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Crocker Bar

Houston's Best neighborhood gay bar

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Houston's Best neighborhood gay bar serving up the best drinks at the cheapest prices. Featuring karaoke on Monday and Thurs nights! DJs on the weekends!



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Alano M.
12:07 16 Jun 24
Beware of this place great vibes great service but the alcohol has been watered down and I'm gonna tell you how I know. I had a weight loss surgery less...
Latrell Middleton
04:03 24 Apr 24
⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️Crocker is definitely a vibe! Went here on my trip to Houston last weekend and loved every minute of it. Get there early to avoid having to wait in a lonnnggg line. But what else can you expect at the hottest bar in town?!!!⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
Daniel “Dan” Quest
04:53 19 Apr 24
Con: Bottom shelf liquor is being poured into top shelf liquor bottles here. Folks, you're NOT getting actual Titos. Or even Casamigos . What you're gonna actually get is one hell of a HANGOVER from drinking the cheap stuff this establishment is serving 🤢. Shady business practice SMH. Fix this, or TABC will be notified.Pro: Bartenders are quick. Mixed crowd. Great music. Good security.
Daniel “Dan” Quest
20:14 10 Mar 24
Con: FAKE LIQUOR. Bottom shelf liquor poured into Top Shelf liquor bottles. Folks, you're NOT getting actual Titos. Or even Casamigos . What you're gonna actually get is one hell of a HANGOVER from drinking cheap stuff 🤢. Shady business practice SMH. Fix this, or TABC will be notified.Pro: Bartenders are quick. Mixed crowd. Great music. Good security.
Desmond M.
20:37 15 Jan 24
Richard is the best. I stop by to see him whenever I'm in town! Even if I'm not drinking
aliyah hdz
05:12 31 Oct 23
loved my experience ! first time here , so simple , so cute, so fun. drinks are straight to the point . our bartender jesus was so friendly & amazing with the drink making . definitely will be back
Drennon Keller 3
16:07 21 May 23
I frequent Crocker as I'm bar hopping, enjoying the wonderful night life of Montrose in Houston, the energy, the pulse of the crowd, bodies moving in concert with the music, sweat glistening on everyone, moving your feet, swaying the hips ,beverages on lips don't forget to tip
10:59 15 May 23
Brandon D.
23:46 21 Apr 23
The security guards are so disrespectful especially the guy who's pakistan! They do too much
Raven Johnson
05:59 18 Mar 23
The new set-up is the worst! Security doesn’t know how to talk to patrons…if you cannot provide a safe space then only let people inside!!!
Yeffry F.
19:50 12 Mar 23
Dj literally plays his playlist. That guy should stay home instead of playing at a bar
Javier Lozano
01:21 03 Mar 23
I have been visiting this place for a long time.My first interaction with the owner was today.He was extremely arrogant and rude.He may be bitter because he’s in a wheelchair.Terrible way to treat his customers.
Chad Nixon
21:13 19 Feb 23
I've been coming here for a few weeks since moving to Houston. I like the vibe. I am not sure if the bar next door, 2.0 is associated but I see some of the same staff over there and I like that one too, especially Tazzzz with his sexy self! Anyway, my comment is more to the safety. I felt bad for the way that police they have there as security was treated. It is trult sad that my people have to act like that. That cop showed GREAT restraint in not beating tha black off that dude after he psuhed the cop down. What is crazy amazing is that the cop didn't even arrest the dude and let him go home while the whole time his friends are calling the cop all kinds of names trying to get him to react. Kudos to the people that are trying to keep us safe. It is sad that people can't just go out into public with a little home training and behave. Will definitely be going back tonight. They say Sunday is LIT!
Ashly’s World
21:53 16 Jan 23
On 14 January 2023, a Saturday night, a woman was assaulted in the bathroom of this place by an officer, and the staff said nothing ! She was drug out of the bar because she would not leave her sick friend alone with an officer. He took it upon himself to enter the bathroom stall and manhandled her! She has scratches due to being drug out and her foot was bloody. We talk about friends not leaving each other in time of need and this bar totally did not get that! A manager even mocked the situation! You can find the entire video on IG @liqueology & @deesse.kay. We will not be quiet about this!
Jackson Uche
04:15 12 Jan 23
It’s dirty and it stinks in there restroom are disgusting drinks are watered down never going back again
Nan R.
10:04 28 Nov 22
This place deserves a 1 star only because of the BIG FAT MEAN security guy at the front door. Yes, I mean every word I said. He is bald and has a mustache....
Jay Lee
00:10 15 Nov 22
