on a less busy night! The entrance is stairs so it's definitely not an accessible space but for those who can, it's worth it. Halloween decor was on point!
mint D
13:50 01 Nov 21
BE AWARE OF THE SECURITY SCAM! The security (with a broken hand) charged us extra 100 dollars (not including cover fee) to let us cut in line, and we paid 120 dollars to give the security extra incentive. Later told us to wait 45 mins for the next show just like the rest of the line with no refund of the money. The security failed to deliver the promise and pocketed the money.
Robbie May
00:57 31 Oct 21
This place is highway robbery, the downstairs and upstairs bars have different pricing for the same drinks. Complained to a manager and was asked if I had a receipt from the bars, I stood around for 15 minutes watching the bar, they weren't issuing receipts to anyone, I feel they know of this price gouging and allows it.
Alex B.
23:20 16 Oct 21
This bar use to be fun but post COVID means they decided to not accept credit cards at all.
Jack Steve
15:49 20 Sep 21
I was treated rudely by the security and manager security. Security are unprofessional and dangerous in this place. I do not recommend this place anybody because security is untrained.
Hadi J
04:37 17 Sep 21
We went here for my friend's birthday! We really enjoyed the performances and whole night. I do recommend it and probably will be back some years later. The show was entertaining.Things to improve: cleanness and payment method which is cash-only. They have an ATM inside but I prefer using my credit card. The price seems reasonable. Our table was great but some seats are farther and have hard time to see the scene. Many columns block the stage.
Benjamin Pumpkinspice
16:04 06 Sep 21
The most fun you can have in the village (with your clothes on 😉) and the BEST music. Also come for the best night of all Sundays 🏳️‍⚧️
Hadi J
05:04 31 Aug 21
We went here for my friend's birthday! We really enjoyed the performances and whole night. I do recommend it and probably will be back some years later. The show was entertaining.Things to improve: cleanness and payment method which is cash-only. They have an ATM inside but I prefer using my credit card. The price seems reasonable. Our location was great but some seats are farther and have hard time to see the scene. Many columns block the stage.
Miro P.
11:16 05 Aug 21
Always a great gay old time with the boys love you all hope to see you again. With love
Denise Needham
14:17 12 Jul 21
How is the Elyse Stewart, the General Manager of this bar giving a 5 star review of this place, that seems sketchy. My review of the place is this, the place is dirty, the washrooms are filthy and the bartenders go straight from handling your money to preparing your drinks with dirty hands. Take your chances folks.
Blunt Reviews
10:21 11 Jul 21
Will definitely review again once I’ve had the full experience. I recommend if you want to go here book 2 weeks maybe a month in advance to get good tickets to a real drag show. Other than that you’ll probably sit on their patio and hear the action but that seems more of a torture than a good night out. Will be booking a night out soon to see if it’s really what they say to be... and if the staff are any better inside since the people guarding the door weren’t in any fun/talkative mood at all let alone try to help us book something for another night
B Firuz
15:01 05 Jul 21
Great place to go, they have best shows 🙂
Maria Tavares
01:19 04 Jul 21
This is my first time for long time .I love to see my Queens. Outside for 3h.Very sad 7 years everything is deferente.
Nika Zotochkina
00:56 22 Feb 21
Legendary place!I had so much fun and cannot wait to come back when it opens!
Naomi Laliberte
19:16 20 Feb 21
Absolute great time at crews and tango for my bachelorette! Absolute talented dragqueens,Very crowded though and some of the staff have a mediocre attitude.
06:15 19 Dec 20
one of the amazing nights in Toronto, the staff and the drag show is uniquehighly recommended
Mark Aguilar
01:47 30 Oct 20
So much fun, incredible drag shows, and each dance floor area caters to a different crowd!
Krish Shinh
01:50 01 Aug 20
My second home. The most welcoming and fun club I’ve ever been to. Come out all the way from Brampton with my friends all the time. My life would be so different if this place didn’t exist.
Vanessa R-F
02:06 04 Mar 20
Amazing times & experiences here with my friends. Always made to feel positive & special when going here. The staff is kind hearted, friendly, & always professional. The talent & entertainment is always astounding & excellent, leaves you picking your jaw up off the floor from pure amazement. Love that it is a safe place for us community members. 10/10 and my go to party place! Much love can't wait to come back soon!
Sean M.
22:15 22 Nov 19
Crews and Tangos is the most lively gay club from my experience in Toronto. Sadly, this is not a place I would count as a solace for gays in the community....
Brittany P.
16:20 25 Aug 19
Would HIGHLY NOT recommend. Unless you enjoy unprofessional, rude service. Right off the bat, was treated unprofessionally by the young, blonde female...
Shajitha R.
14:56 19 Aug 18
Went for a friend's birthday on a Saturday and had a good time! This place was much bigger than I thought, and there were so many unexpected sections! First...
Donna Ayres H.
14:05 06 Apr 18
Me and my friends went there for a birthday party and OMG, SOOOO much fun!!!The drag show was amazballs, the saturday show with Devine, Tynomi with the...

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