Horrible my brother was just fried for having a medical emergency he has health issues and they was aware of that and just fired him we all need to make sure they know right from wrong. The news media will be going live this weekend to the Montrose area
dondria pink
23:16 14 Nov 22
This place is disgusting, this officer disrespects the LGBTQ+ community to the MAX! I was walking out of this establishment feeling good until I was called a d**k HUNGRY POWER Bottom by a horrible crew member/security officer. I was so hurt to hear someone talk to me in this manner representing “Crocker” a place I go to often! I will NOT be returning here and I suggest the entire LGBTQ+ community stand together and not support “Crocker!” Please reframe from socializing at this club until the security officer is terminated and serious changes are implemented going forward.
Sheira Hope
22:30 25 Oct 22
I don't know why I just started coming here. It is a very cute, very friendly neighborhood gay bar.
Jada F.
23:40 15 Oct 22
Security forcefully harassed a female patron. They tried to feel up on her boobs when we came in and there was no female security to check her so she was...
Ken Oates
19:19 03 Oct 22
Normally I have fun here but my last few experiences have been poor, the catty behavior of patrons to the antagonizing attitudes of security & staff is beginning to become too much. I say this as someone who regularly visits this bar. Hopefully things turn around soon.
Michael Brown
02:04 12 Sep 22
Entirely racist. The Hispanics were rude and I will never go back. I asked for a email address for the owner and they told me to google it.Black men shouldn’t be seen as problematic in the Deep South because they’ve requested for an email address to contact the manger addressing their concerns.
Chelsea S.
10:54 30 Aug 22
The staff is rude and rushed but this is a classic Houston Gay bar that will never go out of style. Would like to see a better cocktail menu, super basic
Hannah T.
13:36 08 May 22
Assaulted by bouncer when trying to pay for parking. This happened Saturday night 5/7/22, into 5/8/22, the bouncer asked me to pay for parking for my sister...
Mya Tapnio
21:17 23 Apr 22
BABBBY when I tell you it’s something about this place that’s has such positive vibes. Affordable drinks, good energy , and versatile music. 100/100 recommend this place 💕💕💕
Dan H.
18:43 03 Apr 22
Great time. The crowd was 90% Black, but the only Black employees I saw were on Security. Are there no Black LGBTQ+ Bartenders in Houston?
Larry Dehart
01:12 17 Feb 22
Best drinks and price. Bartenders always friendly
Grey S.
17:48 13 Jan 22
This bar is open and entertaining the Montrose community with cheaper, stronger drinks than any bar or club around. A great neighborhood dive where...
Willie Morris
14:09 23 Dec 21
Sunday funday! The music was everything. Brought some friends from out of state. Started at Hamburger Mary's which we were bored but had a great time at Crockers. Thanks for representing Houston that night!
Dave Mumi
20:54 12 Dec 21
Went on Friday 12/10/2021. Small place. DJ was pretty bad. Notice that all the bartenders were White Caste even though many of the patrons were Brown and Black Caste. A busperson picking up drinks was rude and pushy, wanting me to buy more drinks after I already bought one that had a stale taste coming from a old ingredient.
Patrick M.
12:56 14 Nov 21
Love this place!!! Great everything from prices, to parking, to staff, or even a cheap well drink! (Especially on a SUNDAY!!!)
Danon Henton
19:57 19 Sep 21
The vibe!! The!Boyz and the Booze!! 5 star
Na E
20:03 23 Aug 21
Hey love it here is like a family🤗
Kevin Spratley
00:55 26 Jul 21
Interesting spot... quick bite and sip, and bounce..
Tagwia IslandQueen
10:24 07 May 21
Great place to get outta yourself
Matthew Dereon
05:34 21 Apr 21
Crocker Bar held a great reputation! Started with the awesome/friendly/attentive owner and staff members. Then it got overcome by others, “patrons” have not manners, no home training! In other words they are turning the place like it is at Scary Mary’s or something more scary. Please do not embarrassed a good/sacred place for anyone else.
Kelly Alvarado
17:05 24 Mar 21
I very much enjoyed this bar! The security guard outside is professional and a gentleman. Great ambience, and the music was diverse. The bar staff were very attentive and the drinks very much worth it and at a great price! Outside patio seating available. If you want somewhere with great drinks and a great conversation this is the place to go!
Cynthia R.
17:19 16 Nov 19
Soooo previously I gave a four start. Ima frequent flyer here. Buuuuuttt I met Xavier today he saw me charging my phone on basically the floor. He grabbed a...
Johanna V.
10:13 19 Jun 18
Always have tons of fun when coming to this bar. Staff is friendly, drinks are cheap, and the music is great! They have a nice patio, and a large dance...
Brian D.
14:08 07 Jan 13
Our favorite gayborhood dive bar! Karaoke here is more fun and a lot more laid back than the ones at JR's or Guava Lamp (try singing badly at either of...

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